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North Korean leader extends an olive branch for 2018….

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have been having  a ‘who has the bigger ball’s’ thing ….

That has solved nothing…

North Korea Is part of the nuclear weapon club….That’s a Fact…

Now what we do ?

The military option is NOT an option….That would result in Americans , North Korea and SOUTH KOREAN causalities at a  unacceptable level….

Talking will IS tht only answer….

And  today the North Korean leader tried to mnake an opening….

North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, moved Monday to ease his country’s isolation by offering to send a delegation to the Winter Olympics in South Korea next month, even as he claimed to have accomplished the ability to launch a nuclear missile at the mainland United States.

Mixing the nuclear threat with an overture for easing tensions on the divided Korean Peninsula, Mr. Kim proposed immediate dialogue with South Korea to discuss the North’s participation in the Olympics.

If such talks were held, they would mark the first time the two Koreas have had an official dialogue since the South’s new president, Moon Jae-in, took office in May. Mr. Moon has doggedly championed dialogue with the North, even as President Trump has threatened military action to stop the North’s nuclear weapons program.

“I am willing to send a delegation and take necessary measures, and I believe that the authorities of the North and South can urgently meet to discuss the matter,” Mr. Kim said in his annual New Year’s Day speech, broadcast on North Korea’s state-run television. “We sincerely hope that the South will successfully host the Olympics.”

“Above all, we must ease the acute military tensions between the North and the South,” Mr. Kim said. “The North and the South should no longer do anything that would aggravate the situation, and must exert efforts to ease military tensions and create a peaceful environment.”…


With the above comments though?

The North Korean leader seems to be seeking to talk to South Korea DIRECTLY….

Leaving the bellicose American President standing on the sidelines…

A New Year’s Day speech by Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, contained a dramatic shift in tone and policy regarding the South. After ignoring South Korea for years, Mr. Kim called for urgent dialogue to discuss improving ties and easing military tensions on the divided Korean Peninsula, even as he claimed an ability to strike the mainland United States with nuclear missiles.

Mr. Kim also agreed to a request by President Moon Jae-in of South Korea to send a North Korean delegation to the Winter Olympics to be held in the South next month.

Mr. Kim’s about-face, which was broadcast on state-run television, came just days after Washington rallied its allies and rivals to support increasingly punishing United Nations sanctions against North Korea.

Analysts said Mr. Kim was looking for opportunities to weaken international resolve to enforce the penalties, as well as to sow discord between the United States and South Korea…



This WILL put pressure on South Korea to choose who please….

Trump over 10,000 miles away with thousands of troops giving him insurance…..Or….Kim who sits 30 miles away with a 5 million person military and nukes….

South Korea’s have to be looking for a peaceful solution to this, no matter who makes it happen….

image….North Korea’s state news agency released a photo that it said showed Kim Jong-un delivering a New Year’s Day speech in Pyongyang. CreditKorean Central News Agency, via Reuters

The North Korea’s ….”want to know if he’s crazy, “or if this is just an act.”

That’s what a is being reported by someone who has spoken to North Korea officals and has sat down with Politico, ….

Donald Trump has spend the last several months warning the North Korea’s that he was goona be tough against them if they pushed him….

But just tweeted that he was offended that North Korea President Kim Jong Un didn’t want to talk to him after he called him “short and fat”?

Donald Trump operates by throwning down at people to back them down, then he tries to get over…

It’s how he got the GOP nomination and became President….

But the same strategy doesn’t seem to be working with the North Koreans, who have become a nuclear power already and doesn’t seem to want to talk or give THAT power up….Like a lawyer ?…They seem to be using time as their advantage to wait out Trump who can’t figure out….

“They question his erratic behavior, and also his mounting problems here at home, with the investigation being conducted by Robert Mueller, and they are asking, ‘Why should we begin negotiations with the Trump administration, when Donald Trump may not be president much longer?’”