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Harvey Is Nothing To Do With Global Warming…..


It ain’t no shark and it ain’t no warming neither

Houston’s flood this week is due to hubris and bad planning rather than global warming.  But hey would we not have to blame someone if it was planning?

Houston for those of us who have never passed through it, is one of those enormous post second war urban sprawls that ooze out across the West.  It was never the cowboys, John Wayne or General Custer that tamed this land, more like General Electric, General Motors and Westinghouse.  The air conditioner, personal cars and the refrigerator opened the land around Houston to become the huge 627.5 square mile of monster city it is today.

And it’s the way you build them that causes much of the problem.

Houston is low lying and near the coast.  And in what might possibly be a clue, much of what has been built on, was swamp.  So it always was prone to flooding.  This is not something new.  And then we need to factor in that much of the rest of the unchecked unregulated development was on prairie.  Now prairie is an interesting eco-system being grass with very deep roots that go far underground.  It is permeable to a fault.  The grass itself grows high and so when water hits prairie there is plenty of places for it all to go, sucked up into the grass above ground or sequestered down in the roots.  What the City fathers in their planning regulations, and the developers only out for a quite sale, have done is turn a sponge into a bathtub.

So, the developers paved over all that prairie with housing, roads, car parks, concrete, concrete, concrete etc, and hey they only discovered afterwards that the water had to go somewhere.  Surprising absolutely no one in particular, it ends up in areas that had not flooded previously.  Because, well it had nowhere else to go.


And its all downhill to downtown

Next despite what might pass for common sense, the developers filled up the existing flood plains with more buildings.  Even as far back as 1980 there were concerns about building on floodplains and next to bayous.  But noone did anything.  Hey it was Boomtime what could possibly go wrong?  And naturally these developers did not have to put their hands in their corporate pockets to ensure that as they developed the housing they upgraded the infrastructure to allow cast water to be taken away.  And no one seems to have asked them to do that….


Federal court rules against Congressional District Texas maps….

The ruling mirrors  out Federal Courts rulings against Southern State lawmakers drawing up districts that discriminate against minority  resident’s of their state…

Three federal judges have ordered Texas to redraw congressional district boundary lines after ruling the Republican-led state legislature intended to discriminate against minority voters in crafting the original boundaries.
The decision is almost certain to be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, setting up another battle on the eve of the decennial reapportionment and redistricting process that could determine how far parties may go to tilt the political scales in their favor.
The federal judges said, in an opinion issued late Tuesday, that congressional districts held by Reps. Blake Farenthold (R) and Lloyd Doggett (D) were drawn with the intent to diminish the political power of minority voters.
The two districts were drawn in 2013, two years after the initial round of new maps came under scrutiny by federal judges. The court ruled Tuesday that the new lines continued the discriminatory intent first demonstrated under the initial 2011 lines….

Political Roundup for June 7th, 2017…Support FOR Immigration Rises in Texas…RRH Elections…

Texas IS moving LESS Red by day…..

For an incredible peek at the political future of the red-but-blueing Sunbelt, check out the Rice University Kinder Institute for Urban Research’s 35th and 36thannual Houston Area Surveys; the Kinder Institute’s polls have long been the most comprehensive non-U.S. Census survey of any American locale. The annual project has not only tracked changes in Greater Houston’s economy and its demographics but also trends in Harris County residents’ opinions on questions of urban development, religion, LGBT issues, abortion, politics, race relations, diversity, immigration, economic policy, criminal justice, and more (and, in the last two years, those of Montgomery and Fort Bend residents as well).

A teaser: Whereas 45% of Harris County residents in 2010-11 agreed that “Immigrants to the U.S. generally contribute more to the American economy than they take,” that number had steadily risen to 63% by 2016-17. In the same years, support for the idea that “The increasing immigration into this country today mostly strengthens, rather than threatens, American culture,” rose from 46% to 65%. Finally, while 55% of Harris County residents in 2010-11 believed that “The U.S. should admit the same number or more legal immigrants in the next ten years as were admitted in the last ten years,” that number grew to 71% in 2016-17. Of interest, these trends have also been broken down by age and race (with white Harris Baby Boomers earning their own section). Similarly, strong growth has been noted in support for LBGT issues and in opposition to the death penalty and mandatory prison sentencing for non-violent drug offenders.

I highly recommend looking through the wealth of public opinion data and trends found in these reports; they likely yield insights not only for understanding political trends in Greater Houston but also those in similarly high-growth Sunbelt metros like the Research Triangle, Charlotte, Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, and Nashville. In any case, the national GOP would be wise to take these trends into account when planning to fight the blueing of these metros, many of America’s fastest-growing…..


Texas Republican AG Pexton ndicted by grand jury on 3 fraud charges…

…from Reuters….

The attorney general of Texas has been indicted on securities fraud and other charges over an alleged scheme to mislead investors in a technology company, the New York Times and other media reported on Saturday.The three-count indictment against Ken Paxton, a Republican, will be unsealed in Dallas on Monday, when the former longtime state lawmaker is expected to turn himself in to authorities, according to the Times.

The newspaper named Kent A. Schaffer, one of the two special prosecutors handling the case, as one of its sources.

Reuters could not immediately confirm the report, and a spokesman for the attorney general could not be reached for comment on Saturday afternoon.


George Prescott Bush – New Kid On Block…

…from the Oligarchkings….


Yep it was all a bit like groundhog day down in Texas on Tuesday. They elected a Bush for office. A new bush, burning with youth and vim, albeit from that same family of oligarchical deadwood that insists on imposing itself on the nation’s political leadership.

Not content with ol’ great granpappy Senator Prescott Bush back before the war, or his son, GP’s granpa President George Herbert Walker Bush, or his non-entity uncle President George W Bush nor yet even his own father Governor Jeb Bush we see yet another bloody Bush (Bushbaby anyone?) step out blinking into the well greased glare of corporate handouts and lobby managed public appearances.

Oh yes, George Prescott Bush, 38 years old and a Fort Worth Attorney and energy consultant, is the grandson of one former president and nephew of another and son of a Governor and managed to win out against the relatively unknown former El Paso Democratic Mayor John Cook in the running of this week’s 2014 mid-term elections.

Bush baby comes with significant relevant baggage in Texas, as uncle former President George W. Bush, was also Texas governor….


Wendy Davis Texas Update….The Politics of Losing?

She came on the political scene with a bang….

Attractive, smart and with a hard luck story….

But she was after all a Democrat running in bright red Texas….

It is a high bar to get over…

Things did NOT get any better when the fact that some of her hard luck story sprang leaks….

She has NOT been a strong campaigner either….

Now with polls showing her chances of winning in November small…..Politico sits down and talks to her….

She starts off by knocking the national Democratic people who hitched to her wagon when the media circus started with her….But have since quietly backed out of the room….

Democrats are hedging their bets with positives even if Davis loses as they expect….

The Davis campaign’s bet is that, with the help of the grassroots-focused group Battleground Texas, it can increase turnout just enough with women and minorities to push her into viable territory. The campaign also touts its ground game: by its count, nearly 18,700 people have volunteered in some capacity, knocking on about 170,000 doors and making more than 1.4 million phone calls.

Davis noted that the financial support has been “groundbreaking in terms of the sheer number of people donating to the race.” (Her team claims more than 133,000 individual donors.)

“I think people looking from the outside, in, judge Texas’ past elections as an indicator of who the people in Texas are and who the voters are,” Davis said. “But what they don’t understand is, a lot of folks felt really discouraged and have just been staying home. What’s most remarkable about this race and the number people who have been disengaged for a long time, who are [now] re-engaged.”

Still, Davis consistently remains more than 10 points behind Abbott, the current state attorney general.

“It has been 20 years since a Democrat has won a statewide election in Texas, and by God, we’re not going to let that record be broken this year,” Abbott said to the Texas GOP convention earlier this month.

She also suffered some bad headlines this year when a Dallas Morning News story highlighted a handful of small discrepancies in her biographical narrative. And her team has gone through several shake-ups. Most recently, Karin Johanson, a veteran national Democrat, left as campaign manager, a move all described as amicable but which surprised some Democrats in Washington and was met with glee by Republicans. She’s being replaced by state Rep. Chris Turner, who is widely respected in Texas if less-known nationally.

But it was the DGA dustup that best highlighted national Democrats’ long-simmering skepticism about Davis’ chances.

“One, it’s Texas,” said a national Democrat familiar with the race. “Two, the Davis campaign, coming out of…a big national event, had the strategic imperative to make sure she was defined as something more than an abortion filibuster candidate, and given the early hiccups, I’m not sure they ensured that imperative…And then the third piece of why this is tough is because, Greg Abbott, we agree on nothing, but in terms of being a candidate he’s well-funded, he seems to have united a very strong Texas Republican Party. These are all fundamental factors in the race.”



Turning Texas Blue…With or Without Wendy Davis….

Texas IS a BIG place…..

For the last few decades it has voted for Republicans for Governor and President…..

The population of the state is growing in Latino’s…

They vote mostly for Democrats who seem to WANT them , Not Republicans in general who don’t….

State Senator Wendy Davis is running for Governor, a Democrat, she is at least 10% behind her GOP opponent  Gregg Abbott, and is given little chance in capturing the state house….(If Democrats don’t come out and vote, that is…)

But THAT is NOT stopping Battleground Texas and other groups who are working to increase the number of Texan’s that can vote for Democrats ‘in general’….

It IS a certainty that as the Texas population keep growing, white Republicans will over taken by black, browns and yellows….

Some of them will vote GOP…But most will be for Democrats….

The object is to get them to vote……


Even if Wendy Davis doesn’t win….

The groups will be out across Texas , signing people up…..

…..after Mr. Obama’s re-election, Jeremy Bird, the campaign’s national field director, started Battleground Texas, a grass-roots political organization whose goal was to make Texas competitive, a long-term effort intended to take root by the 2020 presidential election, at the earliest.

Then, Ms. Davis declared her candidacy.

With the task of door-knocking in a state larger than France, Ms. Davis’s campaign has essentially tried to absorb Battleground Texas as her field operation in a race against Greg Abbott, the state’s Republican attorney general. That has put added scrutiny on the group and has created a dynamic that is at times awkward. And now that their fates are intertwined, Battleground Texas may shed some momentum should Ms. Davis, a state senator, lose.

“Frankly, what’s complicated the Battleground situation is the emergence of Wendy Davis,” said James R. Henson, a professor at the University of Texas at Austin and the director of the school’s Texas Politics Project.

Battleground Texas volunteers like Mr. Bejarano must recruit voters by (delicately) explaining that the cause is bigger than Ms. Davis’s race. “The tension is there, and it’s inevitable,” Mr. Henson added. “But,” he said of the Davis campaign, which trails Mr. Abbott’s by double digits in most polls, “if you’re bleeding to death and you get a blood transfusion, you tend not to argue too much with where the blood is coming from.”

Ms. Davis delivered a pep talk to the small crowd of volunteers here before they were sent throughout the city. She said in an interview that Battleground Texas’ get-out-the-vote efforts were exactly what would make a difference for her campaign. “Texas is not a deep-red state,” she said. “Texas is a state where people have been staying home.”


Ted Cruz IS popular in Texas…But Hillary is doing better than Obama in 2012 and Dem’s have issues running for them on the whole…

Crazy header from the PPP Texas Poll, huh?

Texas Senator Ted Cruz leads the 2016 GOP Presidential Sweepstakes in his state….


Hillary is doing better than Obama was coin and Texas SUPPORT Medicaid expansion, a higher Minimum wage and Equal Pay (Why isn’t Wendy Davis getting traction on this stuff?)

PPP’s newest Texas poll makes it pretty clear that when it comes to politicians Ted Cruz is the top dog in the state. Cruz has a better net approval rating than both Rick Perry and John Cornyn at +12, with 47% of voters approving of him to 35% who disapprove. Cruz also continues to lead the Republican primary field for President in the state with 25% to 14% for Jeb Bush, 10% each for Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, and Rick Perry, 5% for Chris Christie and Paul Ryan, and 4% for Bobby Jindal and Marco Rubio.

Perry’s approval numbers may be on the rise, but there’s still little appetite for a repeat White House bid from him among voters in the state. Only 23% think he should run in 2016, compared to 66% who think he should sit it out. Even among GOP primary voters only 34% think he should make another bid with 52% dissenting. Republicans do, by a 46/38 spread, want Ted Cruz to seek the Presidency in 2016 but among all voters only 32% think he should make a bid to 54% who say no. We tend to find in most states that voters aren’t keen on their home state politicians running for President.

All of the potential Republican candidates for President lead Hillary Clinton in Texas, although the margins are all much closer than what Mitt Romney won by in 2012. Rand Paul does the best with a 10 point advantage at 50/40, followed by Mike Huckabee and Jeb Bush with an 8 point lead at 50/42, Ted Cruz up 7 points at 50/43, Rick Perry with a 5 point edge at 49/44, and Chris Christie with just a 2 point advantage at 44/42.

There’s no questioning that Texas is a conservative state but on a trio of hot button issues going on right now public opinion there sides with the Democrats…..


Ted Nugent apologizes for calling President a ‘subhuman mongrel’…

He should have watched his mouth in the first place …

Even in speaking for the Red Meat rightwingnuts…..

The rocker said he was sorry for using “street fighter terminology of subhuman mongrel,’” and admitted “I did cross the line.”

“Ted Nugent’s derogatory description of President Obama is offensive and has no place in politics. He should apologize,” Paul tweeted Thursday night.

Republican Gov. Rick Perry (Texas) also criticized Nugent on Thursday for the “mongrel” comment.

“I’ve got a problem with someone calling the president a ‘mongrel.’ That is an inappropriate thing to say,” Perry said on CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.”

Nugent made the comment in an interview at a Las Vegas trade show last month.

“I have obviously failed to galvanize and prod, if not shame, enough Americans to be ever vigilant not to let a Chicago communist-raised, communist-educated, communist-nurtured subhuman mongrel like the ACORN community organizer gangster Barack Hussein Obama to weasel his way into the top office of authority in the United States of America,” Nugent said.

Nugent campaigned for Greg Abbott’s (R) Texas gubernatorial race this week


Texas AG Greg Abbott stands by Ted Nugent in Texas..And moves even further to the right there…

image of Greg Abott (l.) and Ted Nugent…Politico

Ted Nugent has been outspoken in attacks on his President…..

The state is looked at as solid ‘Red’ state …..

Wendy Davis, A current Democratic State Senator is running against Abbott for Governor….

It appears that Aboot is turning even more to right to campaign for the Governorship….

Attorney General Greg Abbott of Texas, the leading candidate for the Republican nomination for governor, on Tuesday defended his decision to campaign with the pro-gun musician and conservative commentator Ted Nugent a month after Mr. Nugent called President Obama a “communist-nurtured subhuman mongrel.”

The campaign events and Mr. Nugent’s long history of inflammatory speech stirred outrage among Democrats in the state, including Mr. Abbott’s main Democratic rival, State Senator Wendy Davis, who called the decision to campaign with Mr. Nugent “an insult to every Texan.”

But Mr. Abbott defended the move, calling Mr. Nugent at the first of two campaign events a “fighter for freedom.” Mr. Nugent, speaking at that event to a crowd of Mr. Abbott’s supporters at a restaurant in the Dallas suburb of Denton, said the attorney general was “my friend” and “my blood brother.”

The two campaign outings, which came at the start of the 10-day early voting period leading up to the March 4 primary election, illustrated the increasing degree to which Texas Republican leaders have either embraced extreme political speech or flirted with those who hold such views. Top local and statewide elected officials have advocated impeaching Mr. Obama and suggested their support for Texas secession…..


Here’s Daily Kos on this……

After calling Obama a ‘subhuman mongrel,’ Ted Nugent campaigns for Texas’s Greg Abbott

by Hunter @ Daily Kos

That Ted Nugent still exists is not really interesting news, but that Ted Nugent is still sought-after by Republican candidates and a reliable draw for Republican crowds remains a bit surprising. He’s currently campaigning for Texas goobernatorial candidate Greg Abbott.

The aide said the campaign originally had 100 people commit to their event Tuesday morning at a Denton restaurant, but when it announced Nugent was coming, the number of expected attendees tripled.”On a Tuesday mid-morning at a local restaurant in Denton, Texas, that’s a lot of people,” the campaign aide said.

I suppose you can premise the large (for a restaurant) crowd on the obvious car wreck appeal of seeing Ted Nugent in person. That Greg Abbott has no qualms about having the frothing bag of crazy associated with his campaign, though, that’s not something you can generously explain away.

Just last month, he called the president a “subhuman mongrel” in an interview with Guns.com.”I have obviously failed to galvanize and prod, if not shame enough Americans to be ever vigilant not to let a Chicago communist-raised, communist-educated, communist-nurtured subhuman mongrel like the acorn community organizer gangster Barack Hussein Obama to weasel his way into the top office of authority in the United States of America.”

You’ve gone nuts, Republican Party. There just isn’t a debate to be had on this. You’ve gone nuts….

GOP White Guy hides his color in the race…Beats his black Democratic challenger….

This guy pulls a fast one in his race for the Houston Community College Board of Trustees….

Republican Dave Wilson, a white anti-gay activist who won a local election in an overwhelmingly Democratic and black district in Houston last week, denies he pretended to be black.

During his campaign for Houston Community College Board of Trustees, Wilson sent mailers with photos of African-Americans, encouraging voters to elect their “friend and neighbor Dave Wilson.” Wilson on Monday said the mailer was “target marketing.”

Wilson’s narrowly defeated Democratic opponent, Bruce Austin, called it deceptive and “disgusting.” “This is one of the few times a white guy has pretended to be black guy and fooled black people,” Austin said.

Even Wilson said he had considered the race “a long shot” before he won.

In an interview with CNN on Monday, Wilson denied the deception charges, saying he didn’t want race to be “a deciding factor” for voters.

“I didn’t put my picture out there because I wanted to stick with the issues,” Wilson said. “They know what I look like.”



Texas PPP Poll 11/7/13…Mixed Results for Ted Cruz…Bad ones for Perry…

In Texas …The Texas Conservative Republican Ted Cruz is the First choice of his state voters in this polling sample….To Run FOR President….


He Drops to Four place in the behind Bush, Christie, and Paul when matched AGAINST Hillary Clinton in a 2016 run…..


Tea Party types DO NOT run as well against Hillary as others, something I have gone out of my way to emphasize here repeatedly…..

The Poll has REAL Bad news for Rick Perry…That…. Even in his home state….

-Although Cruz has abysmal favorability numbers in most of the rest of the country, his net approval rating in Texas is the same as it was in June. 47% of voters approve of him to 41% who disapprove. It was 42/36 last time around so he’s better known now but as his profile has risen equal numbers of voters have grown to approve or disapprove of him.

And then there’s the bad news:

-50% of Texans say that Cruz has been bad for the state’s reputation to only 37% who think he’s been good for it. Among independents those numbers are even worse with 58% feeling he’s hurt the state’s image to only 36% who think he’s been helpful.

-Even in Texas 56% of voters say they opposed the government shutdown to only 38% who were supportive of it.

Hypothetical Presidential match ups with Hillary Clinton for 2016 are a little bit closer than you might expect for Texas….



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