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Govt Shutdown on the line …Trump backs away from the ‘Wall’…Open Thread for April 24, 2017…

Coming up being stuck between an rock and hard place?

Donald Trump appears to have blinked….

No ONE want’s his monstrasity of a wall build between Mexico and the American border states…

There is no apitite for it from Democrats or Republicans….

Image result for ryan /schumer

There is no need for it with border aprehesions dropped by 60% since Trump started lowering the hammer on illegals at the border and around the country…

And there is NO money for this campiagn dream project either…

So it appears that Trump has signalled that he will withdrawn his demand that a ‘new beautiful 30 foot wall be constructed and settle for some drone’s and smart technology to add to the border effort ….Thus helping his adopted party solve one of the two major obstacles in the way of getting a budget….The other is the idea of Repealing Obamacare…THAT isn’t gonna happen the way he wants either…


The Mexicans where NEVER gonna  pay for the thinbg and smart lawmakers aren’t gonna have Americans anti up the money either….

(Of course Trump is still bullshitting outloud about the wall..But lawmakers aren’t paying much attention to his tweets )…

….Republicans were working to define Trump’s campaign promise down, arguing that any form of border security would fulfill it.

“There will never be a 2,200-mile wall built, period,” said Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.), a supporter of immigration reform who challenged Trump in the 2016 primaries. “I think it’s become symbolic of better border security. It’s a code word for better border security. If you make it about actually building a 2,200-mile wall, that’s a bridge too far — but I’m mixing my metaphors.”

Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), a key appropriator and member of Senate leadership, said that “there could be a wall in some places and technology in other places,” implying that there would not be funding for the wall sketched out in campaign rhetoric. “I think you’re going to get a down payment on border security generally,” he said….

Among other guarantees, Democrats want assurances that insurance subsidies through the Affordable Care Act will continue to be funded. There have been discussions among Republicans that Democrats could agree to provide money for the construction of the wall in exchange for those health funds, but Democrats have refused.

Sunday morning, congressional Democrats submitted to Republicans a compromise spending plan, which included some new money for border security but only if it did not go toward a wall. Democrats also asked for assurances that the health insurance subsidies would continue to be funded, language that would shore up benefits for coal miners and a change that would expand Medicaid benefits to people in Puerto Rico, according to a senior Democratic congressional aide.

image of ….House Speaker Ryan, Trump and Senate Minority leader Schumer…nymag.com


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Conservatives think they can torpedo the Trump/Ryancare Bill…

Despite the efforts of Trump and GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan to ram thru their version of a Repeal/Replace program to scrap the Affordable Healthcare Bill aka Obamacare?

Conservative Republicans joining Democrats think they have the votes to stop the bill’s passage…

In doing so they would be stalling Trump’s start in office even further than his inability to get a No Enter Ban up and running after two tries….

For Paul Ryan?

He would be in the same place his processor John Boehner was in…

Stalled by the rightwingnuts of his OWN party….

THIS is NOT what Republicans thought was gonna happen after winning Congress and the White House in November…

Members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus said Monday night that they are confident they have enough votes to defeat the GOP’s ObamaCare replacement bill unless substantial changes are made.

The statements escalate a showdown with House GOP leaders ahead of a vote on Thursday, given that Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), the chairman of the Freedom Caucus, says he has been told that no more changes to the bill are coming after Monday night.

“I’m confident that we still have enough concerns that a vote of 216 votes in the House would not happen today,” Meadows told reporters leaving a meeting of the Freedom Caucus, referring to the number of votes needed to pass the measure. He said he has done a whip count of his members, and while he would not share the exact total, he indicated it is more than the 22 votes needed to sink the measure.

Meadows noted that some changes will be released Monday night, but his understanding of them is that they are not enough to bring the Freedom Caucus on board.

Asked if conservatives are then prepared to vote the bill down on the floor on Thursday, Meadows still expressed hope that some solution could be worked out….


The chairman of the conservative House Freedom Caucus says the negotiations on the ObamaCare repeal plan are “over” but predicts the legislation won’t pass the House.

House Republican leaders are planning on releasing an amendment to the healthcare plan Monday night, but Meadows said he has seen the changes and that they are not enough to sway votes.

“There are some small tweaks that are good tweaks, but there’s not substantial changes in the manager’s amendment that would make anybody be more compelled to vote for this,” Meadows said.

“I don’t think that the bill will pass without substantial changes.”

The 40-member Freedom Caucus will not take a formal stance against the bill, but Meadows said he’s confident that there are enough “no” votes within his caucus to prevent the measure from passing.

Leadership can only afford 21 GOP defections and still pass the bill on a floor vote Thursday, if Democrats stay united against it.

Meadows and other conservatives want a full repeal of ObamaCare’s insurer mandates and requirements…


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President Trump has NO Feel for Legislating…

Politico points out that while Trump has gone it alone with a few executive orders?

Things are are TRUE governance?


Are in LIMBO…..

Image result for trump/ryan/mcConnell

The Republicans in Congress are now standing around getting beat-up for things Donald Trump says he’ll do and does or does not….

I wonder when these people are gonna get tired of the Trump induced beatdowns?

Midterm elections are less than 2 years way and the Democarst ARE gonna be gunning for them….

An article in Slate in November expressed this expectation under the headline, “Welcome to the Paul Ryan Presidency.”

The view of Trump as little more than a presidential auto-pen has turned out to be wholly mistaken. First, it underestimated Trump’s ability to establish air, sea and land dominance in the nation’s political conversation to the exclusion of all other Republican voices. Two, it failed to appreciate how necessary presidential leadership is to getting anything done on Capitol Hill.

At this rate, congressional Republicans won’t send the president anything significant to sign, let alone set the agenda.

Trump has totally eclipsed congressional Republicans with a flurry of executive orders, Twitter outrages, White House meetings and all-around melodrama that drive the political debate hour by hour. Watching cable news, you could be forgiven for occasionally forgetting that there is a co-equal branch of government called Congress, except insofar as its members are forced to react to whatever Trump is saying or doing…..


image…Daily Kos

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White House Press Sec disappoints his boss?…

Image result for sean spicer



It has been reported that Donald Trump is NOT happy with his harried Press guy Sean Spicer…

It didn’t help Spicer that Melissa McCarthy did a memorable spoof of him doing a presser….

Word is the Trump people are ALREADY looking for a replacement or at least some help for the guy…

— The White House is ramping up its search for a communications director, seeking to lighten the load of embattled press secretary Sean Spicer after his initial performance personally “disappointed” the president. Trump is upset with Reince Priebus over the selection of Spicer, CNN’s Jim Acosta reports. “Priebus vouched for Spicer and against Trump’s instincts,’ [a] source said. The President ‘regrets it every day and blames Priebus,’ the source added. But a senior administration official says Trump supports Spicer ‘100%


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Trump has another ‘new plan’ that was used by the Nazis against Jews in the 1930s…Daily Kos…

 By Walter Einenkel   @ Daily Kos….
Donald Trump and Steven Bannon with antisemitic Nazi newspaper Der Stürmer

Der Stürmer will just be called “The New York Post” or “Breitbart” or “Fox News.” Something catchy like that. 

On the White House website, inside of the press releases concerning Trump/Bannon executive actions you will find this “Executive Order: Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States.” In it, a list of immigrant crimes to be made and updated regularly and given to the public for consumption is ordered.

(b)  To better inform the public regarding the public safety threats associated with sanctuary jurisdictions, the Secretary shall utilize the Declined Detainer Outcome Report or its equivalent and, on a weekly basis, make public a comprehensive list of criminal actions committed by aliens and any jurisdiction that ignored or otherwise failed to honor any detainers with respect to such aliens.

Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman interviewed author Andrea Pitzer about her upcoming book concerning Hitler and the history of Concentration Camps in the world.

ANDREA PITZER: Well, this weekly report that he has called for recalls a number of things from the past that we have seen before, which is this move to isolate and identify and then vilify a vulnerable minority community in order to move against it. When he—I just went back last night and reread his speech from when he declared his candidacy, and the Mexican rapist comment was in from the beginning, and so this has been a theme throughout. And we see back in Nazi Germany there was a paper called—a Nazi paper called Der Stürmer, and they had a department called “Letter Box,” and readers were invited to send in stories of supposed Jewish crimes. And Der Stürmer would publish them, and they would include some pretty horrific graphic illustrations of these crimes, as well. And there was even a sort of a lite version of it, if you will, racism lite, in which the Neues Volk, which was more like a Look or a Life magazine, which normally highlighted beautiful Aryan families and their beautiful homes, would run a feature like “The Criminal Jew,” and they would show photos of “Jewish-looking,” as they called it, people who represented different kinds of crimes that one ought to watch out for from Jews.

So this preoccupation with focusing in on one subset of the population’s crimes and then depicting that as somehow depraved and abnormal from the main population is something we’ve seen quite a bit in the past, even in the U.S. Before Japanese-American internment, you had newspapers like the San Francisco Chronicle running about the unassimilability of the Japanese immigrants and also the crime tendencies and depravities they had, which were distinguished from the main American population….


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Internal Trump/Congressional GOP political lines being drawn…

For now there is a Honeymoon….

It won’t last….

Top leaders and their staffs have developed a relationship with Trump’s more establishment-minded aides: Priebus and campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, who will serve as a White House counselor. Ryan has a particularly strong bond with Pence, forged during their 12 years together in the House.

But other Trump aides are nurturing different channels of communication that could exacerbate GOP tensions. Hard-line House conservatives appear to have a direct line to Trump chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon and senior political aide David Bossie — both of whom spent years in the conservative media railing against the GOP establishment.

Other Republicans — including a group of early Trump backers from New York and Pennsylvania — are closer to Trump family members, including son-in-law Jared Kushner, who is playing a central transition role and could join the White House officially.

Trump is in near-daily contact with Ryan and McConnell, mainly to solicit input on potential appointees, while high-level transition staffers hash out a legislative blueprint for 2017 with senior congressional aides — one that would repeal the Affordable Care Act, rewrite the federal tax code and rebuild domestic infrastructure.

But the pre-inauguration choreography can extend only so far. Big questions remain about Trump’s personal approach to Congress: Will he be a bipartisan schmoozer and dealmaker? Or will he sit back as Republicans power through a long-deferred wish list?….


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‘We the People’ Concert to counter to Trump Swearing-In?

The ‘Resistance will continue…..
By Walter Einenkel   @ Daily Kos

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - FEBRUARY 08: A performer dances during Mangueira performance at the Rio Carnival in Sambodromo on February 8, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Despite the Zika virus epidemic, thousands of tourists gathered in Rio de Janeiro for the carnival. (Photo by Raphael Dias/Getty Images)

Maybe not this “awesome,” but equally so in a different way… 

Politico’s Playbook is reporting that a concert promoter is putting together a “we the People” concert to compete with Donald Trump’s inauguration.

MARK ROSS, a concert promoter and the son of the late Time Warner CEO Steve Ross, is in the process of putting together a large-scale concert called “We the People” to DIRECTLY compete with Donald Trump’s inauguration. The organizers are looking to hold the event in Miami on Inauguration Day. “The talent is banging on our doors to do this,” according to a source familiar with the planning, although not a single act has been revealed as of yet. Ross is in the midst of lining up funding, according to a source.

If true, it would definitely make Donald Trump sad. The bad news is that it might speed up his administration’s plans to ban public gatherings. Of course, that fight seems to have already begun.

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Political Roundup for December 13, 2016…RRH Elections…


Trump:  President-Elect Trump postponed a news conference where he planned on detailing the efforts to still enrich the Trump empire avoid conflicts of interest with his business assets.  Trump promised this news conference for December 15 way back in November.  Now he promises to have it by January 20.

DNI:  In a real WTF moment, avoid Trump hater Carly Fiorina is in consideration for Director of National Intelligence.

Pennsylvania:  Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein (Con Artist, weirdo, hippy, criminal, etc…) received a strong rebuke from U.S. District Judge Paul Diamond who dismissed the Green Party’s scam to raise funds demand for a recount of Pennsylvania’s paper ballots and an examination of Pennsylvania’s voting machines.  I have not spoken much about Pennsylvania’s voting machines despite some weird comments in the press about them being hackable.  Considering the machines are not hooked up to any external means of communication and are slightly more sophisticated than the ten plus year old elliptical bike in my basement, anyone saying the machines have been hacked should be placed under a mental health evaluation hold at the local hospital.

Wisconsin:  Speaking of Green Party lunacy, Wisconsin completed its recount and discovered El-Presidente-Elect Trump widened his lead by 162 votes.  Rigged!

Colorado:  A Clinton appointed U.S. District Court judge has tossed an attempt to unbind Colorado’s presidential electors.   Judge Wiley Daniel denied two Democratic electors injunction request on the basis such a request would undermine the democratic process.

Electoral College:  Speaking over undermining the democratic process, Representative Jim Himes (Limousine Liberal) wants electors to vote against El-Presidente-Elect Trump as he is “completely unhinged”.  Maybe if the Democratic Party nominated a better candidate we would not be facing a Trump presidency….


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The Obama Admin moves ahead with final wave of Rules and Regulations….

While Trump & Co. and Congressional Republicans have warned against this….

As usual….

Outgoing Presidential Administrations almost ALWAYS move to cement in last minute rules and regulations…

There is actually a law that Congress can use to stop these actions….

Federal agencies are rushing out a final volley of executive actions in the last two months of Barack Obama’s presidency, despite warnings from Republicans in Congress and the reality that Donald Trump will have the power to erase much of their handiwork after Jan. 20.

Regulations on commodities speculation, air pollution from the oil industry, doctors’ Medicare drug payments and high-skilled immigrant workers are among the rules moving through the pipeline as Obama’s administration grasps at one last chance to cement his legacy. So are regulations tightening states’ oversight of online colleges and protecting funding for Planned Parenthood.

Also moving ahead are negotiations on an investment treaty with China and decisions by the Education Department on whether to offer debt relief to students at defunct for-profit colleges. The Department of Transportation may also go ahead with a ban on cellphone calls on commercial flights and a rule requiring that most freight trains have at least two crew members on duty.

Some agencies are pulling back, fearful that Trump and the GOP-led Congress will use a seldom-invoked legislative tool to permanently wipe out their 11th-hour regulations. For example, the Interior Department has failed to release a long-awaited rule to protect streams from coal mining pollution — and indications are it might never issue it.

But other agencies have signaled full steam ahead despite the threat of Republicans consigning their work to oblivion, in a dynamic that will be crucial to deciding how much of Obama’s legacy survives the ascendant Trump era.

“As I’ve mentioned to you before, we’re running — not walking — through the finish line of President Obama’s presidency,” Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy wrote agency employees the day after the Nov. 8 election. “Thank you for taking that run with me. I’m looking forward to all the progress that still lies ahead.”….

Trump has promised to wipe out as much of Obama’s regulatory agenda as he can, saying he will cancel “all illegal and overreaching executive orders” and eliminate “every wasteful and unnecessary regulation which kills jobs.”

One powerful weapon at Republicans’ disposal is the Congressional Review Act, a 1996 law that essentially allows lawmakers and the president to impose a death penalty on regulations they oppose…..


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Political Roundup for November 4th, 2016…The mess after the election?…RRH Elections

This is the final weekend before election day, which is a good time to remind you that regardless of who wins on Tuesday we will have to spend the next four years either dealing with stories about investigation into Hillary Clinton’s negligent handling of classified government information and pay to play donations to her “charitable” Foundation or stories about women Donald Trump sexually harassed, financial fraud allegations against him and a myriad of other shady business and tax dealing he’s engaged in over the years. Good work America!


Trump: Porn watchers like Donald Trump. Trump won porn site RedTube’s presidential poll 52% to 46%. Who could have guessed that guys who like to watch p***y prefer a candidate who likes to grab p***y!

Cruz: Ted Cruz’s conscience allows him to campaign for Donald Trump in Iowa. THIS is who Ted Cruz really is.

Johnson: Reason takes a look at how Gary Johnson’s vote total will effect Libertarian Party ballot access. 0.5% of the vote will get them access in Michigan and New Mexico for 2018. 1% will get full ballot access in in Kansas, Maryland, Nevada, and Wisconsin in 2018 and 2018 and 2020 access in Oregon. In Connecticut 1% will get their Presidential candidate ballot access in 2020. 2% gets the Libertarian Party full ballot access in 2018 in Iowa. 2.5% gets full ballot access for 2018 in Oklahoma. 7,500 votes gets 2018 access in Washington D.C. 3% gets 2018 ballot access in Arkansas, Idaho, and Massachusetts. 3% would have earned the party ballot access in Ohio for 2018 and 2020 but since Johnson is listed on ballot as an Independent and not a Libertarian it is not relevant. 5% gets full ballot access for 2018 in North Dakota, Tennessee, and Texas and for 2018 and 2020 in Arizona, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, Rhode Island, and Washington state. Finally these 13 states give third parties no special ballot access benefits no matter how well their presidential candidate does; California, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

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Political Roundup For October 31, 2016…Trump to campaign in Blue States?…RRH Elections…

Good morning everyone, welcome to the week. Happy Reformation Day to any Protestants celebrating. And happy Halloween. May you have a very spooky Monday.

Presidential News:

Hillary: Well, the big story continues to be that not only is Hillary Clinton potentially re-exposed to criminal charges, but that she is going all in on attacking President Obama’s non-partisan FBI Director, James Comey. Comey was previously lauded by Democrats for offering compelling testimony against Bush Administration officials in 2007, and for his measured press conference in July of this year. Now, however, Democrats are quite willing to go back on their earlier words.

More Clinton: Chris Wallace of Fox News successfully got Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook to concede that statements by both Clinton and John Podesta alleging that Comey’s letter went only to Republican members of the House was false. Mook claimed that they just didn’t look at the second page of the letter. That is … less than reassuring.

AG-Lynch: In an under-reported story over the weekend, one leak confirmed that Attorney General Loretta Lynch tried to dissuade FBI Director Comey from sending his Friday letter. It’s amazing that this isn’t being covered more heavily. If a GOP Attorney General had pressured an independent FBI Director not to do something, the headlines would be “AG tried to tamper with internal FBI process to protect political pals.”

Trump: Reports from a speech Trump gave in Albuquerque on Sunday night say that Trump argued that Hillary will let 650 million new immigrants into the country, tripling its size. While that seems unlikely to me, go big or go home, I suppose.

More Trump: It looks like Trump will be expending significant efforts in a variety of blue states over the next 8 days. Wisconsin, New Mexico, and Michigan top the list. It’s a move that makes sense as a Hail Mary. Why keep investing in Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina when winning them all doesn’t get you to 270. It’s a classic McCain-gambles-on-Pennsylvania type move.

Christie: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was offered the VP slot on the Trump ticket. But then former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort faked some plane trouble to give Mike Pence another opportunity to lobby Trump. Pence got the gig, obviously. Probably a smart move, given that the Bridgegate trial is going on this very minute…


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Political Roundup For Monday, October 24, 2016…Trump nice to Down-Ballot Republicans?…RRH Elections…

Good morning folks. Welcome to the week. Fifteen days until this is all over. Please check back at noon today for our next legislative preview installment, covering legislatures in the Midwest.

Also, we are beginning our Vermont Poll. It will be out this Friday!

Presidential News:

Trump: Trump actually said some positive things about down-ballot Republicans, urging his supporters to vote for Republicans in House and Senate races. He couldn’t help add: “I hope they help me too! It’d be nice if they help us too, right?”

Clinton/Wikileaks: Bill Scher says that the Wikileaks emails haven’t taken a toll on Hillary because voters know not to give Russia the boost it wanted from the process, and because they know that other candidates probably have similar emails with their staff. That is … exactly wrong. The Wikileaks emails haven’t flipped the race–though we don’t know that they haven’t affected the polls by stopping some of Trump’s bleeding–because the news media has been far more focused on p**sygate and Trump’s other comments.

Fourth Debate: Ignoring the will of the voters, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway is floating the idea of a fourth presidential debate between Trump and Hillary. Have we not suffered enough?

Pence: Mike Pence continues to try to direct his running mate into safer ground, but of course it doesn’t work. Still, my level of respect for Pence has gone way up since his VP campaign began….


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Political Roundup for October 11, 2016…GOP Anarchy…RRH Elections

As America wishes it could recover from the events of last weekend starting with the release of Trump’s “lockerroom talk” to the debate which left substantial portions of Missouri uninhabitable for years to come, the nightmare known as this election cycle continues:


RNC: After a weekend of silence and rumors, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus confirmed once again he is a coward and the rumors of the RNC abandoning Trump are not true.  Priebus says the RNC went silent for the nominee to explain himself.  Obviously Priebus was ordered back into line by his “dear leader” Trump.  We cannot depose Trump right now, but could we depose Priebus?

Ryan:  Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R) is not being a coward like his fellow Wisconsin Priebus and is abandoning Trump.

Anarchy: Here is more on the anarchy that is breaking out as Republican turns on Republican over Trump.

More Ryan:  Trump responded to Ryan being a decent human being by lashing out at Ryan for allegedly not doing his job.  Not sure if Trump could balance a budget if magically another trillion dollars of revenue appeared.

Base First Strategy: Trump’s base first strategy is under attack from Republicans who know how to do math.  Trump’s strategy is squared on turning out the Great Unwashed Working Class White Horde (or the Horde for short) in numbers that would have frightened Attila the Hun and Ghengus Khan.  The problem with that is that the Horde is losing members due to (1) anyone competent getting an education and becoming suburbanized, (2) heroin overdoses, and (3) the influx of other people the Horde hates.

Trump’s Base:  Speaking of Trump’s base, the Washington Post has a great piece on how the Horde is beginning to realize Trump cannot win.  This mirrors the Facebook discussions I see whenever the coal issue comes up back where I grew up among the Horde that was left behind in the post-industrial wasteland known as Greene County.

Foreign Policy:  Foreign Policy magazine has broken its half century tradition of not endorsing candidates for political office and has endorsed Hillary Clinton for President….


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Political Roundup for September 28th, 2016…RRH Elections…


Clinton: In a move that will surprise basically no one, former VA Senator John Warner (“R”) has endorsed Clinton for President. Warner has always been essentially “John McCain, but more so”, in that despite being a fervrent hawk, his views on domestic policy are arguably more aligned with the Democrats, and he has a long history of voting against the party line. This is the latest in a string of endorsements probably intended to boost Clinton’s support with #NeverTrump and/or establishment Republicans, a strategy that is ringing increasingly hollow as Trump continues to coalesce GOP support around his candidacy.

Endorsements: The Arizona Republic is endorsing its first Democrat for President ever, which I find surprising given that the article literally includes the phrase “Clinton’s opportunity to heal the nation”. I’m honestly wondering if the whole piece is just an attempt to Troll Trump supporters, because I am struggling to come up with a way for a nominal Right-leaning paper to earnestly say that “[Clinton] can reach out to those who feel left behind. She can make it clear that America sees them and will address their concerns”. Was “She’s not Trump” too much to ask?

Debates: Results from the extremely accurate and reliable focus groups are in, and Clinton is losing ground with North Carolina swing voters and overweight Michigan filmmakers.

Trump: Trump has scored the endorsement of former GHWB Chief of Staff and NHGOP icon John Sununu. This is a bit surprising, since Sununu is far from the profile of your average “Trump Republican”, but makes sense considering his son is currently running for NH-Gov and probably needed to show some family support for the GOP Presidential nominee….


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Polling Update for Sepetember 26, 2016….TONS of POLLS!


Clinton coming back in Iowa, Florida and North Carolina?….

North Carolina looks like a Democratic Governor….

There isn’t much Red in these polls, eh?

Monday, September 26

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein

Bloomberg Clinton 41, Trump 43, Johnson 8, Stein 4     Trump +2

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton

Bloomberg Clinton 46, Trump 46     Tie

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein

Quinnipiac Clinton 44, Trump 43, Johnson 8, Stein 2     Clinton +1

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton

Quinnipiac Clinton 47, Trump 46      Clinton +1

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein

Monmouth Clinton 46, Trump 42, Johnson 8, Stein 2     Clinton +4

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton

Monmouth Clinton 49, Trump 46      Clinton +3

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein

NBC News/SM Clinton 45, Trump 40, Johnson 10, Stein 3

Clinton +5

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton

NBC News/SM Clinton 51, Trump 44      Clinton +7

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton

LA Times/USC Tracking Clinton 42, Trump 46      Trump +4

Colorado: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein

CNN/ORC Trump 42, Clinton 41, Johnson 13, Stein 3     Trump +1

Colorado: Trump vs. Clinton

CNN/ORC Trump 47, Clinton 49     Clinton +2

Pennsylvania: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein

CNN/ORC Clinton 45, Trump 44, Johnson 6, Stein 3   Clinton +1

Pennsylvania: Trump vs. Clinton

CNN/ORC Clinton 50, Trump 47     Clinton +3

Pennsylvania: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein

Harper (R) Clinton 45, Trump 43, Johnson 8, Stein 1     Clinton +2

Pennsylvania: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein

Gravis Clinton 46, Trump 43, Johnson 3, Stein 3     Clinton +3

Pennsylvania: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein

Mercyhurst Clinton 42, Trump 41, Johnson 4, Stein 3     Clinton +1

Florida: Trump vs. Clinton

FL Chamber* Clinton 45, Trump 42     Clinton +3

Minnesota: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein

KSTP/SurveyUSA Clinton 46, Trump 39, Johnson 6, Stein 2

Clinton +7

Minnesota: Trump vs. Clinton

KSTP/SurveyUSA Clinton 49, Trump 43     Clinton +6

Iowa: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein

Loras Trump 38, Clinton 38, Johnson 9, Stein 1     Tie

Iowa: Trump vs. Clinton

Loras Trump 42, Clinton 42     Tie

Virginia: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein

Christopher Newport Univ. Clinton 39, Trump 33, Johnson 15, Stein 3 Clinton +6

Virginia: Trump vs. Clinton

Christopher Newport Univ. Clinton 48, Trump 38    Clinton +10

North Carolina: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson

High Point Trump 42, Clinton 43, Johnson 10      Clinton +1

North Carolina: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson

Gravis Trump 43, Clinton 44, Johnson 7     Clinton +1

Louisiana: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein

JMC Analytics Trump 45, Clinton 35, Johnson 6, Stein 2    Trump +10

Massachusetts: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein

UMass Amherst/WBZ Clinton 46, Trump 33, Johnson 8, Stein 2 Clinton +13

New York: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein

NBC 4 NY/WSJ/Marist Clinton 52, Trump 31, Johnson 7, Stein 5 Clinton +21

Colorado Senate – Glenn vs. Bennet

CNN/ORC Bennet 53, Glenn 43     Bennet +10

Pennsylvania Senate – Toomey vs. McGinty

CNN/ORC McGinty 49, Toomey 46     McGinty +3

Pennsylvania Senate – Toomey vs. McGinty

Gravis McGinty 43, Toomey 39    McGinty +4

Pennsylvania Senate – Toomey vs. McGinty

Harper (R)* McGinty 42, Toomey 42    Tie

Pennsylvania Senate – Toomey vs. McGinty

Mercyhurst McGinty 42, Toomey 43    Toomey +1

North Carolina Senate – Burr vs. Ross

High Point* Ross 43, Burr 45     Burr +2

North Carolina Senate – Burr vs. Ross

Gravis Ross 48, Burr 39   Ross +9

Louisiana Senate – Open Primary

JMC Analytics* Boustany 15, Kennedy 11, Campbell 15, Fayard 12, Fleming 14    Tie

North Carolina Governor – McCrory vs. Cooper High Point* Cooper 50, McCrory 41    Cooper +9

President Obama Job Approval

Bloomberg Approve 49, Disapprove 48    Approve +1

President Obama Job Approval

Gallup Approve 54, Disapprove 41    Approve +13

President Obama Job Approval

Rasmussen Reports Approve 47, Disapprove 52   Disapprove +5

…for more info on the above polls.…Real Clear Politics….

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Political Roundup for September 23, 2016…Will Cruz endorse Trump?…RRH Elections


Trump: It is less than 50 days until the election and Donald Trump’s television advertisements have all but vanished. It has been over a week since the Trump campaign has paid to run a TV ad in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania. This begs the question of what the heck is Donald Trump spending all the campaign cash he is raising on? We know that Trump’s campaign has spent at least $8.2 million on business owned by Trump and his family (see here). The eventual post-election FEC investigation into Trump’s campaign spending could be a major scandal and a major embarrassment to the GOP.

Hillary: It must be nice to have Russian oligarchs, Saudi princes and Wall Street investment banks shower millions of dollars on you for giving speeches. Bill and Hillary Clinton just shelled out $1.16 million to buy the house next door to their Chappaqua mansion to use as a guest house for staff and visitors (because who doesn’t have a $1.16 million guest house on their estate). I guess when you are running for President against Donald Trump you don’t even need to make a pretense of being an average American.

Cruz: Ted Cruz is apparently taking bids on his conscience. Politico is out with a story claiming Ted Cruz is considering endorsing the man who claimed his father murdered JFK. I have to believe these stories where planted by people trying to troll Cruz because there is no way he could be politically stupid enough to endorse Donald Trump now after the stunt he pulled at the Republican National Convention….


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