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Two Koreas Form Single Ice Hockey Team for the Winter Olympics…

The two countries have had limited direct talks excluding America….

The two Koreas announced on Jan. 17 plans to march jointly under one flag when the games starting Feb. 9 in the South Korean ski resort of Pyeongchang. In addition to the hockey team, the two countries will conduct some activities in North Korea, including a joint cultural event at Mount Geumgang and training for skiers from both countries at the Masikryong ski resort on the east coast.

It will be the first time the two Koreas have marched together during the opening ceremony of an international sporting event since 2007, and the ninth time overall, according to South Korea. The two Koreas haven’t competed under a single banner since 1991.

While the detente was praised by officials at the United Nations and breaks months of brinkmanship over Kim’s nuclear program, tensions remain. On Wednesday, just as the two countries were announcing the Olympics agreement, a North Korean state-run newspaper also called on South Korea to stop its military drills with the U.S….


Could North Korea start an Asian Nuclear arming race?

As it becomes increasing evident that North Korea IS a new memeber of the world’s nuclear nation club…..Other Asian nation’s begin to think about acquiring nuc’s to protect themsilves from North Korea’s possible black mail….

Donald Trump’s noise and attempts at foreign policy seems to be falling on deaf ears….

As North Korea races to build a weapon that for the first time could threaten American cities, its neighbors are debating whether they need their own nuclear arsenals.

The North’s rapidly advancing capabilities have scrambled military calculations across the region, and doubts are growing the United States will be able to keep the atomic genie in the bottle.

For the first time in recent memory, there is a daily argument raging in both South Korea and Japan — sometimes in public, more often in private — about the nuclear option, driven by worry that the United States might hesitate to defend the countries if doing so might provoke a missile launched from the North at Los Angeles or Washington.

In South Korea, polls show 60 percent of the population favors building nuclear weapons. And nearly 70 percent want the United States to reintroduce tactical nuclear weapons for battlefield use, which were withdrawn a quarter-century ago.

There is very little public support for nuclear arms in Japan, the only nation ever to suffer a nuclear attack, but many experts believe that could reverse quickly if North and South Korea both had arsenals….


North Korea has tested a high yield atomic bomb….

Sources in Japan have confirmed that North Korea set off a nuclear blast underground…

The action is in the face of American warnings for the country to cease it’s efforts to produce the capability to put on line a ballistic missile system with the ability to reach America and elevate itself to membership in the exclusive nuclear able club of countries …(The country has continued to test out ballistic missiles..)

Efforts by China to stop the North Korean’s have also fallen on deaf ears…

The US and other Asia countries are holding their annual military drills in South Korea and THAT has the North Korea’s nervous….

Trump is meeting with his National Security staff, which cautions against  a military response to the taunts from the  North Korea’s….

They are showing that absent whatever they want in talks?

They will press ahead to assure that military intervention in their plans will coast the US and South Korea grave consequences….

The Trump admin is between a rock and hard place on this….

North Korea carried out its sixth and most powerful nuclear test in an extraordinary show of defiance against President Trump on Sunday, saying it had detonated a hydrogen bomb that could be mounted on an intercontinental ballistic missile.

The test, which the North called a “complete success,” was the first to clearly surpass the destructive power of the bombs dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II.

Mr. Trump threatened last month to bring “fire and fury” to North Korea if it continued to threaten the United States with nuclear missiles, but the country and its leader, Kim Jong-un, has appeared unmoved, with the test on Sunday preceded by the launch last week of a ballistic missile over Japaninto the north Pacific.

“North Korea has conducted a major Nuclear Test,” Mr. Trump said in an early-morning post on Twitter. “Their words and actions continue to be very hostile and dangerous to the United States.”

Mr. Trump described the North as a “rogue nation” that has become “a great threat and embarrassment to China,” its main ally. He also scolded the government in Seoul, saying “South Korea is finding, as I have told them, that their talk of appeasement with North Korea will not work, they only understand one thing!”

The announcement from North Korea came hours after the country declared that it had developed a hydrogen bomb that could fit into the warhead of an intercontinental ballistic missile.

Still, it was unclear whether the North had in fact detonated such a weapon, a far more powerful type of nuclear device than the atomic bombs it has tested in the past. And analysts were skeptical that Pyongyang had really developed the capability to mount one on an ICBM…..



The action by the North Korea’s has been widely condemned by other countries , not just the US…

South Korean’s keep on….

They  live with the North Korea threats and provocations daily…..

And the threat is now against Guam?

In South Korea, a close U.S. ally whose capital city risks bearing the brunt of any armed confrontation between Washington and Pyongyang, the most striking reaction on Wednesday to the latest escalation of nuclear threats was the general lack of public alarm.

Seoul’s ubiquitous coffee shops are full of teenagers fiddling with their smartphones. Tourists swarm the city’s palace grounds, museums and barbecue restaurants. All over the streets, hand-held electric fans have become a must-have item to beat the August heat.

“I didn’t see the news about Guam,” said Mr. Song, while browsing at a stationery store in downtown Seoul. “Where’s Guam located?”…..


Military Power has got this country into problems…Open Thread for April 13, 2017

I just saw something that I think is crazy and dangerous….

There are reports that the Trump Admin is ‘leaking’ threats to attack North Korea attempts to put together a nuclear ballistic missile test…

Yes …ATTACK , like the Israeli’s did back in the day in the Middle East…

I hope this isn’t a game of chicken…

North Korea is country that has a huge military…

Soeul, The main city in South Korea is only 30 miles from the DMZ, which has tens’s of thousands of US and South Korean soldiers….

A strong push by more than 100,000 communist troops is gonna be a problem…

Trump and the General’s have surely been emboldened by their Syrian and Afghanistan military actions…

But neither country is anywhere close to the ability of the North Korean military which is thought to have simple nuclear weapons and military in the millions…

I hope cooler heads prevail….

America does NOT need to go back to World War II fighting two military actions on both sides of the planet…

In a statement Thursday, North Korea issued a warning to the U.S. — should it take action — of a “merciless retaliatory strike.”

“By relentlessly bringing in a number of strategic nuclear assets to the Korean peninsula, the US is gravely threatening the peace and safety and driving the situation to the brink of a nuclear war,” North Korea’s statement said.

South Korea foreign minister Yun Byung said U.S. officials have “repeatedly reaffirmed that” the U.S. “will closely discuss with South Korea its North Korea-related measures.”

“In fact, the U.S. is working to reassure us that it will not, just in case that we might hold such concerns.”

President Trump on Thursday tweeted that he has “great confidence that China will properly deal with North Korea.”

“If they are unable to do so, the U.S., with its allies, will! USA,” the president tweeted….


The NY Times has a detailed look at the on the ground action by the North Korea’s that has alarmed American Intelligence and military people...Here…

There has been a drop in Woman leaders arround the Globe….

Image result for hillary clinton and female leaders

Hillary Clinton wasn’t the only female that lost a chance to lead her country, and the number of women leaders replaced by men also increased…

Across the world, 2016 was a disappointing year for women in politics. Hillary Clinton and Keiko Fujimori of Peru lost extremely contentious presidential elections. Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff and South Korea’s Park Geun-hye were forced from power by corruption scandals and massive political protests. In fact, there are now half as many women holding the highest political office in their country (nine) as there were in the spring of 2014 (18). Within only a few years, the number of female leaders has fallen to what it was in 2009….


image….Clockwise from left: Theresa May, Hillary Clinton, Arlene Foster, Angela Merkel, Leanne Wood and Nicola Sturgeon.
Photos: Jonathan Hordle/Bryce Vickmark/ZUMA Wire/BPI/NIVIERE/SIPA/Tracey Paddison/REX/Shutterstock

Forget Worrying about Iran…North Korea is ALREADY testing Nukes…

Right before the Worlds eyes little  and poor North Korea IS developing  workable atomic bomb devices and is also developing the means to send those weapons anywhere in Asia and across the Pacific….

While America is looked to the East….

The most Dangerr may well be in the East….

North Korea conducted its fifth underground nuclear test on Friday, its government said, despite threats of more sanctions from the United States and the United Nations. The latest test, according to South Korean officials, produced a more powerful explosive yield than the North’s previous detonations, indicating that the country was making progress in its efforts to build a functional nuclear warhead.

The test confirmed the explosive power and other characteristics of a “nuclear warhead that has been standardized to be able to be mounted on” its ballistic missiles, the North’s nuclear weapons institute said in a statement on Friday.

The episode unfolded less than a day after President Obama concluded the final Asian tour of his presidency and highlighted the conundrums that the North Korean threat presents to the United States and China, which have often been at odds over how to respond to the bellicose acts of the North’s leader, Kim Jong-un.

In Washington, Ned Price, a National Security Council spokesman, said: “We are aware of seismic activity on the Korean Peninsula in the vicinity of a known North Korean nuclear test site. We are monitoring and continuing to assess the situation in close coordination with our regional partners.”

The nuclear test sets the stage for a new round of tensions on the divided Korean Peninsula and heightens anxieties elsewhere in Asia and beyond. For the past two decades, Washington has been struggling in vain to stop North Korea’s aggressive, anti-American leaders from arming the country with nuclear weapons.

Although it was long thought that North Korean nuclear and missile tests were intended as muscle flexing for both internal and external consumption, and as a way to exact concessions from the great powers, a growing number of experts and officials say that the North may be committed to assembling a nuclear arsenal that would include smaller weapons that could be mounted on short-range missiles.

Ms. Park said later on Friday that the latest test proved a “fanatical recklessness of the Kim Jong-un regime.”…


Can President Obama switch to the Asian theatre?








A bit more than a year ago the White House and Pentagon came out with this grand move to switch up their Foreign Policy and Defense focus from the Middle East to Asia…..

The West was downsizing in the Middle East, The Russian’s where our friends and China was flexing in the South China Sea….


Things haven’t gone quite that way have they?

President Barack Obama is heading to Asia this week with a simple message: The pivot is real.
The Marine Corps is beefing up its deployments to Guam and Australia. The Navy is sending more ships to Japan. And Obama, who leaves Tuesday, could use his stop in the Philippines to announce that Manila and Washington have finally agreed on new U.S. military rotations there, more than 20 years after the last American troops left. He’s also visiting Japan, South Korea and Malaysia.

The White House’s problem is that even after years of talking about the strategic “rebalance” to the western Pacific, the president and his administration still face a wall of skepticism from regional governments and critics inside Washington. Obama and his top officials love to talk about focusing on Asia, the argument goes, but they do not walk the walk.

The Pentagon’s budget is projected to remain flat at best. The military services that were supposed to enforce Washington’s commitment to Asian security are shrinking. Their ships, aircraft and equipment are aging. Meanwhile, neither Republicans nor Democrats in Congress appear to seriously expect anything to stop the resumption of sequestration in fiscal 2016.

China and the major Asian powers, meanwhile, have begun a regional arms buildup on their own.
“The Asia-Pacific shift is going to happen. The question is whether we will be ready for it, whether we will be prepared for it,” said Virginia Republican Rep. Randy Forbes, an outspoken critic of the administration’s defense policies. “What was wrong was for them to cut all the resources out so they couldn’t actually make that pivot.”

And it’s about more than money, said Robert Hathaway, director of the Wilson Center’s Asia Program — America’s Asian allies worry about its ability to keep its eye on the ball.



On North Korea flexxing against America….and What North Korea Realy is….

A piece from the Atlantic that looks at the treat from North Korea against the US….Remote but possible….And a more challaging p[ossibility for South Korea and Japan….

And What North Korea really is….

Which is a inward looking country that seems to care less about what the US and the world wants, but has allied itself closer to China to balance out the US…..A Country that is having a bit of a economic comeback…..A country that IS inward looking but does export it’s people around the planet….a country like others that sticks to the international agreements it likes but maynot on ones it doesn’t….

And lastely…..

North Korea has an army Several times the size of the American Army and possess nuclear weapons…..

Every day the media is filled with reports of North Korea threatening to attack the United States and its close allies. An escalating cycle of threat and counter-threat has been going on for the past few months. It started with the North’s partially successful long-range rocket test in December, was followed by its third test of a nuclear bomb in February, new U.N. sanctions in response to those tests, U.S.-South Korean military exercises, Pyongyang’s bellicose threats to launch strikes against the United States, and now the temporary deployment of long-range U.S. B-2 bombers, capable of carrying nuclear weapons, to South Korea.

Americans should be deeply concerned about these events. While the North may eventually be able to put a nuclear weapon on top of a long-range missile and attack the United States, Pyongyang’s bombs can already reach our friends in South Korea and Japan. There is also a danger that North Korea may export nuclear technology to other rogue states, like Iran and terrorist groups. Remember that the North did send a nuclear reactor for producing bomb-making material to Syria — luckily Israeli warplanes destroyed the unfinished facility in 2006. The danger of exports will grow in the future if the North’s nuclear arsenal continues to grow….


North Korea moves on with a third nuclear bomb test….

While people worry about Iran…..

North Korea moves steadily ahead with developing it’s nuclear capability by testing a larger bomb….

The noise keeps coming from the United States, China and the rest of the world….

But the fact is North Korea IS building its nuclear capabilities and there REALLY isn’t anything anyone else can do…..(no one is talking about bombing North Korea’s program)

Security analysts cautioned there is no immediate way to verify the North’s claim that it has successfully manufactured a smaller — or miniaturized — warhead, and they added that the North sometimes exaggerates its claims. Still, the country’s latest nuclear test marks the clearest sign yet of its intentions and could be followed by subsequent blasts — tests that are necessary if the North wants full confidence that its nuclear devices work reliably, analysts say.

The North hinted at such a path Tuesday, with its Foreign Ministry saying in a statement that it was prepared to take unspecified “second and third stronger steps in succession” if the United States maintained its “hostile approach” toward the North.

Tuesday’s test was conducted in the face of strong opposition from the United States and its allies. It also drew sharp condemnation from China, North Korea’s strongest patron. President Obama said the North’s weapons program represented a “threat to U.S. national security and to international peace and security.”

In New York, the U.N. Security Council said it “strongly condemns” the test as a “grave threat” to world peace, and it pledged to immediately start negotiations on a legally binding Security Council resolution that would impose unspecified new measures against Pyongyang.

The statement by the 15-nation council after a meeting Tuesday morning set the stage for another high-level U.S.-led effort to persuade China to support a tougher response to North Korea….


President Obama heads to South Korea for a Summit and the DMZ for the 3rd time….

President Obama is aboard Air Force One as I type this post headed out to Asia once again…..

President Obama is headed to Asia (again) for his first foreign trip of the year. The White House has not been shy about its attempts to try to strengthen U.S. relationships and economic ties in that part of the world: Obama’s last trip abroad was an eight-day swing around the Pacific Rim.

The destination this weekend is Seoul, the third time in as many years that the president has visited South Korea. The draw this time is the second Nuclear Security Summit, a meeting of more than 50 foreign leaders on the topic of improving the security of nuclear material and preventing nuclear terrorism.

The summit is an Obama administration initiative, born out of his 2009 speech in Prague, the Czech capital, which outlined his broader plans for nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament. Obama set a goal of locking down all “vulnerable nuclear material around the world within four years.”

He convened the first summit in Washington in April 2010. That effort was welcomed by many nuclear policy experts who have warned for years that nuclear security was an overlooked and increasingly dangerous vulnerability. Al Qaeda has declared its interest in obtaining nuclear material.

In his assessment of the threat, Matthew Bunn, associate professor at the Belfer Center at Harvard, called the possibility of a group making a weapon using highly enriched uranium “very plausibly within capabilities of a sophisticated terrorist group.”Unlike nuclear safety, which refers to the safe operating of a nuclear reactor, nuclear security — how a country locks down, stores or eliminates fissile material -– is not governed by a single international body or subject to international standards or monitors.

The Washington summit garnered dozens of voluntary commitments from countries eager to show they were in for the project. The commitments varied considerably in significance. Some were minor promises to hold a conference or improve training. Others, in the case of Chile, involved the removal of all highly enriched uranium from its territory.



For  a look at what it takes to move the President of United States around the planet…..Here….

The US ‘flex’s’ against China on the military playing field in the South China Sea…..

While America conducts huge trade with China the fact remains that the US and China are in a race across the plant for resources…

With a population several times bigger that the US….

And apolitical system that is very attuned to unrest…

China needs to keep its peoples feed, clothed and happy….

And Busy…

That means that it must constantly expand…

The South China Sea is important to Japan and South Korea and other nations….

Basic geography dictates that if China where to control that area…

No amount of air travel could duplicate the ability to use the water area their for commerce and easy of travel…

And politcal pressure….

South Korean naval ships follow the USS George Washington during joint military drills in the East Sea, also known as the Sea of Japan.

South Korean naval ships follow the USS George Washington during joint military drills in the East Sea, also known as the Sea of Japan.(Lee Jung-hoon/associated Press)

Faced with a Chinese government increasingly intent on testing U.S. strength and capabilities, the United States unveiled a new policy that rejected China’s claims to sovereignty over the whole South China Sea. It rebuffedChinese demands that the U.S. military end its longtime policy of conducting military exercises in the Yellow Sea. And it is putting new pressure on Beijing not to increase its energy investments in Iran as Western firms leave.

The U.S. maneuvers have prompted a backlash among Chinese officialdom and its state-run press, which has accused the United States of trying to contain China. Yang Jiechi, the minister of foreign affairs, issued a highly unusual statement Monday charging that the United States was ganging up with other countries against China. One prominent academic, Shen Dingli of Fudan University, compared the planned U.S. exercises in international waters of the Yellow Sea to the 1962 Russian deployment of nuclear-armed missiles in Cuba.

U.S. officials explained the moves as part of a broader strategy to acknowledge China’s emergence as a world power but to also lay down markers when China’s behavior infringes on U.S. interests. So at the same time that the administration has welcomed China into the Group of 20 major economies, held the biggest meeting ever between U.S. and Chinese officials, and backed China’s push to increase its influence in the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, it is also seeking to limit what it thinks are China’s expansionist impulses. To this end, the Obama administration has also intensified its diplomacy and outreach to other Asian and Oceanic nations, ending a 12-year ban on ties with Indonesia’s special forces and strengthening its alliances from Tokyo and Seoul to Canberra, Australia.

The strategy has won rare acclaim in Washington among the generally fractious community of China watchers. James Mulvenon, director of Defense Group Inc.’s Center for Intelligence Research and Analysis, called it “a masterful piece of diplomacy” in dealing with China, which, he said, “continues to be this paradoxical combination of bluster, swagger and intense insecurity and caution.”

The decision to confront China on the South China Sea dates back several months, after administration officials noticed that the sea — an international waterway through which more than 50 percent of the world’s merchant fleet tonnage passes each year — had crept into the standard diplomatic pitter-patter about China’s “core interests.” In March, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs Cui Tiankai told two senior U.S. officials that China now views its claims to the 1.3 million-square-mile sea on par with its claims to Tibet and Taiwan, an island that China says belongs to Beijing.

In addition, Southeast Asian nations had informed the United States that they, too, were uncomfortable with China’s pressure on countries and companies interested in exploring for gas and other minerals in the sea.