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Politico does a after action report on the 2016 Presidential race….

Excellent early ookback at the Race for President 2016…..

Gives us a look back at how Hillary Clinton ran and made mistakes that would cost her….How little clues about her loss would be right in front of the campaign people…But Clinton herself would NOT help deal with them….

Also looked back at how Donald Trump ran on his OWN internal’s….Fell down…But always seemed to find a way to get back with the people who would come to support him…..

The Piece IS long but well worth the read for those who would like to read about the campaign so soon  before the number of books hit the book stores….

10 Crucial Decisions That Reshaped America

…..George W. Bush—like Trump, a popular vote-losing winner whose unusual 2000 election victory cast a long shadow over his presidency—viewed politics as a series of “decision points.” Some, he argued in his memoir of that name, were made half-consciously in the frenzy of events, others after careful consultation.

That was the conclusion I arrived at, too, after dozens of interviews with senior Democrats and Republicans over the past 18 months: The outcome of the extraordinary campaign, which has left the country divided and disoriented six weeks before Inauguration Day, came down to a succession of decision points by the candidates, their opponents—and the nation’s top cop—some of which seemed consequential at the time, many of which didn’t.

If Trump leaped, his opponent looked, and for a long time. Hillary Clinton’s choices were, characteristically, painstakingly and privately concocted, befitting a two-time presidential candidate whose defining—and perhaps fatal—characteristic was risk aversion. The omens of defeat were everywhere if she was looking for them—nagging, disquieting, try-and-forget-what-just-happened whispers of looming catastrophe. But the biggest warning was one of the quietest, a razor flick of doubt at what should have been Clinton’s moment of triumph. On the night of July 28, the Bernie Sanders and Clinton supporters shouted in rare unison as their hero Barack Obama took the stage at the Democratic National Convention. “Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!” they chanted. This was not an option. Obama shushed them and reminded everybody—as he always did—that this was Clinton’s hour. Except, it wasn’t.

Trump, of course, couldn’t have been more different from Clinton—in process as in everything else. Improvisational and impulsive, Trump made decisions shaped by intuition, impelled by his branding genius and reality-TV showmanship, largely uninformed by research, polling, ideology or even fact. Above all, every call he made was buttressed by a sense of daring that allowed him to take advantage of every mistake made by every opponent he faced. This was a candidate who decided from Day One that he would win or lose on his own terms, playing the cable networks for free airtime, using his Twitter feed to communicate directly with the media and voters—as if the “Fireside Chats” were written by Don King—and eschewing traditional advertising for rowdy and rousing mass rallies like leather-lung politicians in the era before microphones.

Together, these choices, combined with lightning flashes of luck and happenstance, added up to the biggest surprise in a year of shocks. Here, then, are 10 decisions that defined the 2016 campaign—and changed the course of American history.


Hillary Clinton’s Admin will have a lot of familiar faces….

The NY Times does a rundown of the people you can expect in Hillary Clinton’s White House ….

Don’t expect many new faces….

Image result for hillary Clinton campaign  staff

This is for all the marbles and you need to have those around you who have been loyal and trustworthy….

Image result for hillary Clinton campaign  staff

Clinton will be no different then others before her moving into the White House….

In the final sprint of her campaign, troubled by an F.B.I. inquiry and narrowing polls, Hillary Clinton has held tightly to a handful of advisers who have spent their careers protecting her interests, defending her reputation, and at times sullying it — and their own.

And if she wins on Tuesday, the most telling test of Mrs. Clinton’s transition back to power will arrive quickly: After a campaign season often defined by voters’ weariness with and distrust of her, which old hands will — or should — follow her into the Oval Office?

Almost no top adviser has been left untouched by the two central firestorms of Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy: the inquiry into her use of a private email server as secretary of state and the WikiLeaks hack of the email account of John D. Podesta, her campaign chairman.

The unvarnished view of infighting in the stolen documents is unlikely to bother Mrs. Clinton much, friends say. The political wisdom of importing excess baggage to the executive branch is another matter.


Huma Abedin, one of Mrs. Clinton’s most trusted advisers, in August. She has become entangled in an F.B.I. investigation of her estranged husband, Anthony D. Weiner,  and his lewd messages.

Jake Sullivan, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign policy director, has faced questions over whether he mishandled classified information in the course of his round-the-clock email traffic with Mrs. Clinton at the State Department, an issue that could shadow him as he moves into what is expected to be a key White House role, perhaps national security adviser or chief of staff.

Mr. Podesta, who has been with the Clintons since the 1990s and is a candidate for a cabinet post, has been singed by the publication of his private correspondence. So has Neera Tanden, a former domestic policy adviser to Mrs. Clinton, who took an acid pen to some of Mrs. Clinton’s closest aides in emails to Mr. Podesta, her friend.

Mrs. Clinton has plenty of other choices who have been unscathed by the email affairs, including Michèle A. Flournoy, a front-runner for defense secretary, and William J. Burns, who is on a short list for secretary of state.

But allies have long viewed Mrs. Clinton’s dependence on a small handful of aides with deep concern, lamenting the decades-old reluctance of her and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, to eject anyone from their political lives for good…


..top image…abcnews….

…bottom image….time

Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic Nevada Caucus….

Hillary Clinton takes home her second caucus win…

She’s about to get more wins….

The race for Democratic delegates has left the small white states…

And things WILL go the way of her original plan…

Take Iowa…lose NH to Bernie Sanders and then win the nomination with thru wins afterwards up to and including Super Tuesday and the rest of March…

All the pundits hopes that we where to ‘feel the Bern’ was just THAT…Talk…

All this talk that Sanders could make inroads to the Black and Brown vote was just THAT…Talk…

Bernie Sanders NEVER though  he would win the nomination…

He has never talked seriously about HOW he could launch his ‘revolution of economic, social and political means’…

Democrats…especailly the ‘establishment ones’ that he has harangued against have so far made sure they let him know that his talk is just THAT , Talk…

In the end Hillary Clinton and her guy Robby Mook did NOT change up their campaign…

They simply took a page from Trump and made sure they got their message out that Bernie Sanders was …’All talk..No Action’…

It worked…

Oh, yea….Bernie conceded this time..

And the polls where about right….


With 80% of the vote in….




image..NY Times…Ruth Fremson


I think Bernie made a mistake in asking for MORE debates…

Debates are Hillary’s strong thing…

Hillary Clinton Update…No amateur staff this time…..

A follow-up on yesterdays piece about the Hillary Clinton campaign staff up…

In her last go-round Hillary Clinton had staff problems…Her failure to take action against problems contributed to her defeat by Brarack Obama…..

This time the effort is pulling in seasoned veterans from the CURRENT SUCCESSFUL President Obama operation in addition to others….

Ms. Palmieri, a veteran of both the Obama and Clinton administrations, is expected to depart the White House this spring to step into the role of Clinton’s communications director, The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.

Known for her professional relationship with the White House press corps, Ms. Palmieri steps into a challenging position that would include crafting a broad media strategy and dealing with the daily storms of a voracious news cycle.

Ms. Palmieri has close working relationships with John D. Podesta, who is expected to serve as the campaign chairman, and Leon E. Panetta, the former secretary of defense who is close to Mrs. Clinton.

Given the transformed media landscape, Ms. Palmieri is expected to have a team that will include other senior press aides. Brian Fallon, currently at the Justice Department, is expected to potentially handle rapid response, and Karen Finney, a longtime Democratic operative and MSNBC regular, could serve as a press secretary.

Tapping Ms. Palmieri rounds out a team of senior advisers who could lead Clinton’s campaign, including Joel Benenson and Jim Margolis who both worked on President Obama’s presidential campaigns. Robby Mook, who managed Terry McAuliffe’s successful campaign for governor of Virginia, is expected to be campaign manager….


Hillary Clinton 2016 Update…Casting around for a Pollster and Campaign Manager..

Seeking to NOT make the same mistakes she made more than 6 years ago….

Reports now have it that Hillary Clinton is casting her net wide in putting together staff for her upcoming runfor President….Including in the search are people who helped Barack Obama win …..

image of Robby Mook…fora.tv……image of Joel Benenson….content.ttime.com

Hillary Clinton is beginning to put together the pieces for a likely campaign, tapping two top strategists — including President Barack Obama’s pollster — to work with her in the lead-up toward an ultimate decision.

Robby Mook, who worked on Clinton’s 2008 campaign and is widely expected to be Clinton’s campaign manager, and Joel Benenson, Obama’s pollster who had for months been eyed for a role on her team, have been working with her as she makes a final decision and begins to put together a framework for a staff, according to people close to the former Secretary of State.

But, if he is hired, Benenson’s presence in the campaign would mark a major departure for Clinton, who stayed in her comfort zone in her previous campaigns using Mark Penn, the pollster and message guru who had worked for her husband.


Hillary has a quiet meeting meeting with McAuliffe’s campaign Manager….

Hillary Clinton has got people quessing agin….

On Monday she had a meeting with Robby Mack, who is running Terry McAuliffe’s campaign for Virginia Governor….

Mock is being mentioned as a possble Hillary Staffer should she run in 2016…..


McAuliffe has a held a steady lead over Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. The Clintons have monitored the Virginia race closely, and Mook is better positioned than any other operative to offer a direct readout on the state of play.

Mook is also the operative cited most often by former Clinton aides and Obama aides as someone who could manage a 2016 Clinton presidential effort. And the race Mook has managed for McAuliffe — whose last gubernatorial campaign in 2009 was generally rated as a disaster — has been streamlined and focused, with clear messaging and no drama.