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FEMA: “Not our job to deliver water and food” to Puerto Ricans. Think I am making this up? Wrong!

That was the response Rachel got when FEMA was asked why it has been almost 3 weeks since the last hurricane hit Aibonito, a small town high in the mountains about an hour south of San Juan, and FEMA has yet to deliver a single bottle of water.

FEMA claims the roads aren’t passable,   For the record, when I say “about an hour south” I mean Google Maps puts the drive — right now — at 1 hour and 5 minutes if I take the autopista (highway).  BUT it also says there are portions of the road that are closed.  Soooo you have to take route 173 and that takes 1 hour and 24 minutes.  Maybe Google is wrong, right?  It would be nice if someone on the ground could actually make the trip…. oh wait… what’s that?  The MSNBC film crew already made the trip and it took them “about an hour and a half.”

As the MSNBC video shows, they got there no problem because the road was clear. No bridges out, no trees in the way, no mudslides, no raging rivers.  Not even bad hombres. I realize the last menace would be Mexicans and there shouldn’t be any Mexicans clogging up the roads in Puerto Rico right now. But we all know to the Trump Klan, Puerto Ricans are just Island Mexicans, so they probably worry about that sort of thing.

Presented with the fact of Maddow’s team having video evidence directly contradicting their claims,  FEMA then dropped this bombshell: Apparently, FEMA says it is the mayor’s job to distribute food and water. They are just there to help people fill out paperwork….


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Republicans try to scrub resume of racist tones from Sen Sessions … Trump pick for Atty Gen…

The Republican Senator from Georgia has had rasict comments  in his pass….

He was passed up for a Federal Judgship back in the Reagan days due his thase views….

In going before his colleagues for conformation?

He will be asked about his past history on civil rights, voting issues, gay rights and immigration….

Liberals and Progressive do NOT want him confirmed…

But the feeling is that his chances of confirmation ARE pretty good…..He has tried to sell the Senate that he will NOT look at his job as supporting the words he uttered in the past…..

When the Senate takes up President-elect Donald Trump’s choice to be the nation’s next top law enforcement official in January, allegations of racism that have dogged Sessions for three decades running are certain to be his biggest liability. So he and his allies have mounted an aggressive public relations campaign to refashion Sessions’ image.

The core message: The charges that sank Sessions’ bid to become a federal judge in 1986 don’t represent who Sessions is now, or even who he was at the time. Delivering it is a lineup of prominent black leaders and others with personal ties to Sessions enlisted by Trump’s transition team.

“He knows all of my brothers and sisters,” said one of the character witnesses, William Huntley, who worked under Sessions in the office of the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Alabama. Huntley, now a lawyer in Mobile, Alabama, said in an interview that he’s never encountered racial insensitivity from Sessions in the three decades they’ve known each other.

“He came to the hospital when my first child was born,” Huntley said. “He has come to birthday parties at my house.”

Liberal outside groups are unmoved. Alarmed by what they view as a weak legislative record on voting issues, gay rights and immigration policy, Sessions’ opponents are trying to litigate a broader case against him rather than focus solely on the racism questions….


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Supporters are selling lies about Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III…Daily Kos…

 By Mark Sumner   @ Daily Kos….

WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 19: Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), chairs a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee hearing on Capitol Hill May 19, 2016 in Washington, DC. The subcommittee heard testimony on immigration policies on the Obama Administration. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III was nominated as a federal judge by Ronald Reagan in 1986, but was sent back to Alabama by a Republican-controlled Senate committee when witnesses testified that Jefferson Beauregard had been disrespectful and demeaning to blacks he worked with, referred to the ACLU and NAACP as “communist inspired,” and had said the only thing wrong with the KKK was that “they smoked pot.”

But now that Donald Trump is putting Sessions in charge of administering civil rights, the Weekly Standard is rushing to throw some genteel pshaws at that idea he has a single racist bone in his entirely righteous body.

… between the nature of the accusations and Sessions’s actual record of desegregating schools and taking on the Klan in Alabama, it strains credulity to believe that he is a racist.

The charge is that, since Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III was fighting to desegregate schools, he obviously wasn’t a racist, and the KKK remark was clearly “a joke” because Sessions was actually bust back in Alabama getting the death sentence for a Klan leader who killed a young African American.

The trouble with these two big assertions—which form not just the substance but the headline of the article—is that neither one is even remotely true. And neither are other claims being made to support “Jeff.”


This is one fight the Democrats SHOULD fight as hard as they can…..
The Dog…
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Clinton keeps at Trump’s Birther Flip-Flop….

While some in the Media have taken Donald Trump’s bait and moved away from his seemingly  effort to change his mind on Barack Obama ‘s birthplace….

Hillary Clinton is saying ‘Not So Fast’….

Trump is  a master to trolling the media  for a news cycle grab…Saying something ….Then getting a second day from it….Then saying something stupid or untrue to lean into ANOTHER day of capturing the Media cycle…

This time?

Trump wants the media pique to go away from the Birther story……

But there are people who feel that he should admit his Five Year Bull Shit hits at Barack Obama deserve a apology ….

Hillary Clinton has joined this  in front of a predominately black crowd of a thousand people at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation…


Hillary Clinton took aim at Donald Trump on Saturday for his involvement in the birther movement, working to keep Trump’s role in the conspiracy theory on voters’ minds the day after the GOP nominee attempted to officially take it off the table.

Speaking to more than a thousand attendees Saturday night at the Congressional Black Caucus’s annual gala in Washington, the Democratic presidential nominee lit into her Republican rival for a Friday event in which the GOP nominee conceded — after years of falsely suggesting otherwise — that Barack Obama is a naturally-born U.S. citizen and eligible to serve as president.

“I know I speak for not just everyone in this room but so many tens of millions of Americans, Mr. President, not only do we know you are an American, you’re a great American. And you make us all proud to be Americans too,” Clinton said in her brief remarks accepting the CBC’s Trailblazer Award, and with Obama looking on from the audience.

Clinton’s dig on Trump came on a day when her campaign played offense on the birther controversy, including a video juxtaposing Trump’s Friday conference with criticism of the New York real estate mogul and fact checks of his claims.

She wasn’t originally planning to touch the birther issue, according to campaign aides. But it appeared to be too much to resist, and Clinton wrapped her slam on Trump into a wider play to African American voters to carry on the Obama administration’s legacy.

“It’s not about golf course promotions or birth certificates,” Clinton said. “It comes down to who will fight for the forgotten. Who will invest in your children and who will really have your back in the White House. We need ideas, not insults, real plans to help struggling Americans, to help communities that have bene left out and left behind. Not prejudice and paranoia. ….



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Hillary Clinton’s comments about Biases where a good start….

While the topical media narrative has been about Hillary Clinton’s being sick for few days….The REAL meat should be in her comments last week in which she called out Donald Trump and at least half of the Right/Republicans for THEIR views on race, religion and sexual freedom….

I have said here several times …She UNDERCOUNTED…..

Her adjustment was to probably not lose ALl Republicans that might have thought about voting for her…..


Donald Trump has brought the spector of fear in addressing race, religion and sexuality to his advantage in the 2016 primary race and win…..

He regularly goes back to these points to keep his numbers up in the general election for President….

Hillary Clinton gets props as far as I’m concerned for these addressing things 

And even MORE PROPS running as America’s first serious Woman candidate for President….

Some conservative critics of the “basket of deplorables” comments have accused Clinton of calling some large swath of Americans “racist.” Ironically, that wasn’t her point at all: Her point was to protect even half of Trump supporters from being called “deplorable.”

The point of Clinton’s comments on Friday was to sort Trump supporters into two baskets: the racist, sexist “basket of deplorables,” and a second basket full of people who “don’t buy everything (Trump) says” but support him because they simply feel “desperate for change” and abandoned by the government. In other words, there was one basket of racists, attracted to Trump because of his racism, and another basket of nonracists attracted to him in spite of it.

When she apologized on Saturday, she tweaked the relative size of each basket but essentially kept the idea that Trump’s racist supporters could and should be separated from the “hard-working Americans who just don’t feel like the economy or our political system are working for them.”

What Clinton was doing, in other words, was drawing a bright line. She was saying that there are certain ideas that it is unacceptable to express in public debate, and that things like questioning the impartiality of a Mexican-American judge because of his heritage, or the open racism and anti-Semitism of the online “alt-right,” need to be shunned along with the people who espouse them….

Hardworking Americans can have deplorable beliefs. Hardworking Americans can prop up systems with deplorable outcomes. Even people who think they are trying not to be racist can do these things.

Do the 65 percent of Trump supporters who told Public Policy Polling in May that they believe Obama is a Muslim go in the irredeemable “basket of deplorables,” or are some of them hard-working Americans too?

What do you do with the downwardly mobile Americans who started out feeling that nobody cared about them, but have since gravitated toward an explanation for their suffering that pins the blame on black beneficiaries of “affirmative action” and refugees? What do you do with the Trump supporters who have taken the term “deplorables” as evidence that Hillary Clinton doesn’t care about them, not as a statement about their racial beliefs?


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On President Obama’s watch America HAS done Better….

Barack Obama telling the story of America. 

Right now, Democrats appear to be at each other’s throats. However, it’s highly likely that a month from now, the party will come together just as it did in 2008. The fight this fall will be between two candidates, yes, but also two vastly different understandings of our national narrative, of the course of our development over the past several decades and, in particular, the last eight years.

In two recent commencement speeches, one at Rutgers and the other at Howard, President Obama deftly laid out the differences. He defined a progressive understanding of our collective path that has the virtue not only of being accurate, but also of being one that will help progressive candidates win election this fall and beyond.

The president’s take may be more nuanced than that of Mr. Trump, but that’s more about Trump than anything else. In a nutshell, the Obama argument is this: Although we’ve got more work to do to improve opportunity and increase justice for all Americans, we have made real progress, we’re moving in the right direction, and we are significantly better off than we were in the past.

“In fact, by almost every measure, America is better, and the world is better, than it was 50 years ago, or 30 years ago, or even eight years ago.“

And he’s right.

 Digging into the details, he continued:

And by the way, I’m not — set aside 150 years ago, pre-Civil War — there’s a whole bunch of stuff there we could talk about.  Set aside life in the ‘50s, when women and people of color were systematically excluded from big chunks of American life.  Since I graduated [from college], in 1983….crime rates, teenage pregnancy, the share of Americans living in poverty — they’re all down.  The share of Americans with college educations have gone way up.  Our life expectancy has, as well.  Blacks and Latinos have risen up the ranks in business and politics.  (Applause.)  More women are in the workforce.  (Applause.)  They’re earning more money — although it’s long past time that we passed laws to make sure that women are getting the same pay for the same work as men.  (Applause.)

Meanwhile, in the eight years since most of you started high school, we’re also better off.  You and your fellow graduates are entering the job market with better prospects than any time since 2007.  Twenty million more Americans know the financial security of health insurance.  We’re less dependent on foreign oil.  We’ve doubled the production of clean energy.  We have cut the high school dropout rate. We’ve cut the deficit by two-thirds.  Marriage equality is the law of the land. (Applause.)

Note that even as Obama highlighted progress on gender equity, he also reminded us that progress is not perfection, and called for continued efforts to achieve full equality. There’s one other thing the president did not mention, but which is of crucial importance in understanding the achievements of his administration in terms of progressive economics. The federal tax code has become significantly more progressive than it was eight years ago, and is overall more progressive than it has been since before Reagan’s presidency…..


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America moves to be more like Europe?

An Op-Ed in the New York Times that points to a America becoming MORE like Europe on socialism, nationalism and foreign affairs…..

FOR most Europeans these days, traveling to America is like landing on Mars. Even the most sophisticated political analysts can’t make head or tail of what is happening in the country. They are offended by the rise of Donald J. Trump, puzzled by Bernie Sanders’s democratic socialist appeal to young American voters, and confused by President Obama’s unsentimental, risk-averse foreign policy that decided against punishing President Bashar al-Assad of Syria for crossing Mr. Obama’s own red line on chemical weapons….



The piece says nothing about Hillary Clinton…..

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Supreme Scalia…Blacks in “less-advanced schools” that are on “slower tracks.”?

Just put it out there Judge…..

I mean if Donald Trump can and 30% of the people who say they are his supporters are putting down Latinos, Hispanics, Women and Muslims?

Why should this guy say Black kids should get an inferior education?

Racism is ‘in’ these days…..

Justice Antonin Scalia surprised the Supreme Court and the public during Wednesday’s oral arguments in a case challenging affirmative action when he suggested that black students do better in “less-advanced schools” that are on “slower tracks.”

“There are those who contend that it does not benefit African­ Americans to get them into the University of Texas where they do not do well, as opposed to having them go to a less­-advanced school, a slower-­track school where they do well,” he said. “One of the briefs pointed out that most of the black scientists in this country don’t come from schools like the University of Texas.”




Could the court water down affirmitive action in the nation’s colleges?

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Black Pastor’s turn on Trump…Ask for apology for his racist remarks…

Donald Trump got caught….

It probably won’t make much of difference in the media and to his supports who aren’t Black or Brown anyways….

But in his much hailed attempt to show that he would get ‘endorsements’ from 100 Black pastors?

He got chewed on for his racist remarks about Mexican/Latinos and Blacks……

And when the whole thing ended?

The Black pastors asked the businessman/entertainer , turned politican for an apoligy for his rants….

Of course his handlers advised him to skip that part…..

The Donald ‘spin’ is that he got much ‘love’ out of private get together ….

One doubts THAT….

Instead of endorsements, many black pastors issued Donald Trump demands for an apology for his treatment of racial minorities at a closed-door meeting at Trump Tower in New York on Monday.
The demands, part of an hours-long meeting with dozens of black faith leaders that has been mired in controversy since it was announced on Wednesday, come after many leaders came under fire for meeting with Trump and after his campaign canceled the public portion of the event. But Trump, rarely one to avoid news cameras, held an impromptu press conference anyways and described the meeting as full of “love.”

“It went longer only because of the love. It didn’t go longer for other reasons,” Trump said of the two-and-a-half hour session. “There were unbelievable solutions, I think, to problems that we will solve that other people won’t be able to solve.”

But there were also disagreements. During the meeting, pastors demanded Trump apologize not only to the black community, but also to Mexicans for his inflammatory rhetoric, according to Bishop Orrin Pullings, a Richmond, Virginia-based pastor.


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Woodrow Wilson is deserving of a re-examination…Daily Kos….

Black students at the University of Missouri “set it off” recently with their demand that the university’s president step down over the university’s less than stellar responses to racial hostility on campus. What began as a solidarity action with the #Mizzou students has now become a new student movement with demands specific to each campus. At Princeton in New Jersey, one of those demands from student protestors is “the removal of Woodrow Wilson’s name from anything named after him at the university.”

That’s a pretty tall order.

Jamil Smith, writing in the New Republic, says Princeton students are attacking “a silent bigotry” that can be just as harmful as the racist slurs that are yelled at them. Indeed, microaggressions can affect the sense of well-being needed to successfully navigate something as already stressful as a college existence.

Richard Cohen, opinion writer for the Washington Post, says “Woodrow Wilson was racist, but he deserves our understanding.” Cohen makes Wilson’s racism sound benign, saying he was a man of his time, a product of his environment. Which is true, so, no argument there.

But the 28th president of the United States didn’t have to invite friends over to the White House to watch one of the worst pieces of “falsified white supremacist propaganda” ever created. He didn’t have to do that, thereby giving a legitimacy to one of the most heinous terrorist organizations ever to spring from U.S. soil. Nah. He didn’t have to do that. Something else he didn’t have to do was dismiss the legitimate racial concerns of a group of Black leaders at the White House because he didn’t like their tone.

He didn’t have to do that either. He didn’t have to do it because it’s a hallmark of white supremacist privilege, and he didn’t have to do it because it wasn’t like the dude he was dealing with had just been born. He had been around the block a few times….


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Confederate Flag is Not about racism but Southern heritage…Poll

The Gallup poll probabaly didn’t have too many blacks repondants…

Most Americans continue to think of the Confederate flag as emblematic of Southern pride and not inherently racist, according to a new Gallup poll, though views are divided along party lines.

Some 54 percent of Americans say the flag represents not racism but Southern heritage, but Democratic support for the Confederate battle banner has dropped precipitously, according to the survey.

About a third of Democrats, 32 percent, view the flag as symbolic of Southern pride, almost half of the 61 percent who held that view when surveyed in 1992.

Meanwhile, views among Republicans have remained relatively consistent, ticking upward 3 points to 78 percent since 1992, when a full three-quarters of Republicans viewed the flag as a Southern symbol….


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Dylann Roof appears evil…Erick Erickson/Red State….

The Conversation We Won’t Have
By: Erick Erickson (Diary)

Dylann Roof appears more evil than disturbed. Perhaps he had mental health issues. But at some point we just need to call him evil. White supremacy and segregation are evils. He appears to have believed in both. People who believe in white supremacy and segregation do not have to suffer from mental health, but do in all cases have to be evil.

As Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said yesterday, evil is real and the government is not going to legislate it away.

But in typical fashion, the conversation immediately became political. The state of South Carolina, controlled by Republicans, elected an Indian American Governor and put a black man in charge of the congressional district from which the first shots of the Civil War were fired. They then elevated him to the United States Senate. Both are Republicans.

The state has moved on. But, of course, cries from the left were all about the state’s racism. Race hustlers picked it up for political gain. Fox News and the GOP were attacked. Governor Nikki Haley was blamed. I dare say online and on leftwing television programs, most every person and idea on the right-of-center was blamed more than Dylann Roof.

The President and others went immediately to gun control. There does appear to be an issue with how Dylann Roof got his gun, but some reporter actually tweeted that it is easier in this country to get a gun than to get food….


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House Majority Whip Scalise Update late 12/30/14…..

image…. blogs.wsj.com

Are the Rightwingnuts even throwing this guy under the bus?

House GOP leader regrets speaking to supremacist group

Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) said Tuesday he regrets speaking to a white supremacist group as a state legislator in 2002 and that it was a mistake.

In a statement released by his office Tuesday, Scalise officially acknowledged that he spoke to the group while trying to “build support” for a plan to cut spending and tax hikes.

“One of the many groups that I spoke to regarding this critical legislation was a group whose views I wholeheartedly condemn,” he said.
“It was a mistake I regret, and I emphatically oppose the divisive racial and religious views groups like these hold.”

Scalise if fighting to keep his job as the third-ranking Republican in the House following revelations that surfaced last weekend on a local Louisiana blog….


Boehner, McCarthy stand by Scalise

House Republican leadership is standing by Majority Whip Steve Scalise (La.) after the No. 3 House Republican admitted to speaking to a white supremacist group in 2002.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) both issued statements Tuesday afternoon voicing their support for Scalise as majority whip.

“More than a decade ago, Representative Scalise made an error in judgment, and he was right to acknowledge it was wrong and inappropriate,” Boehner said in a statement Tuesday afternoon.
“Like many of my colleagues on both sides of the aisle, I know Steve to be a man of high integrity and good character. He has my full confidence as our Whip, and he will continue to do great and important work for all Americans,” Boehner added….


Civil rights group: Scalise must go

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a leading civil rights group, is calling on House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) to resign from his leadership post after revelations that he spoke to a white supremacist group in 2002.

In a post on the SPLC website, titled “Steve Scalise’s Denials Are Not Believable,” senior fellow Mark Potok points to the example of former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.), who resigned his leadership post in 2002 after praising the presidential campaign of segregationist Strom Thurmond.
“After singing the praises of segregationist Sen. Strom Thurmond (R-S.C.), Lott was forced to resign his leadership post,” Potok writes. “Now Steve Scalise should do the same.”


New House GOP Spin: Scalise Hanging With Racists Helps Him Work With Conservatives

Erick Erickson (Diary) @ Red State….

The House GOP will stand by Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA)76%, signaling they will hold their leadership to lesser standards than they would conservatives.

Now they are just rubbing everybody’s nose in it.

Their latest spin, courtesy of the Washington Post, is that Scalise’s ability to connect with racists makes him a bridge builder between conservatives and Speaker Boehner.

I kid you not.

From the article:

Racist elements have long been a part of political life in Louisiana and throughout the Deep South, but Scalise’s skillful ability to balance them with his party’s modern-day need to appeal to a rapidly diversifying electorate helped enable his rise.


One of Scalise’s assets in the leadership is that he has been able to sway rabble-rousing members who often cause headaches for House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio). On the House floor, he will sit down next to a colleague he is trying to win over, place his arm around his or her shoulder, lean in close and talk.

Scalise’s political associates say he tolerates political outsiders and even some gadflies more than most leaders, eager always to turn anyone into an ally. That persona has fueled his climb to power. It has also invited controversy.

In other words, because Scalise is confortable in front of David Duke style groups, he knows how to navigate those wackado conservatives in Congress….


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Race Rising as an American Issue…Poll

…from the Washington Post…..

For the first time in more than two decades, more than one in 10 Americans say that race is the most pressing issue facing the country, according to a new Gallup poll.

The poll showed that 13 percent of Americans think that race relations and racism are the most important problems, the same number of people who said the economy, and more than than those who cited unemployment (8 percent), immigration (7 percent) and terrorism (2 percent), among many other things.

In fact, the only thing that more people named as a problem was general dissatisfaction with the government, Congress and politicians, with 15 percent of people citing that.

The surge in concern regarding race is not unexpected, as Americans closely followed widespread protests across the country over unarmed black men who died after encounters with police officers….


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The Civil War never ended. The neo-Confederate tea party fights on…Daily Kos…

A young African-American man questions Baton Rouge Tea Party member about his confederate flag

attribution: you tube screenshot
Questioning the Confederate flag at a Baton Rouge tea party gathering

I learned about the Civil War in school, and at home. I knew I was the great-granddaughter of enslaved people freed by the war. My great-grand-uncle Dennis Weaver (black), was a former slave, freed by early emancipation in Washington, D.C., in 1862, who enlisted immediately in Company D, 1st Regiment, United States Colored Troops (USCT). My great-great-grandfather, James Bratt (white), was opposed to slavery and fought for the Union in the 6th Light Artillery Regiment, Wisconsin. I also know, through researching my family history, that I am descended from slave holders.

As a young person, I learned “Lincoln freed the slaves,” and that the Civil War ended when Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered to Union Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant in 1865. It boiled down to “the North won, the southern slaveholders lost.” Most of the history of what happened after the end of the war was skipped over in my classes. We learned next to nothing about Reconstruction. Thankfully, my parents filled in many of the gaps, but one of the things I could never understand, even as a child, was why, when we would drive through the South, there seemed to be more monuments to Confederates than to the victors. I learned early on to associate Confederate flag-carrying and waving with KKK activities, lynching, rape, murder, repression, segregation, and hatred of black people.


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GOP establishment types want their own to stop saying Democrat’s want a ‘war on whites’

Rep. Mo Brooks’s (R-Ala.) Comments about race, repeated in the media has drawn complaints from fellow Republicans who are worried that the introduction race baiting from THEIR party members is NOT a good way to keep Democrats, minorities in particular from getting motivated to come out and vote come this November in midterm elections…..

Brooks complains that minorities are protected by the law against discrimination and whites aren’t…..

Republicans say a GOP lawmaker’s comments that Democrats are waging a “war on whites” is just what the party doesn’t need to deal with ahead of the midterm elections.

With a Senate majority in sight, party strategists say their office holders need to avoid a distracting battle on the polarizing issue of race, which could gin up Democratic voters and turn off independents.

“There’s no part of what he said that was helpful,” one GOP strategist groused of Rep. Mo Brooks’s (R-Ala.) comments.

Brooks made the “war on whites” comments during an interview on conservative radio host Laura Ingraham’s show, which focused on immigration and the border crisis.

A day later, he doubled down on his accusation in an interviews with USA Today and Newsmax.

“It is repugnant for Democrats time after time after time to resort to cries of racism to divide Americans and drive up voter turn out,” Brooks told USA Today.

“That is exactly what they are doing in order to drive up their vote, and they are doing it when there is no racial discrimination involved.”

In a separate interview with Newsmax, Brooks asked, “What is the one race that can be discriminated against? … All whites.”

He said that under federal law, minority groups have protected status, while whites “are treated differently.”

GOP strategists said the comments aren’t helpful in the fight to win the Senate. Republicans need to gain six seats to take over the majority, a high bar, but one that appears in reach…..


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