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FBI Director appears before House Intel Committee…

FBI Director Comey is certain to be asked for information about Trump’s acusation that President Obama ordered his Trump Tower wiretapped…..

(  The first open public acknowledgement that several of Trump’s people WHERE the subject of intercepts has been made by the House chair  Rep. Nunes , something most people who understand how the NSA works knew all along)

He will also asked about investigation’s into Trump & Co. Russian connections…And the 2016 Elections 

Some questions he answer in public…So only in private sessions and one would quess some questions he won’t answer at all…

Above all one would guess he has had visions of his actions last November right before the Presidential election….

The House Intelligence Committee has begun its first public hearing on alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election, with FBI Director James B. Comey and National Security Agency head Michael S. Rogers set to testify.

The two senior officials will likely face questions about possible collusion between associates of President Trump and the Kremlin.

The hearing comes amid the controversy fired up by Trump two weeks ago when he tweeted, without providing evidence, that President Barack Obama ordered his phones tapped at Trump Tower.

Comey is expected publicly to debunk that allegation, according to the committee’s ranking Democrat, Rep. Adam Schiff (Calif.), following a parade of current and former senior officials who have said there is no evidence of wiretaps on Trump or Trump Tower.

Comey privately told lawmakers last week that there was no basis to the charge.

“The fact that Russia hacked U.S. election-related databases comes as no shock to this committee, which has been closely monitoring Russia’s aggressions for years,” the committee’s chairman, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), said in an opening statement.

Nunes said he hoped the hearing would focus on several key question, including what actions did Russia undertake against the U.S. during the 2016 election and did anyone from a political campaign conspire in these activities? He also wants to know if the communications of any campaign officials or associates were subject to any improper surveillance. “Let me be clear,” he said. “We know there was not a wiretap on Trump Tower. However, it’s still possible that other surveillance activities were used against President Trump and his associates.”…



NSA head Michael S. Rogers is also appearing before the House committee  today also….Most of his information will probablem be in closed sessions….

image…CNN screen capture

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Most GOPer’s do NOT believe Trump on Obama wiretap story …

Furthermore they seem to want this diversion by Trump to go away so they can deal with Obamacare and the upcoming budget….

Trump Old campaign tricks do NOT work anymore…..

Chaffetz: I’ve seen no evidence Obama ordered wiretap of Trump

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Jason Chaffetz said Monday that he has seen no evidence that would support President Donald Trump’s accusation that former President Barack Obama had ordered an illegal wiretap of Trump Tower during last year’s presidential campaign….


Gowdy: No evidence of Trump’s wiretapping claim

Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) said Monday he had not seen any evidence that the Obama administration wiretapped Trump Tower and the Trump administration would have evidence if this surveillance did occur.

“I don’t think the FBI is the Obama team and I don’t think the men and women who are career prosecutors at DOJ belong to any team other than a blindfolded woman holding a pair of scales,” Gowdy said…


The president became irritated all over again on Sunday, according to the report on his weekend by Philip Rucker, Robert Costa and Ashley Parker, after he received little support for his unsubstantiated claim that then-president Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the campaign.

Few Republicans were defending him on the Sunday political talk shows. Some Trump advisers and allies were especially disappointed in Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.), who two days earlier had hitched a ride down to Florida with Trump on Air Force One.

Pressed by NBC’s Chuck Todd to explain Trump’s wiretapping claim, Rubio demurred.

“Look, I didn’t make the allegation,” he said. “I’m not the person that went out there and said it.”

Rubio, like Sessions, adhered to a conventional standard: Do not state as fact something you can’t back up. But that’s not how Trump operates, and he is annoyed that others have not adopted his way of operating.

Trump is a unique figure. That was an advantage during the presidential race. Now, however, he wants fellow Republicans to mimic him. They aren’t, and it is making him mad….


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