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Donald Trump IS very unpopular…

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The Gallup polling outfit has a running averages poll about President Donald Trump’s approval with the American people…..

While Trump might have the support of Republicans locked up?

He is breaking new records in NOT having the approval of MOST Americans….He took the record from Beorge W. Bush….

In the Gallup tracking poll as I type this (12/3/17)?

Donald Trump’s approval number is 33%…..

His disapproval number is 62%…..

Republicans seem to own this dishonor, eh?

Days to hit 62% disapproval (Gallup)

Carter: Never

Reagan: Never

H.W. Bush: Never

Clinton: Never

W. Bush: 1,932

Obama: Never

Trump: 316


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A look at todays Democrat….Poll

Pew Research is out with a poll that give a look at the Democratic base these days….

The picture is of a more liberal, loyal to President Obama…….But are devidied over experience for next years nominee and going after the banks….

Democrats have become more liberal in recent years.

The share of Democrats who describe their political views as liberal has increased over the past 15 years. In surveys conducted this year, 41% of Democrats describe themselves as liberal, 35% say they are moderates and 21% say they’re conservative. In 2000, 43% were moderate, 27% liberal and 24% conservative.

This trend falls in line with how the nation has become more polarized at both ends of the ideological spectrum. Our polarization survey last year found that the share of Democrats and Democratic leaners who hold consistently liberal views (as well as the share of Republicans and Republican leaners who have consistently conservative attitudes) has increased over the past 2o years. Today, 94% of Democrats are to the left of the median Republican, and 92% of Republicans are to the right of the median Democrat.

Democrats have remained very loyal to President Barack Obama.

In our September poll, Obama’s overall job rating is 46%, but Democrats are overwhelmingly supportive of the president. Fully 83% of Democrats approve of the way Obama is handling his job, compared with 43% of independents and just 9% of Republicans….


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Daily Real Clear Politics Polling Numbers April 3, 2013

Wednesday, April 03
Race/Topic   (Click to Sort) Poll Results Spread
President Obama Job Approval Gallup Approve 48, Disapprove 46 Approve +2
President Obama Job Approval Rasmussen Reports Approve 50, Disapprove 49 Approve +1
President Obama Job Approval Quinnipiac Approve 49, Disapprove 45 Approve +4
Direction of Country Rasmussen Reports Right Direction 35, Wrong Track 57 Wrong Track +22
Generic Congressional Vote Quinnipiac Democrats 43, Republicans 35 Democrats +8
2016 Republican Presidential Nomination Quinnipiac Rubio 19, Ryan 17, Paul 15, Christie 14, Bush 10, Jindal 3, Walker 2, McDonnell 1 Rubio +2
2016 Republican Presidential Nomination PPP (D) Rubio 21, Ryan 12, Paul 17, Christie 15, Bush 12, Jindal 4, Walker , McDonnell Rubio +4

from realclearpolitics…..

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