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Trump didn’t Really understand the ‘Dreamers’ Program move he made…Open Thread for Sept. 5, 2017…

Donald J. Trump promised that he would take care of the ‘Dreamers’….

Then he decided to throw the decesion to Congress and didn’t even make the announcement…The call to give the call to Congress wasn’t his idea..It was hius Cheif of Staff guy John Kelly’s…..

A few hours ago Trump updated his first condition , by saying that he would ‘revisit’ his threat of cancelling the program in 6 months ….

Presumerily indicatingb that he was afraid that Congress would get bogged down in trying make side deals on extending the protections he ACTUALLY want s extended to those involved and let the prgram run out and have Sessions going after the 800, 000 people an d their families involved….

Now we found out that Trump ACTUALLY DID NOT UNDERSTASND WHAT HE DOING when he went ahead with the call to shut down the program….

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Why is this man the President of the United States?

….The announcement was an effort by Mr. Trump to honor the law-and-order message of his campaign, which included a repeated pledge to end Mr. Obama’s immigration policy, while seeking to avoid the emotionally charged and politically perilous consequences of targeting a sympathetic group of immigrants.

Mr. Trump’s decision came less than two weeks after he pardoned Joe Arpaio, the former Arizona sheriff who drew intense criticism for his aggressive pursuit of unauthorized immigrants, which earned him a criminal contempt conviction.

The blame-averse president told a confidante over the past few days that he realized that he had gotten himself into a politically untenable position. As late as one hour before the decision was to be announced, administration officials privately expressed concern that Mr. Trump might not fully grasp the details of the steps he was about to take, and when he discovered their full impact, would change his mind, according to a person familiar with their thinking who was not authorized to comment on it and spoke on condition of anonymity.

But ultimately, the president followed through on his campaign pledge at the urging of Mr. Sessions and other hard-line members inside his White House, including Stephen Miller, his top domestic policy adviser…



Barack Obama said in response to the Trump’s reverasl action….. it was soley ‘Political’…NOT legal and’ Cruel and Self Sefeating ‘….

He was right…..

Now Trump seems stuck….


Breaking …Trump to give Congress 6 months to legalize ‘Dreamers’ program or it will be gone….

Donald Trump the GOP Presidential candiadte was for keeping the Obama excutive program to allow children of undoucmented parents to remain in the US and not be deported….

His adopted party types in the Republican party want them and all and any undiucumented man, woman or child removed from America….

Trump’s Dept of Homelend Security head, now Chief of Staff John Kelly has held that immigration law should come from Congress, not a President….

It appears that Kellys view has held the day….

The action now moves to Congress, where Trump can now esacape blame….

The president’s expected announcement is likely to shore up his base, which rallied behind his broader campaign message about the importance of enforcing the country’s immigration laws and securing the border. At the same time, the president’s decision is likely to be one of the most contentious of his early administration, opposed by leaders of both parties and by the political establishment more broadly.

The White House and Congress have tried to pass the issue off on each other – with each arguing that the other is responsible for determining the fate of the approximately 800,000 undocumented immigrants who are benefiting from DACA. Though most Republicans believe that rolling back DACA is a solid legal decision, they are conscious of the difficult emotional terrain. Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch joined Ryan in cautioning Trump against rolling back the program.

The president is likely to couch his decision in legalese. Many on the right, even those who support protections for children brought into the country illegally through no fault of their own, argue that DACA is unconstitutional because former President Barack Obama carried it out unilaterally instead of working through Congress.

Some Republican lawmakers, including Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, have said that Congress needs to pass a law to protect the so-called Dreamers.

“My hope is that as part of this process we can work on a way to deal with this issue and solve it through legislation, which is the right way to do it and the constitutional way to do it,” Rubio told CNN in June.

Trump’s expected decision to scrap DACA represents another challenge for Ryan and fellow congressional Republicans….


Trump and the ‘Dreamers’……Which way does he go?

During last years Presidential campaign Donald Trump expressed support for the undocumented immigrants who applied for the Obama Admin program known as the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals program, commonly known as DACA…..

But Trump has been under pressure from his conservatives to keep shipping ANY undocumented person in this country out….

A decision is due by Sept. 5th…..

Hundreds of thousands of people could become eligible for deportation from the U.S. over the next two years if President Trump phases out an Obama-era program for certain undocumented immigrants, a move that reportedly may soon be announced. But the Trump administration may have already had an effect on who participates in the the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals program, commonly known as DACA.

For months, some pro-immigrant groups have warned against sending in new applications for the program, saying that the detailed information given to confirm eligibility could be used to deport enrollees or family members in the future. And a new poll shows that some of the people who are already enrolled may be afraid to renew their applications as a result of that possibility.

An online survey of DACA recipients1 found that about 20 percent of respondents who were eligible to renew their status had not yet done so. Roughly one in four of that group cited fears that the government would use the updated details to identify them for law enforcement purposes, according to the soon-to-be published report from United We Dream and other groups that was provided to FiveThirtyEight.

Of those who are in the program but not yet eligible for renewal, 28 percent said they would be less likely to reapply when the time comes because of law enforcement concerns. The estimates are rough, due to the challenges inherent in polling undocumented people, but they provide a glimpse of the concern from some so-called dreamers that their personal information could be used for deportation….


Senate GOP Leader McConnell offers a ‘half loaf’ DHS funding try….

He’s between a rock and hard place….

It appears that McConnell is offering a clean DHS funding bill WITH Dreamers program intact But would stop Obama’s executive actions

Sorta of a ‘half a loaf’…..

On Monday evening, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell moved the Senate toward a standalone bill narrowly targeting the president’s 2014 executive action and sparing the 2012 action aimed only at certain young immigrants. It’s the GOP leader’s first step in trying to disentangle the immigration fight from a funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security.

Senior Republicans said privately earlier in the day that the party may have no choice now but to fund the agency on a short-term basis. The length of a so-called continuing resolution isn’t clear, but McConnell plans to discuss the matter with GOP senators in a closed-door lunch on Tuesday.

The dual efforts — to potentially move a short-term funding bill and attack the immigration policies separately — are meant to signal to conservatives the GOP will continue to battle the president on immigration without jeopardizing DHS funding. While passing a short-term continuing resolution without restricting Obama on immigration would likely clear the Senate, it faces an uphill climb in the House, where it is unclear if conservatives will view the GOP’s evolving tactics as a run toward political cover.