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The Donald Trump Alternate Universe…

The Washington Post does a piece on Donald Trump and his ability to operate in a ‘Alternate Universe’ where he can say and do just about anything and get away with it like no other can…

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The 71 year old Real Estate guy from New York has little understanding of what his job is supposed to be…So he’s just been himself…But now in front of the whole world to scratch their heads at…..

And his followers and supporters to follow, if they also sometimes wish he would act more ‘Presidential’….

Trump has internalized the belief that he can largely operate with impunity, people close to him said. His political base cheers him on. Fellow Republican leaders largely stand by him. His staff scrambles to explain away his misbehavior — or even to laugh it off. And the White House disciplinarian, chief of staff John F. Kelly, has said it is not his job to control the president.

For years, Trump has fired off incendiary tweets and created self-sabotaging controversies. The pattern captures the musings of a man who traffics in conspiracy theories and alternate realities and who can’t resist inserting himself into any story line at any moment.

President Trump on Nov. 29 delivered a speech in St. Charles, Mo., about the GOP tax plan. He also spoke about Kim Jong Un, Hillary Clinton and Christmas.

“In an intensely polarized world, you can’t burn down the same house twice,” said Alex Castellanos, a GOP campaign consultant. “What has Donald Trump got to lose at this point?”

Castellanos added that for many voters, and especially Trump’s base, there’s an “upside” to his bellicosity. “A strong daddy bear is what a lot of voters want,” he said. “Right or wrong, at least he’s fighting for us.”….



I do a post like this about once a month when Trump does something off the track….

Anyone else notice when you Google just ‘Trump’ you get HIS home site?