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Federal Judge tell’s Trump Admin they can’t hold money from Sanctuary Cities and California…

This wasn’t a stretch….

Attorney General Sessiosn threats had be met by strong rebuttal by most of the major American citizens and the entire state of California….

As with some of the othere major mmigration efforts by the Trump Admin?

There OWN words where held against them in the judges ruling…

It’s been almost 100 days of Trump and he his staff do NOT ‘get it’….

Specificis is the way the law works…

And acting like the King in America is sure to get you NOWHERE since power in this country is actually checked by different branches of the government to make sure you CANNOT act as the King…

A federal judge in San Francisco dealt the Trump administration another legal blow Tuesday, temporarily halting President Trump’s threat to withhold federal funding from cities and towns that refuse to cooperate with immigration authorities.

U.S. District Judge William H. Orrick imposed a nationwide injunction against Trump’s Jan. 25 executive order on so-called “sanctuary” jurisdictions and said lawsuits by the city of San Francisco and Santa Clara County challenging the order were likely to succeed.

Orrick pointed to discrepancies in the administration’s interpretation of the executive order, which authorized the attorney general to withhold grant money from jurisdictions that don’t cooperate with immigration officials on deportations and other enforcement actions.

In court, the government’s lawyers suggested cities and towns were overreacting to the order because federal officials have not yet defined sanctuary cities or moved to withhold funding from them. But on television and in news conferences, the judge pointed out, the president and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have threatened to sanction such jurisdictions.

“The result of this schizophrenic approach to the Order is that the Counties’ worst fears are not allayed and the Counties reasonably fear enforcement under the Order,” the judge wrote. “The threat of the Order and the uncertainty it is causing impermissibly interferes with the Counties’ ability to operate, to provide key services, to plan for the future, and to budget.”….


Note …

The judges orderdoes NOT stop the Fed’s from  holding money from local governemnt ‘immigration related’ efforts….

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Sanctuary City Mayor’s vow to stand against President Trump attempts to cut their funding…

While the Trump Admin says it will cut funding to cities that do NOT work with the Federal Government on Immigration enforcement….

It is NOT clear how much money might in involved , nor is it clear that the Admin will get support in Congress for the cuts….

The mayors of American cities large and small reacted with outrage on Wednesday as President Trump signed an executive order saying he would halt funding to municipalities that did not cooperate with federal immigration officials.

The defiant officials — from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and smaller cities, including New Haven; Syracuse; and Austin, Tex., said they were prepared for a protracted fight.

“We’re going to defend all of our people regardless of where they come from, regardless of their immigration status,” Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York said at a news conference with other city officials.

In Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel declared: “I want to be clear: We’re going to stay a sanctuary city. There is no stranger among us. Whether you’re from Poland or Pakistan, whether you’re from Ireland or India or Israel and whether you’re from Mexico or Moldova, where my grandfather came from, you are welcome in Chicago as you pursue the American dream.”


Mr. Trump’s order targeted what are known as sanctuary cities and counties, which generally do not comply with federal requests to detain undocumented immigrants who have been arrested on charges unrelated to their immigration status and turn them over to the federal authorities for possible deportation. Mr. Trump’s order said that jurisdictions that refused to comply “are not eligible to receive Federal grants, except as deemed necessary for law enforcement purposes.”

But while Mr. Trump’s position was broad and biting, it was unclear just how extensive any funding cuts could be. In the current fiscal year, New York City expects to receive $8.8 billion in federal funding for a variety of programs, including education and transportation, to fill out its $84.8 billion annual budget. But the administration’s ability to turn off the federal funds is limited, legal advisers to Mr. de Blasio said.

According to Comptroller Scott M. Stringer, the federal grants that might be vulnerable include $9 million from the Department of Justice and $156 million from the Department of Homeland Security. But because that money is for counterterrorism efforts, it would seem unlikely that it would be cut….


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Most States are NOT gonna rejoin efforts to enlist them in going after undocumented people…

Los Angles will be joined by cities and state around the coutry that will AGAIN resist Federal efforts to dag them into doing Immigration and Customs Enforcement ‘s job…..

We went thru this during the end of the George W. Bush Admin…..

Los Angeles city leaders are considering a series of moves designed to protect immigrants in this city illegally in the wake of Donald Trump’s election, including the hiring of an immigration advocate and policies to prevent L.A. residents from being deported….

Trump said during the campaign that he would withhold federal funds to punish so-called sanctuary cities, including Los Angeles and Chicago, for their lenient policies toward illegal immigration.


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Texas Governor Rick Perry is VERY aware of his states changing demographics….

The recent census has reinforced the notion that population growth in that state is led by Latino’s…..

While Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry has played tough guy on immigration….

He…as then Governor George Bush knows that he needs to make a nice with the Latino’s in his state who will eventually

be the margin of victory in elections in the state….

The Texas state law gives him the ability to set the legislative agenda for the next 60 days….

And he is moving to fulfill campaign promises and smooth a path with Latino’s….

Gov. Rick Perry in Austin on Tuesday.

(Eric Gay/Associated Press)

The first 60 days of a legislative session offer the governor a moment of control over the agenda, and he has decided to point the spotlight, for now, on immigration and property rights, the second issue he declared to be an emergency. He hasn’t done it yet, but passing voter photo ID is a good bet for the next act in the center ring.

The governor is, in effect, alone on the stage. Lawmakers can’t deliberate on bills for the first 60 days of the 140-day session unless he says so, by declaring emergencies. They don’t have to be emergencies, necessarily, but the process allows lawmakers to handle pressing business, while letting the governor drive the agenda during the session’s first weeks. For Mr. Perry, it’s a chance to deal with immigration matters before the budget, redistricting and other issues claim the limelight.

Mr. Perry’s focus on sanctuary cities — those that do not allow their police officers to enforce federal immigration laws — could offer him safe passage through the contentious immigration debate. Arizona wants its police to question the immigration status of anyone they suspect is in the country illegally. Mr. Perry wouldn’t require police to ask, but would allow it.

It’s a fine distinction for a Republican Party trying to win favor with Hispanics while quelling a rebellion from nativist conservatives. Mr. Perry wants to answer the anger of the second group without stoking it in the first.

In the governor’s race, he and Bill White battled over whether Houston was a sanctuary city while Mr. White was mayor. Houston never had an official edict from its City Council or mayor, but the police followed a general order against asking about the citizenship of people who hadn’t been arrested (they did run immigration checks after arrests).

Some, including many police chiefs, argue that asking for papers all the time gets in the way of regular police work and makes it harder for officers to win the trust of citizens whose help is needed to fight crime. Mr. Perry hit that note in a statement last April……

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