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On John Podesta helping his President…..


Podesta has been brought into the Obama White House to shore up its shaky political operation these days….He has a history of getting things done ….

Here’s a piece below that looks at how the guy has worked in the past and could work things in the near future….

With or With Out Congress…..

When the Republican victory in the 2010 midterm election raised the prospect of political gridlock,John Podesta was ready with an answer: The president should bypass Congress and wield the executive powers of his office.

Less than two weeks after the returns came in, Podesta had compiled 47 pages of proposals for unilateral action on issues from immigration to solar energy. President Barack Obama’s ability to “accomplish important change through these powers should not be underestimated,” he wrote.

Now, Podesta’s appointment as counselor to Obama adds a strong promoter of that strategy to the president’s inner circle as Republicans stand in the way of the White House agenda.

The activist vision of the 64-year-old former chief of staff to President Bill Clinton could play out across the economy, encompassing matters such as greenhouse gas emission standards for power plants, food safety and border enforcement.

“John will be an advocate for forceful executive action, either for its own sake or to force congressional action,” said Jake Siewert, a former Clinton White House press secretary who is now a managing director at Goldman Sachs Group Inc…..

As chief of staff during the final years of Clinton’s presidency, he oversaw a frenzy of rule-making, executive orders and land-preservation edicts. He was so closely identified with the burst of activity that some aides dubbed it “Project Podesta,” according to a National Journal report at the time.



Podesta was in the process of working in a 2016 Hillary Clinton Super Pac when he was asked to come back to the White House a place he worked at as Chief of Staff for President Bill Clinton…He is bound to be asked to assume some position in a Hillary Clinton White House should she become the next American President…Podesta was co-chair of the Obama-Biden transition….