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Polling the tax cut/giveaway plan….GOPer vs the American’s in general….

The message IS clear….


I’m not sure how much policy translates to votes these days, but it can’t *help* to choose two unbelievably unpopular ideas as your top priority in Congress…..

  1. The key to the midterms or something

    Two polls of GOP tax plan today with near identical results. Gallup: 29% approve, 56% disapprove

    Quinnipiac: 29% approve, 53% disapprove

    This is another place where the GOP tax plan is hurting Republicans- only 35% of voters support it, 47% opposed:

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North Carolina Poll…Trump wrong on Russia and Putin…And is Unpopular…

Donald Trump WON North Carolina….

He’s been going down hill there ever since….

Donald Trump IS gonna have to move himself back towrds the mainstream whether he likes it of not….

And stop fighting his intelligence community….

North Carolina’s a state where Donald Trump did much better than his national performance in November. While he lost the vote nationally by 2 points, he took North Carolina by 4 points. But attitudes toward Trump as he prepares to take office match the national picture- he’s unpopular and voters think his presidency will be a downgrade from Barack Obama’s.

Only 44% of voters have a positive opinion of Trump, to 49% who see him negatively. Even among those who voted for Trump in November, 14% don’t have a favorable opinion of him. Obama meanwhile leaves office on a high note with 50% of voters approving of him to 47% who disapprove. When asked who they think will prove to be the better President, North Carolinians pick Obama over Trump 49/45.

Usually a newly elected President will see a bump in their popularity before taking office. But voters continue to have a variety of concerns about Trump and his agenda that are keeping that from happening for him:

-Very few voters think Trump has done enough to divest himself from his business interests as he prepares to take office. 59% want to see him fully divest himself from his business interests, to only 32% who don’t think it’s necessary for him to take that step.

-Voters continue to be concerned about Trump’s lack of transparency when it comes to releasing his tax returns. 60% think he needs to release his returns, compared to only 32% who don’t think it’s necessary for him to. In fact voters don’t think Trump should even be allowed to appear on the ballot again in 2020 if he stays on his current course- 54% of voters say they’d require a law requiring a candidate for President to release 5 years of tax returns in order to appear on the ballot, to just 33% who would oppose that change…..


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Hillary Clinton still leads GOPer’s for 2016…But by less…Poll

Hillary Clinton still leads the GOP 2016 field…..

The lead has dropped in this poll as it has in others….


With her formal announcment of her 2016 run for President expect her numbers to rise against the Republican field…

PPP’s newest national Presidential poll finds Hillary Clinton leading the field of potential Republican candidates by anywhere from 3-9 points. Her advantage is down from being ahead by 7-10 points against the various potential GOP contenders on our February poll.

Even with her advantage over the Republican field on the decline, Clinton is still clearly a stronger candidate than anyone else the Democrats might put forward at this point. Clinton leads Scott Walker, who currently leads in our national GOP polling, 46/42. By comparison Joe Biden (46/40) and Elizabeth Warren (43/39) would both trail Walker in hypothetical match ups.

In addition to Walker, 2 other GOP hopefuls come within 4 points of Clinton. Marco Rubio trails her just 46/43, and Rand Paul’s deficit is 46/42. Paul’s numbers are interesting. He actually does better than anyone else on his side with independents, leading Clinton by 14 points at 47/33. But the 77% of the Republican vote he gets against Clinton is the lowest of any candidate other than Chris Christie, suggesting that some GOP voters have so much concern about him that they might not even vote for him in a general election. Overall 30% of voters see Paul favorably to 47% who have a negative opinion….


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Grimes LEADS McConnell in new PPP Kentucky Senate Poll….8/1/13

Mitch McConnell HAD to know he was on shaky ground from the jump….

Never mind all the pundits….

He’s been aggressive against a Ashley Judd run and now he’s done the same against Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes…..And to the mix he’s now being primaried from the RIGHT by a rich guy from Connnecticut….

Not a Good Day for the GOP Senate Minority Leader….

Not at all…..



For what may be the first time in U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell’s long Senate career, a Democratic poll shows him trailing a challenger.
The poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling, a Democratic firm from North Carolina, found that Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes leads McConnell 45 percent to 44 percent in the 2014 race for the U.S. Senate.
The poll, a telephone sampling of 1,210 Kentucky voters, has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.8 percentage points, which means the race is essentially a dead heat.
The poll was commissioned by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy For America, two organizations that oppose McConnell. The survey was conducted between July 19 and July 21.
The poll also found that 51 percent of voters oppose McConnell’s job performance while 40 percent said they favor his performance.
The New York Times polling blog, fivethirtyeight.com, ranked PPP as the 15th most accurate public pollster in the 2012 presidential election. Despite being a Democratic pollster, the blog found that PPP overestimated Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s performance by 1.6 percentage points.

Jesse Benton, McConnell’s campaign manager released a statement criticizing the poll. “George Soros and the Obama Allies are up to their same old tricks. They have concocted another fictitious poll that has no basis in reality, held it for ten days, and released it at the perfect time in the news cycle to help their upstart liberal candidate. This poll has zero credibility and should be ignored out of hand,” he said…..


Note ….

In this post and here at the Dog there is a effort to go after the poll and PPP…..

(PPP ‘s last poll showed a tie between the two)

We ALL have differences with polls….

But Mitch McConnell has trouble on his hands….

No Doubt…


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New GOP polling firm seeks to become strong for the Republicans….

The Republicans are trying to enter the 21st Century with their polling outfits…..

The outfit, Harper Polling, launches this week with the goal of putting the party on parity with Democrats in the field of IVR polling — a term that stands for interactive voice response polling, commonly known as “robo-polling.”

For several cycles now, Democrats have benefited from a high-volume, relatively inexpensive flow of survey data from the company Public Policy Polling, which takes hundreds of polls in any given cycle checking up on individual races and national issue debates. Some of those surveys are released to the public, while others are conducted for private purposes by Democratic campaigns and interest groups.

On the Republican side, candidates and party committees have largely eschewed automated data collection in lieu of more expensive polling taken by live telephone interviews. In 2012, those costlier polls proved inaccurate in many cases, based on flawed assumptions that left the GOP stunned by the scale of its setbacks on Election Day.

Harper Polling founder Brock McCleary, the outgoing polling director and deputy executive director of the National Republican Congressional Committee, said the aim of his project is to give the GOP access to flexible, cost-effective polling data that matches what Democrats are producing.

In a way, the project is an extension of a 2011 initiative at the NRCC to conduct in-house IVR polling. That effort was successful enough, according to McCleary, that he decided it would be worth doing on a larger scale.


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