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Wall Street has begun to doubt Trump’s ability to do ANYTHING…

The Wall Street Journal reports that that investors are giving up their early view that Trump & Co would pull off American economic growth and profit for them….It’s early…..But things don’t look good….

As with Trump’s Real Estate ventures?

Things don’t stay rosy for long under his watch….

Markets are flashing red on growth as investors begin to return to pre-election bets on the “new normal”—a persistently weak economic expansion.

The shift back is far from complete. And the assessment is muddied by geopolitics and the uncertain French election.

But there are signs that the sugar rush of Donald Trump’s victory and global-growth hopes has faded, raising doubts among some investors about whether stocks can stay high.

 The sharp drop in government-bond yields is the most obvious signal that something is amiss. It is backed up by ominous signs from raw-materials markets, where copper and iron-ore prices have tumbled, and a swing in leadership of the stock market away from go-go bank shares and cheap “value” stocks to safety-first utilities, real estate and companies with high-quality balance sheets and reliable earnings. All this has come as inflation expectations priced into bonds have fallen and as some weak data has led to downgrades of economic forecasts.

Technology stocks’ return to favor also suggests investors are looking for companies able to deliver growth even if the economy is weak.

“The new normal’s still with us,”…


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Red State Democrat Senator’s actually HAVE voted mostly against Trump….

Politico takes a behind the scene look at the US Senator’s from states that Trump well in …..

And though you might think they would bend to vote more WITh Trump and Ryan to preserve their seats?

They haven’t…..

trump state dems illo.jpg

Donald Trump carried Missouri by 19 percentage points on his way to the presidency. But Sen. Claire McCaskill, who faces a fight for reelection next year in the conservative-leaning state, isn’t exactly voting like Washington, D.C.’s idea of a red-state Democrat.

McCaskill has sided with Democratic leaders against all of Trump’s most contentious Cabinet nominees and six of the eight regulatory rollbacks teed up by the Senate GOP since Inauguration Day, according to a POLITICO analysis. She is not alone among red-state Democrats who lately have remained in their party’s fold: On the Senate’s highest-profile votes since the president took office, eight of the 10 most vulnerable Democrats on the ballot next year voted with their party at least four-fifths of the time.

 Even famously GOP-friendly Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) has sided with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren more often than he aligned with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.).

It’s obviously still early in Trump’s presidency to draw sweeping conclusions. But the voting behavior of Senate Democrats — particularly the 10 from states Trump won in November — suggests that the president has a lot more bridge-building to do with red-state Democrats. Their support could prove critical to the success or failure of his legislative priorities, such as infrastructure and tax reform.

So far, Trump has mostly fostered Democratic unity by tweeting combatively and sparking protests around the country with his order barring travelers from majority-Muslim nations.

“The Trump administration has been so outrageous in its early stages that it’s probably made it easier for Democrats to hang together,” Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) said in an interview. “It’s not hard to be united around the United States not discriminating against people based on religion.”….



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