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Senate Republican lawmakers ask Trump to keep NAFTA

Donald Trump campaigned on keeping American Great….

He also campaigned on trying to get levy tarrif taxes on imports to America….

That idea seems to be going into the garbage….

Higher import taxes would invite higher export taxes on Amnerican goods and services…

Higher import product costs woul allow other countries to under bid American goods and service and COST America jobs and market share…

Republicans are NOT happy with Trumnp’s campaign promnise and probably will force Trump to go along with keeping the current trade agreements (With some changes )that President’s Obama and Clinton made….(Add this to Obama’s Iran deal also)…

Senate Republicans have strategically revved up their attempt to convince President Trump to not withdraw from NAFTA. Some senators and aides say he may not have understood how popular it was with the caucus until recently, and are encouraging him to focus instead on improving it.

Why this matters: This is Congress’s clearest shot at saving the trade agreement. If Trump decides to withdraw, Congress probably couldn’t stop him, and both the legal and economic consequences are extremely unclear.

Where it stands: Senate Republicans stepped up their attempts to educate Trump on the benefits of NAFTA in the late fall, going to the White House and speaking to administration members to make their case. Almost every senator I spoke with say they think it’s working, but some are still more nervous than others.

  • Several noted that in his remarks to the American Farm Bureau on Monday night, the president didn’t threaten to withdraw from the agreement, saying instead he wants the best trade deals possible.
  • “I think if you look at his statement very carefully, he did not mention termination … I think he’s made some real progress,” said Sen. Pat Roberts, chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee and a leading pro-NAFTA voice in the Senate.
  • Some senators say they think Trump only began to understand their position once they increased their outreach to him. “That’s why we’re taking the time to share our message with him. But I think it’s made a very positive impact,” said Sen. Joni Ernst….