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International Oligarchies And Selfies…The Oligarch Kings….

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The ruckus that emanated from that selfie (AP and others) was of interest to me for more reasons than the simple vulgarity of people who should know how to behave at funerals.

The people involved were Obama and Helle Thorning-Schmidt the Prime Minister of Denmark.  David Cameron Prime Minister of Britain can be seen stretching over, just desperately desperately, trying to be included with the big boy and his new-found friend.

We have explored Obama’s connections with America’s political oligarchy in the past, with his descents from the Mayflower, through his mother and very posh grandmother .  But Helle Thorning-Schmidt (47) she of the five inch heels and shapely legs who is frequently described by the foreign press as “curvy” what of her?  Where does she fit in with any international elements of political oligarchy?


Petraeus In The Spider’s Web…The Oligarch Kings….

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This story is just wondrous, mixing sex, scandal, politics, and War.  It just so has motion picture of the year 2016 all over it.  If its getting a bit difficult to follow then check the above.  Me, I do genealogies, but Hilary Sergeant Ramedi does charts!  Wonderful, wonderful chart!  You can follow her on Twitter at @lilsarg

Mother Jones does a good catch-up for us all here

Now, am I the only one to wonder how we can hold these two contradictory claims at the same time, that Petraeus is both a massive intellect and the best general for fifty years, nae even the saviour of his nation, but equally a man who could not win a battle even with a billion dollars a week at his back, who has managed to lose more wars in different theatres for America than anyone since Arthur Sinclair?  Does anyone else agree that he was safe where he was but as soon as the poor dweeb showed an interest in Presidential politics his tea was well and truly out?

Is America finally seeing through the myth of Petraeus and its overfed and underperforming military that, as I have said before, has not won a war in decades?

Does this whole thing signal Obama’s first salvo in cutting back the bloated, overfunded and generally useless military, to save a bit of money in his second term?

And what on earth is this man Allan about?  Even assuming there is nothing scandalous in his texts to this woman where the hell did he find the time to sent 20 to 30 thousand documents/texts to anyone during his working day?   Goodness knows, reminding the wife we need eggs and milk on the way home is a push for me  Unless of course as Mother Jones mischievously suggests they are picture texts!  Reducing the number of texts but upping the interest in their content no end!

If these generals spent half as much time fighting the wars they are paid to, maybe America would see some value for the hideous expenditure they squander on their military.

UPDATE!  So fast is this moving Hilary Sergent Ranadei has updated the chart!

The Election Seen From Your Local On-Line Bookstore…The Oligarch Kings

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Amazon’s Electoral Heat Map

All those purchases by card on-line just had to add up to a stack of data for someone to mine, and so it is that we are given the map above.  The Amazon Election Heat Map above shows where the guys and gals at your local on-line book depot gauge the way the political wind is blowing by purchases of books state by state. Its fairly time sensitive covering the last 30 days only.   Click the link to see the thing live.

It’s wonderful as it changes from day to day.  Positively interactive as they say.  As of yesterday it was closer than the map suggests, with 56% in the red Republican corner and 44% blue Democrat.

Amazon also tells you which books are doing best for each camp.  That said things are looking a bit bleak for blue.

So we have the likes of Dinesh D’Souza’s Obama’s America: Unmaking the American Dream, in the red pile along with Aaron Klein and Brenda Eliot’sFool me twice: Obama’s shocking plans for the next four years exposedand Ann Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.  And before you suggest it, they don’t mean audio books either.

While in the blue heap is Howard Zinn’s A people’s history of the United States, and Joe Stiglitz’s The Price of Inequality: How Today’s Divided Society endangers our future.

Obama’s own offering Audacity of Hope is still outselling Romney’s No Apology: The case for American greatness.

Does this tell us much?  Probably not, voting isn’t dependent on literacy or interest in political books.  Some choices also fall across the lines.  Caro’s biography of Johnson should naturally fall into the blue pile, but is so critical that my mother would have bought it just for ammunition.  Maybe other people also buy books from authors of different persuasions just in order to know their enemy.  Perhaps the truth is people are just too embarrassed to ask for right wing books in shops – so only do that on-line?

Who knows?  But it is a lot of fun.

Superman Renounces His American Citizenship…The Oligarch Kings…

From Comics Alliance

Its official – DC comics have sold out.  Not simply the entire run of Action Comics 900 which is set to reprint due to exceptional demand but if you believe the pundits in America’s media and politics, the entire nation.

What on earth has caused such a furore?

Well it seems that the latest line in the long running comic book saga has Superman renounce his American Citizenship.  And this has fairly hit the fan in America.  The New York Times no less has felt moved to comment, and was followed in no particular order by an unseemly scramble from Huffington Post, The Drudge Report, Boing Boing, and thence out into the mainstream through Fox TV and “The O’Reilly Factor” .  Even Mike Huckabee, never a man to wear his underpants over his trousers, had a say –  though strangely I can never remember anything he says.

American’s take their comics seriously.  Very seriously, and they make their characters national models of virtue or evil.  They are marketed not just for kids, or spotty lonely adolescents with no friends and an onanism habit, but as main stream entertainment for adults.  A huge film industry has pumped out entire franchises of Spidermen, X-Men and Fantastical Fours.

In America there are any number of these comics, all competing in a huge industry.  This is not the land of “The Beano” or “The Dandy”.
A simply visit to the web site Comics Alliance will show the sheer variety of subject matter and skill of the artists.

But Superman – the Man of Steel- (does anyone else see Stalinist overtones here?) saying he is no longer willing to be seen as a
spokesman for the American Way has fairly got establishment knickers in a twist……


A Renegade History Of The United States : A Book Review….The Oligarch Kings…

“A Renegade History of the United States” by Thaddeus Russell is written by an academic trouble maker.  His is a history of those Americans whom most Americans would rather forget, or hide, like unacknowledged relatives, the whores in the family, the bums, drunks and half castes who never get an invite to Christmas or asked to the weddings.

Thaddeus Russell takes the status quo of modern histories of America and gives it a  damn good kicking.

He has the view that those personal freedoms that are taken for granted today, the ones we like to think mark us as “western” and “modern” people, were never there from the beginning in the United States. The ruling elite, the Founding Fathers, found the common man’s early colonial lifestyle a sink of depravity, venality, vice and freedoms so repulsive and sin ridden that they imposed an order of hard work and town hall democracy as a way to stop them having fun.

However, the common man won through and in a series of challenging chapters he seeks to show how these were won back.

Russell is one of life’s little provocateurs and a true Devil’s Advocate…..


The Dog is Very happy to have Talkandpolitics and the Oligarch Kings as brother blogger sites!

Yes indeed!….

Over the past year all three sites have become close in exchanging posts, thoughts and just pliain BS……He, he, he…

I just felt it is time to say Thnak You to the guys for helping me along…

I’m glad to help them along also…..

It’s good to have support and friends…..

Visit them if you haven’t…..Do it often….. it’s worth the trip….


The Oligarch Kings…..

Oh, Yea…..I add a new site to the list

Corey\’s Blog….

Jeb Bush : It’s Definitive……..The Oligarch Kings….

Well, today, Tuesday, he finally came out and made it all clear.

He has stated his moderate stance on immigration, we know about his marriage to a Hispanic American, that he speaks Spanish (properly unlike some in his family) and is almost an honorary Cuban.  His popularity in Florida and the Hispanic west might leach  support away from Obama.

But today on ABC/WHAS he has told us “I am not running for President.”

He’s said it before and it reminds an old classicist like me that Caesar too made a show in public of refusing the crown three times before the crowd as they bayed for his acceptance.

The crowd still bays. “Please please change your mind, be the acceptable face of the republicans” they say.

He is still their fall-back if no one else fires up the party, or they finally see through Palin.  The men in suits may calculate he could step forward as the only figure who can unite the party and lead them Messiah-like to national victory.

Me?  I think the lady protests too much.


Lockerbie, The Scottish Bar And Libya: A Different Truth Perhaps?….The Oligarch Kings…..

The Scottish Bar
“Hi Guys…er guys?…..um Guys?………….guys?

President Obama is now seeking to link BP, his most unfavoured face of Big Oil, with Libya, and the release of a proven imprisoned terrorist.  Obama follows the tried and tested rule of media mis-direction – when in doubt blame everyone for being in league with “terrorism” and cast them out.  Put simply, he would like you to believe that BP, wishing to gain access to reap the oil in Libya, put pressure on the British government to release Adelbaset Al-Megrahi who had been tried and found guilty in a Scottish Court.

Adelbaset Al-Megrahi

Except that it wasn’t really like that.  Not even slightly.  He is conflating two entirely different stories for his audience and this post will attempt to separate them out.  Not that anyone’s going to come up smelling of roses on this one.

The story is that BP have negotiated with General Kaddafi of Libya for concessions to drill oil.  Like no one else ever did this sort of thing?  And that this involved a complex series of cross negotiations that involved the British Government in releasing Al-Megrahi to allow the deal to go through.

Only the British Government didn’t release Al-Megrahi.

This is worth the time, so grab a coffee and settle back…..


Mike Huckabee For 2012? Really?……The Olgarch Kings…..

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in 2101

It’s a wig right?  Either that or its boot polish..

Politicians work to weird time scales.  To the real pro’s the 2012 Primaries are all but upon them and they are starting to jostle to see who is in and who is out.

Today I think a look at the GOP (Grand Old Party) or Republicans is worth a shot.  We have looked at a couple from the front runners, Palin, Romney,  and now we turn to old man Huckabee.

A lot of people are talking Huckabee up at the moment.  And he certainly has some very good points.  He has been Governor of Arkansas.  He was a possible nomination last time.  He is a solid intelligent man.  He is notably religious, being a Baptist minister in a country where everyone wears their religion on their sleeve.  And he is an honest sort of guy from working class stock.  And that for me is his problem.  Yes, he has family that do stretch back to seventeenth century Connecticut, but that’s not the point.  He has no oligarch blood and that marks him as different from say Romney and Palin who both have solid oligarch roots.  Especially Palin.

If you don’t think it matters look at the polls.  He’s already sitting as a bad third and all the attention keeps going back to Palin and Romney.  Palin only needs to fumble her lines or invent a silly word or look at her hand written notes rather than a telly prompt, and she slips ahead.

So why do I write about him today?