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Trump Should Fire Steve Bannon…Red State….

The political knives ARE out for Steve Bannon…..

donald-trump-steve-bannon(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

This past Saturday, in response to the violence out of Charlottesville, Va, President Trump first responded with a weakly worded tweet. Later, he remarked again by tweet, and it was so bad I can’t describe it, I can only transcribe it. “Am in Bedminster for meetings & press conference on V.A. & all that we have done, and are doing, to make it better-but Charlottesville sad!”

Eventually he remarked without his tiny fingers, vaguely talking about how hate is bad probably and whatever. He was rightly criticized for this and by Monday, gave a much more specific condemnation, mentioning the KKK, Nazis, and white supremacist movements as arbiters of an ideology incompatible with American ideals.

Many said “too little, too late” while others were happy Trump had managed to cobble together the very least at the very last. You’d think saying “I hate Nazis” or even “Nazis. Sad.” would be about the lowest hanging fruit imaginable for a politician but for some reason, it took two days and nationwide pressure from all sides, including the loud voices of better GOP politicians, for Trump to give as much attention to these scumbags as he gives to Rosie O’Donnell.

But more notably, and as is the standard for Trump, one group managed to stay out of his sternly scripted, totally-not-written-by-someone-else disavowal: The Alt-Right.

This is despite the fact that the alt-right has been on everyone’s lips through the entire situation. They have been the ever-growing (if not in numbers at least in influence and profile) movement that claim they represent the future of the Republican Party.

Young. Hip. Meme-filled. Oh, and racist AF.

Sometimes they will give lip-service to it being a non-racial movement, claiming they are mere nationalists, but not WHITE nationalists. However, if you corner one long enough, eventually you’ll get them to refer to American black culture as “third world” or talk about how immigration (legal immigration) is the staging ground for “white genocide.” That last is one of their favorite topics and they find it irresistible.

So why does the alt-right continue to escape so much as a finger wag from this president?

The answer is Steve Bannon. Obviously…..


Czar Vladimir Putin- Part 2…Red State….

Yesterday, I posited the idea that Vladimir Putin aspires to the glory days of the Russian empire before the collapse of the Romanov dynasty and the rise of Communism.  Specifically, there are parallels between Putin and Czar Nicholas I who ruled the country from 1825 to 1852.

In fact, Putin rules over Russia like a czar of days gone by with near total control.  He has embraced and elevated the Russian Orthodox Church and pushes many of their agenda items.  He is a secretive and self-disciplined geopolitical tactician who no doubt draws on his experience as a judo black belt.  Like many of the czars, he also presides over a cult of personality that appears somewhat comical to Westerners (the iconic picture of him bare-chested on the back of a horse).

Yet this macho nationalism that he resonates is exactly what many Russians craved after the chaos of the breakup of the Soviet Union.  As such, Putin now views himself as the bearer of a special morality and a special feeling of justice with Russia and the Russian people above everyone else.  He is certain about Russia’s historical mission and that mission is empire.  And the best way to assert that mission is through demonization of the spiritless West.

Initially, Putin secured his power through a network of cronies from his hometown of St. Petersburg.  That has expanded since to exacting obedience from the Russian security forces.  Objectively, Russia is a weakened power after 75 years of the failed Communist experiment, the rampant corruption during the collapse of the Soviet Union, and some missteps by Putin himself.  He realistically knows this, but also realizes that he can count on the reluctance of many to challenge his ideas and actions thus making him appear stronger than he actually is which is why he sports approval ratings above 80%.  He casts himself as first and foremost concerned about stability.  But the irony is that his veneer of domestic stability is predicated upon international instability…..


Some Republican won’t vote for Trump…Red State…

The RightWing Media is just NOT gonna be comfortable with Donald Trump….

Not now….

Maybe not even by November….

Get Over It: Some Republicans Just Will Not Vote for Donald Trump

  Caleb Howe (Diary)  @ Red State


In the last couple of days, Donald Trump has bashed Republican border Governor Susanna Martinez, who is also chair of the Republican Governor’s Association, has mocked Rick Perry for endorsing him (FOR ENDORSING HIM), bashed Gov. Nikki Haley, made fun of Gov. Jeb Bush, and attacked Gov. Mitt Romney. He really hates Republican governors I guess.

But unity, you guys.

Trump has also admitted he used to use aliases, including Barron, which was the alias a reporter recently revealed Trump used to pretend to be his own publicist. This is after, and WHILE, denying he did it. He also waffled on trans bathroom edicts, he fired his own campaign director over a squabble, and his campaign lied about a pending Paul Ryan endorsement.

That’s just the last two days. Yet from among the bloggers and pundits and thinkers and writers and talking heads, do you hear the troops coming together to object to this duplicity, these betrayals? Are big shot bloggers and columnists spending their time demanding that our nominee, our supposed party leader, our standard bearer stand by his word? Insisting that he focus on the enemy for the sake of the election and stop bashing other Republicans?

No. They’re whining about #NeverTrump….

Trump is not Hillary Clinton. Hooray. We heard you a thousand times state this obvious fact. But many people, myself included, believe that just because he is bad in different ways doesn’t mean he’s not equally bad. I don’t want to die of machete wound or ebola, you feel? Two different things can both be terrible. Some of you claim to have made a value judgment that Hillary is worse for America than Trump. Fine. Go with that. But not everyone agrees.

Some people think Hillary will do less damage to the country, or at least to the prospects for conservatives in the future, than Donald. I don’t buy that either, but fine. Go with that.

Some of us think they both represent a horrible, gruesome, ebola machete. Me, I don’t make choices like that. I don’t believe in the Kobayashi Maru. Frankly, I’m holding out hope for a third party. If that doesn’t happen, well …

I’ll tell you this: We’re each going to step into that little booth in November. I don’t know what I’ll do at that moment, I only know what I won’t do. I won’t vote for Hillary Clinton, and I won’t vote for Donald Trump….


Ben Carson calling it quits after Super Tuesday?

…from Red State…

Ben Carson isn’t really running to win and hasn’t been for quite some time. For all that everyone – including Ben Carson – knows that he has absolutely no chance, Ben Carson has publicly said that he has no intention of quitting, perhaps ever. Those direct mail envelopes aren’t going to return themselves, you know.

In a recent fundraising pitch to supporters, however, Ben Carson admitted that if he doesn’t do well on Super Tuesday, he is screwed.

Here’s the whole email…..

This may be one of the more personal emails that you’ll receive from me.

But as one of my most dedicated supporters, I need to shoot straight with you.

The four early-voting states — Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada — have all spoken, and we did not finish where we had hoped. While in many ways we’ve made history throughout this campaign, the results of these contests have definitely been disappointing.

But we must accept the reality of where we are and look forward, not back.

Our next opportunity is Super Tuesday on March 1st. It’s a big deal. 12 states will be voting and a whopping 595 delegates — nearly 25 percent of the total number — will be rewarded. They are states where I should be very competitive; states like Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama.

Without a strong showing, it’s going to be very tough for my campaign. That’s the honest truth….


New York Conservative Group picks Cruz over Trump in the ‘New York’ Thing….

In New York City….The Home of Trump Tower’s and  ‘The Donald Trump?….It WAS close…But Trump lost to Ted Cruz in a staw poll of New York Republicans after the last weeks GOP FOX debate?….

Oh, and this ain’t too good for Marco Rubio, who would be expected to do better with establishment GOPer’s, eh?

…from Red State…..(Which has no use for Trump…)

Looks like the “New York values” kerfuffle only exists inside the ample head of Donald Trump and his liberal friends in New York City. The New York Metropolitan Republican Club is an establishment friendly organization located in the heart of New York City. It describes itself as……

In 1902, reformist Republican supporters of President Theodore Roosevelt came together to found what would eventually be known as The Metropolitan Republican Club.These dynamic supporters took Theodore Roosevelt’s words, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are,” and made them come to life when in 1930 they built an elegant, Eugene J. Lang designed, Federal-style townhouse, thus creating a stronghold for the Republican movement and its candidates on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.The Met club functions not only as an operating center for Republican candidates but also as a gathering place for its members to be informed and promote their beliefs through their passion and intellect. It is our diverse membership, through their continued participation and commitment, which has ensured that the core mission of the club has not changed. With our content driven monthly socials, our new lecture series and our book events, the Met Club is alive and active with a wide spectrum of Republican views.

They had a debate-watching party followed by a straw poll.

The Results from the First Met Club Straw Poll of 2016 are as follows:
1st place: Ted Cruz 33%
2nd place: Donald J. Trump 32%
3rd place: Marco Rubio 20%
4th place: Joshn Kasich 7%
5th place: Chris Christie 3%
6th place: Jeb Bush 1%
7th place: Ben Carson 0%


GOP Establishment stares into the dark abyss of a Trump candidacy…Red State

In two election cycles, 2010 and 2014, the GOP base was wound up by promises that a GOP Congress would get rid of Obamacare and all manner of other things. Instead we got the flaccid leadership of Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A% and the neo-Quisling regime of Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) 54%. We saw the GOP establishment pull out all the stops to defeat solid conservatives and prop up senile adulterers. Then, in this election year, they tried to tell us we could vote for anyone we wished but the nominee was going to be Jeb Bush. If there was any decision that demonstrated more concretely just how out of step with reality the GOP establishment is, it had to be the anointing of Jeb Bush.

When Trump burst on the scene, three things were immediately clear to even a casual observer. First and foremost, the share of vote owned by Trump-Carson-Fiornia was substantial and there was no way those voters were heading to Bush or Kasich. Second, Bush’s support collapsed at a rate unseen by any major candidate in the modern era. Third, Trump could largely self finance and had name recognition that eclipsed really good candidates like Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, and Scott Walker.

The GOP establishment was smart enough to realize that Trump was in the race for a while and didn’t care about their opinions and so then they set about attacking Trump’s supporters as idiots. This is a strategy that fails every time that it is tried an it is virtually guaranteed to lock in support rather than erode it because people tend to stand by their own decisions especially when they are mostly visceral. All in all, every step the GOP establishment has taken to marginalize Trump has simply served to increase his following and to make that following more loyal (my early takes here | here )

Add to that a sea change in the electorate and you have an interesting combination:

“I know all of us dismissed Trump, early on, all of the so-called experts,” Fox News’s Chris Wallace said Sunday. “‘Summer fling,’ ‘momentary amusement.’” But Wallace, who interviewed Trump late last week and aired portions of the interview on his show Sunday, said he finds himself feeling differently now. “As I watched that interview and I heard what he had to say . . . I am beginning to believe he could be elected president of the United States,” he said……


Red State On the Donald Trump presser….’Bizarre’….

I did the post on Jorge Ramos being hustled out of todays Trump Presser in Iowa….

The piece was short and pointed to the expulsion….

Red State has a more extensive piece in which the author of the piece describes “The Donald’ as BIZARRE…

He points to Trump’s apparent short attention span and repetitive answers….

I thought the media wasn’t gonna be happy about Ramos being kicked out by what Trump called ‘Security’, but really was member of HIS staff…

The piece also addresses the question of Trump being evasive and making gaffes that the media just glide over…

Little by little it seems the skin is coming off the onion of Donald Trump in the media….

He opened the conference by yelling at Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, who he claimed asked a question without being called on. He continued to yell at Ramos at some length about being out of turn, then turned to one of his campaign staffers, nodded, and pointed at Ramos, whereupon the staffer removed Ramos from the conference. (Note: I would have zero problem on principle with throwing Ramos out of a press conference on the merits).

The next reporter’s question, naturally, was, “Why did you have him thrown out?” Amazingly, Trump responded to this question, I’m not kidding, by answering, “I didn’t have him thrown out, you’ll have to ask security, whoever they are.” When reporters pressed him with the obvious fact that the person who had him removed was on his staff (he appeared to be wearing a Trump button even, but I can’t swear to that), he immediately changed his tune to say that it was because the reporter was a “highly emotional person,” with no mention of the fact that 30 seconds earlier he had been denying that he had Ramos thrown out at all.

Things only got more bizarre from there. A reporter asked him whether he would self-fund his campaign. Showing a complete inability to grasp campaign finance law (or interest in the details), he said, in effect, “Well, you know, I could, I make $500 million a month, and then at some point the GOP has to come in and run things.”

Trump seemed particularly fixated on Jeb Bush, belittling his standings in the polls and calling him a “low energy person.” He also said, “You know, Jeb Bush has raised $114 million and no one knows who any of his donors are, you can’t find it out!” – apparently unaware that the FEC and numerous other sites contain easily searchable online databases of campaign donors.

Trump continued to field questions about the Ramos ejection. Bizarrely, Trump finally capitulated and seemed eager to field questions from Ramos. “Sure, bring him back in here, I’d love to have him, get him in here in two seconds.” During the middle of Ramos’ question, Trump essentially began bragging that he had sued Univision for $500 million dollars, stating that “I bet your company’s very worried about that.”….


Barack Obama and the White vote?…Red State….

Barack Obama cannot, in any way, be said to have white working class support.

By: Moe Lane (Diary)@ Red State

Gallup is being a bit, ah, antiseptic on this story: “President Barack Obama’s job approval rating among white non-college graduates is at 27% so far in 2014, 14 percentage points lower than among white college graduates. This is the largest yearly gap between these two groups since Obama took office.” I say ‘antiseptic’ because it should be spelled out more that Obama’s popularity with college educated white voters dropped remarkably in 2010, and has been slowly degrading ever since; but at the same time Obama’s support among working class whites not only dropped similarly in 2010, it did so again after 2012. In other words, Obama seems to have found a floor when it comes to white college graduate voters; white working class ones, not so much.

I mention all of this solely for one reason: in the run-up to 2016 you are going to hear a lot of college educated white Democratic activists solemnly inform you that [INSERT DEMOCRATIC PARTY CANDIDATE HERE] will be able to craft a populist message that will resonate with working class voters. They are also going to inform you, just as solemnly, that Barack Obama will not be a drag on the ticket. This is not a case where both of these things cannot be true; it is more a case that neither is true, but the former is slightly less unbelievable than the latter. It will be interesting to see which Democratic pundits will be able to comprehend this….

Red State on White Class workers leaving the Democrats ….

White Working Class Voters Bail On Democrats. Smart People Wonder Why?

  streiff (Diary) @ Red State….

wwc voters 2

Every election begets postmortems and Monday morning quarterbacking. When an election has results as stunning at that of 2014, many navels are examined… some of them from the rear. At the New Republic, Noam Schreiber makes his contribution in The Big Question Democrats Need to Ask Themselves Before They Nominate Hillary:

So Democrats need to find a way to appeal to an older, whiter electorate as well. Specifically, they need to find a better way to appeal to the white working class, which is where they’re getting clobbered. In last week’s midterms, whites without a college degree accounted for 36 percent of voters; Democrats lost them by a 30-point margin. In 2012, the margin was 26 points.

At first blush, the white working class would appear to pose a real dilemma. The set of issues on which the Democratic Party is most coherent these days is social progressivism. It’s very difficult to find a Democratic politician that doesn’t support immigration reform, LGBT rights, women’s reproductive rights, affirmative action, steps to reduce climate change, etc. (It’s even more difficult after last Tuesday’s election.) But while these issues unite college-educated voters and working-class minority voters, they’ve historically alienated the white working class.

If you’ve been around for a while you’ve heard different permutations of this. Reagan Democrats were white working class voters who had historically voted with the New Deal politicians of the Democrat party but felt so alienated by the post-McGovern Democrat party that they bolted. They resurfaced again in 1994, this time they were Angry White Males who, allegedly, voted for the GOP because they were angry about their whole white patriarchy racket being ruined by women and minorities. This is not new. It was well documented in 2012.

wwc voters

It was the subject of the book, probably on every liberal’s bookshelf right beside Thomas Piketty’s “Capital in the Twenty-first Century,” called “What’s the Matter With Kansas.” What Schreiber is reacting to is the fact that the 30 point blowout in favor of the GOP has migrated from areas that the Democrats have written off to areas that are critical if they are to elect a president.

At Mother Jones, Kevin Drum, posits an answer to the problem of why white working class voters have abandoned the Democrats:

I’d like to offer a different interpretation. I don’t have a bunch of poll data readily at hand to back this up, so it’s possible I’m way off base. But I don’t think so, and at the very least I welcome pushback since it might clarify some things that need clarifying.

Here it is: I agree that social liberalism isn’t quite the deal killer it used to be…..


Red State asks who should be their GOP nominee for 2016?

Who *will* we get as a nominee for 2016?

I understand Allahpundit’s concern, here:

Nominate a guy like [Ted] Cruz and he can spend the entire campaign pandering to the middle since conservatives feel 100 percent sure he’ll govern as a conservative in office. Obama benefited from the same logic on the left six years ago: He could reassure Rick Warren and evangelicals that he believed in traditional marriage with nary a peep from his progressive base because none of them thought he was serious. He was a loud and proud liberal, no matter he said in his attempt to get elected. He’d support gay marriage later even if he couldn’t support it sooner. Cruz will have that same advantage from the right. Will anyone else have it, though? Even conservative candidates like Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal, I think, might feel pressure to out-Cruz Cruz in the primaries by tacking further right than they’d prefer. I’m not sure anyone except him is above suspicion by grassroots righties.

…but he’s forgetting one important mitigating factor.  There are, in fact, two ways to reassure the conservative base that Candidate X is reliable:

  • Consistently operate and act in accordance with a conservative, small-government, pro-liberty set of principles.
  • Acquire a truly impressive Lefty enemies list, preferably with most of them still groaning feebly from their metaphorical beating.

Scott Walker is the most obvious answer, there – but to use Allahpundit’s examples: Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal have both spent a profitable couple of terms smacking around progressives.  The Left didn’t even really try to put a candidate up against Jindal, and progressives had to resort to attacking Perry in the courts because he refused to accept that an entitled, out-of-control drunk should be a county district attorney.  And we got more governors sitting in back, if we need them (either for Presidential or Vice Presidential runs). Rick Snyder turned Michigan into a right-to-work state, and he got away with it.  Nikki Haley just romped to re-election in South Carolina, sometimes fighting her own party along the way. Heck, even John Kasich is a good deal more lustrous now than he was before: ridiculously lopsided victories can do that for a man (even one who did Medicare expansion)*. And there are others….


The Midterm Obama Repudiation Referendum…Red State…

obama smug2

As the New York Times put it, Riding a wave of discontent, “Republicans took control of the Senate on Tuesday night, expanded their hold on the House, and defended some of the most closely contested governors’ races, in a repudiation of President Obama.”

In another Times article it was reported that Obama complained that the Republican victory should not be blamed on him:

“He doesn’t feel repudiated.”

Obama should feel repudiated. As summarized below, the Republican wave was big and Obama made a monster mistake when he nationalized the midterm election telling his audience at Northwestern University his policies were on the ballot:

Now, I am not on the ballot this fall.  Michelle is pretty happy about that. But make no mistake: These policies are on the ballot — every single one of them.

You can watch a video clip of Obama’s mistake here.

Here’s a summary of the midterm Obama repudiation referendum.


The Republicans regained control of the U.S. Senate by picking up eight seats, so far.

  • Alaska: Republican Dan Sullivan defeated incumbent Democrat Sen. Mark Begich (D-AK)10% 49%-45.
  • Arkansas: Republican Rep. Tom Cotton (R-AR)82% defeated incumbent Democrat Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR)9% 57%-39%.
  • Colorado: Republican Rep. Cory Gardner (R-CO)57% defeated incumbent Democrat Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO)0% 49%-45% (94.64% reporting).
  • Georgia: Republican David Perdue defeated Democrat Michelle Nunn 53%-45% to replace retiring Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA)50%.
  • Iowa: Republican state Sen. Joni Ernst defeated Democrat Rep. Bruce Braley (D-IA)4% 52%-44% to replace retiring Democrat Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA)0%.
  • Montana: Republican Rep. Steve Daines defeated Democrat Amanda Curtis 58%-40% to replace appointed incumbent Democrat Sen. John Walsh (D-MT)0%.
  • North Carolina: Republican Thom Tillis defeated incumbent Democrat Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC)4% 49%-47%.
  • West Virginia: Republican Rep. Shelley Moore Capito defeated Democrat Secretary of State Natalie Tennant 62%-34.5 to replace retiring Democrat Sen. Jay Rockefeller.

There are still two races that could still increase the Republican margin in the Senate…..

Here for the US House and Governors…….

The US Army First Infantry Division Headquarters ordered to Iraq

These troops are the 475 that the Penetagon announced would be going to Iraq…

There are the support and command units for the increased presence of ‘advisors’ and other functions coming to Iraq….

The Big Red One, of Fort Riley, Kansas, will be the first division headquarters to go to Iraq since the U.S. withdrawal in 2011.

About 500 soldiers will deploy in late October to the Central Command area of operations, Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby said Thursday in a briefing with reporters.

About 200 of those soldiers will be in Iraq as part of the 475-troop increase announced Sept. 10 by President Obama, Kirby said.

Of that group, 138 will be in the Baghdad joint operations center, 68 in Irbil, and 10 at the Ministry of Defense in Baghdad, he said.

“They will have command and control of ongoing advise and assist efforts in support of Iraqi and Peshmerga forces, and continue to help us all degrade and destroy [the Islamic State],” Kirby said.

The remaining 300 soldiers from 1st Infantry Division headquarters will be based in the CENTCOM AOR; Kirby would not specify where they will be stationed. These soldiers will support the rest of the headquarters element, “but right now there’s no plan to put them inside Iraq,” Kirby said.

It should also be noted that one of 1st ID’s four brigade combat teams is already in Kuwait. This is a logical move. The CENTCOM element that was trying to provide command and control for US advisers and ancillary units can go back to being part of an echelon-above-corps headquarters, something it is designed to be. A division HQ gives the clout of a 2-star general plus the capabilities necessary to support an increasing number of allied players…

From Red State…..

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