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Why isn’t Superman….Ah?…Super?

The Atlantic Magazine does a whole piece on DC Comic’s Superman character and how he seema to have lost his way…..

While the Marvel Universe is moving along making TONS of money in everyday with it’s characters…..

It seems that we are left to see a Superman these days that is is anything but inviciable like he’s supposed to be…

I mean look at the trailers for the new movie…Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice….

Superman and Batman getting into it?


Superman is suppose to be SUPER….

Batman IS tough…

But lets face it…

He’s sup[posed to be HUMAN….

The guy bleeds ….

Superman flys and is bullet proof ….

At least he was?

Trailers for the sequel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, have shifted the focus (and top billing) to the Dark Knight. Worst of all, conventional wisdom puts the blame on Superman himself. He’s boring, people say; he’s unrelatable, nothing like the Marvel characters dominating the sales charts and the box office. More than anything, he seems embarrassing. Look at him. Truth? Justice? He wears his underwear on the outside.

Behold! I give you the problem of Superman. It’s a problem that has less to do with the character himself and more to with DC Comics, which found itself stuck with a flagship character it thought needed fixing. In trying, it broke him nearly beyond repair….