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We have never let Hillary Clinton speak for herself….


By DiesIrae  @Daily Kos…..


Say what you want about her politics — love her, hate her, oranything in between — throughout her career one thing is constant. No one has ever accepted Hillary Clinton’s right to speak for herself.

In the early 90s, it was all about how she was too liberal. It was the conventional wisdom that she was far more liberal than her husband. I still remember all the attacks on her for being an outspoken feminist, and the refusal to accept her desire to work for the public interest.

In the late 90s, she was attacked relentlessly for choosing to stay with her husband despite his affair. Never mind that being her personal choice. Then when she got into politics, she was smeared with all the usual tropes against strong women in politics: ambitious, calculating, ruthless.

(Is it any wonder that she reacted by forming a shell? The media, led by certain outlets we all know and love, spent a decade tearing her to shreds not just as a politician, but as a person. She emerged with a siege mentality which arguably handicapped her for the rest of her political career).

In 2008, she lost a heartbreaking primary. She dealt with defeat in an incredibly graceful way, endorsing her opponent unambiguously, with passion, and working her heart out to get him elected. After the election, she accepted an offer to serve as his Secretary of State.

What did she get in return? She became a lightning rod for grievances against the president from the left. All of Obama’s deviations from perfection — not to mention her husband’s — became her responsibility. In late 2015 and early 2016, she was accused at every turn of being a secret Republican. Of being against universal health care despite having proposed it and fought for it in the early 1990s. Of being singlehandedly responsible for Iraq, Afghanistan, and every other foreign policy mistake over the last 25 years (say what you want about her decisions, some of the criticism was far over the top). Of being a tool of Wall Street. Hell, she was accused of being anti-choice.

The fact that these criticisms were the exact opposite of the criticisms thrown at her in the 1990s was irrelevant. Neither narrative really matched reality. Clinton has been a fairly mainstream Democrat for her entire political life…..


The anti-Hillary Clinton feeling among Democrats is actually LESS than the anti-Obama among Dem’s in 2008…


All the worrying about Sanders people not moving over to Clinton in the end is probably vastly overblown….

Almost every Sanders supporter I know that is rational KNOWS their guy ain’t gonna be the Democratic nominee…

They may not like it when I go back and forth with them…..

But when asked if they will let Donadl Trump get by without their vote?

Most get quiet and admit they REALLY won’t contirbute to THAT…..

So it is good to point out trhat the same anger and grief was apparent in 2008 when it because clear that Barack Obama would be the Democratuic nominee….

I know that personally…

I was for Clinton….

Took me a few days….

But like the GOPer’s….

I had to readjust my head to point in different direction….

Afte that?

I was fine….

And right now?

Despite the feeling out their on social media and political media….

The support for Hillary Clinton is actually pretty darn good….

Republican voters remain remarkably pessimistic about the state of their party. More than eight in 10 call the party divided, and 43 percent say they are discouraged about its future. About two-thirds think Mr. Trump can unite the party this year.

By contrast, fewer than half of Democratic voters say their party is divided, and eight in 10 are hopeful about its future. More than eight in 10 think Mrs. Clinton can unite the party after the primaries end next month.

However, Mrs. Clinton is still contending with resistance to her candidacy from supporters of Mr. Sanders as their contest carries on and grows more contentious. Twenty-eight percent of Mr. Sanders’s primary voters say they will not support her if she is the nominee, a figure that reflects the continuing anger many Sanders supporters feel toward both Mrs. Clinton and a process they believe is unfair…

Still, the Democratic resistance is less widespread than it was in the 2008 primary. While 72 percent of Mr. Sanders’s supporters say they would vote for Mrs. Clinton this fall, a Times/CBS News survey taken in early May 2008 found that only 60 percent of Mrs. Clinton’s supporters said they would vote for Barack Obama in the general election.

Mr. Trump, his primary race decided, is still confronting opposition from some of the voters in his party who backed other candidates. Three in 10 voters who supported other Republican candidates said they would not vote for Mr. Trump in November….


Hillary Clinton rewrites her 2008 run for the White House…

I have commented here how Hillary Clinton seems have switched it up eight years fatre losing the Democratic nomination race to Baracak Obama ….

I remember the Texas/Ohio primaries where Clinton THOUGHT she got wins , but didn’t in Texas…I  remember her winning in Ohio….And how those two states set her on her game for the rest of the run…But that it was too late….Obama had got a lead and stayed ahead even as Hillary got wins in big states…I remember the Super Delelegate wishes that she had…Only to see them fad away…..

All that hope that Hillary Clinton HAD is what the Bernie Sanders people are going thru now….

For Hillary Clinton it has to be sweet…..

She has her lost the last time to teach her to wirk harder…

She has Bernie Sanders to make her work harder…

She has….

Sanders will need to win about 58 percent of the remaining 2,000 or so elected delegates to tie Clinton. Since the Democrats allot delegates proportionally, that means he’d need to win about 58 percent of the vote in the average remaining state to Clinton’s 42 percent, meaning he’d need to beat Clinton by around 16 points the rest of the way. Sanders would also have to overcome Clinton’s huge lead in superdelegates, although that’s probably the least of his worries. (If Clinton goes from winning the average state by double digits to losing it by the same margin, something cataclysmic will have had to have happened, likely sending her superdelegates scurrying for the exits.)

The second half of the calendar appears more favorable to Sanders than the states that have voted so far. Pretty much all of the South has voted, other than Maryland (if you consider it a Southern state), so Clinton doesn’t have many more delegates to rack up there. Not very much of the West has voted, and it will probably be a good region for Sanders. New York has lots of delegates, and could be interesting for Sanders, as could California. Pennsylvania could theoretically be a good state for Sanders, although it appears less promising for him after Clinton’s big win in Ohio.

Sanders can’t afford to merely come close in these states, as he did on Tuesday. Nor would narrow wins suffice. He needs to win these states going away to make up for his delegate disadvantage.

There’s no particular reason to expect he will do so….


Bernie is in the same place Hillary was in 2008…..

He wasn’t supposed to have any chance of winning the nomination….That’s different…

But the rest?

With more wins than ANYONE expected….

He still doesn’t have that chance….

But in the trun of events that happen in life…

And Politics?

Bernie Sanders is playing the narrative the Hillary Clinton campiagn for President endured in 2008….

Chasing the leader…..

With Hope….

But no real way to win….


Wall Street Journal
Hillary Clinton is benefiting from the same delegate formulas that were her undoing eight years ago http://on.wsj.com/1P8d38t via @WSJPolitics


Hillary Clinton Update…Dysfunction 2.0?

We start the last 24 hours with running story AGAINST Hillary Clinton at the State Department…..

It seems that during her time there she used a private email account to communicate with various government employees…It seems that ALL of the other US Secretaries of State used the SAME practice , which IS LEGAL (John Kerry is the first to use ALL of his thru the State Dept)…..She used an additional government email account to also communicate within government circles…

The Clinton people have turned over 55,000 pages of private email when requested to do so….

This is NOT a big deal …..Except?

It could be…..

Hillary Clinton is resisting announcing her run for the Presidency….

While OTHERS have been up and running campaigns to support her efforts to run…

She does NOT actually have a organization in place…

Does that remind one of something missing in the past?


This Dog has pushed for Hillary to get into the race earlier…

She has not….

In not doing so…She is inviting Republicans and the Media to throw down on her without having a strong response group in place….

Frankly it seems amateurish….

She ran a terrible campaign in 2008…..

It didn’t right itself until too late then….

I hope she does mess around this time and do the exact same thing….

A early look at the people who will NOT be running a 2016 Clinton Campaign….

Josh Horowitz went out and asked four key people from the 2008 Hillary Clinton campaign if they would join and 2016 campaign run….

Since the 2008 campaign was a mess…..

No one would want to step back into something like that, right?

photo of Howard Wolfson and Hillary Clinton during the 2008 campaign…nymag.com

The  old staff, Howard Wolfson, Neera Tanden, Mark Penn and Patti Solis Doyle have moved on….

Hillary Clinton WILL have to do Better this time…..

Howard Wolfson, the 2008 communications director for Hillary Rodham Clinton, has said he will not return for a 2016 presidential campaign. Neither, for that matter, will Neera Tanden, the campaign’s policy director. Ditto for Mark Penn, the chief strategist, and Patti Solis Doyle, the embattled campaign manager.

As core members of a dysfunctional “Team of Rivals,” these top advisers were seared, scattered and, to different degrees, forged by the 2008 experience. Haunted by the failures in management and messaging, they have worked hard to get over their shattered White House dreams and rejection by a Democratic base enamored with Barack Obama. They express their requisite hope that Clinton will run and win, but also their lack of interest in jumping back in.

Clinton, who declined to be interviewed, moved on more quickly than many of her senior staff by going to work for Obama as secretary of state. She refuses to acknowledge the 2016 speculation but has privately suggested that the obstacles to running aren’t exactly insurmountable. “She did tell me once that she was really thinking about Chelsea and [son-in-law] Marc,” said Susie Tompkins Buell, a Democratic donor and friend of Clinton, “and how she didn’t want to disrupt their lives.”

The 2008 campaign did precisely that to many of Hillaryland’s denizens. It was a campaign structure that pitted an “A team” of advisers against one another and created a climate of anxiety as a “B team” of potential outside replacements from the Clintons’ White House and Senate orbits hovered.

Now, as Clinton repositions on issues such as gay marriage, reconnects with donors and crowds out potential rivals, the nearly two dozen veterans interviewed for this article debated who among them could or would come back. That spotlights an overlooked consideration for Clinton: With the former core team apparently intent on staying out, can Clinton rebuild an inner circle capable of running and winning a presidential campaign? Will she reach into the tightknit Obama machine for talent, again borrow from her husband’s brain trust or elevate the understudies?