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Wikileaks on some Hillary Clinton Goldman Sachs speeches….

For those who care?

There is NOTHING in this that is gonna stop Hillary Clinton from winning on November 8th and most of this is n’t anything Clinton supporters are gonna hold against her….

As in the other emails?

It’s just process stuff in a Presidential campaign….

And some of it is ego stuff FOR Wikileaks confirming their  actions leading to Clinton having to travel around the world  to comment on stuff they leaked…

WikiLeaks’ newest batch of emails hacked from Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta appears to include transcripts of three paid speeches Clinton made to Goldman Sachs.

The speeches have long been a stumbling block to Clinton’s presidential campaign and sparked frequent criticism from primary challenger Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). Her GOP rival Donald Trump has also seized on inside information revealed in the leaks, using email messages to paint Clinton as corrupt.

One email, titled “Goldman Sachs paid speeches” and sent on Jan. 23, 2016 from aide Tony Carrk to a handful of other staffers, includes three speech transcripts and notes on potentially problematic areas.

In one transcript, Clinton told Goldman Sachs that she went on a self-described “apology tour” as secretary of State to calm world leaders who felt insulted by State Department information leaks, according to emails published by WikiLeaks…

Clinton said that while the leaks had been “embarrassing,” Snowden’s information had the potential to reveal the process of how the United States collects national security data to foreign powers….



Anyone wanna bet Wikileaks will NOT front us any of Donald Trump’s tax info, or ANYTHING NEGATIVE about Trump?