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Unchecked by norms or political prudence, it’s smash-and-grab time for the GOP.


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Over the course of 2017, both in Congress and in the executive branch, we have watched the task of government devolve into the full-scale looting of America.

Politicians are making decisions to enrich their donors — and at times themselves personally — with a reckless disregard for any kind of objective policy analysis or consideration of public opinion.

A businessman president who promised — repeatedly — that he would not personally benefit from his own tax proposals is poised to sign into law a bill that’s full of provisions that benefit him and his family. Congressional Republicans who spent years insisting that “dynamic scoring” would capture the deficit-reducing power of tax cuts are now plowing ahead with a bill so fast that they don’t have time to get one done, because it turns out they can’t be bothered to meet their own targets.

Meanwhile, in the background an incredible flurry of regulatory activity is happening out of public view — much of it contrary to free market principles but all of it lucrative for big business and Trump cronies.

Throughout the 2016 campaign, the political class talked a lot about “norms” and how Donald Trump was violating them all. He brushed off fact-checkers, assailed the media, went on Twitter tirades against his critics, and dabbled in racism. Since taking office, his norm busting has spread. Members of Congress who under other circumstances might be constrained by shame, custom, or the will of their constituents have learned from Trump’s election that you can get away with more than we used to think….


Trump will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital angering Muslims worldwide…

The action is the opposite of previous American President’s  for seven decades who held the decision as a bargaining chip for a possible peace effort between the Palestinians and Israel

Trump will NOT actually move the American embassy anytime soon and has invited the Palestine Liberation Organization leader Mahmoud Abbas to Washington for talks….

But the notifications to the media  of Trump’s plan to for fill a campaign promise has been greeted with consternation from around the world…And worries of possible Muslim violence  against Americans….

The announcement was praised in Israel….

The Trump Admin cannot make the actual physical move without an ok from Congress….

The White House, which has done little to lay the groundwork for the move, on Tuesday contacted pro-Israel leaders from the Jewish and Christian communities to invite them to a conference call set for Wednesday afternoon, according to an invitee who spoke about it on condition of anonymity because he did not want to jeopardize his relationship with Mr. Trump’s team.

Mr. Klein was among several supporters who questioned why the embassy move would take several years. Former diplomats have said that the United States could relocate the embassy simply by hanging a new sign outside the American consulate in Jerusalem.

White House officials, however, said the administration’s lawyers concluded that would not be in compliance with a 1995 law, under which Congress instructed the president to move the embassy and required him to sign a waiver every six months to delay it. Legally, the officials said, the United States would have to move embassy staff into the building as well.

Reaction to Mr. Trump’s move in the Arab world was swift and negative, even from normally friendly leaders.

King Abdullah II of Jordan strongly cautioned against the move, “Stressing that Jerusalem is the key to achieving peace and stability in the region and the world,” according to a statement from the royal palace in Amman. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is the custodian of Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

“King Abdullah stressed that the adoption of this resolution will have serious implications for security and stability in the Middle East, and will undermine the efforts of the American administration to resume the peace process and fuel the feelings of Muslims and Christians,” the statement said….



This is another move by Trump to counter accepted American foreign policy around the world…And a slight to the Arabs and a thumbs up to the Israelis….

As Usual …Trump’s quiet at first…Then rants against Special Counsel…

He does the same thing over and OVER…

This time it could get him out of a job….

President Trump’s silence lasted just over 12 hours. Then, he let it all out.

The appointment of a special counsel to investigate possible collusion between his campaign and Russia was the “single greatest witch hunt in American history,” he tweeted.

Hours later, during a news conference with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, Trump revisited the topic.

“I think it’s totally ridiculous. Everybody thinks so,” Trump said when asked about the appointment. “Everybody, even my enemies, have said there is no collusion.”

The comments underscore Trump’s seemingly unstoppable drive to combat an investigation that has dogged him since his first day in office — even if it prolongs the controversy and potentially puts him at greater legal risk….


The Office makes the Man…The American President Included…

Over and over in the last 3 months Donald Trump has taken hits and had to reverse course …

As I type this the Chinese leader is motorcading to meet Trump in Florida…Trump siad he’d NEVER meet the guy…

Trump’s Muslim Ban is in limbo….

Trump’s Repeal threat on Obamacare is reduced to his staff threatening House Speake Ryan…

His NAFTA changes are said to be minor….

And he is sitting on a call on Syria that President Obama wanted to get aggressive , but ended up backing down….

And for ALL of this?

Trump’s unapproval numbers are the loswest in history….

He seems to be seeing his most efforts to change things running into a brick wall…

On the 11th Sunday of his presidency, amid national approval polls as low as 35%, Donald Trump found himself on the back nine of his Virginia golf course, playing a foursome with his old rival Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. The group played to a tie, Paul would later report, but no one needed to be told the real score. Clearly the President was no longer winning.

A couple years back, Trump called Paul “a spoiled brat without a properly functioning brain.” He mocked the Senator’s golf game (“I easily beat him”) and dismissed his campaign as a “total mess” (“weak on the military, Israel, the Vets and many other issues”). He even joked about Paul’s looks. “And believe me there is plenty of subject matter right there,” Trump said, gesturing toward his opponent.

At the time, Trump was a statesman bulldozer, demolishing everyone in his path with insults and adjectives–“crooked,” “low energy,” “pathological” and “lyin’.” “My general attitude, all my life, has been to fight back very hard,” Trump wrote in his best seller, The Art of the Deal. Confrontation was his method and message. In 2016, Americans voted for the alpha.

But nothing lasts forever. Now the President stayed silent as Rand rushed to the cameras after the game. “We had a great day with the President,” he crowed. “I continue to be very optimistic that we are getting closer and closer to an agreement on repealing Obamacare.”

Paul didn’t add “on my terms,” but the words hung in the air nonetheless. It was Paul, after all, who had helped lead the charge to kill Trump’s signature Obamacare replacement, even going so far as to hand out copies of The Art of the Deal to House conservatives. True to form, Trump and his advisers had tried to live up to Trump’s dominant reputation, with threats and tough talk. But nothing worked.

In one typical exchange, at a meeting with House Republicans, Trump told the moderate Pennsylvania Representative Charlie Dent that he was destroying the Republican Party by opposing the bill. “I’m going to blame you,” the President threatened. Dent remained a no. “I don’t take any of this personally,” Dent coolly explained to TIME. “I’d actually like to get the policy right.”

At another point, Trump sent an aide to look South Carolina Representative Mark Sanford in the eye and deliver a Mafia-style threat: “The President hopes you vote against the bill,” Sanford remembers being told, “so he can run a candidate against you in 2018.” Sanford divulged the private conversation to his local newspaper. He then quoted his state’s Republican creed, “I will never cower before any master, save my God.”….


So far Donald Trump isn’t getting much his way….

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By Jonathan Chait@ New York Magazine….

Donald Trump is an authoritarian by instinct. He displays the classic traits of an authoritarian personality — a man obsessed with domination and humiliation, and unable to tolerate cognitive dissonance. (Guidance for Trump’s presidential daily brief directs that his memos not only be short but, Ashley Dejean reports, “should only include facts that support their analyses.”) For years he has lavished praise upon authoritarian regimes in China, Russia, North Korea, and Iraq for having the strength to crush their opponents. And the first month of his presidency has seen Trump metamorphose from a reality-television-populist-outsider candidate into an actual president who sounds — but, so far, at least, only sounds — like the strongman leaders he has always admired.

The prospect that President Trump will degrade or destroy American democracy is the most important question of the new political era. It has received important scholarly attention from two basic sources, which have approached it in importantly different fashions. Scholars of authoritarian regimes (principally Russia) have used their knowledge of authoritarian history to paint a road map by which Trump could Putinize this country. Timothy Snyder, Masha Gessen, and other students of Putin’s methods have essentially treated Putinization as the likely future, and worked backward to the present. A second category of knowledge has come from scholars of democracy and authoritarianism, who have compared the strengths and weaknesses of the American system of government both to countries elsewhere that have succumbed to authoritarianism and those that have not. Their approach has, more appropriately, treated Trump’s authoritarian designs as an open question. Trump might launch an assault on the foundations of the republic. On the other hand, he might not.

The most plausible (to me) mechanism by which Trump might ensconce himself in power was laid out by Matthew Yglesias three months ago. The scenario Yglesias described would be one in which Trump used the authority of the federal government to compel large firms to give him political support. Companies that opposed him, or who even refused to offer support, might be punished with selectively punitive regulation, while those that played ball might be rewarded with lax enforcement of labor, antitrust, or other regulation.

So far there is no evidence such a scenario is playing out. To be sure, Trump is attempting, sporadically, to bully the private sector. But the effort has backfired…


image…NBC News

A look at how the Presidency is beginning to shape Donald J. Trump…

Related image

The NY Times does a pice on how Trump is coming to face a new job  and home….

Trump has been the sole boss of his sprawling real estate empire…

He ran that organization with a small staff….

THAT is not how he is gonna be able to run things in the White House….And while it IS normal for new President’s to get underway ?

Trump has had no prior experience in government….

It shows….

His scattered beginning two weeks have not enabled him to get away with stuff he did during the campaign’s…

And while he does NOT have a view of a lot a things that most Americans’s share…

He is learning that he HAS to get his own house in order less he losses the battle to assert himself in the media as a leader, who can actually lead and not be putting out political fires all day…..

It has dawned on the man that things are NOT going getting all those things he thought he could…

During his first two dizzying weeks in office, Mr. Trump, an outsider president working with a surprisingly small crew of no more than a half-dozen empowered aides with virtually no familiarity with the workings of the White House or federal government, sent shock waves at home and overseas with a succession of executive orders designed to fulfill campaign promises and taunt foreign leaders….

“We are moving big and we are moving fast,” Mr. Bannon said, when asked about the upheaval of the first two weeks. “We didn’t come here to do small things.”

But one thing has become apparent to both his allies and his opponents: When it comes to governing, speed does not always guarantee success.

The bungled rollout of his executive order barring immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries, a flurry of other miscues and embarrassments, and an approval rating lower than that of any comparable first-term president in the history of polling have Mr. Trump and his top staff rethinking an improvisational approach to governing that mirrors his chaotic presidential campaign, administration officials and Trump insiders said.

This account of the early days of the Trump White House is based on interviews with dozens of government officials, congressional aides, former staff members and other observers of the new administration, many of whom requested anonymity. At the center of the story, according to these sources, is a president determined to go big but increasingly frustrated by the efforts of his small team to contain the backlash.

“What are we going to do about this?” Mr. Trump pointedly asked an aide last week, a period of turmoil briefly interrupted by the successful rollout of his Supreme Court selection, Judge Neil M. Gorsuch.

Chris Ruddy, the chief executive of Newsmax Media and an old friend of the president’s, said: “I think, in his mind, the success of this is going to be the poll numbers. If they continue to be weak or go lower, then somebody’s going to have to bear some responsibility for that.”

“I personally think that they’re missing the big picture here,” Mr. Ruddy said of Mr. Trump’s staff. “Now he’s so caught up, the administration is so caught up in turmoil, perceived chaos, that the Democrats smell blood, the protesters, the media smell blood.”

One former staff member likened the aggressive approach of the first two weeks to D-Day, but said the president’s team had stormed the beaches without any plan for a longer war…..



Donald Trump hasn’t ‘enjoyed’ the negative beatdown he’s been getting…

The guy can’t get any respect?

Nobody wants to pat him on the back for winning the White House after losing the vote?

A Black Congressman that marched with Martin Luther King Jr. gets headlines for calling his election illegitimate….

The crowd that shows up for HIS swearing in is THREE times smaller than the Black guy who just left….

The next day after his swearing in?

Millions show up to protest his getting the job….

And every time he tries to make shit up that pumps up his ego?

The Media corrects his (And his Press Sec/Clean-Up Man) version with the TRUTH?

It’s has gotten SO BAD ?

Image result for trump 2017

That his staff have to send cheerleaders to his publicly covered events !

The guy who thought EVERYONE would bow down to him and follow his words ?

Ain’t having it….

Where’s the fun?

President Donald Trump thinks that unfavorable media coverage of his first weekend in office has not allowed him to “enjoy” the White House, according to a Tuesday report by the Associated Press.

Trump believed that the media would cover him more favorably after he was inaugurated, according to an Associated Press report citing two anonymous sources close to the President, but instead believes it has worsened.

The President said that the negative press has not allowed him to “enjoy” the White House on his first weekend in office, according to an anonymous source who spoke with him also cited in the report.

Trump’s administration faced a rocky weekend of media coverage on its first weekend in the White House….