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Alabama will certify Doug Jones US Senate win despite Roy Moore…Update…


Doug Jones Officially Wins Alabama Senate Race…..(See below)

Roy Moore need’s to understand that he’s lost ANOTHER one….

He lost to a Democrat…

The people of the state made their choice…

The Deomcrats gain one more US Senator to make the count 51/49 GOP  majority margin down one….

Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill said Thursday that Democrat Doug Jones will be certified as the next senator from Alabama within hours despite a last-minute lawsuit filed by Jones’s Republican opponent, Roy Moore.

Jones defeated Moore by 1.5 percentage points in the Dec. 12 special election, but Moore’s campaign has refused to concede, raising questions about possible voter fraud and filing a complaint late Wednesday.

Merrill told CNN that the complaint won’t delay Jones from joining the Senate.

“What you were asking me is will this affect anything. The short answer to that is no,” Merrill said in an interview with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota.

“Doug Jones will be certified at 2 p.m. Eastern Time, 1 p.m. Central Time. … We will sign the documents certifying him as the senator for the state of Alabama. He will be sworn in by Vice President Pence on the 3rd of January when the Senate returns.”



Alabama officials certified the special Senate election results Thursday, officially declaring Democrat Doug Jones the winner.

Jones is expected to be sworn into office on Jan. 3, his spokesman confirmed. He will be the first Democratic senator to represent Alabama in 25 years….


Looking at the ‘wave’ forming…Some Republicans see a return to working with the Democrats…

The 2018 Midterms are only 10 months away….

The 2018 Budget Bill HAS TO BE voted on sometime next month….

The tax bill has attachments that WILL NEED Democratic votes …..

The Democrats maybe down…But they aren’t out….

Image result for Schumer/mcconnell

In the last few days Donald Trump and Senate leader McConnell have said out loud what they know to be the case….

They HAVE TO get Democratic votes for legislation to go forward and help the Republicans survive next years elections…

A growing number of Republicans say a course correction is needed to prevent their party from losing the House, Senate or both given strong political headwinds that one veteran lawmaker likened to a “hurricane.”

GOP calls to work more with Democrats next year are becoming more common as Republicans look for ways to win over swing voters.

“One thing you can say about this year is that it was pretty partisan,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) told reporters on Friday at a year-end press conference.

“We’re going to be looking for areas of bipartisan agreement because that’s the way the Senate is.”

Republicans spent much of 2017 plowing ahead with a mostly futile effort to repeal ObamaCare before turning to tax cuts in the fall.

The successful tax-cut bill, beyond lowering the corporate rate from 35 percent to 21 percent, also repeals the ObamaCare mandate that most individuals have health insurance, an important victory for President Trump.

Yet polls show weak public support for the tax bill, and Democrats are working hard to cast it as a handout to the wealthy. The ObamaCare repeal effort also was decidedly unpopular in polls, and was seen as playing a role in decisive defeats for Republicans in Virginia’s off-year elections in November.

Public support for the health-care bill dropped as low as 17 percent, and a recent NBC News–Wall Street Journal poll showed that only 24 percent of Americans though the Republican tax plan was a good idea.

Recent polls show that Democrats have their biggest lead over Republicans on the generic ballot question since 2006, when Democrats captured control of the Senate and House.

McConnell has expressed concern to allies that the GOP could lose both chambers of Congress in the midterm elections,…..



This spells trouble for McConnell who will have to deal with pushback from within his own parties right leaners…And the House which has a 20+ GOP majority and wants to keep dismantling anything that has Barack Obama’s fingerprints on it…


To save the GOP, Republicans have to lose

Opinion writer @ WashPost….

I find myself wandering in an unfamiliar place. As a pro-life conservative, I am honestly happy — no, positively elated — that pro-choice Democrat Doug Jones won Alabama’s U.S. Senate election.

It is an odd position for me, and a complicated one. This change may impose costs to causes I care about. And Democrats did not make my shift of sentiments any easier. A pro-life Democrat (there used to be herds of such unicorns before they were hunted to near-extinction) would have won the Alabama race going away and left me entirely unconflicted.

But even so, it was not a close decision. In reality, the chance that the flip of this seat would somehow determine the fate of Roe v. Wade is vanishingly small. And political leadership does not consist entirely of checking policy boxes. What needs to be considered is the net effect on the country and the cause. And the Alabama election was like looking into the abyss. Roy Mooreism was distilled Trumpism, flavored with some self-righteous moralism. It was all there: the aggressive ignorance, the racial divisiveness, the disdain for governing, the contempt for truth, the accusations of sexual predation, the (just remarkable) trashing of America in favor of Vladimir Putin, the conspiracy theories, the sheer, destabilizing craziness of the average day.

President Trump and his admirers are not just putting forth an agenda; they are littering the civic arena with deception and cruelty. They are discrediting even the good causes they claim to care about. They are condemning the country to durable social division. In Trump’s GOP, loyalty requires corruption. So loyalty itself must be reconceived.

What would weaken the grip of Trump on the GOP? Obviously not moral considerations. The president has crossed line after line of decency and ethics with only scattered Republican bleats of protest. Most of the party remains in complicit silence. The few elected officials who have broken with Trump have become targets of the conservative media complex — savaged as an example to the others.

This is the sad logic of Republican politics today: The only way that elected Republicans will abandon Trump is if they see it as in their self-interest. And the only way they will believe it is in their self-interest is to watch a considerable number of their fellow Republicans lose….


image…Roy Moore speaks at a campaign rally. (Brynn Anderson/Associated Press)

Steve Bannon the ‘Loser’?

The Republican flamethrower has a problem….

His fire is all but gone right now….

Image result for steve bannon

The Republican he cheered for lost to a Democrat in Alabama….

And he got his buddy the President to take a second hit there…

Not a good look…

Republicans members of Congress and conservative media are united in blaming one person for their party’s loss in the deep red state of Alabama Tuesday night: Steve Bannon.

In a scathing editorial published late Tuesday evening, the Wall Street Journal ignited the revolt, declaring that “Bannon is for losers.”

The Alabama result shows that Mr. Bannon cares less about conservative policy victories than he does personal king-making,” the editorial board wrote. “He wants to depose Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader even if it costs Republicans Senate control. GOP voters, take note: Mr. Bannon is for losers.”   

Rep. Pete King (R-NY) lashed out on Twitter early Wednesday morning, encouraging his fellow Republicans to “DUMP Steve Bannon.”…



Payback IS a Bitch, eh?


AP/CNN call’s Alabama Special US Senate race FOR Doug JONES!

Roy Moore is pictured. | AP Photo

The first Democrat to win a US Senate race for 20 YEARS…..

The Republicans majority in the US Senate will shrink to 51 Seats against 49 Seats…Democratci Minority leader Schumer is a happy man…More power is going to GOP Sen Collins and Flake …..

‘The world has funny way of making things Right’……

This is the SECOND time Donald Trump lost in Alabama…..

Black and educated Republicans have just said that ‘who you are’ count…..

Democrats spent upwards of close to $11.5 million to organize…Organize and ORGANIZE.

And don’t forget?

Mitch McConnell has to be smiling….

First Virgina….

Now Alabama….

Image ?

Democrats winning in the American South….

I, like others at this site thought Moore would get over….

I am VERY damn happy to have been wrong….

Now Donald Trump?…and Steve Bannon


He is at the lowest in the his approval numbers since he was elected….

It shows….

Roy Moore is a flawed human being….

Even in the state of Alabama …

This night is about the people of Alabama…

They just showed that they COULD show that they would NOT accept something just because they hatted Democrats…

Democrat Doug Jones has won Alabama’s special Senate election, defeating Republican Roy Moore after Moore was accused of sexual assault and child predation by multiple women.

Jones, a former U.S. attorney, had 49.6 percent of the vote when The Associated Press called the race with 89 percent of precincts reporting. Moore, a former state Supreme Court chief justice, had 48.8 percent.

Jones’ win, the first by a Democratic Senate candidate in Alabama since 1992, shrinks Republicans’ Senate majority to 51 seats….


Image….Justin Sullivan/Getty Images


NY Daily New Front page  for Wednesday….


Trump tries to play off his slap in the face fro backing a loser…..TWICE

After Democrat Doug Jones defeated Republican Roy Moore Tuesday night in the special election to fill a Senate seat representing Alabama, President Donald Trump reminded Twitter early Wednesday morning that he endorsed Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL) in the primary.

The President suggested that it was his idea to support Strange over Moore, despite reports that Trump endorsed Strange in part because McConnell asked him too.

Though Trump backed Strange in the Republican primary, he was quick to jump on the Moore bandwagon during the general election. He was reportedly frustrated that he had been convinced to back Strange and quickly deleted tweets backing Strange when Moore won the primary….


Doug Jones Is Just A Normal Polling Error Away From A Win In Alabama

…from FiveThirtyEight….whuich is hedging their bets,,,,

Things seem to be going Roy Moore’s way. President Trump endorsed him. The Republican National Committee is back to supporting him. And Moore, who has been accused of sexual contact with women when they were underaged, has led by an average of 3 percentage points in polls1 taken within 21 days of the Dec. 12 special Senate election in Alabama. The betting markets give Moore about an 80 percent chance of victory — roughly the same chance they gave Hillary Clinton just before the 2016 presidential election.

Before Election Day last year, we advised caution, however — polls aren’t perfect at even the best of times, Trump had an advantage in the Electoral College, and there were a lot of undecided voters. So what’s our advice heading into the Alabama election? Well, it’s the same — be cautious — but for slightly different reasons.

A look at all U.S. Senate election polls since 19982 shows that their average error — how far off the polls were from the actual election result — is more than a percentage point higher than the average error in presidential polling. Also, Alabama polls have been volatile, this is an off-cycle special election with difficult-to-predict turnout, and there haven’t been many top-quality pollsters surveying the Alabama race. So even though Moore is a favorite, Democrat Doug Jones is just a normal polling error away from winning. (Or, by the same token, Moore could win comfortably.)….

The bottom line is that with less than a week to go in the campaign, Moore seems to have the edge — but he’s far from a sure thing….


There ARE different rules for Democrats and Republicans….

Franken and Conyers quit….

Hounded out by THEIR party….

Image result for Trump/Franken

Trump and Moore solider on…..They get over by denying , confronting and lying about their actions….They have NO SHAME…

This IS American politics in 2017….

Franken noted the asymmetry in his resignation speech: “I of all people am aware that there is some irony in the fact that I am leaving while a man who has bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault sits in the Oval Office and a man who has repeatedly preyed on young girls campaigns for the Senate with the full support of his party.”

This irony reveals the limits of the #MeToo movement. This week, Time magazine named those who’ve spoken out against sexual harassment — collectively called “The Silence Breakers” — as its Person of the Year. “When multiple harassment claims bring down a charmer like former ‘Today’ show host Matt Lauer, women who thought they had no recourse see a new, wide-open door,” the cover article says. In truth, however, this new door is open for only some people — those whose harassers are either personally or professionally susceptible to shame….


image…the LATimes.com

Bannon will campaign with Moore in Alabama…


Steve bannon will try to clame this guy for his own and work with him to give establishment Republicans…NOT Democrats headaches….

The former White House strategist will campaign with Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore at a Dec. 5 rally in Fairhope ahead of the state’s Dec. 12 election, Moore’s chief campaign strategist, Dean Young, confirmed to ABC News Tuesday night. CNN was first to report Bannon’s plans.

“If I have to pick somebody to stand in the corner with Judge Moore, I pick Steve Bannon,” Young said. “The same Steve Bannon who stood in the corner with president Donald Trump and helped lead President Trump to victory.”…


The Grand Ole’ Party of Donald Trump and Roy Moore….

Image result for trump/roy moore

Less than year from now all of the Republicans in the US House and some  of them in the US Senate will stand before the voters and ask for their support…

They are the majority party in the House and the Senate,,,,

Their collective apporval rate is less than 15%……

Donald Trump, the leader of the GOP is at around 35%…..

With a President who has shown he doesn’t REALLY have any idea haow the government works, and is working with Congress to either take it apart or just plain ignore it and a perty that is working day and night to rob the poor and middle class to pay the rich?

Will voters turn out a vote for more of the same in next years midterm elections , or will they stay at home and let the Trump faithful carry next years elections?

Could the Republican party be eating itself out of power?

“We are in trouble as a party if we continue to follow both Roy Moore and Donald Trump.”

That was Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) Monday, doubling down on something he said on a hot mic last weekend: That if the Republican Party becomes “the party of Roy Moore and Donald Trump, we are toast.”

What Flake said publicly is what Republican leaders are stressing over privately. They fear Trump is taking the party in a direction that could make it unelectable.

Of course, Trump would argue that he’s taking the party in the right direction.

What’s not up for debate is that, for better or for worse, the ground the GOP rests upon is shifting underneath Republicans’ feet, and the battle is on for which side will ultimately lay claim to it.

Here are five ways that battle is manifesting right now:

1. Primaries, primaries, primaries: Senate Republicans should have a lot of pickup opportunities in next year’s midterm elections, when 10 Senate Democrats are up for reelection in states that Trump won in 2016.

But Republicans first have to get through competitive primaries in nearly every state, including for seats the GOP already holds. Fighting each other for seats was not in the establishment’s game plan.

Some of these competitive primaries came into being by Trump’s gravitational pull. In the swing-state of Nevada, endangered Sen. Dean Heller (R) has to beat a pro-Trump challenger before he can even think about reelection. Same in Arizona, which is one reason Flake stepped down. (More on that in a minute.)

2. The decline of establishment power: Senate Republican leaders want Moore to drop out of next month’s special election in Alabama to fill the seat Attorney General Jeff Sessions vacated. Now. Better to lose a Senate seat than serve alongside someone accused of sexually assaulting teenage girls.

But Moore is still in it, with the president’s blessing, no less.

This is just one high-profile example of the GOP establishment leadership’s slipping power. For the past several years, campaigning against the power structure in Washington has been a winning argument, said Doug Heye, a GOP consultant.

A candidates’ playbook looks something like: “Attack GOP leadership, raise money,” Heye said. That has cost the GOP establishment in reputation and leverage…..



Donald Trump, with prodding from Steve Bannon HAS BEEN consistant in attacking the very party he leds for his OWN ego….And it has worked…But doing so I ask?

Will he turn the party into shit like he has done with a lot of his business ventures ?


Poll…Republicans do NOT want Moore kicked out of the Senate if voters elect him…


The march of sexual hrrasment and assault stories will NOT stop Republican voters from supporting Republican candidates ….

It is my feeling that if Roy Moore gets elected?

There WILL BE a hard pushback against his accusers and the sexual harrasment issue will go away just like it did with Donald Trump….

Republican voters see being the majority party as their OVERIDING goal no matter what...This has been sentiment about Donald Trump who keeps dropping in approval among ALL Americans , but only slightly among Republicans…

The big new finding from a Quinnipiac University poll is this: About half of Republicans say GOP senators should let Roy Moore serve in the Senate. By a margin of 49 percent to 33 percent, Republicans say the Alabamian, who is accused of sexual misconduct with multiple teenagers, should not be expelled if he wins next month’s special election, as some Senate Republicans have threatened to do.

But that’s hardly the only finding in the poll that suggests the GOP has taken a softer view toward sexual harassment.

The poll also shows sexual harassment isn’t a dealbreaker for Republicans when it comes to President Trump. And it’s not even that they just doubt the accusations against Trump (which has been the case ever since nearly a dozen women came forward at the end of the last election). The poll shows Republicans also oppose trying to remove Trump from office even if it was proved that he sexually harassed the women who have accused him. By a margin of 63 percent to 28 percent, Republicans say Trump should not be impeached even if we know for a fact that he sexually harassed women.

More generally speaking, Republicans are also less likely to say alleged sexual harassment is a dealbreaker when voting for a candidate. The poll asked that if a candidate faced multiple sexual harassment allegations, whether people would “still consider voting for them if you agreed with them on the issues.” A plurality of Republican, 43 percent, say they would, while 41 percent say they definitely would not…..


Latest Alabama US Senate poll has Moore up by just 2% pts….

The race for the US Senate seat from Alabama IS close….

The margin of error of the survey is plus or minus two percent, meaning Moore and Jones are statistically tied three weeks before the special election.

The new poll suggests allegations against Moore have chipped away at his lead, which was 11% in a November 8th Raycom News Network poll conducted by Strategy Research.

When asked “what do you think about the allegations made against Roy Moore,” 45% believe all or some of the allegations; 34% do not believe the allegations; and 21% believe some or all of the allegations, but say it has not changed their vote.

The allegations, which have catapulted the Alabama race onto the national stage, has deeply divided many voters. Among Republicans, Sen. Richard Shelby has said he will write-in a candidate rather than vote for Moore. Gov. Kay Ivey, a Republican, has said she has no reason to “disbelieve” Moore’s female accusers, but will vote for Moore to maintain a Republican vote in the U.S. Senate.

Among party lines, nearly half (48%) of Republican voters surveyed do not believe the allegations. Another 24% of Republicans say they believe some or all of the allegations, but it has not changed their vote.

Seventy-four percent of Democrats believe some or all of the allegations….



The RealClearPolitics average for this race has Jones ahead by +0.8….

On those Alabama Special Election Senate Moore/Jones polls?

Since Trump did his thing last year?

Pundits get nervous with polls showing someone clearly ahead….

This time is no different…


Important on why polls in the Alabama Senate special election are likely unreliable 👇

Some people are thinking that the Jones leading stories may push more Moore supports to actually come out and vote…

Special Alabama US Senate Race Moves to Toss-Up?

All of the polling except a few STILL show Roy Moore ahead of his Democratic challanger Dog Jones….

The politicans in-state seem to be pretty much behind Moore while each day brings more Republicans in Washington DC against him…

Will this swiring around ?

The race might be a toss-up….

One of the biggest questions is turnout. Will Republican voters who never supported Moore show up to the polls? Can Democrats turn out their voters, particularly African-Americans and white voters who supported Strange, in an oddly timed election two weeks before Christmas, especially considering the campaign had to build a Democratic turnout operation from scratch? Allies of Jones believe his record, including prosecuting the KKK bombers who killed four African-American girls in a Birmingham church in 1963, will help him receive more votes from African-Americans than a typical 63-year-old white guy.

When it became clear after the primary that Moore could be the GOP nominee, we moved the Senate race from Solid Republican to Likely Republican as an acknowledgment that the former judge’s style and reputation could cause him to underperform. We even went to Alabama to talk to Jones — who had just won the Democratic nomination and had yet to build a ground operation — and assessed whether his campaign was prepared in the event that external factors dropped an opportunity in the Democrats’ laps.

Moore can still win this race, but there is enough uncertainty to move the race to Toss-up.

Three weeks is enough time for Moore to regain some political ground but also more time for more reports to surface about his past. It’s been a wild five days in the Alabama Senate race and there’s no reason to believe the twists and turns will stop over the next month….


White mainline Protestants and Catholics grow more supportive of candidate’s that commit “immoral acts”

The moral police are changing their direction?….

Things that would gotten a Republican in trouble years ago , won’t now….

Of course this focus is about Donald Trump and his women issues and  Alabama Republican Roy Moore and a 14 year old….

Image result for Trump/roy Moore

Caution though….

The last two polls from Alabama about the Senate race have Democrat Doug Jones catching Roy Moore…..


Many Americans answer this question differently now than they would have five years ago. And for white evangelical Protestants, it’s especially likely their opinion has changed.

That’s what a new PRRI/Brookings poll says. In 2011, 30 percent of white evangelicals said that “an elected official who commits an immoral act in their personal life can still behave ethically and fulfill their duties in their public and professional life.” Now, 72 percent say so — a far bigger swing than other religious groups the poll studied.

It’s just one poll, but it does suggest a sizable shift in how Americans of several religious stripes think about the connection between morality and politics. White evangelicals also are less likely than they used to be to say that “strong religious beliefs” are “very important” in a presidential candidate. That share fell from 64 percent in 2011 to 49 percent this year.

White mainline Protestants and Catholics also grew more accepting of a candidate who has committed “immoral acts,” while religiously unaffiliated people barely changed. Those “unaffiliated” people in 2011 had been much more willing than the broader population to believe candidates who had committed “immoral acts” could do their jobs. Now, they are in line with Americans as a whole. (The published results did not include data on other groups.)

There is no way to know what caused these shifts. That said, it’s difficult to see this outside of the context of the 2016 election, and in particular what role Donald Trump — fending off allegations of sexual misconduct — plays in it….



Alabama special Senate Race tied…Poll….

I don’t know how good this poll is…

But if there are more showing the race close?

Roy Moore is in trouble….

If Lutrher Strange mounts a write in?

Roy Moore COULD actually lose…

Embattled Alabama GOP Senate nominee Roy Moore is tied with Democrat Doug Jones in a new poll on Friday, one day after accusations surfaced that Moore had inappropriate sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl decades ago.

Moore and Jones are tied at 46 percent in the new poll by Decision Desk and Opinion Savvy, with 82 percent of respondents aware of the new allegations leveled by named accusers in The Washington Post.

In RealClearPolitics’s average of polls, which does not yet include the new poll, Moore is leading by 6 points. All of those polls were taken before the allegations of Moore’s sexual conduct were reported.

Since the lion’s share of respondents were aware of the allegations, it’s likely that the new revelations are in part responsible for tightening the race….


Despite that pressure, 54 percent of voters — and 73 percent of Republicans — do not think Moore should step aside as the party’s nominee….


Could Democrats actually have Senate Majority chances?

Politico does a piece on a Democrats quiet hopes thatb they could actually squeak out enough wins next November to get a narrow majority in the US Senate….

In Reality?….The chances are VERY SLIM….

But hope springs eternal and ya never know with Trump and Bannon  running also against Senate Republican lawmakers what could happen…

Image result for chuck schumer

……Senate Democrats, once all but resigned to staying in the minority until at least 2020, say the door to retaking the chamber in next year’s midterms has cracked — just barely — if everything breaks their way. And instead of boasting about how many more seats they’re about to pick up, Republicans are now pondering the once-unthinkable possibility of losing the Senate, and with it, the ability to confirm President Donald Trump’s nominees.

While Republicans have been locked in bruising internal battles all year, legislatively and in GOP primaries, Senate Democrats in recent days scored a prized recruit in Arizona and saw a Republican titan in Tennessee, Bob Corker, retire. Public polls in the Alabama Senate race have shown Democrat Doug Jones within single digits of bomb-throwing Republican Roy Moore — forcing national Democrats to wrestle with whether to spend money in one of the most conservative states in the nation.

Democratic senators are loath to boast too publicly about their recent spate of political fortune. But they’re starting to see a path, however narrow, that hadn’t existed before.


The 2018 map nonetheless heavily favors Republicans, who are defending just eight seats next fall compared to 25 for Senate Democrats. For Democrats to take the majority, they would have to successfully defend all their incumbents in conservative territory while picking up Nevada, Arizona and then a deep-red state such as Alabama, Tennessee or Texas….