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Elizabeth Warren and the Democratic Convention…


A Politico piece questions the appearance of Warren as a speaker at the Democratic Convention….

The piece points out that Warren will probably come across as to the left on Obama and some may worry that she will lose HIM some votes….

To heck with that!

Warren is a gifted thinker whose inexperience in politics IS serving her well…

She is the one that advanced the thought that every rich Republican out there relies on the Government’s services to get thru their everyday lives….

And to make money….

This is theme the President has embraced and incorporated into HIS campaign…..

She was also the first choice for the nation’s Consumer Protection Bureau which scared Republican’s…..

Let the lady speak…

And she should speak LOUD and CLEAR….

And if she pulls things to a left a bit…


Warren has “that one elusive quality that we all want in our leaders, but can’t ever seem to get — freshness. Few people can combine newness with competence — Palin demonstrates the obvious pitfall — but she’s one of them. That was obviously a big part of Obama’s allure in 2008,” said former Democratic Governors Association executive director Nathan Daschle.

“At the same time, her anti-Wall Street message is powerful but limiting. As Obama learned, what works in Massachusetts isn’t necessarily what will work nationally,” he added.

“Most Americans are optimists, not pessimists. They don’t see themselves as victims. They see themselves as upwardly mobile, and that’s the product of their own sweat and labor. They work so hard to provide for their families that they naturally resent anyone they perceive as taking credit away. What they hear is ‘You didn’t work hard enough to deserve what you have.’”

After Obama opted not to nominate her to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in the face of strong Republican opposition, Warren became a hero to the progressive left, which already talks about her for national office in 2016. Long before she ever launched her Senate run, the liberal base was drafting her.

More important, she represents a growing force within the party — a progressive agenda coupled with disdain for the type of transactional politicking that former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and his colleagues in the Clinton administration were known for.

The announcement of Warren as the speaker who will introduce Bill Clinton was largely lost amid headlines about Mitt Romney’s missteps on his overseas trip. Democrats highlighted her strengths — a woman and an icon with the base for her message about economic fairness, fighting one of the most competitive and strategically important Senate battles in the nation.


Is Civil Rights Enforcement back?……..Good, but lets face it…..it's gonna cost him…….

The New York Times reports that the Obama Justice Department, under the Eric Holder is ‘recharging’ the Civil rights division announcement. They are adding $22 million to the group and hiring more staff. While the second half of the piece seeks to water down the basic announcement the fact is clear. With the election of a black (actually mixed) president Civil Rights is back.  Me, I’m glad…….With the Bush administration the Civil Right division was probably last in line, after the dogs…..

Of course, this is a political blog……..so here’s the other shoe……While this will make the Liberal, progressive and minorities happy…….this is gonna cost anguish for the ‘Blue Dogs’……..Listen Obama had decent coattails in his win last November……the Blue Dogs (and Republicans, of course)  are already gonna leave him because of the ‘public option’….now, bringing the Civil Rights issue into the light is going to bring back the old order of things, and cost several new House members their seats…….they will be unable to hold the line against Republicans fighting ‘change’, public financing of healthcare, the economy spending, and lastly, the old boogie man Civil Rights……..

But I give Obama his props for forging on….but, some of the troops are gonna take a hit in 2010……. no doubt………

The Progressive dilemma……….

Nate Silver, over at FivethirtyEight sums up the dilemma for the Progressive wing of the Democratic party…do they REALY stick to the ‘public option’ and risk the ENTIRE healthcare bill ? ( they pushed back this week )…..or do they bluff their way down to the wire, and join Obama in taking a bill w/o the option (add co-ops, maybe), and call it a victory……as I have posted here…I think Obama ( who can’t come out of this empty handed, NO MATTER WHAT ) is gonna be the one to decide in the end…..but Silver does give a good snap shot of the thinking with-in the Progressives camp…………..