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New York Times, Washington Post, Fox News contract with Anit-Clinton Book author…

Clinton supporters are NOT pleased with this….(As could be expected)

And people wonder why Hillary Clinton is keeping the national media at arm’s length?

The New York Times, The Washington Post and Fox News have made exclusive agreements with a conservative author for early access to his opposition research on Hillary Clinton, a move that has confounded members of the Clinton campaign and some reporters, the On Media blog has confirmed.

“Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich” will debut on May 5. But the Times, the Post and Fox have already made arrangements with author Peter Schweizer to pursue some of the material included in his book, which seeks to draw connections between Clinton Foundation donations and speaking fees and Hillary Clinton’s actions as secretary of state. Schweizer is the president of the Government Accountability Institute, a conservative research group, and previously served as an adviser to Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

Fox News’ use of Schweizer’s book has surprised no one. The bulk of the network’s programming is conservative, and the book’s publisher, HarperCollins, is owned by News Corporation. But the Times and Post’s decision to partner with a partisan researcher has raised a few eyebrows. Some Times reporters view the agreement as unusual, sources there said. Still others defended the agreement, noting that it was no different from using a campaign’s opposition research to inform one’s reporting — so long as that research is fact-checked and vetted. A spokesperson for the Times did not provide comment by press time….


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The Washington Post & The Guardian get Pulitzer’s for Snowden spilling the beans on the NSA….

The Media pats itself on the back for getting a story out that Edward Snowden stole from his government….

The  National Security Agency is STILL doing just about everything Snowden has exposed…And clearly got caught with its ‘secret ‘ pants down….

And Edward Snowden?

He’s still hiding out in Russia….

The award was given for the “revelation of widespread secret surveillance by the National Security Agency, marked by authoritative and insightful reports that helped the public understand how the disclosures fit into the larger framework of national security,” the committee said in its release. Sig Gissler, the Pulitzer Prize administrator, announced the winners shortly after 3 p.m. at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York.

Snowden immediately declared the decision “a vindication.”

“Today’s decision is a vindication for everyone who believes that the public has a role in government,” he said in a statement to The Guardian. “We owe it to the efforts of the brave reporters and their colleagues who kept working in the face of extraordinary intimidation, including the forced destruction of journalistic materials, the inappropriate use of terrorism laws, and so many other means of pressure to get them to stop what the world now recognizes was work of vital public importance.”


Meanwhile, Snowden’s critics in the U.S. government blasted the decision.

“Awarding the Pulitzer to Snowden enablers is a disgrace,” Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) tweeted shortly after the announcement.

John Yoo, a former deputy assistant attorney general and author of the 2002 memos advising the CIA’s use of enhanced interrogation techniques, said the Pulitzer committee’s decision did not vindicate Snowden.

“I’m not surprised the Pulitzer committee gave The Washington Post a prize for pursuing a sensationalist story, even when the story is a disaster for its own country,” he said. “I don’t think we need automatically read the prize as a vindication for Snowden’s crimes. Awarding a prize to a newspaper that covered a hurricane does not somehow vindicate the hurricane, [and] awarding a Pulitzer for a photo of a murder does not somehow vindicate the crime.”

The question of whether to reward reporting associated with Snowden had loomed over board members for weeks leading up to the announcement: To honor the NSA reporting would inevitably be perceived as a political act, with the Pulitzer committee invoking its prestige on behalf of one side in a bitter national argument. In effect, it would be a rebuttal to prominent establishment voices in both parties who say Snowden’s revelations, and the decision by journalists to publish them, were the exact opposite of a public service.


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The NSA Leak story and the Media…..

Politico is out with a piece that examines the different angles on covering the story from the Guardian in the UK (With Glenn Greenwald) and the Washington Post…..

Greenwald has the direct connect with Edward Snowden and broke the story and controlled it helping the Guardian….The Washington Post has up to now been the US media outlet….

(Greenwald has reached out to get a deal with the NY Times in his effort to punish the US and the UK after his partner was detained for 9 hours at Heathrow this week)….

In last week the story has actually dropped off the front pages of the media….And while the Washington pols have been getting a few questions on the issue….The President and Congressional Leadership seem to been not in a hurry to stop the expansive data mining done by the NSA….

One thing….

The White House and the NSA seem to be amateurs in handling themselves as more of the ‘secrets’ about the programs are leaked…..

The Guardian was first to publish June 5, when it broke a phone surveillance story. Just a day later, The Washington Post and The Guardian each broke their stories on Internet surveillance programs, both sourced on material from Edward Snowden. In the next few weeks, the two newspapers published follow-ups on the material.

But in late June through mid-August, only The Guardian kept up the pace.

“The Post broke the initial story in a way, but I’ve lost track of what the hell they’ve been doing since because everything is [Glenn] Greenwald driven,” said James Goodale, an author and lawyer who represented The New York Times in the Pentagon Papers case and other cases before the Supreme Court.

Since the initial flurry of coverage, The Guardian has continued to publish stories at least every few weeks detailing more on either NSA surveillance or foreign countries’ surveillance. Hardly a day goes by that Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald isn’t moving the story forward, defending himself or prompting media coverage, either on Twitter, in a column or piping in via satellite to a news station.

The Washington Post had not published any big revelatory stories on documents provided by Edward Snowden since June, however, until last week, when it published a report about thousands of privacy violations committed by the NSA. That story immediately reverberated through the Washington echo chamber, prompting even House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to issue her strongest statement to date criticizing the surveillance programs and specifically referring to the Post’s report.

Meanwhile, the Guardian’s last two major stories on U.S. snooping, one of which revealed the “XKeyscore” program that tracks people’s Internet activity, in July, and one that revealed a “loophole” that lets the NSA search for citizens’ emails and phone calls, got a tepid response from lawmakers, mainly from those that pushed back against The Guardian’s report. The sole strong reaction to the loophole story was from Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), who has independently sought to bring attention to the issue.



New York Times Partnering With Guardian On Snowden Reporting…

The Guardian has decided to partner with the New York Times for some of its reporting on global intelligence and national security, BuzzFeed revealed on Friday.

The paper has been the subject of a very aggressive attack from the British government over its reporting on both American and British intelligence activities. The prime minister, David Cameron, ordered his top civil servant to demand the return of the documents provided to the Guardian by NSA leaker Edward Snowden. When the paper refused, it was forced to destroy several hard drives in the presence of security officials.

British police also detained the partner of Glenn Greenwald, the leading writer working on the Snowden stories, at London’s Heathrow airport for nine hours.

In a statement to Buzzfeed’s editor, Ben Smith, a spokeswoman for the Guardian said this environment had led the paper to ask the Times to step in…..


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Chris Christine for President 2012….The Story

Ok another tidbit from Balz’s book ‘Collision 2012’ that has not be widely

In the Summer of 2011 he was I voted to a meeting….
When he arrived he walked into a room with at least 60
People in it including some heavy money hitters like John Mack, David Koch and Henry Kissinger
These people would fall in line for Romney in the end
But at THAT time they ALL wanted Christie to run for
And they where willing to put their time and money behind the Governor of Jersey who had 2 years on his term in office…
He begged off making a decision….


He reached out to Karl Rove, Ken Mehlman, Rudy G and George W Bush
( this is Christie in 2011)

Next Mary Pat…Christie ‘s wife gets a call from Barbara Bush

In the end Christie is talking to his father
Came to realize that at 48 years old he had time before
Leaving a job he loved to run for President….

But it didn’t stop there
Mitt Romney would come to ask him if he was interested in
‘Joining HIS team’ which Christie took to mean being Romney’s

But that would not be ….
First Romney needed Christie to leave the Governorship
And second Romney was concerned about the ‘pay to play’ thing in Christie’s past….

The Point?
Christine could have had a serious run for President
In 2012….
I see NO reason why he won’t in 2016
And he ‘s gonna have same people that where at that meeting in his corner…..

For More on this ….Here....

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President Obama’s early campaign focus….Run AGAINST Congress….No…The GOP House….

I sit down this morning….

The last day of 2011 and both the NY Times and Washington Post and LA Times are leading with same story….

President Obama will start the new year trying to amplify last week  victory over the Republican IN THE HOUSE….

Lets face it….

Since November 2010 when the GOP achieved a solid majority in the House President Obama and the Democrats have gotten rolled regularity…..

Even time the Democrats settled on something…

The House GOP newbie block would lead the rest of the place to standing on the Presidents  political toes until he caved….

It WAS terrible for Democrats and the rest the country to watch….

Republicans led by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor , not Speaker John Boehner would ALWAYS vacillate between doing nothing…

Then Rooster walking the theme that WE run this damn place NOT the party elders and moderates and definitely NOT the Democratic President…

All of that went on as the nations economy tried to right itself and more importantly the nations private sector started to hire and the nations

State and Local governments continued to fire people….

While the GOP House negated to see that….

The President started talking about jobs…..

About try to get people BACK to Work….

Now the average Joe or Jane really don’t give a tinkers damn about balanced budgets and deficits…..

They want to work…..

So the last few weeks the President found himself in a position he hasn’t be for a while….

He was fighting the 60 or so GOP newbie House members on an extension in the Jobless benefits…..

A continuation of the Payroll Tax extension and a extension of the Medicare Doctor payments extension…..

ALL things that AMERICAN’s and the media could understand that they WANTED…..

FUCK the Tea Party principal shit…..

The Republican moderates and old timers where with the President and Democrats….

They could smell an bad place to be from a mile away…

The newbie Conservative House members where blind (In fact they are STILL pissed)

So the GOP Speaker of the House agreed with the Democrats and accepted the deal on those three things and the bill they where in

ONLY to be kneecaped by his own newbie group who in the end found a President (Coached by Harry Reid) who had the Senate GOPer’s behind him ….

‘No Deal’ was the speech the President gave last week…..

‘No Deal’ was the speech Mitch McConnell the GOP Senate Minority Leader gave….

The House gave in…..

The Republicans will now have to vote on the SAME Bill AGAIN in 60 days with vastly different playing field before them for the near future….

As soon as Mitt Romney wins the Republican nomination the White House will pivot to aim at him and probably tie him to the right leans he has had to make to get the GOP nomination…

But for now…

The President will be laying the foundation for his fight with the House GOP newbie’s in 60 days…..


Mr. Obama’s election-year strategy is an attempt to capitalize on his recent victory on a short-term extension of the payroll tax cut and on his rising poll numbers. As the stage is set for the general election in November, he intends to hammer the theme of economic justice for ordinary Americans rather than continue battling with Congressional Republicans, said the official, Joshua R. Earnest, the deputy press secretary, previewing the White House’s strategy.

“In terms of the president’s relationship with Congress in 2012,” Mr. Earnest said at a briefing, “the president is no longer tied to Washington, D.C.” Winning a full-year extension of the cut in payroll taxes is the last “must-do” piece of legislation for the White House, he said.

However the White House chooses to frame Mr. Obama’s strategy, it amounts to a wholesale makeover of the young senator who won in 2008 by promising to change the culture of Washington, rise above the partisan fray and seek compromises.

Now, after three years in office, Mr. Obama is settling on a go-it-alone approach. In the coming weeks, Mr. Earnest said, Mr. Obama will step up his efforts to showcase unilateral measures he is taking to revive the economy, though he declined to give details.

Mr. Obama has used his executive authority in recent weeks to provide job training for returning military veterans and help students pay back theirstudent loans. Further underscoring the jobs theme, Mr. Obama plans to return to the road, starting with a trip to Cleveland in early January to speak about the economy.

The White House laid out the election-year strategy here in Hawaii, where Mr. Obama is vacationing, just as attention turns to the Republican caucuses in Iowa.

The message, though, is one the White House has been refining since July, when Mr. Obama’s attempts to forge a “grand bargain” with the House Republicans on fiscal policy collapsed and he reverted to a populist, anti-Congress strategy.

More from the NY Times……

After taking his lumps during the summer’s bitter debt-ceiling debacle, Obama switched tactics, eschewing an “inside game,” based on direct negotiations with Capitol Hill Republicans, for an “outside game,” focused on harnessing public opinion. It culminated two weeks ago when House Speaker John A. Boehner (Ohio) gave in under enormous public pressure and agreed to an Obama-backed, two-month extension of the payroll tax cut.

Administration aides believe Obama emerged from the showdown with public consensus that he, not Congress, is more willing to rise above Washington’s partisan gridlock. And as he enters his reelection campaign year, Obama intends to “double down” on his outside strategy, pressing the message that he is fighting for the middle class against a Congress beholden to special interests, administration aides said.

Obama will resume his nationwide jobs tour with an appearance in Cleveland on Wednesday, and his State of the Union address on Jan. 24 will echo the populist themes the president laid out in a speech in Osawatomie, Kan., in early December.

“In terms of the president’s relationship with Congress in 2012 . . . the president is no longer tied to Washington,” deputy press secretary Josh Earnest said.

White House aides believe that without being forced to engage Congress in regular partisan brinksmanship — “putting out fires,” as Earnest described it — Obama will have a “larger playing field” to articulate a broader agenda for the nation as he heads into the election. The administration views the looming February fight over how to pay for extending the payroll tax cut through the end of 2012 as the final “must-do” item, and the last potential “cliff-hanger” legislation on Obama’s domestic jobs agenda.

More from the Washington Post…

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NCAA March Madness results for 3/18/11….

From the Washington Post…..

More results here….

NCAA Tournament Scoreboard

Regional – Round 2
Final 1 2 T


38 43 81


46 39 85
Preview | BoxscoreRecap
Leaders Oakland Texas
Points R. Hamilton 25 J. Brown 21
Rebounds K. Benson 11 2 tied with 10
Assists R. Hamilton 5 3 tied with 3
Regional – Round 2
Final 1 2 T
29 16 45
33 42 75
Preview | BoxscoreRecap
Leaders Tennessee Michigan
Points T. Harris 19 Z. Novak 14
Rebounds T. Harris 5 Z. Novak 10
Assists C. Tatum 4 D. Morris 9


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From Daniel…..Cool Washington Post maps for the 2010 Governors, House and Senate races……

From the Washington Post…..

Check out these Maps:




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FOX and MSNBC take their hits…and add viewers and ad revenue……

Like it or not Americans like their news slanted towards their views.….While the impartial media outlets go on…the partisan ones increase their viewership at the others expense…hype and rhetoric rule the day, in the end, eh?

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Russia anyone?……a media look……

I’ve found this section in the Washington Post that offers an eye on all things Russian…..I like this  part about Aftghanistan…..

The WestDoes Russia’s Dirty Work For The First Time

Sergei Markedonov, Vremya Novostei

The project ofbringing democracy to Afghanistan has so far failed. Not oneof the intractable problems on the Afghan agenda has been resolved since the NATO operation began. However, Russia should not be happy with the United States’ failure, especially since they have agreed to reset bilateral relations.

Afghanistan is exerting substantial influence on the political situation in Russia. Drugs from Afghanistan are invading Russia, and the countryborders three Central Asian members of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Russia should be aware of the danger of a powerful Islamic front on its border.

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The Washington Post changes sides…..show cases the fact that McChrystal has backing from the troops……

The Washington Post has for the past week been a vessel carrying administration handlers leaks and whispers crossing Afghanistan Commanding Officer, General Stanley McChrystal’s campaign to get more troops for his theatre of action…they have published articles and opinions to the effect that the general should be a good solider and send in his request, and then go sit in the corner and wait until he’s called…..

That hasn’t worked this time…. ever mindful of the fact that Gen. Eric Shinseki told his bosses what to do up front, and got dissed, and then caned for it…McChrystal has not backed way from expressing his views on what he needs to do the job……he has not challenged the CIC in anyway…he has just given……what his boss asked for…..a plan…

I had to chuckle that the Washington Post would carry this story, about the supprt the general was shown at a convention in Washington DC this week,  given the fact that they have been giving McChrystal nothing but grief  for the past week……

Mindful of

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Who are these people!!!

He, he, he…..this from Polticalwire on the invisible sources in the administration…….

October 06, 2009

Extreme Anonymity

Glenn Greenwald dissects a Washington Post article by Anne Kornblut and lists the sources for the article — every one of them — in the order she cites them:

“Obama aides pointed… administration officials said… a senior administration official said… officials said… a senior administration official said… senior Obama officials stressed… a senior administration official said… aides said… officials said… one senior administration official said… one senior official said… The official said… a senior administration official said… a senior administration official said… administration officials said… a senior official said.”

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The battle between the White House and the General…….

The story for the past few days in the media (particularly the Washington Post) has been between General McChrystal and the White House (not the President)…I predicted that this would occur and it has arrived right on time…….

When Obama picked McChrystal…he told everybody he liked the general and he though he was a good choice…The administration then hiked General David Patreaus up to the command of the entire Middle East and put McChrystal in charge of Afghanistan and Pakistan…the general he replaced was deemed to timed, and not effective in thinking outside the box……well you know the saying..”be careful for what you wish for”…….

Let me remind people and point out that……In Stanley McCrystal, the Commander-In-Chief got what he asked for…….A tough, flexible , game and war fighter that gone on to think outside the box and come up with plan for the CIC to execute to try to win a military campaign…..

The crying and political genuflecting was inevitable because the general followed orders and gave what he was asked for……if there is any problem with the outcome, it is that the general did NOT play politics with his answer……Another reminder…Remember Rumsfeld’s action plan for the invasion of Iraq?…...NOT ENOUGH TROOPS…..NOT FOLLOWING THE POWELL DOCTRINE of OVERWHELMING FORCE……

This general is gonna sleep good every night cause he didn’t back up going in…I remember all the hand wringing after the whole Iraq campaign turned sour because there was NOT ENOUGH TROOPS…..Not this time!….This general has laid down a marker…And is sticking to the US Army’s credo of Honesty…..

Something else I gotta say here….McCrystal has asked for combat troops and non combat troops and civilians to help build up Afghanistan as a country, since it  is arguably one of the poorest countries on earth, with whole area’s looking like a throw back to middle ages with ‘sand people’.

Now since the President’s Press Secretary has let it be know that the United States and NATO aren\’t walking away from the place……there simply isn’t any other solution other than giving General McCrystal what he wants……We tried the ‘light’ thing in the beginning of Iraq…it didn’t work……give the guy his manpower and support…..Damn the ego’s and political blood-letting from the president’s handler’s…..


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McChrystal doesn't give an inch…….

While the President works his way thru policy meetings on the grand strategy for Afghanistan…and  Pakistan…The commander in charge of the AFPAK region goes on….Steadily asking for more troops and resources, and fighting the war, on two fronts…..

He is overseeing the campaign in country….And his commanders are pushing hard on the ground…which has resulted in ground gaining but, US and Allied troops are running into a determined enemy, that has caused a spike in causalities. McChrystal is worried that his gains will slip away if he doesn’t get more troops to hold ground…..And so the general has become engaged in a second front….

McChrstal is now also in a campaign to get more troops……and more resources to rebuild Aftganhistan……make no mistake about it., this is the second front…..The  for at the Pentagon is over…the General and  Admirals are behind him, So is Joint Chief Mullen, and  it appears that Defense Sec. Gates is backing him also…….. Congress is probably not gonna be a hard sell, since there have been leaks to the press, that the CIC will have to get help on funding the ‘surge’, from the Republicans……

My advice to McChrystal would be to watch the White House…….That ‘s the mine field….Experience tells me that there are going to be people over there that will resent, and not forget the general’s moves to get the President ( McChrystal’s CIC ) on board his push for the surge (which is gonna anger sections of his party), with nation building that will prolong this war……..

The general seems to be on point, marching hard…and focused on his objective……

Update……..A piece from the Washington Post on the CIC meeting with the General aboard Air Force One……

Update#2…..Jones of the NSC does a pushback on McCrystal…..I told you he has a two front war…..

Update#3….and someone uses the Washington Post to leak a another warning shot…..things are getting hot on both fronts!……

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Is the United States already becoming the bad guy in Pakistan?

The Washington Post highlights an inevitable  consequence of the United States growing foot print in the AFPAK theatre of operations……..the fact Pakistanis have started to become suspicious of this countries increase in manpower flowing into their country……..the writer of the piece explains…..”Pakistanis, who are extremely sensitive about national sovereignty, oppose allowing foreign troops on their soil and have protested U.S. missile attacks launched from unmanned aircraft against suspected Taliban and al-Qaeda targets inside Pakistan.”

I guess Sec. Gates, and the President, are correct in being aware of the situation becoming a factor in both countries………

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As expected….Gen. McChrystal asks for more troops….but that's not the important part………

The Washington Post in a piece  today, has posted a copy of a 66 page assessment done by General Stanley  McChrystal today……the General is scheduled to go up to the Hill on September 24 ,to give a report on things in Afghanistan……. While he has been told by National Security Chief , Gen. James Jones, and others, to find another way…..McChrystal has pushed ahead with a request for more troops…..

Now politically, the President, the nations CIC, is getting pushed into a corner by his own party, just like in the Healthcare issue……but just like in the Healthcare issue Obama will have to push back, and take his own council…..

I posted earlier that Aftghlnisan has a major problem that will make the present push there fail ultimately, and General McChrystal knows this ……His military staff must be experiencing a sense of deja’ vue…in that they are at the same spot that Patreaus was in with Bush II,  a year and a half ago……..Knowing that the troop level was too low to sustain any improvement on the ground , Patreaus endeavored to get Bush to rectify Sec. of Defense Rummsfeld’s mistake, in not using enough troops in the first place in Iraq….McChrystal finds himself in the same situation….he MUST have more troops to hold, and take more ground..it’s that simple….but the important part comes next…..

McChrystal clearly states that there must be NATION BUILDING to win in that country…..anything short of that goal will render any military gains useless… he’s smart,  and he’s right…..without improving the nations infrastructure, without improving the nations reliance on opium, without dealing with the rampant corruption, and without rising the countries standard of living… things will not work……

…It is not just a military campaign that McChrystal wants,  but Nation Building again, to hold on to, and expand gains in order that country become ultimately self reliant…..

McChrystal has it right……And civilian deserves the additional troops, civilian support and one chance  up at bat….Obama can ill afford to be the guy who ‘lost’ Afghanistan…..

Update:…...a lot if people are miffed at the fact that the 66 pager got outed to the Washington Post……Theories abound…was it McChrystal’s staff?…Are they trying to pressure the Commander-in-Chief into a decision?……Are they try to do a Patreaus?…….

……Listen…the fact remains everyone knew he was going to ask for more troops…..the field commanders that are executing the war campaign I’m sure ARE anxious to get the White House off the dime , and starting to supply more troops, if the objective is to take ground, and have enough troops to hold it………I see Biden advocated the counterrorist strategy proposed before, that uses kill teams roaming the whole AFPAK region, which has a smaller footprint,t but doe snot address NATION BUILDING and still needs Afghan and Pakistani ground troops to hold ground…..which is something that does not exist right now……

Update #2…….The Cable/Foreign Policy blog reports that Obama may have asked McChrystal to ‘scrub’ any requests for more troops……something I doubt Gen. McChrystal or Patreaus would due after all the introspection the army hierarchy went thru with Rumsfelds bullying them into going into Iraq ‘light’ the second time……..

Update#3……..Gen. McChrystal flew from London, with his wife to have a meeting aboard Air Force One with the the Presdient. in the Danish capital….while his wife got the 25 minute tour  of the plane, the CIC and General McChrystal had a face to face in the confrence room on board the plane…I would assume that the NSC advisor Jones would be the only WH heavy weight in the room…..it’s about time the CIC, and McChrystal had a serious talk, face to face, without the WH staff  present……

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The Big Banks get bigger…………

A sobering piece in the Washington Post points something very disturbing coming out of the countries financial downturn. That is that….the nations big banks have  gotten even bigger and are more likely to have a permeant spot in the ‘too big to fail spot’……..as  result of the White House policy of  not letting anyone of them fail…the middle guys have no such protection….and have been swallowed up….leaving bigger top players…….while the government is watching the big guys…….those banks are now making big profits and are trying to pay big salaries to keep their employees causing headaches for watch dogs and the White House……..the public maybe the ones who get mad…watching these unfold in front of their eyes while they get shut out of opportunities  to work and get  credit……….

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