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U.S. House Passes Bill Requiring Warrants To Search Old Emails

The U.S. House of Representatives voted on Monday to require law enforcement authorities to obtain a search warrant before seeking old emails from technology companies, a win for privacy advocates fearful the Trump administration may work to expand government surveillance powers.

The House passed the measure by a voice vote. But the legislation was expected to encounter resistance in the Senate, where it failed to advance last year amid opposition by a handful of Republican lawmakers after the House passed it unanimously.

Technology companies such as Microsoft <MSFT.O> have lobbied Congress for years to pass the Email Privacy Act, which updates a decades-old law to force authorities to first get a warrant to access emails or other digital communications that are at least 180 days old….


President Clinton vs Speaker Ryan…How would it work?

Someone out there pointed to a Clinton mandate is Hillary Clinton can garner the Obama Electoral College numbers…

Mandate ?

I SERIOUSLY doubt That …..

Image result for hillary clinton/Paul Ryan

The same intransigence shown to President Obama will probably be future for Clinton and US House under Rep. Paul Ryan’s leqadership…

The last six years in Washington are on track to look like a golden age of cooperation compared to what’s coming if Hillary Clinton wins the White House and Paul Ryan keeps his GOP majority in the House.

The 2016 races are far from over, but the trends, if polls are right, might be irreversible. And for the Clinton and Paul insiders now drafting their bosses’ 2017 agenda, a realization is dawning that the dynamic between these two could determine whether any actual lawmaking happens.

For Clinton, who seems poised to win the presidency with her position on major Democratic policy priorities squishy at best and unknown at worst, progressives are pre-programmed for disappointment. And on Ryan’s side, while handicappers still show him retaining a Republican majority, the 2016 season will have delivered a different kind of conference after Democrats pick off many of the moderates who gave him the leeway to keep the Freedom Caucus in check, even as he says privately and publicly that he believes rebuilding his party is about passing bills again.

They’re interested in making moves and have all the political reasons to do so. But while sources close to both camps say Clinton and Ryan would probably get along and might even agree on a handful of priority issues, they would be coming into their shared mission with a relationship that so far has been nothing more than handshakes and pleasantries and a few conversations about State Department funding while she was secretary and he was running the Budget Committee.

Add in Ryan’s expected run for president in 2020 and the thought that either the first-term president or her likely future challenger would share credit with the person who might soon be starring in the other’s campaign commercials leads to rapid onset depression for some of the aides closest to these two principals.

“The next four years are going to totally suck,” said a person close to Ryan….


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2014 Mid-Term Elections Results…CNN….

National election results 2014

Senate Results
For control
45 …..Dem
52 …..GOP
100 seats

The number of total seats for the Democratic Party includes two independent senators who caucus with Democrats and are not up for re-election in 2014.

House Results

For control

176 ….Dem

243 ….GOP

435 seats

Senate Results…..

House Results…..


These Results are as off 12:30 PM 11/5/14…They may change 

Breaking…’The Kissing’ Congressman McAllister will NOT seek another term…

The Louisiana Congressman was shown kissing someone that wasn’t his wife after he has pushed his good and wholesome image in the past….

UPDATE 11:32 a.m.: Fifth District U.S. Rep. Vance McAllister [R-La] won’t seek re-election this fall but will complete his term.

As first reported at thenewsstar.com, McAllister, R-Swartz, said he and his wife Kelly made the final decision Monday morning. The couple is flying to Washington, D.C. together today as Congress goes back into session.

McAllister has been under siege since a scandal broke before Easter when a video was published showing the married congressman kissing a married former staffer.

“I am committed to serving the 5th District to the best of my ability through this term, but I also have to take care of my family as we work together to repair and strengthen the relationship I damaged,” McAllister said.

Kelly McAllister said the couples’ marriage remains intact….


There WILL be More House retirements….

We here at the PDog have been watch House members announce their retirements with interest…

While the professional forecasters have been putting out pieces proclaiming that the GOP will do well next year in Midterm elections….The actual people running for those spots in less than a year are changing and will continue to….

Roll Call takes a look at more House members that could be throwing in the towel…….

The House was only on its fifth day of winter recess when the retirement announcements began.

Rep. Frank R. Wolf, a 17-term Virginia Republican, announced Tuesday he would not seek re-election. Eighty-four minutes later, Rep. Jim Matheson, D-Utah, shocked Capitol Hill by declaring his retirement. Near the end of the business day, Rep. Tom Latham, R-Iowa, capped off the trio with his departure announcement.

This is just the beginning. Nine House members have announced retirements for reasons other than seeking higher office, according to Roll Call’s Casualty List. An average of 23 House members retired in each of the past three cycles, and many of them announced their departures around the holiday season.

The aftermath will reshape the landscape of the 2014 cycle. For example, Matheson’s departure virtually hands his seat to the GOP, while Latham’s exit puts his seat in play again for Democrats.

“Both sides are watching their guys and I’m sure both the [Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee] and [National Republican Congressional Committee] are talking with some of their members that have been considering,” said Guy Harrison, a former NRCC executive director. “After a long year, members go home and come back thinking in a different way about what they want to do with their lives.”

There are often clues as to which members are eyeing the exits. Without an incentive to bring in big bucks for re-election, they often report low fundraising numbers. Health problems or personal changes prompt some members to reconsider the long weekends and flights to Capitol Hill. And the comforts of home and family can strike a contrast to the brutal political environment in Congress….


As House Speaker Boehner tries to turn to Immigration Reform Some Conservatives Get nervous…

Boehner has added Rebecca Talent, an advocate for immigration reform to his staff.

While the Senate has already sent up its own Immigration Reform Bill….The House has not even engaged the issue….Amnesty WILL be a trigger word for Conservatives….

The President has pushed for a comprehensive Reform Bill, but has indicated that he’s Okay with Boehner’s plan to do a piece meal approach to issue….

But even starting to staff up has caused several Conservatives alarm….

“I think it’s a very strong signal sent by the Speaker as to what his intentions might be,” said Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), an immigration reform foe who has watched Boehner’s moves closely over the past year.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) also voiced concern, saying that McCain’s stance on immigration put him “totally out of touch with the rank-and-file Republicans throughout the country.”

“To hire somebody who was directing him on that issue — it didn’t help John McCain and it isn’t going to help us,” Rohrabacher said.

Boehner on Thursday reiterated his commitment to tackling immigration reform, but he has frustrated advocates by refusing to offer a timetable for action and by avoiding taking a position on the most contentious aspects of an overhaul.

In nods to conservatives in the GOP conference, Boehner has ruled out taking up the Senate-passed immigration bill and has vowed that no proposal would come up for a vote without the support of a majority of House Republicans. He has said the House would take up immigration legislation piece by piece, and last month he went a step further by ruling out negotiations on the full Senate bill.

Still, King said he has “never accepted the idea that amnesty was foreclosed by the Speaker’s words.”

The hiring of Tallent, he said, “adds up to the message that they’re at least setting the stage to be able to bring some type of immigration through this House with some kind of strategy. And I can tell you emphatically there is nothing good that can be passed out of the House of Representatives with regard to immigration that has a chance to get through the Senate and a signature from the president.”

“Any kind of initiative like that would split our conference,” King said….


Rep’s King, Thompson to introduce background checks in House….

The two House members face a dauting task in getting approval on this …

Republican Rep. Peter King of New York said he doesn’t want to be “reinventing” the wheel on the gun bill in the Senate and plans to make a similar background check proposal in the House with Rep. Mike Thompson, D-California.

“My goal would be to get the strongest background check bill we can,” King said.

His office has been in touch with GOP Sen. Pat Toomey’s office. The senator from Pennsylvania teamed up with Sen. Joe Manchin, D-West Virginia, in last-minute talks to reach a bipartisan deal that could get enough support in the Senate to pass.

The deal will expand the background check system for gun purchases to gun shows and internet sales.

A Democratic leadership source said the compromise will likely be the first amendment to gun legislation being considered.

But with Republicans in control in the House, any bill passed by the Senate is expected to face an uphill battle in the lower chamber….


The Democrats start right up on the 2014 House contest….

Less something crazy happens …

This Dog does NOT expect the Democrats to gain a majority in the House…

But I DO expect the House GOP to lose more of their majority in two years…

The Democrats aren’t wasting anytime though…

Just like the President’s 2012 campaign…

They are at it early….

As Democrats try to map a path back to the majority, they’re reaching out far and wide to prospective candidates with the aim of building a formidable farm team of contenders. Democrats will very likely need to flip 17 or 18 Republican seats in order to win control of the chamber.

Much of Israel’s focus has been on wooing back candidates who lost in 2012. Israel has spoken to Val Demings of Florida and Brendan Mullen of Indiana, both of whom ran last time. He’s also reached out to Pete Aguilar, a California Democrat who failed to advance to the general election in the state’s newly implemented “top two” primary system.

Democrats plan to begin unveiling candidates by early spring, just as the new session of Congress gets under way.

Party leaders say they are focusing on around 50 Republican seats in 2014 — particularly those in areas where Obama performed strongly in his two elections. Israel identified the four most vulnerable as Ohio Rep.-elect David Joyce, Illinois Rep.-elect Rodney Davis, Florida Rep. Bill Young and California Rep. Gary Miller.

But Israel acknowledged that Democrats would also need to contest districts in Southern states, where the party has been nearly wiped out over the past four years. Since 2008, the Blue Dog Coalition, which is made up of mostly Southern conservative Democrats, has declined from more than 50 members to 14.


Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: Check out the new edition of our House Open Seat Watch……

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Leading Off:• House Open Seat Watch: The newest installment in our 2012 House Open Seat Watch is finally here. We’ve accounted for every twist and turn brought on by reapportionment and redistricting, and you won’t find a more comprehensive list anywhere else of who’s in, who’s out, and who’s still on the watch list. An impressive 49 seats are open as of this date, and there may be many more yet to come. Click the link for our bevy of charts which will give you the full picture, in classic Daily Kos Elections style…..

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Election Projection – Rating Change Alert-Dem’s back to owning the House …for Now….

Good Afternoon Dog Pound!

According to Scott Elliott’s Update over at Election Projection the Democrats have taken back “The House” – FOR NOW. All Indications pointing that this will be TEMPORARY.


However I have to tell you that today’s Update would personally one of my “Dream Scenarios” Just a one Seat Majority in the House and only a 2 Seats Majority in the Senate for the Dems.

We could still blame the Democrats for another two years and then take the White House back.

Daniel G.

Rating Change Alert – Wednesday, September 8, 2010
RATING CHANGE: Weak GOP Hold to Weak DEM Gain
RATING CHANGE: Weak GOP Gain to Weak DEM Hold
RATING CHANGE: Weak DEM Hold to Weak GOP Gain

Yesterday, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released several internal polls from battleground districts around the country.  As one might expect, the results were very favorable for Democratic candidates running in those districts.  So favorable, in fact, that even after applying the partisan House poll adjustment, two seats move from red to blue in today’s update.  New York CD-24, Michael Arcuri’s seat, changed from Weak GOP Gain to Weak DEM Hold, and Mark Steven Kirk’s open seat in Illinios CD-10 went from Weak GOP Hold to Weak DEM Gain, giving the Democrats a third projected takeover in this heavily Republican year.

Countering those polls were twenty race rating changes from Stuart Rothenberg.  All twenty favored the Republicans.  As a result of Rothernberg’s downgrade of Steve Kagen chances in Wisconsin’s 8th district, Republicans are now projected to take that seat.  The race moves from Weak DEM Hold to Weak GOP Gain.  Incorporating these developments into the overall House projection brings the new projected balance of power to 218 Democrats and 217 Republicans.  After just a couple days as the party in control, the GOP relinquishes their projected House majority today.

218 Democrats,

217 Republicans


Merlin with another House Democrat retiring……

Hi Dog!

Breaking Rumor out of Massachusetts: Is Rep. William “Bill” Delahunt (D-MA 12) next to retire?

Merlin with another House Democrat retiring……

Merlin on Rep. Patrick Kennedy's retirement from the House……

Hello Dog and good morning!

Your Party is heading for the Exits.

As much as I said yesterday that I didn’t see the Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R-FL 21) coming,…… I didn’t saw this Retirement coming either.

Politico as well as other outlets in Washington and in Rhode Island reporting that longterm Congressman and Son of the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA) Patrick J. Kennedy (D-RI 1) won’t seek Reelection this year.

For the first time since 1962 there will be no Kennedy in the U. S. Congress after this years Midterm Elections.

Here are some Quotes from Patrick Kennedy after Democrats lost Ted Kennedy’s Seat in Massachusetts earlier this year:

Kennedy called your Party and I quote: “the most undisciplined party there is out there.” AND Voters were looking for “blood”.


when folks like Kennedy announcing Retirement your Party is in deep, deep trouble.

Here’s a link to the announcement via CNN…..


Well Merlin nothing goes on forever…..and thet includes the Kennedy’s…..it’s time to give the brand a rest……so be it……