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A Short History Of Sharron Angle’s Bigotry….

I still don’t really understand why Harry Reid isn’t running all over this race….

What is with the people in Nevada?

Is Reid that bad of a guy there?

Or is this woman just an out and fear mongering racist?

That has used fear to drive whites to the polls..

In the United States of American in 2010….No less…

It’s challenging to stand out as a bigoted crackpot this campaign season, but Sharron Angle deserves a gold star, says Rachel Maddow, for having the most “overtly racist” ad this year. Is she also the most bigoted major-party nominee?

The evidence is growing. Here is Angle’s spokeswoman’s defense against these charges, given to The Daily Caller:

“Sharron is a proud grandmother of beautiful Hispanic children –- she loves them dearly and wants only the best for them, and these are some of the motives that inspire her to run for office. Sadly, It’s Harry Reidwho divides; whether it concerns skin color or dialects of somebody running for political office, or questioning the political affiliation of patriotic Hispanics, it’s Harry Reid’s very own comments which prove that it is Harry Reid himself who is out of touch with our community,” Stacy concluded.

She lost us when she started talking about “dialects.” (Well, she’s lost us a few times.) But it’s all of a piece with Angle’s M.O. on ethnicity and immigration: take a hardline stance, play on fears, and then when questioned ramble about how ethnicity and race don’t exist the way these paranoid liberals think they do. To wit:

1) If you re-elect Harry Reid, he will let scary brown men take over colleges using government money. Maddow was talking about an ad called “Thanks, Pal.” It was pulled off YouTube — but only because of a copyright claim from a photographer who was pissed that his image of farmers in southern Mexico was being taken out of context. (It was being contrasted with white college graduates in robes.)

That photo might have popped up when both Angle and Louisiana Senator David Vitter’s aides Googled “scary brown men,” since both politicians used it in their ads. At the time, Think Progress noted the contrast between the images Angle used and the actual ones of students advocating for the DREAM Act, to whom she was apparently referring.

A Short History Of Sharron Angle's Bigotry