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California Dem Sen. Harris supports her fellow Dem Senator Feinstein for re-election

This from Politico….

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Senator Kamala Harris, darling of progressives, says she’d support a Feinstein reelection bid ‘100 percent’

In a robust defense of Dianne Feinstein, her embattled Democratic colleague, Sen. Kamala Harris said Thursday that she would back the state’s senior U.S. senator “100 percent” should Feinstein decide to run again in 2018, calling her a tireless fighter for “California values.”

“I am a strong supporter of Dianne, and if she decides to run again, I will be front and center in supporting her — and for lots of good reasons,’’ Harris told POLITICO on Thursday. “I may not agree with her on everything. But I admire and respect her. … I do strongly believe that she is one of the greatest public servants that California has had.”….

Ah, please re-read the headline on this post….

‘Darling of progressives’?

Isn’t that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren?

Harris is now the flavor of the month in California and increasingly for Democrats nationwide…

Harris’ impassioned defense came a day after a new poll by the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies indicated that Feinstein’s job approval rating had fallen 9 points in recent months to 50 percent, with 36 percent now disapproving of her job performance. The poll also found that only 45 percent of Democrats were inclined to reelect Feinstein should she run for a fifth term, down from 56 percent in April.

By contrast, the IGS poll showed approval numbers for Harris — a darling of progressives and increasingly talked about as a potential presidential candidate in 2020 — were at 52 percent, with just 29 percent disapproval….



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Kid Rock for the Senate?…After laughing?..Huh?….

The first poll is out….

Stop laughing…..

The whole thing might be a marketing gimmick …

But the poll below indicates Democrats should not just dismiss the possibility of a serious race ….

Image result for kid rock/stabenow

On July 12th, 2017 Robert Ritchie, aka Kid Rock, confirmed his intention to run for the United States Senate seat in Michigan. His announcement sent a shock through the media and many dismissed it as a cheap publicity stunt. While Ritchie has yet to file his official documentation to seek the office, he stated his intentions on Twitter and pushed back at his critics, saying “the press is wrong.”

Debbie Stabenow is the incumbent Democratic Michigan senator who is scheduled to defend her seat in 2018. Ritchie intends to run as a Republican who would likely have to defeat a crowded primary field to challenge Stabenow.

To gauge Ritchie’s chances in a hypothetical general election matchup, Delta Analytica conducted a poll from July 14-18 of 668 Michigan residents. Of respondents who stated a preference between Debbie Stabenow and Robert Ritchie, 54% stated they would vote for Ritchie while 46% said they would vote for Debbie Stabenow. These results could indicate that Ritchie is a popular figure in Michigan, Debbie Stabenow is unpopular, or some combination of concurrent trends. The relatively large, 44%, number of undecided respondents may be due to the early stages of the campaign.

Michigan, once part of the Democrats vaunted “Blue Wall” is suddenly a battleground where Democrats and Republicans are now fighting for blue collar voters….



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Political Roundup for February 28th, 2017…Most Americans find politics stressful these days…RRH Elections

President & Miscellaneous

The Donald’s Budget: Many people are saying that Congressional Republicans don’t find 45’s Dick Gephardt ’00-inspired budget tremenous. Sad!

Need another reason to drink?: According to a new Reuters poll, most Americans find politics stressful these days. In other news, water is wet.

POTUS Favorability: In news that must be fake, young voters would fire The Donald—if given the chance. According to Reuters, most Americans aged 13-17 disapprove of POTUS (surprise!) and are just as disillusioned with politics as their older counterparts. They are, however, slightly more optimistic about the future than is the first generation to leave its children worse off than it itself was left.

Commerce Secretary: Billionaire Wilbur Ross was confirmed yesterday as Secretary of Commerce by a 72-27 margin.

TX-Voter ID: As expected, the DOJ has reversed its stance on Texas’ voter ID law. But, let’s be real: would such a law even be necessary with our inevitable Big Beautiful Wall?

Trump v. the Media: The New York Times claims that Donald Trump has “evil intentions.” But, seriously, did that stop the paper from publishing plenty of attention-seeking Trump headlines before his political days to boost its readership? The Donald was still The Donald then—just as much as he is now.

The Almighty Dollar: The dollar has held steady as of late, apparently due to POTUS’ current lack of specifics on fiscal and tax policy….


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American’s are Still NOT enthusiastic about Trump & Co….Poll

Donald Trump maybe happy that he’s won the Presidency…..

He has run on the promise to make America ‘Great Again’…..

But he is a 70 year old businessman….

He’s gonna do things the way he has for decades….

Image result for trump

And THAT is producung DAILY stories that project a break from what American President do and how they do it….

And THAT IS UNSETTLING for American’s and others….

Trump is used to running business ventures in private, with his small staff….

THAT is NOT the job he will have in a month….

Trump was NEVER very popular with American’s before…

His numbers are recovering somewhat with Republicans…

But like Hillary Clinton?

Donald Trump has a trust problem….

And THAT will be a problem in his new job….

And it will be wide OUT in the open for as long as he has the job…..

Recent picks for his incoming cabinet isn’t helping those poll numbers at all…

But then Trump doesn’t care about polls does he?

He’s got supporters….(He lost the popular vote by MILLIONS)

Even if it’s less than most Americans….

Mixed perceptions and impressions of Trump extend beyond his transition. The HuffPost Pollster average of Trump’s favorability tilts negative: Forty-six percent favorable, versus 48 percent unfavorable. And in the four most recent surveys, Trump’s unfavorable rating has been 50 percent or greater, including the newest POLITICO/Morning Consult survey.

In that poll, conducted Dec. 8-11, 45 percent of registered voters viewed Trump favorably, and 51 percent had an unfavorable opinion of him. That’s better than Trump’s historically low favorability rating on Election Day, but only modestly.

And resistance to Trump remains strong. The percentage of voters who had a “very unfavorable” opinion of Trump, 39 percent, was much larger than the 26 percent who had a “very favorable” opinion of him.

Similar to the Gallup survey, self-identified Democrats continue to be among the most hostile to Trump. Fully 70 percent of Democrats have a “very unfavorable” impression of Trump in the POLITICO/Morning Consult poll.

Enthusiasm for Trump lags well behind. Only 56 percent of self-identified Republicans — and the same percentage of Trump voters — have a “very favorable” opinion of the president-elect.

That combination — resistant Democrats and unenthusiastic Republicans — has denied Trump the broad popularity past presidents-elect have enjoyed…


Many of Trump’s Cabinet choices have come from the private sector — such as Rex Tillerson, Trump’s pick for secretary of state — and are unknown to most Americans. The only two Cabinet picks with significant public presences are two of Trump’s one-time rivals for the GOP nomination: Energy Secretary-designate Rick Perry and Housing and Urban Development Secretary-designate Ben Carson.

But neither is broadly popular enough to provide Trump with a halo….



The last 3 American President have ALL had drops in their poll numbers after they took the oath of office…

If Trump has the same thing?

How far down can he go?

image….nbc news

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The Why the FiveThirtyEight forecast is for a Clinton Win..But Less so than others…

Those of us who have been watching the polling daily know that there is a wide difference in the forecast of a Clinton win among several outfits….

Vox has a oiece on why the Nate Silver projection over at Five Thirty Eight tends to be favorable to a Clinton win, but less so….

According to FiveThirtyEight’s estimate, Clinton currently has about a 3.4 percent popular vote lead. But her chances of winning are only 70 percent or higher in contests where 272 electoral votes are at stake. If she wins them all, that’s just barely enough to get her over the top.

So how likely is it that there will be either a polling error (either nationwide or in enough states to tip the scale) or a last-minute swing the polls simply don’t have time to pick up on (again, either nationwide or in enough key states)?

All the other models are essentially telling us that given the data we have, these scenarios are very unlikely to transpire — but Silver’s is warning not to count it out. After all, back in 2012, polling averages ended up underestimating Barack Obama’s national margin of victory by 2 to 3 points. So how safe is a Clinton national lead of 2 to 3 points, really?

This is in part due again to Silver’s aggressive weighting of his state forecasts to changing national and regional numbers, even when we haven’t had many new polls in particular states in a while.

To oversimplify, the other models are leaning more towards assuming that with so much polling in so many states showing Clinton narrowly ahead, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll all be wrong in the same way. But Silver’s model thinks a “miss” in national polling would likely be reflected in swing states too — even states that have been considered part of Clinton’s “firewall” up until now.

There’s sound basis in the historical data for painting the states with a broad brush, since on average, national movement does appear to show up in the swing states too. But then again, the swing states are in a different world than the rest of the country in some ways — they’re subject to millions of dollars more in ads, as well as extensive voter turnout operations. So they might not just follow along with the national trend, particularly in a year when the two campaigns are so different.

More broadly, though, Silver’s forecast is just more uncertain that the result will match what the current polling data shows (while still assuming that’s the most likely outcome). As Silver has written, his model also assumes a higher likelihood of a Clinton landslide win than many of the others. And this treatment of uncertainty better accounts for the fact that, well, we genuinely don’t know what will happen in the future….


I have called Silver out on twitter for covering his back on his call…

The above Vox piece above says nothing different….

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Daily Kos Morning Digest 11/1/16… Republicans make a late move to save Ron Johnson in Wisconsin

WI-Sen: While the Wisconsin Senate race hadn’t attracted much outside spending all cycle long, that’s changing in the final days of the race. On Friday, the Democratic group Senate Majority PAC announced that they were spending $2 million to help Russ Feingold, who has consistently led Republican Sen. Ron Johnson in the polls, albeit by varying—and lately, narrower—margins. In response, the pro-GOP Senate Leadership Fund said on Monday that they were also committing $2 million to this contest.

Those totals are small compared to what each group has spent in other Senate races, but with just a week left and several tight races in other states, they’re far from nothing. Only one poll has ever shown Johnson ahead, but a few surveys, including two recent GOP polls, have found Feingold with just 2- or 3-point leads. The new spending seems like an indication that, even if Feingold is still ahead, he’s not nearly as strong as he once looked.

Other groups are also descending on Wisconsin, though not all are directly playing in the Senate race. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign hadn’t aired any ads in the state in the general election, but they announced a “six-figure” buy on Friday. Clinton’s state director said that she was hoping to help Feingold and other Democrats downballot. Given how relatively small this buy is for a presidential campaign, it’s likely that Clinton’s team is not seriously worried about losing the state’s 10 electoral votes and are in fact just trying to boost their margin of victory and sweep a few extra Democrats to victory. However, Clinton’s allied super PAC, Priorities USA, may be expending more resources here. Priorities is also spending in Wisconsin for the first time in the general election, though exactly how much is unclear; all we know is that they’re deploying a total of $6 million in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin combined.

On the GOP side, Johnson has a well-funded super PAC called the Reform America Fund set up to aid him, and it, too, just got a boost, in the form of a $4 million donation from wealthy GOP donor Diane Hendricks. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is chipping in, too, with a spot attacking Feingold for voting for Obamacare; the Chamber’s FEC filing shows they’ve spent $600,000.

Other conservative groups are joining the fray, too. The NRA is also up with an ad, though they only appear to be putting $116,000 behind it so far. And another pro-Johnson super PAC, Let America Work Again, also seems to be putting just $112,000 behind their new commercial, which literally features a steaming pile of cow manure. By contrast, the Humane Society Legislative Fund’s new ad campaign in support of Feingold is for $400,000, and it does not feature a steaming pile of cow manure.

Even taken together, these sums don’t suggest an all-out GOP assault on Feingold, or a desperate last-minute effort by Democrats to save his chances. Most likely, Republicans, who are otherwise facing a very tough map, think they have a puncher’s chance here, while Democrats are simply putting up their dukes so that the GOP can’t land a sneaky knockout blow.

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Someone ‘Incredibly Enthusiastic’ about voting for Hillary Clinton explains why….

 By Ian Reifowitz   @ Daily Kos…
She’s the one that I want. To be president.


Apparently, those three letters sum up how a good number of Americans, in particular younger voters, feel about the prospect of voting for Hillary Clinton. Tina Nguyen at Vanity Fair put it as follows: “the majority of millennials, nearly all of whom disagree with Trump’s positions, are not sufficiently excited by the Democratic alternative to do anything about it.”

Granted, it’s just one survey, but look at the numbers from Quinnipiac’s poll conducted September 8 to 13. Almost half of those under age 35 say they’re voting for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein. Other polling—along with Clinton’s performance among younger voters in 2008 as well as in the primary contest against Bernie Sanders—show similar problems for her.

I don’t want to focus too long on the numbers, but these kinds of figures tell me that younger Americans are probably the group with the highest percentage of persuadable voters. It’s not likely that many people saying they’d vote for Trump at this late date in the campaign are going to end up voting for Clinton. However, voters who think Trump is an unqualified bigot—and about two-thirds of those ages 18 to 39 said they did in a recent poll—should be voting for Hillary. Yet many are not. So, what are we going to do about it?

We who do support Secretary Clinton have a number of options. We can wallow in pessimism; we can get angry at those who, it seems to us, just won’t see reason; or we can try to persuade them. I think you know which is the most productive.

Separate from the fact that it is true, it is strategically important to talk about how dangerous Donald Trump is. Doing so will motivate some of our voters—and of course much of our energy should go to making sure our voters go to the polls. But others have already gotten that message about Trump—yet for them, it hasn’t translated into supporting Hillary. They need a reason to turn their vote for ‘not Trump’ into a vote for Hillary as opposed to a third-party candidate, or no one at all. I’m voting for Hillary, and not just because she’s not Trump. Here’s why….


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When Trump loses will Texas want to drop out of the Union?

In a new Public Policy Poll (D) 61% of respondents who back  Donald Trump say  they would  support their state succeding for the Unted States of America if Hillary Clinton won the Presidential election

Among ALL Texasan’s the opt-out vote drops to only 26%..which is pretty high anyways

The same poll has Hillary Clinton trailing Trump in Texas by only 6%…..The MOE id 3.2% pts….Which means Clinton just COULD be only 3% pts behind Trump, or 9%pts….

More than 3 in 5 of Donald Trump’s supporters in Texas say they would back secession if Hillary Clinton becomes president, according to a new poll.

Sixty-one percent of Texans backing Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, want out of the U.S. if Clinton, the Democratic nominee, wins, according to the Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey released Tuesday.

Twenty-nine percent of Trump’s supporters in Texas, meanwhile, favor their state staying in the union, even if the billionaire loses this November.

Among Trump supporters, 37 percent support Texas secession, while 49 percent oppose.

Overall, Tuesday’s results also found that 26 percent of voters in Texas would back the Lone Star State’s independence. Fifty-nine percent want to stay in the U.S., with 15 percent unsure…..


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New Poll… Clinton up 3 over Trump…The Comey effect…

This is the second poll out AFTER FBI Director Comey and AG Lynch passed judgement on Hillary Clinton’s messy email thing….

I’m not surprised that Clinton has taken a hit….THAT was to be expected….

But I’m ALSO NOT surprised that she REMAINS ahead of Trump in the poll….Trump still has higher unfavorables than Clinton….

The poll is HUGE, almost 8,000 sampled…..

We’ll see what other polls will say in the week or so….

I expect Clinton to bounce back in next weeks polls since Donald Trump has almost disappeared and Clinton ads are EVERYWHERE along with Dallas shooting story and Sanders now joining the rest of the Democrats against Trump….

Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump has fallen to 3 points nationwide, according to a new poll.

Clinton leads Trump, 47 to 44 percent, in the NBC News/Survey Monkey poll released Tuesday.

Clinton has a 5-point edge over Trump, 48 to 43 percent, in the same poll last week.

Pollsters also found in the new survey that 82 percent think Clinton’s use of private email server as secretary of State was “not appropriate,” versus 15 percent who say it was.

Fifty-six percent also disagree with FBI Director James Comey’s recommendation last week that Clinton not face criminal charges, while 41 percent say he made the right call.

In addition, two-thirds say Clinton is neither honest nor trustworthy.

Sixty-two percent view Trump unfavorably, however, only 2 points higher than Clinton’s 60-percent rating….


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Europe STILL see’s America as a Strong Country….

Donald Trump maybe trying to sell the story that America isn’t “Great’ anymore…

But with the end f his trip to the European continent (His last NATO meeting) he spotlights and strong America that has the same issues that the rest the planet has….

As a Politico piece points out?

Under President George Bush ….The strutting ‘in your face’ America posturing caused a strong Anti-America feeling outside the American borders…

That same posture is something Donald Trump is trying to sell to those who support him….

Barack Obama maybe called the ‘apologist’….But he HAS turned around the proception of America with others nations with HIS leadership during the last almost eight years…

One always streps back from Trump’s proclamation that America is “weak’ and wonders how that can be with SO MANY people finding so many ways to come to THIS country by boat, train  airplane and even walking?

How could that be Donald?

The Brexit vote and the rise of populist parties — stoked by a combination of economic woes, skepticism of multiculturalism, and frustration with a distant Brussels bureaucracy — have frightened elites. But even as they question the European project and the political status quo, average citizens in Europe still largely embrace one key pillar of the post-World War II order: the transatlantic relationship with the United States. Rising public anger, it seems, has not led to a return of anti-Americanism.

As a new Pew Research Center survey highlights, solid majorities in nine of 10 European Union nations polled express a favorable opinion of the U.S. (Greece is the exception). Across these 10 countries a median of 77 percent say they have confidence in Obama to do the right thing in world affairs.

Rising public anger, it seems, has not led to a return of anti-Americanism.

This is a very different picture from a decade ago. As Obama nears the end of his second term in office, it’s easy to forget the dramatic impact his election had on America’s image in Europe. The anti-Americanism of the George W. Bush era was intense — he was unpopular, his foreign policy was criticized, and overall attitudes toward the U.S. turned sharply negative during his presidency. Obama’s 2008 election led to a sea of change. Only 14 percent of Germans had confidence in Bush in 2008, while an astounding 93 percent voiced confidence in Obama a year later.

And the shift in European attitudes wasn’t merely about superficial popularity. It also translated into greater support for U.S. policies….


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2016 is looking a lot like 2012 in the Presidential Race…Which is fine with Clinton…

Public Policy Polling (PPP) is out with an Analysis that points to the same demographic’s at play in the current Presidential election as the last….

PPP’s newest national poll continues to find the Presidential race shaping up pretty similarly to how the 2012 contest played out, with Hillary Clinton holding a 4 point lead that matches Barack Obama’s final margin of victory last time around. Clinton leads with 45% to 41% for Donald Trump with Gary Johnson at 5% and Jill Stein at 2%. The third party candidates are drawing their support equally from Clinton and Trump, and in a head to head contest Clinton’s lead remains 4 points at 48/44.

The race is shaping up pretty much as you would expect along demographic lines. Clinton leads 51/36 with women, 82/13 with Hispanics, 91/5 with African Americans, and 57/28 with young voters. Trump leads 48/37 with men, 51/32 with whites, and 51/36 with seniors. Clinton has a 39/35 advantage with independents. Trump’s actually getting more crossover support with 10% of Democrats to Clinton’s 7% of Republicans. That’s partially because of some Bernie Sanders fans continuing to hold out from giving their support to Clinton- among Democrats and independents with a favorable opinion of Sanders 79% are voting for Clinton to 7% for Trump, 3% for Stein, and 2% for Johnson with 9% remaining undecided. If Clinton could even win over just half of those folks her support would go up to 49% and give her an 8 point lead….

Trump’s made a lot of comments about voters being ready to be done with President Obama but we find that if voters got to pick between the two 52% would rather have Obama as President to just 43% for Trump. Those numbers show why it’s smart for Clinton to tie herself closely to Obama- if she’s seen as a continuation of the current administration that helps her a good deal in relation to Trump rather than hurting her….


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We’ve seen the Republican nominee ‘Unity’ bounce before…In both cases Democrats won….

Everybody in the media  is ALL excited !

Trump closing on Hillary!….

Trump UP in the RealClear Politics average !


Ah, Wait a minute ?

Didn’t this happen SEVERAL times before?

Don’t get ahead of yourself people….

Trump IS NOT leading Hillary Clinton right now…

Donald Trump takes a unity bounce lead, just like John McCain!

By: Neil Stevens (Diary ) @ Red State

Donald Trump is the last Republican running. That’s a great time for a candidate in the polls, when everyone else is out and the party is supposed to be rallying around you.

So why isn’t he winning more states?

U.S. Senator John McCain and former Governor Mitt Romney speaking with the media at a campaign rally at Dobson High School in Mesa, Arizona. (Gage Skidmore)

The point when you’re the last candidate in the race is supposed to be a turning point for a candidate. In 2008, John McCain hit a low against Barack Obama of 42-48 on March 11. Mike Huckabee had just pulled out on March 4, Once the polls caught up, John McCain led 46-45 by March 25. Of course, Barack Obama continued to gain as he continued to defeat Hillary Clinton, and you know the rest of the story.

Mitt Romney had a similar situation after Newt Gingrich quit, though he never quite got the polling average lead. He did lead some polls, though.

In both of the last two elections, the unity bounce helped Republican made gains. Some polls even showed Mitt Romney leading, and most showed John McCain leading. Both men went on to lose, with McCain losing even bigger than Romney did. How? Well, in McCain’s case, the Democrats had yet to unify. Once they did, he fell behind again.

So now we turn to the case of Donald Trump. His party’s presumptive nominee has taken a few leads in national polling despite being down in swing and target state polling. He’s down in Florida, he’s down in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. The map is brutal for him right now…..



Trump is running against Hilolary Clinton….

Hillary Clinton is running against Trump….

Bernie Sanders is still out there stealing from Clinton, something Trump does NOT have to deal with…

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Polling Update May 6, 2016…West Virginia… Trump/Sanders…Obama Approval 50%…

Good News for the President….

The primary numbers don’t really count much anymore…

Friday, May 6

West Virginia Democratic Presidential Primary


Sanders 47, Clinton 43 Sanders +4

West Virginia Republican Presidential Primary


Trump 57, Cruz 25, Kasich 14 Trump +32

President Obama Job Approval


Approve 51, Disapprove 46 Approve +5

President Obama Job Approval


Approve 51, Disapprove 45 Approve +6

President Obama Job Approval

Rasmussen Reports

Approve 49, Disapprove 50 Disapprove +1

President Obama Job Approval


Approve 49, Disapprove 45 Approve +4

…for more details on the above polls….Real Clear Politics

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Polling Update….May 3rd to May 5th, 2016….Clinton Up by 13 on Trump…

Catch up time for polls….

Thursday, May 5

New Jersey Republican Presidential Primary


Trump 70, Kasich 15, Cruz 11 Trump +55

Wednesday, May 4

New Jersey Democratic Presidential Primary


Clinton 60, Sanders 32 Clinton +28

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton


Clinton 54, Trump 41 Clinton +13

Tuesday, May 3

West Virginia Republican Presidential Primary


Trump 61, Cruz 22, Kasich 14 Trump +39

West Virginia Democratic Presidential Primary


Sanders 45, Clinton 37 Sanders +8

…for more details on the abpove polls…Real Clear Politics.

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Hillary Clinton starts off Way ahead of Trump…But?

Polling out today and in the coming week will show that Hillary Clinton has a wide lead over Donald Trump in the general election race….

November is six months away….

Already we have Conservatives saying they won’t vote for Trump….

Some even are saying they’ll vote for Hillary instead?…We’ll see on THAT….

Some Bernie Sanders supporters say it’s Bernie or else…..But most KNEW he wasn’t gonna be the Democratic nominee as they cast their votes for the past month…

That this will be a nasty and hard fought general election goes without a doubt….

Donald Trump has shown that he will go personal….

He doesn’t do details …..

He’s about telling people that he is the ‘Alpha’ male….

And he WILL step on ANYONE and EVERYONE’S back to get what he wants….

THAT has worked for him with most Republicans….

Hillary Clinton has assured people that she’s ready this time…

That she is experienced and qualified to assume the Presidency….

THAT has worked for her with the base of the Democratic party….

As things unfold we are going to see a colossal fight play out…..

The future of the Republican Party…..

This countries ability to deal with changes in who/what it is….

This countries ability to envelope ALL of its people in their rights….

And the way the country deals with the openness of the new social media world are ALL on the line come November…..

A general election matchup between Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton became all but certain on Tuesday after Mr. Trump’s decisive victory in Indiana.

He would begin that matchup at a significant disadvantage.

Yes, it’s still a long way until Election Day. And Mr. Trump has already upended the conventional wisdom many times. But this is when early horse-race polls start to give a rough sense of the November election, and Mr. Trump trails Mrs. Clinton by around 10 percentage points in early general election surveys, both nationally and in key battleground states.

He even trails in some polls of several states where Mitt Romney won in 2012, like North Carolina, Arizona, Missouri and Utah.

Could Mr. Trump overtake Mrs. Clinton? Sure. Mrs. Clinton is very unpopular herself. Her polling lead is a snapshot in time, before the barrage of attack ads that are sure to come her way. There have been 10-point shifts over the general election season before, even if it’s uncommon. But there isn’t much of a precedent for huge swings in races with candidates as well known as Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton. A majority of Americans may not like her, but they say they’re scared of him. To have a chance, he’ll need to change that….


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Polling Update April 20, 2016…PA, CT, DEL, Cal….Clinton/Trump…..

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump continue to lead in polling for their parties nomination’s….

Wednesday, April 20

Pennsylvania Democratic Presidential Primary


Clinton 52, Sanders 39 Clinton +13

Connecticut Republican Presidential Primary


Trump 48, Kasich 28, Cruz 19 Trump +20

Connecticut Democratic Presidential Primary


Clinton 51, Sanders 42 Clinton +9

Delaware Republican Presidential Primary


Trump 55, Kasich 18, Cruz 15 Trump +37

Delaware Democratic Presidential Primary


Clinton 45, Sanders 38 Clinton +7

California Democratic Presidential Primary


Clinton 47, Sanders 41 Clinton +6

…for details on the above polls…Real Clear Politics….

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