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The North Korea’s ….”want to know if he’s crazy, “or if this is just an act.”

That’s what a is being reported by someone who has spoken to North Korea officals and has sat down with Politico, ….

Donald Trump has spend the last several months warning the North Korea’s that he was goona be tough against them if they pushed him….

But just tweeted that he was offended that North Korea President Kim Jong Un didn’t want to talk to him after he called him “short and fat”?

Donald Trump operates by throwning down at people to back them down, then he tries to get over…

It’s how he got the GOP nomination and became President….

But the same strategy doesn’t seem to be working with the North Koreans, who have become a nuclear power already and doesn’t seem to want to talk or give THAT power up….Like a lawyer ?…They seem to be using time as their advantage to wait out Trump who can’t figure out….

“They question his erratic behavior, and also his mounting problems here at home, with the investigation being conducted by Robert Mueller, and they are asking, ‘Why should we begin negotiations with the Trump administration, when Donald Trump may not be president much longer?’”