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Political TV highlights this January 2016…

……To plan your family’s post-holiday viewing pleasure…..

Next Tuesday 12 Jan. – State of the Union message & response: most networks, 6 p.m. PST/9 p.m. EST

Next Thursday 14 Jan.Republican presidential debate, Charleston, S.C.; Fox Business Network, 3 p.m. PST/6 p.m. EST – other GOP candidates; 6 p.m. PST/9 p.m. EST – major candidates

Sunday 17 Jan. – Democratic presidential debate, Charleston; NBC, 6 p.m. PST/9 p.m. EST

Thursday 28 Jan. – Republican presidential debate, Des Moines; Fox News, 6 p.m. PST/(8 p.m. CST)/9 p.m. EST (not clear to me if an earlier debate will be held for lesser candidates; maybe enough will have withdrawn to make a single stage more feasible than in the first 2015-16 debate last August)


President Obama presents his Budget….

It comes in about 20 boxes full…..

It’s a political document….

It needs to be approved by the Republican led Congress….

It won’t look much like it started off as….

President Obama will unveil a $4 trillion budget Monday, featuring an ambitious public works program, a one-time tax on foreign profits kept overseas by corporations, tax credits for middle-class Americans, and a 1.3 percent pay raise for federal employees and troops.

The massive document is a blueprint for what Obama has been calling “middle-class economics,” but congressional Republicans are likely to view it merely as the president’s opening bid in a contentious process designed to forge a tax and spending plan for the new fiscal year.

The document will become, if not law, another defining moment for the president as he tries to carve out priorities for his remaining two years in office. Administration officials have tried to map out potential political trade-offs by offering elements such as a corporate tax revision that could appeal to Republicans, while asking for more spending on infrastructure.

But the president is also seeking to fund his proposals by raising taxes on the richest Americans, an approach that has immediately drawn Republican opposition.

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), appearing on television Sunday, rejected many of Obama’s ideas for raising taxes on the wealthy as “envy economics.”

The president’s budget features a six-year, $478 billion public works program for upgrading the nation’s infrastructure, including roads, railroads and ports.

The package is bigger and stretched over more years than Obama’s earlier unsuccessful requests for infrastructure money.

The administration is proposing to pay for the ambitious program in part with revenue from a one-time mandatory 14 percent tax on about $2 trillion in profits that corporations have been keeping overseas in order to avoid corporate income taxes here. The tax would be a sizable hit on multinationals and a way of discouraging them from parking money in foreign countries.

The administration also is seeking to lower the corporate federal income-tax rate to 28 percent from 35 percent by closing loopholes.

And the president wants to raise pay for federal workers and troops by 1.3 percent, which would be more than the 1 percent pay bump given to them the past two fiscal years….


American’s come back to President Obama…Poll

A new ABC poll mirrors others in showing that dispite his own party running away from him last November?

HIS apporval numbers ARE climbing….

A better economy and a President that seems to standing alone against the Republicans has Americans standing more and more behind Barack H. Obama these days……

President Obama will head into Tuesday’s State of the Union with his highest job approval numbers in 18 months, according to a new poll released Monday by the Washington Post and ABC News.

Half of all Americans say they approve of the president’s handling of his job, while 44 percent disapprove. That represents a striking nine-point jump in approval from December.

More Americans say they trust Obama than the Republican Congress to address the nation’s biggest problems, by a 40-36 percent margin. That’s an eight-point swing since the election.
And 41 percent of Americans say the economy is now in “good shape,” up from 27 percent just three months ago. That’s the best economic sentiment since before the recession. The number of Americans who say the country is headed on the wrong track is down 12 percent from last fall.

The bounce has been driven largely by a rebound among millennials — whose support has risen 19 points since December — and Hispanics, who were likely encouraged by his executive action on immigration. Obama’s approval rating is up 22 points among Hispanics, and 10 points among Democrats.

But the president has also seen his numbers jump 11 points among conservatives, and 11 points among men, who tend to favor Republicans.

The rosy economic outlook has also given momentum to some of the president’s other policy priorities….



If this continues and the President KEEPS battling the GOPer’s?

Hillary Clinton will NO problem being associated with Obama in her run for President…..

Giving her a HUGE advantage in trying to be America’s first Woman President…..

The President’s Real Clear Politics approval average contiues up @ 44.8 %


Political Dates in 2015…..

The noteworthy political dates in this year are laid out in a Politico piece…..

The race to succeed President Barack Obama gets fully underway in 2015, a silent primary before the real ones are held. Already, likely candidates are planning book releases, reaching out to donors and booking travel to the early states.

But if the last weeks of 2014 were any indication, Obama has no intention of merely limping through his final two years, even though he faces a Republican-controlled Congress. And many of the issues he and GOP leaders must grapple with this year could affect the presidential race.

Obamacare remains vulnerable to unraveling, from both the judicial and legislative branches. NSA surveillance, immigration and Iran will all get moments on the front burner in the coming months. Some issues are sure to divide what looks to be a large and unwieldy 2016 Republican field. Others could provide a means to attack the likely Democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton.

As far as when Clinton will announce her 2016 candidacy? That’s still a mystery. Regardless, there are plenty of other key dates to watch for in 2015. Here’s a sampling:

Jan. 13 — The book tours begin
Marco Rubio’s book, “American Dreams: Restoring Economic Opportunity for Everyone,” comes out on the second Tuesday of January, the first in a slew of tomes being peddled by potential presidential candidates.

Such books, which tend to be anodyne at best, are a handy way for hopefuls to introduce themselves to activists on their own terms, give an excuse for travel to early primary states, generate media and make cash……
Jan. 20 — The State of the Union
Obama delivers his penultimate State of the Union address at 9 p.m. Eastern. He’ll outline areas where he might be able to reach agreement with Republicans, but he’s also likely to sound more liberated than in recent years, when he was determined to protect red-state Democrats. Last year, Obama stressed his willingness to use his executive authority when Congress does not take action.
As Obama heads into the twilight of his presidency, the State of the Union becomes less relevant. The more interesting speeches are likely to take place in state capitals, where several Republican governors considering presidential runs are getting sworn in or delivering State of the State addresses………

Feb. 24 — Chicago mayor’s race
Rahm Emanuel, the former White House chief of staff, must get at least 50 percent of the vote to avoid an April 7 runoff in the race to lead the Windy City. The incumbent’s most formidable challenger, the president of the city’s teachers union, decided not to run after being diagnosed with a brain tumor last fall……

Feb. 25-28 — CPAC
The Conservative Political Action Conference is the year’s first truly national cattle call for would-be 2016 Republican candidates. Thousands of activists descend on the Gaylord convention center just outside D.C. for three days of speeches…..

Feb. 27 — Immigration fight
Conservatives are still hopping mad over Obama’s executive action protecting millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation. In February, they’ll get a shot at weakening the president’s hand……

For the entire and complete list….Here….

Ranking the 50 States by Politico….

Politico Magazine rounded up 14 different state rankings from reputable sources like the Census Bureau, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the FBI, and on important factors such as high school graduation rates, per capita income, life expectancy and crime rate. Then we averaged out each state’s 14 rankings to come up with a master list—atop which sits none other than New Hampshire. The approach isn’t scientific or comprehensive (hey, neither was Mencken’s), and not all states are created equal—California’s economy is the world’s eighth largest, for instance, and Texas’s population outranks that of most countries. We also hold no grudges against the State of Mississippi, which came in last not just overall but on four of the individual lists, and certainly don’t attribute its woes to “hordes of barbaric peasants,” as Mencken did. But given that eight of the lowest-ranking states on our list overlap with the bottom 10 on his, maybe less has changed in the past 83 years than you’d think.

Overall rank (1 = best)


State Governor


New Hampshire Maggie Hassan (D)


Minnesota Mark Dayton (D)


Vermont Peter Shumlin (D)

The rest of the rankings Here.....

Obama may screw the Dem’s in the Senate on earmarks….

When I heard this lat night I kinda did a double take….

WTF did he say that?

Did he actually mean that?

Did it come from him?

Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu and Harry Reid are shown in a composite. | AP Photos

Ben Nelson (left), Mary Landrieu and Harry Reid differ with the president on earmarks. | AP Photos


President Barack Obama picked a fight Tuesday with his Senate Democratic colleagues over earmarks – and he’s well-positioned to win this battle against the parochial projects.

After Obama surprised lawmakers in his State of the Union address with a bold threat to veto all bills with earmarks, Democrats in the Senate grew visibly frustrated, denouncing the president’s call as a power grab that’ll have little-to-no impa

But the reality is that Democrats face a political climate that makes it virtually impossible to get any earmarks through this Congress if Obama and Republicans in Congress maintain their opposition. Abandoned by their president, Democrats in the Senate have essentially become boxed-in on the issue. Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) says no appropriations bills with earmarks will pass the House, and Senate Republicans have also embraced a moratorium on the pet projects. That means House Republicans, Senate Republicans and the president would have to cave in if any earmarks are to become law this year.

Democrats aren’t happy about it, even if they know they have little chance of winning the fight.


You DO know if he prevails he will have screwed both sides off the aisle out of money to bring back to their districts….

I really don’t think ALL forms of  earmarks are going away…

The Dog….

Substance ….Not style….Impores Nate Silver on the State of the Union address….

Forget all the noise that going on about the speech tonight…

Where does the President want to go?

Thgat’s the important part…

And I think Nate’s right….

State of the Union: Watch the Strategy, Not the Polls


The State of the Union this year once again coincides with what I call “Hype Week,” the period between the N.F.L. conference championships and the Super Bowl (now 13 days long) in which absolutely nothing of interest seems to take place.

The two share more in common than you might think. Could there be anything as dull as a discussion about, for instance, which Congressmen are going to sit next to one another to watch the speech? Well, there is the Pro Bowl.

More to the point: Despite the media buzz that surrounds them, neither is likely to have any discernible impact on public opinion.

The evidence for this, as my fellow polling geeks are fond of pointing out, is quite clear.

Read more…

CNN's Candy Crowley get's the John King 'State of Union' Sunday spot……

Candy Crowley

Candy Crowley will succeed John King as anchor of CNN\’s Sunday morning program, “State of the Union.”

King announced the selection of Crowley shortly before 10AM ET on-air. He will anchor a 7PM newscast on the network, a replacement for “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” which went off the air in November.

“Candy’s rare combination of shrewd insight and healthy irreverence for the games politicians play has made her one of the most honored political journalists and a cult figure among CNN viewers,” CNN/US President Jon Klein said in an announcement. “Every Sunday she’ll translate Washington-speak into plain English that every American can understand, as she has been doing better than any reporter on the beat for decades.”

We here at the Dog….. wish her the best………

President Barack Obama does Barack Obama…he turns from a fight……

The Dog is sniffing around the today….on the President’s State of the Union and the ‘state of the Democrats’……

The President…… it would seem with his speech…… has done what he always does…and changed directions in response to the ‘Scott Brown effect’…..leaving his poor Congressional members in the middle of the street with their pants down fending for themselves……

The Dog was going to post one story on Healthcare last night….but had to stop, because there where too many different stories…..as there is now …who knows what will happen with the program?……

The Republican’s are jubilant …feeling that they repeated their historical ‘roll’ of an upstart democratic rookie  president, just like they did to Bill Clinton 20 years ago…….(they shouldn’t forget he went on to serve two terms)

The Democrats are asking…..Ok what do we do now?……

In his state of the Union Healthcare was mentioned about four times……that’s it……The popular word these days is jobs (Merlin called this)…..

Liberals and Progressives once again get screwed……

It shouldn’t hurt them too much….He’s been screwing them since the Iowa primaries…..

Note:…..While Obama is putting off the pain…The Dog believes he is wrong…he should trim the Bill get it done…and move on……