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Donald Trump stuck it to his own party yesterday…Was that Good or Bad?…Two views from the Right…

I always repeat that Donald Trump ran AGAINST his own adopted parties guys….Over at Red State , the conservative’s seem to agree….


Pictured: House Speaker Paul Ryan looking for the least rude way to ask President Donald Trump what in the actual hell he’s doing. Probably.

In a surprise move yesterday… actually, you know what? No. It wasn’t a surprise move. Donald Trump struck a deal with Democrats. He said before he would strike deals with Democrats. He was a lifelong Democrat with Democrats ideals and beliefs. His views on spending align with Democrats. His views on immigration align with Democrats.

Nothing about what happened yesterday should come as a shock. Donald Trump sided with the Democrats. Here we are, Trump choosing to deal with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer over the leaders of his own party in Congress, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. It seems like an odd thing to happen, especially given that Trump’s most ardent supporters have been bragging about his ability to fight the liberalism invading the country.

So, when Trump chooses to side with the liberals, you would expect outrage, right? Well, only if you haven’t been paying attention to where this is going.

See, this isn’t Trump  caving in to the Democrats. No no no. This is Trump sticking it to the Establishment, you guys. That’s all. He got Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell real good, you see? The Trump fanatics, Trump cultists, or whatever you want to call them, have moved the goalposts. This is no longer about the Democrats. It’s about The Establishment….


But over at another Conservative Republican blog , Resurgent,…they aren’t so happy….

….By  @ Resurgent….

…..The President did us all a favor.

But there is a problem. By giving the Democrats a three month extension, the President has essentially compressed the legislative calendar. The GOP will now have to do tax reform, immigration, spending, and debt ceiling all at one time. This exponentially increases the odds of a terrible deal.

With the President siding with Pelosi and Schumer so publicly, he has given the GOP every reason to publicly claim the President must want to work with the Democrats. And work with the Democrats they will — to undermine the President.

Using the newly compressed legislative calendar as an excuse, they will undoubtedly cut several bad deals with Democrats and lump them all together in a couple of pieces of legislation. Remember, there are two parties in Washington, the stupid party and the evil party. Occasionally they get together and do something that is both stupid and evil and the press heralds it as a bipartisan accomplishment.

We are on the road to stupid and evil more expeditiously because of what President Trump just did….


Fox Business Has Hillary At 270–It’s Over At 9:01pm…Resurgent…

The Conservative Media NEVER liked  Donald Trump…They won’t miss him after he goes back to the business world after the election…

The only reason election coverage is hedging around at hints of a Trump comeback, or forcing outside probabilities, is so people don’t tune out until after 9:01 pm Eastern time. Because that’s when all the networks are going to call the election for Hillary Clinton.


The latest Fox Business scorecard shows Clinton with 307 electoral votes. North Carolina, Ohio, Iowa, Utah and Arizona are listed as toss-ups, while Florida, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin are “lean Democrat.” They are being charitable.

But worse, Georgia, Texas, Missouri and Indiana are in the “lean GOP” category. These should be safely Republican but Trump has turned them into leaners. If Clinton wins only 88 electoral votes in her “leaning” states (that’s Virginia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, and Florida), she wins.

She doesn’t even need Ohio, North Carolina, Arizona or Utah. Folks, it’s already over…..


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