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Are the Republicans helping the Democrats regain their political footings?

By working on passing law’s that are already unpopular and will hurt Americans come payday….Are they sowing the seeds of the Democrats chances of gaining back a majority in the House and electing a President in three years that will help rollback the tax give back to the rich and help Americans keep more health insurance benefits?

Of all the horrors Donald Trump has (and has yet to) inflict upon the republic, a huge tax cut for the rich was the most inevitable. But it is also the most easily reversible. Lifetime court appointments, carbon pollution, the degrading of democratic norms — all of these will prove difficult or impossible to undo, and leave costs deep into the future. The Trump tax cuts will not.

Indeed, the passage of the Trump tax cuts will help lay the groundwork for their undoing by increasing the chances Democrats regain control of Congress. The moment Trump won his election last November, he immediately forfeited his most potent advantages: He no longer had the deeply unpopular Hillary Clinton as his opponent, and he lost the advantage of Democratic complacency (which tends to build up over time when their party holds the White House.) An anti-Republican wave of some size was always inevitable. But Trump compounded the problem by surrendering another potent advantage: his brand as an economic populist loathed by the financial elite and planning to raise taxes on rich people like himself.

Probably nothing has done more to erode Trump’s public standing than the consistently plutocratic cast of his domestic policy. The tax cut is the second-most-unpopular major piece of legislation in recorded history, behind only Trump’s other major domestic initiative, the health-care-repeal bill…

Democrats have nothing to fear from making repeal of the Trump tax cuts for the rich a defining party plank. On the contrary, they have a great deal to gain.


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Republicans do NOIT have the votes on a tax cut for the rich…

There IS a good chance that the Trump and the Republicans could see their tax cut efforts for the rich and companies go the same way as the healthcare repeal efforts…


Tax  the poor and middle class and give to the RICH.’!…

Steven Mnuchin (left) and Gary Cohn are pictured here. | Getty Images

Politico does a piece on the rich Trump guys who are fronting the sell out to their fellow rich. guys..

“If you asked us to put together a photo shoot to show this is a taxpayer-funded giveaway to millionaires and billionaires, I don’t think we could do a better job of this,” said Tim Hogan, a spokesman for the anti-tax reform activist group Not One Penny. The group made a Facebook ad featuring the photograph that it says led to thousands of calls to lawmakers from constituents, telling members to vote “no” on the tax bill.

Mnuchin’s money shot underscored the awkwardness for the White House of selecting multi-millionaires as the principal salesmen for a tax bill it claims will boost workers’ wages and cut taxes for the average middle-class family. Mnuchin, along with fellow Goldman Sachs alum Gary Cohn, have consistently fumbled that pitch, in part due to their own backgrounds, said both Democrats and Republicans watching the effort.

While the House passed the bill earlier this month, Republicans who see final passage as a make-or-break moment for the party are worried about potential turbulence in the Senate, which is expected to vote on its own version this week.

Six Senate Republicans are still withholding their support for the tax cut package — enough to tank it — and others in the party said they don’t want the difference-maker to be a lack of good messengers from the White House. And so far, the pitches don’t appear to be helping. A recent Quinnipiac University Poll found that 52 percent of voters oppose the GOP tax plans, and only 25 percent support them.

“If this thing does fall all apart on the shoals,” said one former top Hill aide, “maybe the difference is the lack of good messengers. On a nailbiter, you don’t want any margin of error.”…..


image of Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin (left) listens as Director of the National Economic Council Gary Cohn speaks during a meeting with members of the Senate Finance Committee on Nov. 9, 2017. ……| Alex Wong/Getty Images

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Donald Trump as the voice for White America in the 21st Century….

Vanity Fair points to the way Donald Trump, a New York Real Estate guy,  and part time Entertainer, used the ‘white guy greviences and fear of America’s adjusting to the 21st Century’ thing to adopt a political party and win the  job of running the American government ….

Neo Nazis, Alt-Right, and White Supremacists encircle counter protestors at the base of a statue of Thomas Jefferson after marching through the University of Virginia campus with torches in Charlottesville, August 11, 2017.

“And people wonder why we have Trump.” If you’ve spent any amount of time on Twitter, you’re familiar with the refrain, variations of which are tossed around by discontented conservatives and their far-right tormenters. It’s a shorthand of sorts for Donald Trump’s uncanny instinct for identifying political flash points—kneeling N.F.L. players, Confederate monuments—and the unwitting assist he receives from easily baited, endlessly enraged liberals. It’s the reason many disenchanted voters have left the Democratic Party, joining the populist right in its rejection of Acela Corridor elitism. They’re resentful of being told that their social values are bigoted and out of date; that their daily struggles are any less important because of their “white privilege.”

Trump, a thrice-married former Democrat, displayed a preternatural talent for spinning these raw cultural frustrations into political gold. Conservative critics bemoaned Trump’s disregard for his adopted party’s politics, which he never convincingly aped. But Republican voters in 2016 weren’t looking to win a political battle. They wanted a culture war. And Trump, with his self-destructive contempt for doctrine and decorum, was their Howard Beale. “He has this kind of natural, Archie Bunker sensibility,” Rich Lowry, the editor of National Review, told me, comparing the president to the iconic 1970s sitcom character, who raged against the liberalization of American culture and the diminution of the white male in an increasingly diverse country. “He’s just a performer through and through. He’s very aware of what the crowd likes.”…

Illegal immigrants from Mexico? They’re rapists. Legal Muslim immigrants? Ban them. African-American football players who protest racial injustice by kneeling during the national anthem? “Get that son of a bitch off the field.” Barely a handful of players were taking part in the protests when Trump ad-libbed that line during a campaign rally in Huntsville, Alabama, in late September. It wasn’t a topline issue of any measurable concern to Republican voters. But Trump understands his audience, and knows how to stoke their grievances—especially those laced with racial animus that few others would touch.

That invective activated a specific type of voter that has since become synonymous with Trump’s base. Predominantly white and more likely to self-identify as such, they love the America that was, but are suspicious of the America that is, or might be, in the very near future. They’re fearful of radical Jihadist terrorism, a lingering effect of 9/11, kept fresh by the rise of the Islamic State and domestic massacres in Orlando and San Bernardino. And they’re fed up with following the rules while Washington debates extending special dispensation to undocumented immigrants who broke the law when they crossed the Southern border….

This feeling of “being disrespected is a big deal,”…..


image…Neo Nazis, Alt-Right, and White Supremacists encircle counter protestors at the base of a statue of Thomas Jefferson after marching through the University of Virginia campus with torches in Charlottesville, August 11, 2017.

Photo Illustration by Lauren Margit Jones; By Shawn Thew/Pool (Trump), by Shay Horse/NurPhoto (Background) both from Getty Images.
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Former Speaker John Boehner watches his party go upside down….

Politico does a piece on the former Speaker of the House who left because the rightwingnuts where NOT happy with his leadership….

The guy had to have been laughing after he left and Paul Ryan got dumped on….

But things have turned upside down with Donald Trump in the White House and Ryan and McConnell using the same ‘push thru’ tactics he used times TEN and Conservatism has lost what it was for him back in the day….

To outsiders, Boehner might just be the happiest man alive, a liberated retiree who spends his days swirling merlot and cackling at Speaker Paul Ryan’s misfortune. The truth is more complicated. At 67, Boehner is liberated—to say what he spent many years trying not to say; to smoke his two packs a day without undue stress; to chuckle at the latest crisis in Washington and whisper to himself those three magic words: “Not my problem.” And yet he is struggling—with the lingering perception that he was run out of Congress; with his alarm about the country’s future; and with the question of what he’s supposed to do next. After leaving office, Boehner says a longtime family friend approached him. “You’ve always had a purpose—your business, your family, politics,” the friend said. “What’s your purpose now?” Boehner says the question gnaws at him every day.

“He came to Congress wanting to burn it to the ground,” says Sommers, his former chief of staff. “And by the time he left, he was the ultimate institutionalist.”

Yet that assessment will be overshadowed by posterity’s more existential observations: that Boehner’s 25 years in Washington saw the dissolution of a party, the vandalizing of a government and the splintering of a nation. That Boehner watched as the GOP transformed from the party of George H.W. Bush into the party of Donald Trump



“Fuck Jordan. Fuck Chaffetz. They’re both assholes… Jordan was a terrorist as a legislator going back to his days in the Ohio House and Senate. A terrorist. A legislative terrorist.”

— Former Speaker John Boehner, quoted by Politico, about Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and former Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT).

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A look at College Republicans in the age of Trump…

The LA Times looks at the state of  Republicans on the college level in California …..


“This election will determine the very future and soul of college Republicans — and maybe even the conservative movement as a whole,” said Eric Lendrum, a recent UC Santa Barbara graduate who writes for the conservative online Millennial Review.

Long overlooked on California’s overwhelmingly liberal campuses, college conservatives are now drawing national attention thanks to free speech dust-ups at UC Berkeley, UC Davis and Cal State L.A.

Campus conservative leaders said Trump’s election boosted their numbers even if it intensified hostility toward them. At Berkeley, College Republican Troy Worden says he still gets doxxed, spat on and cussed out by fellow Bears — but now as many as 80 people come to club meetings that usually drew about 10 last year.

“Republicanism is becoming cool,” said Brock Bauer, a UCLA sophomore majoring in financial actuarial math. “It’s a counterculture. It feels like you’re rebelling against your generation.”

At a recent UCLA club festival, a stream of students ventured to the Bruin Republicans table, which was covered with buttons, pamphlets and “Socialism sucks” bumper stickers. Like a carnival barker, club officer Tyler Fowlkes called out to students to join UCLA’s “premier right-of-center club,” a haven on the leftist campus, complete with outings to a shooting range. “We even pay for the ammunition,” he told them…


image…Jordan Sadlier, president of the Bruin Republicans, standing next to a cardboard figure of former President Reagan, and Tyler Fowlkes, the club’s vice president, try to recruit new members at UCLA’s annual student activities fair in September. (Genaro Molina/Los Angeles Times)

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Republican Fiscal Conservatives ?

The Washington Post points out that the cry for trying to shrink government that Republicans used to dog President Obama really wasn’t serious at all…But just a ‘do as want…But not what they’ll do ‘ now that they hold the spending power…..

Oh, and add to this their effort to pass tax cuts that will make the budget balancing  charade worst….

Supply-siders are winning their struggle with deficit hawks over the fiscal soul of the GOP. 

And it’s not even much of a struggle, as it turns out. In recent days, it has more closely resembled a pantomime, the policymaking equivalent of what the Harlem Globetrotters used to do to the Washington Generals. In this case, the Tax-Cutters are steamrolling the Budget Balancers — and making it look easy.

In the Senate, Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) was primed to force a reckoning over deficit spending in the Budget Committee. Republicans on the panel need to agree on a spending blueprint to lock in special instructions allowing them to pass a tax package without Democratic support. And with a one-vote edge in the committee, the GOP can’t afford to lose Corker. The Tennessean signaled that he’d drive a hard bargain over adding to the now $20 trillion federal debt, which he called “the greatest threat to our country” in an op-ed earlier this month.

But Corker on Tuesday struck a deal with Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.), the committee’s leading supply-sider, that skews in favor of slashing taxes, deficits be damned. The agreement is expected to give the go-ahead to $1.5 trillion in tax cuts over 10 years. Corker says that will give Republicans running room to craft a tax package, and he reserves the right to oppose the final product if it unleashes too much red ink. Yet he’s already given away his moment of maximum leverage.

Over in the House, the self-appointed fiscal scolds in the Freedom Caucus have talked tough on deficits all year. That included threats to blow up their chamber’s budget if it failed to carry some $400 billion in mandatory savings. But the proposed House GOP spending plan trims only half that sum.

And the hard right has since witnessed the collapse of an Obamacare repeal bill that would have slashed the deficit by $119 billion — and a debt ceiling hike that rode along with an unpaid-for, $15 billion down payment on hurricane relief. Ringing up those charges has darkened a deficit picture that Republicans vowed to address: Federal spending this year is set to exceed collections by the widest gap since 2009, and the national debt topped $20 trillion this month for the first time in its history. ….


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The House follows the Senate in swiftly approving Trump’s Disaster/Debt Ceiling deal Bill…

Congress has voted for bill to aid the disaster reliefe for Texas and probvably Florida, while increasing the countries debt ceiling allowing the Treasury to borrow more money to pay the countries bills….

President Trump gets a ‘deal’ he made by working WITH the Democrats and his adopted Republican party members….

Trump will sign the bill shortly….

The Senate vote was 80 to 17 for passage…

The House vote was 316 to 90 for passage …

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Trump White House turns to Democrats for tax reform….

They get it finally….

Donald Trump CANNOT get legislation done solely with his adopted party….

This IS how things are designed to work….

The Trump White House is quietly courting a few dozen House Democrats on tax reform — eager to avoid the fate of the GOP’s straight party-line attempt to jam through a repeal of Obamacare.

Even as congressional GOP leaders largely embrace a partisan path on taxes, White House officials have been wooing 15 to 20 centrist House Democrats since early summer. The Trump administration is all too aware of congressional Republicans’ struggles to come together on a range of hot-button issues — from health care to government spending — and tax reform is littered with political minefields for the party.

So the president and his staff are opening a line of communication with moderate Democrats in case a Plan B is needed. At a mid-June dinner at the White House with four centrist House Democrats, President Donald Trump expressed interest in a bipartisan package combining tax reform with infrastructure spending, multiple sources said.

Since then, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, chief economic adviser Gary Cohn and top White House staff have huddled with conservative Democrats in the Blue Dog Coalition and the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus.

“We’d prefer bipartisan support for the tax plan,”….


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Ryan….We’ll try Tax Reform Next….

A try to Repeal the Healthcare Law appear’s gone for now….

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Friday signaled a pivot to tax reform, one day after the Republican effort to repeal ObamaCare collapsed in the Senate.

Ryan urged Republicans not to give up on repealing and replacing the healthcare law, but his statement — coupled with comments from President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) — suggest a shift for the GOP.

“I am disappointed and frustrated, but we should not give up. I encourage the Senate to continue working toward a real solution that keeps our promise,” Ryan said in a statement….


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Democrats name their conditions for helping GOPer’s on Healthcare Senate vote…

We’ll see if Senate majority Leader Mitch McDonnell has to walk across the political aisle to Democrats to get something he can win enough votes on…..

The terms for even talking are?

Democrats, for their part, are pointing fingers right back at Republicans, saying they would be perfectly willing to negotiate if Republicans would make two key concessions: drop the proposed cuts to Medicaid and scrap the tax breaks for the wealthy.

“Once you get rid of those two things, we can have a conversation,” Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) told TPM.

Durbin added any nascent bipartisan talks that have sprung up have been stuck in limbo, waiting to see whether Republicans can muscle through a bill on GOP votes alone.

“The Senate Republicans I’ve spoken to are all waiting for McConnell to say, ‘This is over. I can’t pass it.’”

Such an admission may come as soon as next week, when Republicans plan to hold a procedural vote on their health care bill whether or not they have secured enough votes for its passage.

“There comes a time where you have to fish or cut bait,” Kennedy told reporters. “We’ll either pass it or we won’t pass it, and if we can’t do it, let’s move on to something else.”


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President Trump will NOT have most of cabinet sworn in by Friday…

Even with his adopted party running the Senate?

Donald Trump is gonna have the subs running most of his departments come Friday afternoon after he is sworn in….

When Bill Clinton was sworn into office 24 years ago, every single member of his Cabinet but one was confirmed by the Senate within two days. When Donald Trump is sworn in on Friday, he’ll be lucky to have half that many installed.

With Republicans in control of the White House and the Senate, it wasn’t supposed to be this difficult for Trump to get his team in place posthaste, especially since Democrats did away with the 60-vote requirement for Cabinet nominees. But all signs are pointing to a slog for Trump and the Senate GOP, even if Republicans believe eventually all of Trump’s picks will be approved.

“We were presented with the problem that the Trump administration was basically unprepared for presenting a Cabinet,” said Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.). “They compounded that problem by picking both billionaires with enormously complicated financial situations, and people who have enormous conflicts of interests.”

Trump made his Cabinet selections in rapid fire after the election, but has been hampered since by ethics complications for some of them, Democratic opposition and an unforgiving calendar. His Cabinet is now on track to take the longest to fill since George H.W. Bush’s in 1989, according to an analysis by POLITICO of the confirmation process of the last five presidents.

Trump will also likely face by far the most dissenting votes from the Senate minority of any new administration in history….


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Open Thread for November 11, 2016….Wait and See….

Shock….. Anger…..Disbelief …Democrats


As I wrote a couple of days ago….

It’s gonna be a shit show …..

People out in the streets…..

Democrats trying to rerun their Primary Race….

Donald Trump making up with the GOP establishment….

Chris Christie out of the Transition….

Pollsters scratching their heads….

Stock market back up….

Democrats in government brushing off their resumes

Did Hispanic’s/Latino’s actually vote for Trump above the Romeny level?

Hillary Clinton getting MORE vote’s than Trump….

Calls for the electoral college to go from DEMOCRATS?

Obamacare …

Immigration ….

Some people laying bets on how long Donald Trump can escape being impeached….

America United?

America of the 21st Century?

Wait and See….

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Donald J. Trump is elected President….

In a stunning evening that proved most of the pundits and pollster wrong AGAIN….

Image result for trump

Donald J. Trump has captured the American Presidency by virtue of the Electoral College numbers in the states…

It appears that Hillary Clinton, like Al Gore, could actually win the popular vote…

There will be complaining about that by Democrats , but this is the way this country picks it’s leader….

I don’t pretend to be happy about this…

But,  I’ll get over it in a while…

Some thoughts….

First Donald Trump….

Forget most of the Bull Shit that Trump used to get the job…

He isn’t gonna reinvent America..

The place , that he ranted against isn’t set up to handle big changes….

Ask Barack Obama….

The Democrats and his own parties establishment will be pulling at him to conform and they have their own needs and wants…

Trump is gonna find in the time before he takes the job that it will harder than anything he has every done….

Now ALL of the private things he has tried to hide from others WILL be fair game for the Media and they will pounce…

All of the Media spotlight and negativity will only make Trump stronger to his cult like base…He has flaws…

But he will have support , because he is in the end a simple old timer that projects old fashion Republican ‘I don’t give a fuck’….

Now Hillary Clinton….

Hillary Clinton , as usual?

Ran a terrible campaign…

She is who she is….

And repeats the 2008 primary mistakes…

From day one she signaled that she did NOT like or want to campaign…

On a basic human level she quite conveyed that sense that she was one of us…

She was NEVER comfortable with the Media , that Sanders and Trump where able ride in the beginnings of their campaign….

She IS more qualified that anyone in modern history to BE President…

But to get the job?

THAT is NOT nearly enough…

But more that anything else?

Hillary Clinton lost the job because she simply could NOT get away from the email’s story…

The Republicans started on it…

She NEVER was able to explain the actions enough…

And in the waning days of the campaign the FBI Director put the issue front and center after House Republicans made him do it…

The Republicans played the long game against Hillary Clinton and she was never able to get ahead of it….

The Media…

The Media in the beginning got pimped as I continually said here when the ‘Donald’ jumped in…

And entertainer, not shy in front of the camera’s, with Bill Clinton’s need to be loved…He swept the GOP primaries by being larger than life and being willing sink lower than anybody else and call them names….

The played to the media’s hunger for something ‘different’…

After Trump won the nomination, the Media turned on him and he retreated from their embrace, but even with that ?….The Media was hooked…

Clinton , as mentioned before, has NEVER liked the media and will be a footnote to future candidate’s as how NOT to deal with the media…

The Pollsters….

They got is wrong…..

Almost ALL of them….

Wether it was people lying to them or other factors?

They screwed up in the general election as in the primaries…

We’ll be hearing why for the next four years…

The Black, Brown, and Yellow vote….

As in the Texas Governor race last time the Democrats sold everyone on the ‘ground game’…..

Its looks like it worked , because Clinton will probably end up with more votes than Trump…


Barack Obama WAS History….

Hillary Clinton simply was as i say above NOT sold as such…

No matter what?

She is a white female…

While minorities came out in large numbers for her…

There hearts where NOT in it ….

The White Vote….

Let’s face it…

Donald Trump is the poster guy for the 20th Century White ‘I’m the MAN’….

With all of the 21st Century changes ushered in by America’s first Black (Mixed) President ?

A lot of white people ARE scared….

Donald Trump masterfully has used THAT for the last year to demobilize anyone that ain’t his religion or skin color….

He isn’t gonna build a Wall across the US Southern Border….

He isn’t gonna stop the flow of people coming here any better that President Obama who has had more deported that any America President ….

But the perception thing?

He and Republicans are aces at THAT ….

America is gonna be fine for the next four years….

The change parties thing is alive and well still….

For the last few weeks my posts here assumed a Clinton victory…

I and others WHERE WRONG…

We ALL must hope that Donald Trump can fumble thru this with the help of those who KNOW BETTER helping him measure up to the office….

Democrats have a LOT of soul searching to do….

I know America is divided ….

But the Democrats simply cannot run somebody that promises to make TOO much of a radical change in things…

Trump and the Republicans in the end will NOT dismantle ALL of Obama’s efforts…

America is in the 21st Century we cannot go backwards….

But Democrats need to find someone young with little history to be strapped around their efforts to run…

Democrats need to find someone who LOVES to campaign…

Democrats need to KEEP at efforts to organize Black, Brown, Yellow  and Whites that will become MORE of what America is everyday…

Donald Trump IS a wake up call to Democrat’s….

This election like 2010 is a message….

And Democrats better get THAT message…

2018 is a cold wind coming and while the country changes?

Republicans could keep winning and trying to go inward and backwards, which is NOT what this countries strength is…


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Red State…We should have gone with Rand Paul….

The Conservative Blog waxes on why they didn’t nominate Kentucky Libertarian/Republican Rand Paul who attcked Hillary Clinton from the jump….

Paul LED the GOP field early on and then faded….

Image result for rand paul

Rand Paul was the perfect balance between a Libertarian and a Republican. Willing to rely more on Federalism than anything. He was socially flexible, but fiscally rock solid. His stances on the military were realistic, and his respect for religious liberty standing firm.

This is a man keeping his seat due to being reelected in Kentucky by both Democrats and Republicans.

But instead, Republicans were in a state of anger. For the last 7 years, they had been subjected to unfair treatment by the government, leftist finger wagging, and invasive social justice. They had been inundated with the hypocritical, racist, and economically destructive tactics of the Democratic party for nearly a decade, so that when someone came along that spoke irreverently enough about them, they were drawn like moths to a flame. Trump was fun to listen to, and his extreme promises sounded like just the measures needed to fix things.

The problem is, the Democrats saw that too.

As was noted particularly by this site, the emails from the Clinton campaign showed that she wanted to face Trump more than anybody. She knew his extreme stances and godawful personality would force him into so many corners and scandals that even someone like Hillary – one of the most disliked and scandal ridden candidates the Democrats have ever mustered – could win. They knew he would be divisive, and the house divided wouldn’t stand.

And snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, as the GOP is wont to do, they obliged. Republicans walked right into the trap laid for them, and even when the trap was revealed through WikiLeaks, Reince and the RNC doubled down. They’ve chosen to hold up a man few believe in, and those that do are being laughed at as fools who won’t accept that they’ve been played.

To sum it up, the GOP chose a man who was never slated to beat Hillary in any poll, who was her friend, donated to her campaign, has many of her same values, and turned out to be the snake everyone thought he was….



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Nate Silver gets paid for giving the GOPer’s a private session…

Why shouldn’t Nate Silver make some side money telling Republicans what they ALREADY KNOW?

Nate Silver, the ESPN journalist behind the FiveThirtyEight website, gave a presentation on the 2016 battleground map to a group of powerful Republican donors in Manhattan last week.

Silver was paid to give the presentation by the American Opportunity Alliance, a group led by some of the biggest GOP donors in the country, including hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer and the Ricketts family, which owns the Chicago Cubs.

Silver’s closed-door session was part of a two-day confab, held Sept. 7–8 at Le Bernardin Prive, a private dining room inside a New York City restaurant run by celebrity chef Eric Ripert.
Upward of three dozen top donors attended the gathering, along with senior Republican Party officials and strategists. Silver’s presentation on Wednesday afternoon was a highlight of the two-day event, people at the event said.

The statistician summed up GOP nominee Donald Trump’s chances by showing a slide with a colleague’s tweet: “Remember it’s entirely consistent to say 1. Polls have tightened. 2. Clinton still leads. 3. Trump can win. 4. Clinton probably will win.”

He then walked the donors through a battleground map, from Nevada to Florida, providing nonpartisan analysis and projections based on the FiveThirtyEight model.

Attendees said his insights were valuable, though they involved no information that wasn’t already on his website in one form or another….


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Absent Trump?…Republican’s Like their party….

Republicans ARE Republicans…

They don’t really identify with the idea’s of the Democrats or President Obama or Hillary Clinton….

Or increasingly Donald Trump for that manner, who they will vote for…(his numbers are dropping within the party regulars)

So when he  loses?

There may be a fight among those who want the party….

But the people of the party ain’t going anyplace….

The Republicans’ presidential nominee is flailing in the polls, careening from controversy to controversy and doing so poorly that some in the party leadership are considering unofficially cutting him loose. Some in the rank and file share that underwhelmed sentiment. Past GOP nominees have had favorability ratings in the 80s from fellow members of their party. Trump’s most recent Gallup rating on that front was 68.

They may like their nominee a bit less than usual. But increasingly, they’re happy with the GOP itself: 8 in 10 Republicans have a favorable opinion of their party right now, according to a Pew Research Center survey out Thursday — 13 percent more than felt the same way back in June:

It’s actually pretty normal for voters to feel warmer and fuzzier about their party after a convention. That’s the whole point of a convention: to rally the troops and get them excited about November….

…..for all the talk by Republican elites who think Trump is a disaster for the party and are predicting doom and gloom, this Pew survey provides a reminder that a majority of the party’s voters aren’t necessarily unhappy with the way things are going.


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