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Non-Americans Banned From White House Tours


The news today is full of concern that The Donald has cancelled all tours of the White House to non-Americans and especially citizens of Britain, Australia, Canada, and Denmark.  Perhaps because they have had nasty minded protests against him.

For here in darkened Europe, the news has come that Trump, for reasons that are far from clear, has had to stop tours of the White House for the curious foreign rabble.  But are you diminished?  How good were these things anyway? What have you actually lost?  And how would I rate the tour?

Not highly.

As foreign palaces are concerned, the White House tour is a massive disappointment.  For a start the whole place is far, far smaller than one might imagine, more the Presidential Bed and Breakfast, than a palace of emperors.  Secondly the whole thing was entirely rebuilt from the basements up in the 1950’s and it shows.  Historically it is a shame and a facade.

Now the small size might be expected.  When it was built America was not a power, and that the home of its early Presidents was laid out like a plantation owners home is not out of place.  Its only when you get in that the incongruities become apparent…


The forming of the Left’s ‘Resistance’ in todays America…

We learn about how the growing Democratic protests and demostartions in the streets, town halls and mail boxes and phone lines of Republicans gave birth…

Hill Republicans are openly accusing liberal mega-donors of bankrolling the tide of local protesters storming their offices. They’re beefing up their physical protection from demonstrators. And they’re imploring out-of-state critics to stop clogging their phone lines.

“It’s just yelling and criticizing. There is no substance,” said Rep. Dave Brat (R-Va.). “It’s a protest against the election.”

To which Angel Padilla, a co-founder of the group organizing the demonstrations that have spread across the country in a matter of weeks, had this to say: You’d better get used to it.

“We want to pressure these members of Congress for as long as we have this president,” Padilla said.

Dubbed “Indivisible,” the group launched as a way for Padilla and a handful of fellow ex-Democratic aides to channel their post-election heartbreak into a manual for quashing President Donald Trump’s agenda. They drafted a 26-page protest guide for activists, full of pointers on how to bird dog their members of Congress in the language of Capitol insiders.

The booklet concludes with a stirring promise to fellow Trump enemies: “Good luck — we will win.”

The group isn’t planning to limit itself to the town-hall resistance to repealing Obamacare that it’s becoming known for. Indivisible has marshaled demonstrations against Trump’s Cabinet nominees and his immigration order, and it’s partnering with the organizers of the Jan. 21 Women’s March for a new action next week.

Its handful of senior leaders count about 100 contributors to their national organizing work but insist that all are working on a volunteer basis. They know conservatives are spreading unfounded rumors that their success is being driven by wealthy donors like George Soros, which they flatly deny.

The group began when Ezra Levin, a former aide to Texas Democratic Rep. Lloyd Doggett, commiserated over the election in late November with his wife Leah Greenberg, a longtime aide to ex-Virginia Democratic Rep. Tom Perriello. The couple was “going through the stages of grief, like a lot of progressives,” Levin recalled in an interview, “and wanted to do what we could to help.”

They got to work on what became the “Indivisible Guide,” billed as a set of “best practices for making Congress listen.” The manual borrows openly from the early tactics of the Tea Party, which sprouted on the strength of local conservative resistance to former President Barack Obama’s hefty government stimulus bill and health care reform plan.

“Trump is not popular,” the guide states. “He does not have a mandate. He does not have large congressional majorities. If a small minority in the Tea Party could stop President Obama, then we the majority can stop a petty tyrant named Trump.”…


Hillary wins and has 3% climb in post debate poll….Update*

While Bernie Sanders’ people tries to spin his debate performance as better than Hillary Clinton….Pundits and THIS Dog felt from the jump that Hillary Clinton bested Bernie Sanders in the first Democratic 2016 Primary debate….

To be fair…..

Hillary Clinton was on the stage to show her ability to lead and to put the email and Benghazi stories behind her….

Bernie Sanders was on stage to get exposure and explain HIS dream for America…Not Policy….

The debate is certain to help BOTH Clinton and Sanders …..

But Clinton remains well ahead of Sanders in polling across the board and in every state except New Hampshire.  Hillary is even or only slightly behind Bernie in Iowa…

A majority believe Hillary Clinton won her party’s first debate on Tuesday, but the Democratic frontrunner received just a small bump in a poll from the perceived victory.

Fifty-six percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents saw Clinton as the winner, compared to 33 percent who thought Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) won, according to the NBC News/Survey Monkey survey released on Friday.

Only 3 percent, it added, believe the former secretary of State gave the worst showing during Tuesday night’s event.

Overall, the poll found Clinton with 45 percent support compared to 31 percent support for Sanders. That’s a three-percentage-point climb for Clinton, and a two-percent uptick for her main rival.

NBC News/Survey Monkey found that Sanders is making in-roads with young voters, nabbing 54 percent of those below age 30. Clinton, in contrast, receives 24 percent among that same voting bloc…..



The poll has a very large sample of 4,898 persons and very low MOE of 2%….


A 55 percent majority of registered Democratic voters who watched the debate said Clinton won. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who saw a surge in online interest and fundraising, was a distant second, with only 22 percent saying he was the best of the night.

Clinton also saw an uptick in the proportion of Democrats who say they want her to be the party’s presidential nominee. Before the debate, 44 percent of registered Democrats said they wanted Clinton to be the nominee. After the debate, the figure had risen to 52 percent.

That movement, however, is thanks to a lower percentage of undecided voters….


The Republicans have Netanyahu…Obama has the Europeans…

The other ciountries at the table in the Iran Nuclear deal have sent their poople to remind Congress that they have Ok’d the deal and expect America to do the same….

Obama administration officials flooding Congress to sell the pact are now working in tandem with ambassadors from the three European nations — Great Britain, France and Germany — that also signed off on the July 14 agreement.

The diplomatic trio, whose countries are known together as the “E3,” echo administration talking points and parries specific concerns from skeptical members of Congress. They also push a signature message: that the Iran deal is an international agreement, not just the handiwork of a Democratic president scorned by the GOP.


Good News about Iraq?…Not from the Media….

The Iraqi Prime Minister is in Washington looking for money and support…..

Things HAVE been going against the Islamic State tees days….

But the media doesn’t think THAT point is what they want to report much….

“We think we’ve made a lot more meaningful progress against ISIL in Iraq than most people realize,” said a senior administration official.

The argument, articulated in an address last week by Vice President Joe Biden, reflects months of White House frustration with the media’s coverage of the campaign against ISIL. It is also a calculated gamble by an administration that was burned by its overly rosy assessments of Iraq after U.S. troops left the country in 2011.

Claims that America’s fight against ISIL has “has stalled, has been stalemated” are wrong, insisted Biden in an address at the National Defense University on Thursday. “The claims do not reflect the circumstances on the ground.”

Also joining the argument is the military: At a Monday briefing, a Pentagon spokesman displayed a map showing that ISIL has lost up to 30 percent of the territory it once controlled.

Some outside analysts are sympathetic, noting that setbacks in Iraq usually draw more media coverage than gains.

But they warn that, despite some recent tactical successes, the country remains in a dire state. ISIL still holds Iraq’s second-largest city, Mosul, and is fiercely battling Iraqi forces just 75 miles west of Baghdad. The group continues to threaten the Iraqi government’s survival, officials concede.
Some analysts worry that a temptation to focus on short-term gains for media consumption could distract U.S. officials from a larger struggle that will take years.

“I’m a firm believer in giving them credit when they do the right thing,” said Kenneth Pollack, a former CIA analyst at the Brookings Institution who tracks Iraq closely. “But it does infuriate me when the Obama administration does a little bit of good — and then they want a ticker tape parade,” he added.

ISIL has suffered some setbacks at the hands of U.S. and Iraqi forces in recent weeks…..


Obama Cuban actions Ok for Cuban-Americans…Poll

Overall the number is 51% including those born in Cuba and America….

But younger American born children of Cuban parents give rise to a 68% appeoval rate….

This is ANOTHER issue Republicans are on the wrong side of it seems….

A majority of Cuban-Americans support the White House’s new policy toward Cuba, according to a new poll released Wednesday, with 51 percent saying they agree with President Barack Obama’s decision to begin normalizing relations with the country and 40 percent opposing.

In the same poll conducted last December — after Obama’s announcement — 44 percent responded that they agreed with the change, and 48 percent disagreed.

Among Cuban-Americans born in the United States, that number is higher, with 66 percent agreeing; though only 45 percent of those born in Cuba agree with Obama’s decision.


As usual…Israel puts an American President on the spot…

The United States HAS Isreal’s back….

That’s LOCK….

(For American Political, Economic, Intelligence and Defense reasons)

But the people in the White House KNOW they got pimped…HARD…

With the help of American Republicans…..

Benjamen Netanyahu , beat the polls and the Israeli moderates that would have their country seek peace with the Arabs…

The Israeli policy of NOT making serious peace efforts has stimymied American President’s since Jimmy Carter…

It’s NOT gonna change Netanyahu mmade sure to let everyione know two days ago….

Despite all the Barack Obama is pissed at Bibi noise you hear?

The President WILL go ahead and make a deal with Iran….

The US WILL continue to send Billions in weapons to Israel annually….

And the US will continue to communicate with the guys Netayahu has vowed to not make peace with…

“The positions taken by the prime minister in the last days of the campaign have raised very significant substantive questions that go far beyond just optics,” said a senior administration official, adding that recent Israeli government actions were in keeping with Netanyahu’s rhetoric.

While saying it was “premature” to discuss Washington’s policy response, the official wouldn’t rule out a modified American posture at the United Nations, where the U.S. has long fended off resolutions criticizing Israeli settlement activity and demanding its withdrawal from Palestinian territories.

“We are signaling that if the Israeli government’s position is no longer to pursue a Palestinian state, we’re going to have to broaden the spectrum of options we pursue going forward,” the official said.

There is no virtually no chance that the U.S. will trim its financial or military support for Israel. But some analysts believe that going forward, Netanyahu may be vulnerable in international forums where the U.S. has long been a bulwark against criticism of Israel and its presence in Palestinian territories.


The Obama Justice Departmenet has gone to the 5th Circuit US Court Appeals over the local Federal Judges head…

The US Justice Departement did what it saiod it would do in response to U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen issuing and injunction against the President’s executive order on several Immigration programs….

Hanen has bulked at taking quick action on his ruling  when the Justice Department asked for a review….

Hanen’s order goes outside his state of Texas and 14 state’s have petitioned the court to go AHEAD with the President’s action….

The Obama Administration has been under pressure from immigrants’ rights groups to move quickly and aggressively to get Obama’s actions back on track. There are fears that if the actions remain blocked during protracted litigation, even if the administration ultimately prevails, it could be difficult to process millions of applications before Obama is set to leave office in 2017.

Since the actions draw on claimed executive powers, a future president would be under no legal obligation to continue them.

Texas and the other states suing the administration said Thursday that there’s no need to rush the proceedings, in part because the Obama Administration has dragged its feet in court in recent weeks.


Not ALL states want Marijuana use legal….

There is a storm coming on legal marijuana use…

While several states have move to ddecriminalize and even allow medical use of marijuana….

Most states have NOT….

And some states WILL NOT….

Marijuana use is STILL against federal law even though the Justice depratment and Congress have moved to NOT enforce that Federal law against marijuana….

Nebraska and Oklahoma are now inn the US Supreme Court complaining that other states actions are causing them problems…..

If the court does not take the issue…..

The President and his new Attorney General will have to come up with a solution…..

The issue is emerging as a major test for attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch, who will have to decide whether to embrace the hands-off approach to marijuana in the states that the Justice Department has adopted under Eric Holder — or take more decisive action to regulate it.

Experts and advocates floated a range of options if Congress or DOJ were to act, some more far-reaching or politically feasible than others. Anti-legalization advocates want an about-face from the administration: Enforce the existing federal marijuana ban and crack down on legalization regimes in Colorado and elsewhere. That’s a pipe dream for the current White House but not inconceivable if a Republican is elected president in 2016.

Pro-legalization advocates want Congress or the Obama administration to reclassify marijuana under sentencing laws so that it would carry lesser or no criminal penalties. Marijuana is currently considered a “Schedule I” drug, a category that includes heroin and LSD. Even cocaine is deemed less dangerous than pot under federal law.

Other experts say Congress should pass legislation that would deem marijuana federally legal in states that enact legal cannabis laws, thus removing ambiguity in those states. And still others want the administration to establish a standardized regulatory framework throughout the states, as the federal government does with other “vice industries.”


Joe Biden…Jump at it or Retire with Grace?

The Hillary Clinton train has ALREADY left the station….

Joe Biden knows it….

Democrats know it….

What’s a guy ‘in the loop’ to do?

“I look out on that field, and first thing I think is, ‘Coach, put me in, man, I’m ready to play,’” Biden said.

Most of the time, it’s not so hard to tell what Biden’s thinking — he’s just said it. But even his inner circle doesn’t seem to know where his head is on 2016 — whether he is actually going to get in the game or stay on the sidelines, dreaming of his glory days.

Throughout the midterms, he has been helping out candidates all over the country. It’s not clear to anyone, though, that there’s been the kind of strategy to help himself he’d need if he were serious about a White House run.

“You know the idea’s rattling around there, but I think that’s as far as we can speculate at this point,” said Larry Rasky, communications director for Biden’s two previous presidential runs and still an adviser and friend.

The last any of Biden’s circle seems to have heard is that he’s still not planning to make a decision about the race until next summer, well after Clinton’s expected launch and the chance for a graceful exit that he could say wasn’t about being chased out.

People who’ve been talking to Biden say the factor weighing on his mind may be less Clinton than Obama. Even as a sitting vice president, Biden might not be too proud to run a long-shot campaign, they insist. He was living it up during those months in 2007 when he was lucky to get a dozen people in a room and finished with a grand total of 1 percent in the Iowa caucuses.

But he might not be willing to risk losing the integral role he revels in at the White House.


The White House looking at a possible GOP led Senate…looks to 2016

The view will be thus……

A Republican led US Senate with a one or even two majority seats will be VERY conscience of the fact that the 2016 Senate races favor Democrats by a wide margin and the Republicans should NOT want to move in Ted Cruz’s direction to the right ….Which would hurt them as soon as a year from now when the 2016 Senate campaigns kick in….

Nervous that Democrats could lose control of the Senate, the White House is already discussing how to cut deals with a Republican majority.

As bad as the electoral map for Democrats is this year, the map for Republicans in 2016 is even worse. GOP incumbents are up in seven states Obama won twice and two he won once, including Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire, Rob Portman in Ohio, Ron Johnson in Wisconsin, Mark Kirk in Illinois and Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania.

Those senators, goes one thought circulating the West Wing, would be under pressure to move towards the middle and be the bridge to larger deals with a caucus eager to show it can get things done.

Aides are discussing potential areas for agreement: tax reform, infrastructure, sentencing reform, renewing unemployment insurance, raising the minimum wage and expanding early childhood education.

Anything that breaks the partisan gridlock would likely be welcome news to a president who sees a lot of unfinished business as he stares down the last two years of his administration and not much to show for his “pen and phone” strategy to govern via executive action.

Others in the White House dismiss all this as, at best, an absurdly best-case scenario. If Republicans are in the majority, nothing will come to the floor without the approval of Sen. Mitch McConnell, and anything would need 60 votes — not to mention the green light from what’s likely to be a larger GOP majority in the House.


President Obama cancels two days of campaign stops to concentrate on Ebola….

Today it was Connecticut and New Jersey…Tomorrow it would have been Long Island. and Rhode Island…

But instead the President is getting the message out that the Fed’s are NOW gonna be taking over the management of treatment of Americans that test positive for the disease…Wherever…

The CDC will now form ‘Go Teams’ and designate hospital’s that are authorized to treat suspected Ebola cases…..

The media has been focused on this, and people ARE scared….

President Barack Obama is on high alert about Ebola, and doesn’t want anybody to think otherwise.

Any time Obama is campaigning or on vacation when something big goes wrong — from a downed plane to race riots — aides scoff at the idea that he is not focusing on his day job. Air Force One has a pretty good conference call feature. The president does his job from wherever he is, they say.

Not this time.

Now that two people in Dallas apparently have contracted Ebola from the Liberian man who died of the virus, the situation warranted scrapping what was to be his first rally of the midterm campaign season, along with a fundraiser for Senate Democrats who are clinging to their seats.

Optics, which Obama and his staff dismiss as never being much on their minds, always means a lot to this White House. Aides in the past have pointed out that any abrupt changes to Obama’s schedule have the potential to convey more of a crisis than may exist.

But facing the risk of embarrassing juxtapositions of dying health care workers while Obama was out campaigning, that’s exactly what they did.


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