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Americans are worried about losing their healthcare coverage…Poll….

A good amount of Republicans continue to bring up efforts to repeal the Affordable Helathcare law also known as Obamacare….

This is probabaly something that will cost them votes down the road by pissing people off….

Congress may have moved on from health care. The public has not.

With taxes and spending, debt and defense piled up on Congress’ extremely full plate this month, a new poll by POLITICO and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health shows that Americans remain sharply focused on health care — but Republicans and Democrats aren’t looking at the same things.

Republicans say their top priority is making another attempt at getting the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, repealed and replaced.

Democrats say theirs is getting the Children’s Health Insurance Program funded. Congress missed a Sept. 30 deadline to renew federal funding, and now coverage for 9 million low-income kids is enmeshed with all the other year-end spending fights.

Given a list of 15 policy issues pending in Congress, Republicans put Obamacare repeal on top. Forty percent called repeal an “extremely important priority” and 33 percent said “fixing the current problems” in the health care law was a top concern. Obamacare beat out other top priorities for Republicans, which included halting unauthorized immigration (38 percent), cutting taxes (35 percent), and boosting national defense spending (34 percent).

The unrelenting emphasis on Obamacare — when so many other issues float on and off the public’s radar — suggests it’s truly a defining, gut issue for the GOP…..



Republicans BY THEMSELVES have done what President Obama and Democrats couldn’t do….Make take the  new healthcare program acceptance above 50%….

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McConnell wants Trump to make up his mind on Alexander/Murray Bipartisan Healthcare Bill….

I just did a piece on how Donald Trump keeps talking about the Senate Cassidy/Graham Healthcare Repeal bill….

Let’s face it?

That Trump talk is is just deal making….

It turns out that Trump’s people are ALSO talking to Senate Majority Leader McConnell and Senate Minority Leader  Schumer about the Alexander/Murray Bill which McConnell and Schumer KNOW  know has the votes to pass in the Senate….

The bill would keep the Affordable Healthcare Bill known as Obamacare intact ….(There is NO chance of a outright Repeal)

McConnel is asking for cover from the White House for his people since the Conservatives in the House are gonna NOT be happy…..( Trump keeps talking about adding things to the finished product to keep his parties conservatives from calling him and complaining …McConnell wants him to ‘man up’ and decide what he’s do)

Don’t forget….

Donald Trump just wants a win on ANYTHING….

He REALLY doesn’t care about the fine print…..

He just wants to read the media and go golfing….

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said he is ready to move a bipartisan health-care bill but needs President Trump first to clarify what he will sign.

“What I’m waiting is to hear from President Trump what kind of health-care bill he might sign,” McConnell said in an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “I think he hasn’t made a final decision. When he does, and I know that we’re not just debating it, but actually passing something to be signed, I would be happy to bring it up.”

Last week, Sens. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) and Patty Murray (D-Wash.) announced an agreement to restore federal payments that help offset out-of-pocket health insurance costs for low-income Americans. The deal would give states more flexibility in how they regulate health coverage, a conservative goal.

But the administration signaled to Senate Republican negotiators Friday that it also wants to give individuals and employers retroactive relief from the Affordable Care Act’s insurance mandate, according to individuals briefed on the matter, a request that is sure to anger Democrats….


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If Trump and Congress don’t bring back the healthcare subsidy?…Another one kicks in….

A new wrinkle has been added to the football of healthcare insurance subsidy payments….

It seems that there are fail safes in the law that kick’s in if one type of subsidy is gone….ANOTHER subsidy would become available …This one would make available tax credits that would replace the subsidy money gone….And could be used by even MORE people that us the current system…(The number of uninsured Americans is reported to have risen recently by one poll)

Insurance companies would raise rates , but a good amount of people who idamize their taxes could claim the higher payments and rcoup some of the increased money they paid to insurers from the government…This would surely cost the government MORE than just paying the insurance comoanies direct since it requires more papaerwork and handling….

This would NOT help those low-income people who need the current subsidy availablity up front….(But they have states lining up to sue the Trump Admin to free the subsidy money….The US Senate has the votes to pay the subsidies for 2 years, but the House is another thing)

If President Donald Trump prevails in shutting down a major “Obamacare” health insurance subsidy, it would have the unintended consequence of making free basic coverage available to more people, and making upper-tier plans more affordable.

The unexpected assessment comes from consultants, policy experts, and state officials, who are trying to discern the potential fallout from a Washington health care debate that’s becoming even more complicated and volatile.

What’s driving the predictions? It’s because another subsidy that’s part of the health law would go up for people with low-to-moderate incomes, offsetting Trump’s move.

“It’s a kind of counter-intuitive result,” said Kurt Giesa, a health insurance expert with the Oliver Wyman consulting firm.

Think of pushing down on one end of a see-saw and the other end goes up.

According to one estimate, more consumers would sign up for coverage next year even though Trump says the Affordable Care Act is “virtually dead.”….



The chances of the Affordable Healthcare Law (Obamacare) going away in its entirety are remote….

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Healthcare Uninsured rate begins to climb back up…

It’s much lower than before the ASffordable Healthcare program began, so the Obamacare program IS working….

But with the Republicans working hard to get rid of the program, which now is liked by a majority of Americans?

A drop isn’t a good thing…(The Blame HAS to involve the Republicans)

The Gallup report doesn’t include data proving the causes of the uptick in the number of uninsured, but the likeliest explanation includes a mix of factors that include shortcomings of the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance marketplace itself, and actions taken by President Donald Trump and the Republican-led Congress.

Although premiums for people who get health benefits from their employers ― the most common source of health coverage in the United States ― have held relatively steady in recent years, the same can’t be said for the price of health insurance from an exchange or bought directly from an insurer. The share of Americans in this segment of the insurance market without health insurance increased from 20 percent at the end of 2016 to 21.3 percent as of Sept. 30, Gallup reports.

Premium increases on the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchanges rose sharplyin many parts of the country from 2016 to 2017, putting coverage out of reach for households that qualified for little or no financial assistance. Those who are eligible for tax credits to reduce their monthly insurance bills generally are shielded from rate hikes because their subsidies increase to compensate, but those who must pay full price bear the brunt of the rate hikes. Even so, the uninsured rate rose slightly more last quarter for low-income households than for higher earners.

In addition to those underlying issues in the market regulated by the Affordable Care Act, Trump and the GOP Congress have created uncertainty about the state of the exchanges and the future of the health care system that likely depressed enrollment…..


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What’s next for the Affordable Healthcare Law?

Axios looks at the options , particularly from the US Senate side , which blocked efforts to repeal the law….

Image result for sen murray/alexander

All things considered, the HELP Committee’s hearings this week about stabilizing the Affordable Care Act went incredibly well. Republicans, Democrats, senators, governors and insurance commissioners are more or less on the same page. And, miraculously, nearly every member was on their best behavior, avoiding partisan jabs at the health care law or one another.

But it’s easy to have a good hearing. There’s still a long way to go before the finish line. Here’s what’s ahead, both short-term and longer term.

Committee: The details will be crucial, but it seems highly likely that HELP Chairman Lamar Alexander and ranking Democrat Patty Murray will be able to pull off an agreement.

  • “I wouldn’t bet against Lamar Alexander and Patty Murray,” Sen. Michael Bennet told me, a sentiment echoed throughout the committee.
  • The final package is likely to be pretty simple: Funding for cost-sharing reduction subsidies paired with more flexible state innovation waivers. It’s looking pretty likely that the subsidies will be funded for two years, in exchange for adding a less comprehensive “copper” plan option for people older than 30.
  • But it’s unclear how the process moves forward. Murray said she doesn’t know exactly how it’s going to play out yet, but a senior GOP aide told me they’re skeptical the committee has time to mark up legislation.
Floor: Assuming the committee reaches an agreement, it would seem to stand a good chance of passing — at least in the Senate. The question is when. (The House is a different matter — and President Trump would have to sign it, too.)….
image…Seattle PI
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A critical look at Single Payer Insurance for America….

The Atlantic has apiece that looks at what a single payer health insurance program for America my look like….

It would usher in major changes for the American healthcare system and everyones taxes…

But it WOULD mean healthcare coverage for all….

Republicans’ failure—so far—to repeal and replace Obamacare has breathed new life into the single-payer dream. In June, the majority of Americans told Pew that the government has the responsibility to ensure health coverage for everyone, and 33 percent say this should take the form of a single government program. The majority of Democrats, in that poll, supported single payer. A June poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation even found that a slim majority of all Americansfavor single payer.


Liberal politicians are hearing them loud and clear. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders reportedly plans to introduce a single-payer bill once Congress comes back from recess—even though no Senate Democrats voted for a single-payer amendment last month. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has also said“the next step is single payer” when it comes to the Democrats’ health-care ambitions.

But should it be? It’s true that the current American health-care system suffers from serious problems. It’s too expensive, millions are still uninsured, and even insured people sometimes can’t afford to go to the doctor.Single payer might be one way to fix that. But it could also bring with it some downsides—especially in the early years—that Americans who support the idea might not be fully aware of. And they are potentially big downsides…..



Single Payer Insurance isn’t coming to America…

And with this post I expect some who come here to be VERY critical of even the piece…But both side of the argument for and against the program should aired….

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Skinny Senate Healthcare Repeal ?

That’s the flavor of the day after a second failure by Grand Ole Party Senate Majority McConnell to get a majority vote for a clean Healthcare Bill repeal…

But a skinny bill would NOT survive in the House probably….

What’s a guy to do?

Even a bare-bones repeal of Obamacare is no sure thing in the Senate.

A handful of key Republican senators who had spurned earlier overtures from GOP leadership endorsed the latest plan to gut Obamacare’s individual and employer coverage mandates and its medical device tax. But several centrists said they’re undecided on the so-called skinny repeal, leaving the GOP in limbo through at least the end of the week.

Jockeying on the scaled-back approach came as the Senate rejected a straight repeal of Obamacare in a 45-55 vote Wednesday. The night before, senators turned aside a comprehensive replacement plan that had been crafted by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The roll calls were the latest reminders that GOP leaders’ best hope at this point is just to get something — anything — through the chamber with a bare majority and into a conference with the House.

“Sure. There’s plenty we agree on,” said Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas) late Wednesday when asked whether he can get 50 votes. One challenge for GOP leaders is “trying to explain the concept that we need to do it this way, as opposed to solving all the problems in a Senate bill now.”

Cornyn said broader negotiations on Medicaid reforms and other divisive issues would likely re-emerge in bicameral negotiations with the House. But some Republicans are worried that those talks would revive efforts to wind down a Medicaid expansion that’s benefited their states….




Dems asked CBO to score what’s rumored to be in the GOP’s “skinny repeal.” Verdict: 16m uninsured, premiums rise 20%

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McConnell throws in the towel…Healthcare Bill pulled…May try straight Repeal like Trump suggests…

The Senate Majority Leader has pulled the current Senate Healthcare Bill after yesterdays announcement that there are four solid votes against it….

Trump tweeted yesterday that his adopted party should just vote for a straight Repeal which of course would throw the countries Healthcare Insurance in a knot of uncertainty ….

The Republicans are fighting themselves on this…

And a full Repeal sounds more unreasonable than what has just failed….

And will most assuredly fail also.

Cause a straight repeal would need 60 votes….

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said on Monday night the Senate will try to separate the ObamaCare repeal and replacement efforts, closing the door on the current GOP healthcare legislation.

“In the coming days, the Senate will vote to take up the House bill with the first amendment in order being what a majority of the Senate has already supported in 2015 and that was vetoed by then-President Obama: a repeal of Obamacare with a two-year delay to provide for a stable transition period,” McConnell said in a statement.

The move means Senate Republicans will try to repeal ObamaCare now, while kicking a replacement until after the 2018 mid-term election.

The 2015 ObamaCare repeal bill passed the Senate 52-47, with GOP Sen. Susan Collins (Maine) and then-Sen. Mark Kirk (Ill.) the only Republicans to oppose it.

McConnell will need to overcome procedural hurdles if he wants the Senate to get to a vote on a repeal-only proposal. He’ll need at least 50 senators to support getting on the House-passed legislation, which is being used as a vehicle for any Senate action.

And separating the two could force Republicans to get 60 votes — and the support of Democrats — on the replacement legislation.

It wasn’t immediately clear when the Senate would try to pass the repeal legislation. The upper chamber is expected to be in session until Aug. 11, when members will leave town until early September…..


Oh, by the way?

Trump is already blaming the Democrats (and few Republicans) for his adopted party failure on their efforts….

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