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Does Trump even Want a new FBI Director?

So far  the people Trump has spoken to about the job  are reporting that unexpectedly the guy spends virtually NO time actually interviewing and MOST of the 10 to 20 minutes in the room talking about HIMSELF….

One would assume Trump has to hold himself back from asking for a ‘Loyalty’ Pledge from any prospective Director….

They want him to sign off on a guy who might be helping the hounds run him and his friends and family down?

THAT IS a tough one….

Especial for this guy …..

President Donald Trump is still looking for a new FBI director more than three weeks after he fired James Comey, and sources familiar with the recruiting process say it has been chaotic and that job interviews led by Trump have been brief.

Three close associates of three contenders for the job, all of whom have been interviewed by Trump, said the candidates were summoned to the White House for 10- to 20-minute conversations with Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Those conversations, which followed initial interviews at the Justice Department, have been light on questions about substantive issues facing the agency, the three associates said.

While the department has compiled a long list of candidates for the White House, there has been no “clear framework or logic for who was interviewed and why,” said one of the sources.

Another of the three sources described the process as chaotic and said that in one interview, Trump spoke mostly about himself and seemed distracted.

The White House declined to comment on the nature of the interview process. Spokesman Sean Spicer said on Friday that Trump continues to meet with candidates but would not give a timeline for choosing a nominee…..


It gets Worst…Trump Asked Comey to End Flynn Probe…

Yes….It IS  gonna get worst FOR SURE…

First the Loyality question…

Now the ask to shit can an investigation ?

President Trump asked the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, to shut down the federal investigation into Mr. Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn, in an Oval Office meeting in February, according to a memo Mr. Comey wrote shortly after the meeting.

“I hope you can let this go,” the president told Mr. Comey, according to the memo.

The documentation of Mr. Trump’s request is the clearest evidence that the president has tried to directly influence the Justice Department and F.B.I. investigation into links between Mr. Trump’s associates and Russia. Late Tuesday, Representative Jason Chaffetz, the Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee, demanded that the F.B.I. turn over all “memoranda, notes, summaries, and recordings” of discussions between Mr. Trump and Mr. Comey. Such documents, Mr. Chaffetz wrote, would “raise questions as to whether the president attempted to influence or impede” the F.B.I.

 Mr. Comey wrote the memo detailing his conversation with the president immediately after the meeting, which took place the day after Mr. Flynn resigned, according to two people who read the memo. It was part of a paper trail Mr. Comey created documenting what he perceived as the president’s improper efforts to influence a continuing investigation. An F.B.I. agent’s contemporaneous notes are widely held up in court as credible evidence of conversations.

Mr. Comey shared the existence of the memo with senior F.B.I. officials and close associates. The New York Times has not viewed a copy of the memo, which is unclassified, but one of Mr. Comey’s associates read parts of it to a Times reporter…..


Comey’s side …Trump wanted his ‘loyalty.’…Open Thread for May 11, 2017…

It is indeed strange times for America….

A President under investigation along with his close associates ?

That same President invites the guy doing the investigation?….

The Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to a private dinner?

Then HE SAYS he asks the FBI Director if he’s being investigated ?

He also admits that asked the FBI Director THREE TIMES if he was being looked at?

But it gets worse…

We ALL KNOW Trump fires the guy for about 15 different stated reason that change everyday but amount to Trump being pissed that the FBI Director was spending SO MUCH time investigating Trump people and their possible Russian connections,  the fact that Comey was all over the media and that Trump REALLY didn’t like the guy?…..

Now we have James Comey out with his side of the story, since in dealing with Donald Trump the truth is often bent to fit Trump’s view of reality….

Comey now say he was pressed several time ‘s to give Donald Trump his ‘loyalty’…..



WTF did Trump mean?

In some eyes a President being across the table from his chief cop , who is probing contact HIS buddies had with Russians, who in the past have LENT Trump MILLIONS of dollars to keep his businesses afloat asking such question could interpreted as intimidating…..

THAT could launch ANOTHER investigation and if it had someone else like Hillary Clinton?…The Republicans would be SCREAMING  IMPEACHMENT….

Things aren’t going to that point right now because Republicans have hitched their wagon to Donald Trump and most seem to be willing to go down with a Trump ship if it comes to that….


Who do you believe?

A worried Donald Trump who BADLY wants to hook up with the Russians who have been ‘loyal’ to his bank account in the past?

Or an ex-FBI Director that has made some mistakes in the last year but should know better than to have told a possible subject of his troops probing that he was in the clear….THREE TIMES?


And BTW?

It just keeps Dripping and Dripping…..

And it will keep getting worst….

Overtime Trump opens his mouth…

GOP Utah Sen wants Merrick Garland to replace FBI Dir Comey?

The above is the headline of the Day…..


Utah Sen. Mike Lee encouraged President Donald Trump on Thursday to resist Democrats’ calls for a special prosecutor to lead an investigation into potential collusion between Trump associates and Russian officials.

Instead, the Republican senator encouraged the president to name a replacement for James Comey, the FBI director who was fired Tuesday, who could get Democratic support in the Senate, which would have to confirm Trump’s nominee to a 10-year term.

“Instead of a special prosecutor, @realDonaldTrump should nominate Merrick Garland to replace James Comey,” Lee tweeted, likely facetiously…..


With FBI Director Comey gone?…Trump meets the Russians with smiles and laughter…

A smiling President Trump was seen glad handing with the Russian Ambassador 24 hours after getting rid of a FBI Director that wanted to expand an investigation into Russian connections with his supporters and friends ( and maybe connections to him?)….

Oh, the best part?

American Media/Press was banded from the event…

So the image below came from the Russians …Shot in the American President’s White House’s Oval Office….And the Russian Foreign Minister got a dig in at the firing of the FBI Director that Trump fired because he wanted to expand the  probe of the Russian’s and Trump & Co…..

President Trump with the Russian foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, left, and the Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, at the White House on Wednesday. The White House did not allow American news organizations to photograph the meeting. Images were released through the Russian Foreign Ministry.CreditRussian Foreign Ministry.

Only hours after dismissing James B. Comey as director of the F.B.I., amid an investigation into the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russian officials, the president met with Russia’s foreign minister, Sergey V. Lavrov, at the White House. The Russian ambassador to the United States, Sergey I. Kislyak — best known to many Americans as the man who discussed lifting sanctions on Russia with Mr. Trump’s former national security adviser — was also in the Oval Office for the meeting.

The world’s only glimpse of this session came from the Russian news agency Tass, which distributed photos of the meeting, with a grinning Mr. Trump shaking hands with the two visitors. No reporters were allowed in to ask questions — though they were ushered in minutes later for Mr. Trump’s session with Henry A. Kissinger, the former secretary of state.

And, at the State Department, there was no briefing on an earlier meeting between Mr. Lavrov and Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson. Mr. Tillerson is famously reluctant to talk with the press. So that left the field clear for Mr. Lavrov, who has now sat opposite four American secretaries of state and knows how to work the news media well, to describe the conversations.

The firing of Mr. Comey was the main subject from the start: When Mr. Tillerson greeted his Russian counterpart in the diplomatic reception room on the seventh floor of the State Department, a reporter shouted a question about whether Mr. Comey’s dismissal “cast a shadow” on the meeting.

Mr. Lavrov, known for a puckish sense of humor, shot back: “Was he fired? You’re kidding! You’re kidding!” He then disappeared into Mr. Tillerson’s office….



It has been reported that…

Russian ‘s have bailed out Trump businesess in 1988 and apparently around 2014….

FBI Agents ain’t happy with the way Trump dissed Comey…

Donald Trump’s abrupt firing of former FBI Director  has shocked and dismayed his former employee’s…

Image result for Comey with FBI agents

One senior F.B.I. official said that the president had severely damaged his standing among agents, many of whom are conservative and supported Mr. Trump as a candidate. Agents were angered by the way Mr. Trump fired Mr. Comey, who learned of his dismissal from television reports while he was in Los Angeles. They called it disrespectful.

And agents flatly rejected the assertion Wednesday by a White House spokeswoman, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, during a briefing with reporters that the F.B.I.’s rank-and-file supported the sudden firing of Mr. Comey.

A strained relationship with the F.B.I. can make life difficult for a president. The White House relies on the bureau for regular security updates and for unvarnished information during crises.

The Justice Department was rushing to put in place an interim director, with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the deputy attorney general, Rod J. Rosenstein, expected to interview at least four candidates on Wednesday, a department official said. All are well-regarded within the F.B.I. and are seen as unlikely to allow politics to influence the Russian investigation — and as loyal to Mr. Comey.

But if firing Mr. Comey was meant to help restore the bureau’s credibility and put the work force at ease about the F.B.I.’s future, as Justice Department officials said, it has had the opposite effect.

“People are stunned right now,” said Frank Montoya Jr., a former senior F.B.I. official. An F.B.I. spokesman declined to comment about bureau morale….