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Open Thread for May 11, 2016…The Donald Show will run until November…

Another Tuesday gone….

Another Donald Trump Win….

For the last several weeks Republicans OTHER than Donald Trump tried to paint a picture of a tamer , moving to established way of running for President Donald Trump…..


It’s not that Trump doesn’t want to be the guy who joins the club and follows the rules….

One has top come to accept that Donald J Trump is incapable of doing so…..

For the last time?

Trump IS ‘what you see?…Is what you get’…For HIM?…It’s ONE BIG REALITY SHOW (the Media makes money off  of)….He really isn’t thinks at all like  Hillary Clinton….Who is Running for President….

For the American voter ?

There will be a decision time come early fall….

They will have top decide on woman who is dull but competent ….And wnats to be President…


And impulsive , shoot from the hip, loud mouth , who will make BIG mistakes and hope that they do NOT ruin the country….And looks at this whole thing as one big Broadway Show….

But for now?

People have to accept the fact that Trump is NOT gonna worry about rules, polices or right or wrong…..

The guy is just gonna keep making noise until people give him what he wants….ATTENTION.


Or they send him home empty handed…

Donald J. Trump’s behavior in recent days — the political threats to the House speaker, Paul D. Ryan; the name-calling on Twitter; the attacks on Hillary Clinton’s marriage — has deeply puzzled Republicans who expected him to move to unite the party, start acting presidential and begin courting the female voters he will need in the general election.

But Mr. Trump’s choices reflect an unusual conviction: He said he had a “mandate” from his supporters to run as a fiery populist outsider and to rely on his raucous rallies to build support through “word of mouth,” rather than to embrace a traditional, mellower and more inclusive approach that congressional Republicans will advocate in meetings with him on Thursday.

Mr. Trump’s strategy is replete with risks. Roughly 60 percent of Americans view him negatively, according to pollsters, who say more-of-the-same Trump is not likely to improve those numbers. While a majority of Republican primary voters said they were looking for a political outsider, Mr. Trump will face a majority of voters in November who prefer a candidate with political experience, according to primary exit polls and several national polls. Many Republicans think they will lose the presidency and seats in the House and Senate if he continues using language that offends women and some racial and religious groups.

Still, Mr. Trump’s message, tone and policy ideas have drawn followers who are more passionate than Republican nominees typically enjoy, and he has monopolized the political conversation and news coverage of the race. Some Republicans argue that he cannot afford to change his stripes too much, while strategists in both parties say he is shrewdly sticking with a style that drowns out attacks that could deepen his negative rating.

“His rally rants and Twitter brawls are meant to dominate the media coverage and public conversation so that Democratic challenges have less space to break through all of the noise,”….

“He doesn’t want people talking about his record or positions.”

Mr. Trump, in a telephone interview, compared his candidacy to hit Broadway shows and championship baseball teams, saying that success begot success and that he would be foolish to change his behavior now.

“You win the pennant and now you’re in the World Series — you gonna change?” Mr. Trump said. “People like the way I’m doing.”



I have repeated here that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats MUST find a way to gain signatficatly MORE air time on TV and Social Media to balance out the Trump continual m,edia attention….Else they be forced  FOLLOW Trump leading the race for the November Election….

It may NOT enough to let Trump MAYBE fall on his face with voters even if they (And Conservatie Republicans) ARE scared of the guy….


2016 Golden Globe Winners…..

It was a good night for  the “The Revenant” and  “The Martian”…..

Best Motion Picture — Drama
“Mad Max: Fury Road”
“The Revenant”

Best Motion Picture — Musical or Comedy
“The Big Short”
“The Martian”

Best Actor — Motion Picture, Drama
Bryan Cranston, “Trumbo”
Leonardo DiCaprio, “The Revenant”
Michael Fassbender, “Steve Jobs”
Eddie Redmayne, “The Danish Girl”
Will Smith, “Concussion”

Best Actor — Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy
Christian Bale, “The Big Short”
Steve Carell, “The Big Short”
Matt Damon, “The Martian”
Al Pacino, “Danny Collins”
Mark Ruffalo, “Infinitely Polar Bear”

Best Actress — Motion Picture, Drama
Cate Blanchett, “Carol”
Brie Larson, “Room”
Rooney Mara, “Carol”
Saoirse Ronan, “Brooklyn”
Alicia Vikander, “The Danish Girl”

Best Actress — Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy
Jennifer Lawrence, “Joy”
Melissa McCarthy, “Spy”
Amy Schumer, “Trainwreck”
Maggie Smith, “The Lady in the Van”
Lily Tomlin, “Grandma”

More….Movies and TV……

Anthony Bourdain goes to Libya for CNN…..

A few days ago, Anthony Bourdain tweeted that he’d be traveling to a mysterious location to shoot his new CNN show, Parts Unknown. This morning, he finally revealed his location: Libya. (Gratuitous Self-Celebratory Moment: We called it!)

This is a huge deal for journalism, since Bourdain’s show may contain the first coverage of the Libyan Civil War that actually does things like focus on the lives of everyday citizens affected by the overthrow of a megalomaniacal dictator, the collapse of the Arab Spring’s idealism, and the looming threat of fundamentalism-driven militias, which, really, the 24-hour news cycle is not such a big fan of discussing. (Psshhh.)

In fact, Bourdain’s show could utilize a rarely-used journalistic technique called “nuance”, and might not even contain the following words:

  • Hillary Clinton
  • Conspiracy
  • Benghazi Hearings
  • The United States Congress (such a gross word)
  • Hillary Clinton running for president in 2016
  • Partisanship
  • Black Flower In The White House (…actually, if Bourdain found a copy of that song, we wouldn’t mind.)

Whoa! We just realized that if Bourdain avoided saying all of those words,he could file a story on Libya that wasn’t centered on American political theater! That would be so weird.

In any case, Bourdain’s been tweeting photos from his travels around the most war-torn areas of Libya, some of which can be seen below. Congratulations, Bourdain. You’ve punched your journalist V-Card. (And you look the part, too!)


In 2012, American teevee came through once again…Whatever Works…..

by  @ Whatever Works

At ToolServer (some sort of Wikipedia offshoot), there’s a nifty compilation of  2012′s top Wikipedia searches by language. This one particularly caught my eye (and yes, I checked, that “G” is indeed a search for the letter G. Almost four million times, Germans went to Wikipedia for information on the letter G). Gohere for more list fun.

top 10

Ditched your Netflix? Check out These Online Streaming Alternatives

netflix alternatives blockbuster on demand hulu itunes amazon prime vudu

Since Netflix increased its monthly fee approximately 800,000 of their users have left Netflix. Some say these once loyal users jumped ship based on the recent price increase or the lack of an instant play video catalogue.  One can only wonder what service these users are flocking to?

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Stop watching TV and go out a do some exercise……you'll live longer!

According to this piece in the LA Times all that TV watching is shortening your life……

Watching television for hour upon hour obviously isn’t the best way to spend leisure time — inactivity has been linked to obesity and heart disease. But a new study quantifies TV viewing’s effect on risk of death.

Researchers found that each hour a day spent watching TV was linked with an 18% greater risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, an 11% greater risk of all causes of death, and a 9% increased risk of death from cancer.

The study, released Monday in Circulation, a journal of the American Heart Assn., looked at health data among 8,800 men and women older than 25 who were part of the Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle Study. Participants recorded their television viewing hours for a week, and researchers separated the results by amount of viewing: those who watched less than two hours of TV a day, those who watched two to four hours a day, and those who watched more than four hours a day.

The subjects also had oral glucose tolerance tests to determine blood sugar and gave blood samples to establish cholesterol levels at the beginning of the study. People with a history of cardiovascular disease were not included. In a follow up about six years later, 87 people had died due to cardiovascular disease and 125 of cancer.

Researchers found a strong connection between TV hours and death from cardiovascular disease, not just among the overweight and obese, but among people who had a healthy weight and exercised.

People who watched more than four hours a day showed an 80% greater risk of death from cardiovascular disease and a 46% higher risk of all causes of death compared with those who watched fewer than two hours a day, suggesting that being sedentary could have general deleterious effects. The numbers were the same after the researchers controlled for smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, an unhealthy diet and leisure-time exercise.

“What we showed was that irrespective of a person’s exercise level, sitting for four or more hours watching television was linked to a significant increase in risk of death compared to watching lower amounts of TV,” said Dr. David Dunstan, lead author of the study and professor and head of the Physical Activity Laboratory at the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute in Victoria, Australia. “The message here is that in addition to promoting regular exercise, we also need to promote avoiding long periods of sitting, such as spending long hours in front of the computer screen.”

To him, the results weren’t unexpected. “When we’re in that sitting posture, we’re not using our muscles, and we know from extensive evidence that muscle contractions are important for the body’s regulatory processes, such as the ability to break down glucose and use it as energy.” That can cause insulin resistance, which can trigger a spike in blood sugar levels, possibly leading to type 2 diabetes.

Dr. Prediman K. Shah, director of the cardiology division of the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute, agreed. He pointed out that muscles become deconditioned when not used, triggering harmful physiological changes. “If your activity is slowing down, you metabolize cholesterol less and synthesize it more,” he said.

Even sporadic exercisers who sit for long periods need to increase their daily activity.

“The physical activity we do over a 24-hour period is important,” says Dr. Gerald F. Fletcher, a cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Fla., and a spokesman for the American Heart Assn.

That means taking the stairs instead of the elevator, gardening, walking the dog . . .

“For couch potatoes, sitting on your duff is hazardous to your health,” Shah said. “The bottom line is keep moving.”


Note:…I do get a bit sore sitting here for hours typing this stuff…….