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What should Republicans Do?

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…from the The Economist…..

Those in the administration face a hard choice. Some will feel tempted to resign. But his advisers, particularly the three generals sitting at the top of the Pentagon, the National Security Council and as Mr Trump’s chief of staff, are better placed than anyone to curb the worst instincts of their commander-in-chief.”

“For Republicans in Congress the choice should be clearer. Many held their noses and backed Mr Trump because they thought he would advance their agenda. That deal has not paid off. Mr Trump is not a Republican, but the solo star of his own drama. By tying their fate to his, they are harming their country and their party. His boorish attempts at plain speaking serve only to poison national life. Any gains from economic reform—and the booming stockmarket and low unemployment owe more to the global economy, tech firms and dollar weakness than to him—will come at an unacceptable price.”

“Republicans can curb Mr Trump if they choose to. Rather than indulging his outrages in the hope that something good will come of it, they must condemn them. The best of them did so this week. Others should follow.”

…from  Howard Fineman
“Trump seems perfectly willing to destroy the country to maintain his own power… The goal, as always with Trump, is to win amid the chaos he sows, to be the last man standing in rubble. And ‘winning’ is rapidly being reduced to the raw, basic terms he prefers: brute survival. With a record-setting low approval rating, world crises everywhere and a special counsel on his tail, the main victory he can hope for is staying in office. It’s not only an emotional imperative for Trump, it’s a deliberate ― and thus far successful ― strategy.”…

Donald Trump just won the Presidency…It Shows

Donald Trump was NOT supposed to win the Presidency….

In fact?

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He LOST the popular vote by almost THREE MILLION votes….

He started off with just 44% of American’s happy with him in the Real Clear Politics average…

THAT number has dropping in the last few days to 38.4%….

In just about ALL polling, independent, democratic and republican leaners?

Trump is BELOW 40%…..

We add these numbers to Trump’s inability to have signed ANY major legislation generated by his adopted parties, (which he ran against) majority led House and Senate….(and locking the Democrats out of things)

And top things off with NUMEROUS personnel changes on the front pages of the news media and Donald Trump’s tweets that highlight his inability to tell people the truth….

All of this is giving America and the World a President that is weak politically and getting weaker by the day….

……while presidents’ parties don’t always march in step with the White House agenda, partisanship can count for a lot. Even within Jimmy Carter’s White House, which was notorious for clashing with Congressional Democrats, party loyalty guaranteed a certain amount of support.

This means that Trump came into the White House at a disadvantage. Although his victory has sparked a lot of interest in why he won, the fact remains that he won fewer votes than Hillary Clinton and a below-average share of the Electoral College for a winning candidate. He also won with much less support from his own party than most newly elected presidents have received. Moreover, he articulated plenty of positions that were at odds with the GOP’s usual stances (and sometimes at odds with his own previous statements). This is especially true on health care: During his campaign, Trump promised to cover more people for less money, but that’s not what the House and Senate bills did, according to Congressional Budget Office estimates of their impacts.

Finally, while the political conditions go a long way toward determining how “strong” a president is, the White House needs a certain amount of organization to take full advantage of them. First, when it comes to policy, the main advantage that the president has over Congress is coordination. While Congress has to balance the ideas and opinions of 535 people, the executive branch can theoretically speak with one voice. Here the problems within Trump’s White House are about more than optics…



Trump’s UnPopular numbers Grow…Open Thread for March 18, 2017…

Donald Trump has been in office for about 56 days….

During THAT time he has managed make his support among Americans drop….

Trump is NOT getting the traditional ‘honeymoon bounce’ that American President’s tend to get…

But then Donald J. Trump isn’t ANYTHING like any modern day newly elected President is he?