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The Senate tries to do something about Immigration as promised….

True to his word?

SenateGOP Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has opened debate in his chamber of Congress on Immigration reform…

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There are numerous views among his fellow Senators and several bill idea’s floating around….

But immigration is a tough subject for lawmakers , who have taken the lead in the Senate at trying to come up with something of a bill….

The fate of whatever they would approve is gonna have problems in the US House….

But doing something is a MUST for Democrats who have been leveraged by Republicans who know all to well that they probably have less then 10 months before they possible lose their majority in the House…

Stay tuned for more….

With the fate of hundreds of thousands of young, undocumented immigrants in the balance, the Senate on Monday began an open-ended debate on immigration — an exceedingly rare step that, in effect, will allow senators to attempt to build a bill from scratch on the Senate floor.

The highly unusual debate, expected to unfold throughout the week, will test whether a series of legislative concepts and proposals championed by President Trump and a variety of Republicans and Democrats can garner 60 votes, the threshold for a measure to pass the Senate. No one has any idea how it will turn out.

“Whoever gets to 60 wins,” Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader, told reporters last week. “And it will be an opportunity for 1,000 flowers to bloom.”

The debate kicked off Monday evening with a procedural vote on an unrelated House-passed measure that will serve as a shell for building an immigration bill. By a vote of 97 to 1, with only Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas, dissenting, senators took the first step toward consideration of the underlying measure, as expected.

The push on immigration comes against the backdrop of a ticking clock, and months of congressional inaction…..


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Stop blaming Schumer…It’s the House…

Government Shutdown….



The throw-down has been against Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer….

Despite the noise?

This is about the House….

Schumer can only do so much….

He can’t accept the House terms on immigration that even most Congressional lawmakers won’t….

If House Speaker Paul Ryan is gonna stick to his positions?

There isn’t gonna be a permeant budget vote anytime soon…

…in reality, the 51-49 GOP Senate has never been the problem, especially with Republicans like Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, John McCain and Susan Collins committed to a nonpunitive immigration bill.

When it comes to protecting the Dreamers, Schumer was in a situation akin to a drunk who lost his watch in a dark alley but was searching for it on the main street because “the light is better here.” The Democrats had leverage in the Senate because of the filibuster, but the House has always been the problem on immigration.

Actually, the House would not be such an obstacle if a compromise immigration bill could ever get to the floor for a vote. But the Republicans are slavish devotees to the Hastert Rule — a disgraceful tradition named after a disgraced former House speaker, Denny Hastert.

As long as Ryan will not bring any legislation to the floor that does not have majority support in the GOP caucus, the Dreamers could be held hostage by outrageous demands of House Republicans.

Republican Whip Steve Scalise stressed to reporters Monday that the House majority feels no obligation to consider any Senate-passed immigration bill. Instead, the House Republican idea of an even-steven compromise seems to involve swapping minimal protections for the Dreamers in exchange for the Trump Wall, a sharp 25 percent cut in legal immigration, 10,000 new enforcement agents and a crackdown on cities that do not aid government agents in apprehending immigrants without valid papers….


Democrats hope McConnell will keep his word on Immigration vote…

Democrats ARE pinning their hopse to get the DACA/Dreamers issue and other pieces of Immigration legislation up for a vote by the Feb. 8th next budget vote on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s word….

McConnell is gonna be under pressure from Trump and anti-immigration Republicans to NOT give much of anything to Democrats on a path to citizenship for illegal or legal immigrants ….

Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer will be under even MORE pressuer then his has been by the left of his party to get SOMETHING on Immigration…A failure to do so could cost him dearly…

Asked if she[ Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)] trusts McConnell to follow through, she added: “Chuck Schumer trusts him. I haven’t been party to that discussion, so I really can’t comment. But the strategy was to keep it affixed to a must-pass vehicle because there was great worry that the House wouldn’t pass it. The leadership did it this way; they must know something I don’t.”

Democrats are betting that passing an immigration bill will put pressure on the House and Trump

Instead, many Senate Democrats are slightly refining their strategy. They believe that if McConnell keeps his promise and the Senate passes a bill with overwhelming bipartisan support, that would put the onus on House Republicans to acquiesce or take the blame this time for failing to negotiate.

It’s a risky ploy, given how intransigent the hardline conservatives have been on immigration. But the minority has calculated that it’s the best move they have, rather than risk a shutdown dragging out and Republicans continuing to bludgeon them for refusing to approve a six-year CHIP extension.

“Plus, do they really want to start deporting third-grade teachers on March 5?” he added. “I don’t think so.”…



Some GOPer’s would have NO problem seeing that third -grade teacher detained and sent back to a place he/she never knew….