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Trump Admin begins wider scope deportation raids…

President Obama thru the first years of his admin had Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement (ICE) crack down hard on illegal immigration in hopes that he might be able work a deal with Republicans on start immigration reform talks…

THAT did NOT work…

After seeing that the policy was hurting Democrats and getting him nowhere with Republicans he soften the ICE policies of who to go after first…

But violent incidents by a few illegals gave Republicans headlines to throw at Obama and a handle for Donald Trump to use ….

In the shadow of his loss in the court to bar Muslims from the country it appears that the President has green lighted ICE raids to continue ….

Thru executive order’s Trump has widen the class of people ICE should be going after countermanding President Obama ‘s smaller list of those they should go after…

The first raids reported today has sent a shock wave thru the immigrant community…

….agents can use expedited removal procedures, curbed under the Obama administration but not taken off the books, to get detainees to accept a quick deportation over a lengthy wait for an immigration judge, in many cases while incarcerated.

“They’re going to use that tool to take people out of the court system and due process,” Magaña-Salgado said.

Activists warn that going after easy targets can damage communities in several ways.

People who would otherwise be economically active could go into hiding, trust in law enforcement agencies could be diminished, and dangerous criminals could more easily slip through the cracks as federal agents pursue non-dangerous undocumented immigrants.

“People want to comply with the enforcement agencies,” Murguia said. “They’re supposed to report in with these check ins; if they see they’re going to put themselves at risk, it’s a very difficult situation.”

“These are gut wrenching, heart-breaking stories,” she added. “In a civilized society, we can’t find a better way to deal with these issues?”….



This sure looks like  a way the Trump Admin can go to it’s base and show they are tough against illegals even if they are losing in the courts, eh?

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Trump Chief of Staff overrules Bannon…Green Card holders will not be detained…

The ban on Green Card holders  (Visa) was reportedly questioned by senior Homeland Security people initially when the President Trump   ‘No Entry’ order was passed down from the White House without consultation with anyone…It appears the Trump assistant and Breibart owner Steve Bannon told DHS people to include Green card holders….

Last night and this morning three separate Federal Judges have frozen the Trump order to deport ANYBODY held in detention….

During court hearings Dept of Justice Attorney’s had few if any answers for the Federal Judges questions because they , like everyone else in the government where NOT involved in the Bannon and Trump decision on policy changes….

It appears that the President’s Chief of Staff has been sent out to undo the Bannon call, which seems to have the judges ire….( and try save some face)….

A top White House official appeared to reverse a key part of President Trump’s immigration order on Sunday, saying that people from the affected countries who hold green cards will not be prevented from returning to the United States.

But the official, Reince Priebus, the White House chief of staff, also said that border agents had “discretionary authority” to detain and question suspicious travelers from certain countries. That statement seemed to add to the uncertainty over how the executive order will be interpreted and enforced in the days ahead.

Mr. Priebus defended Mr. Trump’s order on NBC’s “Meet the Press” program, saying it had been carried out smoothly and was protecting Americans from terrorist threats. On Saturday, a day after the order was issued, airports were marked by scenes of confusion and protest as officials tried to interpret the order, including how to handle green card holders.

On Sunday, Mr. Priebus appeared to announce a dramatic change in those policies, saying that “as far as green card holders, moving forward, it doesn’t affect them.”

Around the globe on Saturday, legal residents of the United States who hold valid green cards and approved visas were blocked from boarding planes overseas or detained for hours in American airports.

Mr. Priebus said several times during the NBC interview that green card holders would not be subject to the order “going forward.” But he repeatedly suggested that anyone, including American citizens, would be subjected to additional scrutiny if they traveled from any of the seven predominantly Muslim countries identified in the order….


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Sanctuary City Mayor’s vow to stand against President Trump attempts to cut their funding…

While the Trump Admin says it will cut funding to cities that do NOT work with the Federal Government on Immigration enforcement….

It is NOT clear how much money might in involved , nor is it clear that the Admin will get support in Congress for the cuts….

The mayors of American cities large and small reacted with outrage on Wednesday as President Trump signed an executive order saying he would halt funding to municipalities that did not cooperate with federal immigration officials.

The defiant officials — from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and smaller cities, including New Haven; Syracuse; and Austin, Tex., said they were prepared for a protracted fight.

“We’re going to defend all of our people regardless of where they come from, regardless of their immigration status,” Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York said at a news conference with other city officials.

In Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel declared: “I want to be clear: We’re going to stay a sanctuary city. There is no stranger among us. Whether you’re from Poland or Pakistan, whether you’re from Ireland or India or Israel and whether you’re from Mexico or Moldova, where my grandfather came from, you are welcome in Chicago as you pursue the American dream.”


Mr. Trump’s order targeted what are known as sanctuary cities and counties, which generally do not comply with federal requests to detain undocumented immigrants who have been arrested on charges unrelated to their immigration status and turn them over to the federal authorities for possible deportation. Mr. Trump’s order said that jurisdictions that refused to comply “are not eligible to receive Federal grants, except as deemed necessary for law enforcement purposes.”

But while Mr. Trump’s position was broad and biting, it was unclear just how extensive any funding cuts could be. In the current fiscal year, New York City expects to receive $8.8 billion in federal funding for a variety of programs, including education and transportation, to fill out its $84.8 billion annual budget. But the administration’s ability to turn off the federal funds is limited, legal advisers to Mr. de Blasio said.

According to Comptroller Scott M. Stringer, the federal grants that might be vulnerable include $9 million from the Department of Justice and $156 million from the Department of Homeland Security. But because that money is for counterterrorism efforts, it would seem unlikely that it would be cut….


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Judge’s ruling in Texas free’s hundreds of Immigrants Mother’s with Children in Texas….

The Texas State judge cited overcrowded facilities and resources as the reason for the actions as the Government is unable to handle the number of mothers and children detained humanely….

There are numerous feeder suits in the works against the conditions in holding facilities also….

Hundreds of women and children were released from two family detention centers over the weekend, after a Texas state judge sided with critics who say the facilities more closely resemble jails than child care centers.

The mass releases were a victory for immigrant rights advocates, who argue that it’s unnecessary and inhumane to lock up undocumented mothers and kids seeking asylum in the U.S.

The state lawsuit focused narrowly on emergency rules designed to allow the detention facilities to meet Texas’ child care licensing standards. But the state case arises out of ongoing federal litigation, which has put Immigration and Customs Enforcement on notice that these facilities are not acceptable places to house kids.

“This may not be the end of our legal battles,” said Bob Libal, executive director of Grassroots Leadership, which brought the state lawsuit. “But for now, if these facilities want to apply to operate as child care facilities, they have to do it like any other child care facility ― rather than the state designing a rule that fits prisons.”

Mothers and kids, most of them from Central American countries, can languish at the detention centers for months while their cases move forward in immigration court. The lucky ones are released to sponsors, often family members, so ICE knows where they are.

But they usually trickle out just a few at a time….



Even while Trump & Co. gear up to tramp down in illegal Immigration?

They will become responsible to HOW people are treated in the  system….

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Obama Admin is about to come down hard on some illegals and others who wish to travel to the US….

Donald Trump and other 2016 Republican have been are running on illegal immigration to this country…..They and the Republicans in have gotten somethings that they wanted quietly when President Obama signed the bill last week to keep the government running….

Immigration officials have recently reported an uptick in the number minors crossing into the US ……

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency is reported is getting ready to conduct raids to find those illegals who promised to show up for court hearings about their status ….But didn’t….

And Congress has just given the President orders to NOT allow people approval to enter this country who have been to Iran, Iraq, Syria or the Sudan….Or….If people from 38 countries around the planet have if they have visited the above four countries…..

These actions ARE putting the Obama Admin is place it does NOT want to be….

Thwarted by the courts in almost every turn he has taken to do immigration reform…..

The White House seems to be about to give the Republicans and the Right what they want….

ENFORCEMENT against people who have crossed into this country undocumented …..

That may make the anti-immigration people happy….


We’re probably gonna hve media pictures of women and children being rounded up , scared to be put on buses headed back for the southern borders…..

THAT will NOT make Hispanics happy and will earn Hillary Clinton, the perspective 2016 Democratic Presidential nominee questions and plea’s to make the Government actions stop….

On the Visa action?

The President DOES have a problem….

The closing of the doors  against ANYONE traveling or even associated with four countries is clearly NOT gonna sit well with the rest of the world and the President IS gonna have to get around the orders from Congress……

But there could be a silver political lining for President Obama and Hillary Clinton…..

By making Republicans and Donald Trump and Ted Cruz happy?

The could be giving Hispanics and even other’s they hadn’t even though about across Europe and the rest of world , who have relatives or friends in the country all the more reason to understand that knee-jerk reactions to the fear embellished by the 2016 Republicans and their media coverage HAS consequences…..

THAT could lead to Democrats to be being able say…….

“You See what these people want?…..Don’t Come America….Even if you show us no actual harm….”

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Republicans can rejoice…Obama will INCREASE Deportations….

They got him AGAIN…..

A Democratic President who has been carrying the Reform Immigration Banner for the past 6 years is now asking Congress for MORE authority to Deport MORE people…

Last time around President Obama hired more Border Cops and spent BILLION’s to shore up the border…

Good Job…Except?

Like a flood of water?

You can keep bailing but you’re gonna sink if the water doesn’t stop…

This Dog thinks that NO matter HOW many border cops , fences or drones you got ?

It isn’t EVER gonna stop people from trying to come to this place..

And the way we handle this problem isn’t gonna solve it….

All that money spent by Obama and Congress is not enough…(It will NEVER be enough)

The system is currently overwhelmed so much Border cops have resorted to just putting people on buses to leave the border and make room for the next group….

Republicans can NOW cross their arms and smile…

They have the Democratic President dancing to their tune AGAIN….

Every-time he gets the cops to crack down so he can try to get some reform the Republican just stall and let him stew….Then he jumps up and deports MORE people A LOT of Young Children?)….Leaving HIM as the record holder in sending people back and Immigration Reform an empty promise Republican have been able bury…

President Obama will ask Congress to provide more than $2 billion in new funds to control the surge of illegal Central American migrants at the South Texas border, and to grant broader powers for immigration officials to speed deportations of children caught crossing without their parents, White House officials said on Saturday.

Mr. Obama will send a letter on Monday to alert Congress that he will seek an emergency appropriation for rapidly expanding border enforcement actions and humanitarian assistance programs to cope with the influx, which includes unrivaled numbers of unaccompanied minors and adults bringing children. The officials gave only a general estimate of the amount, saying the White House would send a detailed request for the funds when Congress returned after the Fourth of July recess that began Friday and ends July 7.

The president will also ask Congress to revise existing statutes to give the Homeland Security secretary, Jeh C. Johnson, new authorities to accelerate the screening and deportation of young unaccompanied migrants who are not from Mexico. Fast-track procedures are already in place to deport young migrants from Mexico because it shares a border with the United States.

Mr. Obama will also ask for tougher penalties for smugglers who bring children and other vulnerable migrants across the border illegally, the officials said…..


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President Obama to study the Deportation system…

Obama is under HEAVY pressure from Hispanics and Asian’s (And their legislators0 to slow the record number of deportations being done on his watch…

He has steadfastly maintained that he is powerless to stop the actions…

With Midterm elections coming up Democratic lawmakers would like to get many of the minority voters to support and NOT hold the President’s deportation actions against them…..

President Obama called for a review of the administration’s deportation policies to see how it can be done “more humanely,” the White House said Thursday.

During a meeting with top Hispanic lawmakers, Obama asked Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson to conduct an inventory of the Department’s current practices while adhering to the law.

“The president emphasized his deep concern about the pain too many families feel from the separation that comes from our broken immigration system,” the White House said in a readout of the meeting.

The move comes as a number of liberal Democrats have pressured Obama to halt all deportations while reform stalls in Congress. Obama has said he doesn’t have the power to act unilaterally, but has moved to ease deportations for some children brought into the U.S. illegally.


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As House Speaker Boehner tries to turn to Immigration Reform Some Conservatives Get nervous…

Boehner has added Rebecca Talent, an advocate for immigration reform to his staff.

While the Senate has already sent up its own Immigration Reform Bill….The House has not even engaged the issue….Amnesty WILL be a trigger word for Conservatives….

The President has pushed for a comprehensive Reform Bill, but has indicated that he’s Okay with Boehner’s plan to do a piece meal approach to issue….

But even starting to staff up has caused several Conservatives alarm….

“I think it’s a very strong signal sent by the Speaker as to what his intentions might be,” said Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), an immigration reform foe who has watched Boehner’s moves closely over the past year.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) also voiced concern, saying that McCain’s stance on immigration put him “totally out of touch with the rank-and-file Republicans throughout the country.”

“To hire somebody who was directing him on that issue — it didn’t help John McCain and it isn’t going to help us,” Rohrabacher said.

Boehner on Thursday reiterated his commitment to tackling immigration reform, but he has frustrated advocates by refusing to offer a timetable for action and by avoiding taking a position on the most contentious aspects of an overhaul.

In nods to conservatives in the GOP conference, Boehner has ruled out taking up the Senate-passed immigration bill and has vowed that no proposal would come up for a vote without the support of a majority of House Republicans. He has said the House would take up immigration legislation piece by piece, and last month he went a step further by ruling out negotiations on the full Senate bill.

Still, King said he has “never accepted the idea that amnesty was foreclosed by the Speaker’s words.”

The hiring of Tallent, he said, “adds up to the message that they’re at least setting the stage to be able to bring some type of immigration through this House with some kind of strategy. And I can tell you emphatically there is nothing good that can be passed out of the House of Representatives with regard to immigration that has a chance to get through the Senate and a signature from the president.”

“Any kind of initiative like that would split our conference,” King said….


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Reid will have a vote on the Senate Immigration Bill by July 4th…..

The ‘Border Surge’ WILL be in it…….

And for that I think I’d vote it down…..

But I’m Not a Senator…..

The Senate floor was in a holding pattern, with debate only until mid-afternoon as staffers worked to iron out exactly what would be in a catch-all immigration amendment including Hoeven and Corker’s important border security measure, a bunch of noncontroversial amendments and compromise language on other issues.

Reid said earlier that the process could move along fairly expeditiously, but cautioned Friday morning that “very quickly in Senate time is not like everybody else’s time.”

Corker and Hoeven appeared on Fox News Friday morning to promote their proposal to bring a “surge” to border security, a day after unveiling a deal with Senate Democrats to make a massive investment in security and tracking.

“I think this solves the problem and moves aside the whole issue of securing the border,” Corker said. “It’ll be introduced in the next short period of time. There’s one little issue that’s being worked on.”

Corker said the issue was unrelated to the border security.

“Our focus in this bill is to strengthen the border, but there are other issues going on as well,” Hoeven said. “Illegal immigrants in RPI status, this provisional status, don’t get benefits, and we’ve taken a tough line on that and we’re getting push back from the other side, and we’re saying no.” (RPI in the context of the immigration bill drafted by the bipartisan “gang of eight” now on the floor stands for “registered provisional immigrant.”)

Hoeven said the package “includes all the latest technologies, 20,000 more border agents, 700 miles of fence, an e-verify system, electronic entry-exit at all airports and seaports. That’s what we’re holding tough on, and they keep pushing back. … That’s why it’s taking some time.”

“Immigrants cannot get a green card until all 20,000 border agents are in place. They cannot get a green card until all $3.2 billion of the technology that the border patrol has asked for is in place,” Corker said. “Anyone who criticizes this bill because of border security, in my opinion, is just looking for a reason to criticize the bill.”


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Senate Republicans want to steer the Immigration bill to the Right….

Anybody who thought that the Senate Bill on Immigration was a done deal was on drugs….

As with almost EVERYTHING this Congress does….

The Conservatives will want to have the last say….

And they will be demanding higher barriers for immigrants to jump over to gain American citizenship…

Many of the almost two dozen Republicans identified as possible supporters by the Gang of Eight are demanding changes that would make the bill significantly more conservative. They want stricter border security, tighter control on government benefits for newly-documented immigrants and tougher requirements along the pathway to citizenship.

Go too far on any of those elements, and liberal Democrats — who aren’t thrilled with many aspects of the bill already — begin to pull away.

Meanwhile, a handful of conservative Democrats, who have been asked to cast several tough votes this year already, won’t commit to the bill unless they secure many of the same fixes that Republicans are seeking.

And even if the Senate approves a bill, the route through the House is a puzzle for reform proponents. Their only game plan, at this point, is to run up the numbers in the Senate, sending an emphatic message to the House that it needs to act.

“Our goal is to get 70 votes. It is going to take a lot of work,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), a leader of the Gang of Eight. “This is one of the most important bills to pass for America. It’s one of the hardest bills to pass for America. And we got a long way to go, we don’t have any doubts about that. But so far, at each step of the road where it’s been difficult, we’ve been able to overcome.”


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