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Obama care rates haved droped on Average…And will rise…

Truth vs Street Talk?….

First dropped rates have the new increases STILL moving to a lower level than was predicted….

Of course?

No ONE likes ANY increase in their payments….

Since the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) health insurance marketplaces first took effect in 2014, news story after story has focused on premium increases for certain plans, in certain cities, or for certain individuals. Based on preliminary reports, premiums now appear set to rise by a substantial amount in 2017.

What these individual data points miss, however, is that average premiums in the individual market actually dropped significantly upon implementation of the ACA, according to our new analysis, even while consumers got better coverage. In other words, people are getting more for less under the ACA.

Covered California, that state’s marketplace, just announced premium increases averaging 13.2 percent. But even if premiums increase by the 10 or 15 percent overall that some are predicting for 2017, they will still be far lower than premiums otherwise would have been in the absence of the law. Moreover, this analysis does not include the effects of premium and cost-sharing subsidies that serve to make ACA marketplace plans more affordable for many people.

2014 Premiums In the ACA Marketplaces Were 10-21 Percent Lower Than 2013 Individual Market Premiums…


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Obama welcomes Mexican President and knocks Trump….

Donald Trump has been running away from Mexico for a year….

He wants to build a wall to separate America from it….

Donald Trump and the Republicans want send long time Mexican’s that LIVE here illegally back by the millions….

Barack Obama as President has tried hard to counter these things….

So it is no surprise that less than 24 hours after Donald Trump became the 2016 Republican Presidential nominee that President Obama has welcomed Mexican President Pena Nieto to White House to make sure EVERYBODY see’s how CLOSE  the two countries ARE interlocked with each other and pull them even closer…..

The President also pushed back against Trump’s paint of America as a fearful country on the verge of anarchy…

“This vision of violence and chaos everywhere doesn’t really jibe with experiences of most people,” Obama said during a news conference at the White House. “I hope people the next morning, when they walked outside, the birds were chirping, the sun was out.”

The president added that “it’s important to be absolutely clear here, that some of the fears that were expressed throughout the week just don’t jibe with the facts.”

Obama offered his reaction during a joint news conference after a bilateral meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. The president said he did not watch the RNC in Cleveland but did read news coverage of the four-day Republican nominating convention.

Peña Nieto came to the White House on for a long-scheduled meeting with Obama that came less than 12 hours after Trump said that “no more” would the United States sacrifice its children “on the altar of open borders.”

Obama and Peña Nieto, who met in Canada last month as part of a trilateral North American Leaders Summit, will focus their discussions of trade and climate change. But their visit comes against the backdrop of Trump’s GOP convention speech, in which he reiterated his intention to erect a massive wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and blamed undocumented immigrants for a wave of violence that had claimed American citizens’ lives…..


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Post Convention ‘Bounce’?….

Almost always….

But how long?

The convention bounce is a long-established pattern in presidential election cycles. Much has been written about it, so we won’t rehash it too much. The main point is that conventions almost always generate an increase in a nominee’s polling numbers during and after his or her convention, but often times the bounce is short-lived. Still, some of that jump in the polls can be maintained; in this environment, a poll bounce will probably signal increased party unity. This is what is important for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton: The former needs to get his support among Republicans up to and beyond 90% in the polls (he’s currently in the 80%-85% range) and the latter needs Sanders supporters, many of whom self-identify as independents, to more firmly back her (most surveys have shown a sizable chunk of Sanders voters still outside Clinton’s camp).

It should surprise no one if Trump gains in surveys following the Republican confab. In fact, as we said when reacting to Trump’s choice of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate, it’s quite possible that Trump will surpass Clinton in the poll averages. And Clinton will probably get her own bounce after her nomination is made official in Philadelphia.

So what kind of bounce should we expect for Trump and Clinton? For two reasons, it’s a fairly complicated question for Trump: First, the Democratic National Convention immediately follows the Republican National Convention, which may stifle Trump’s uptick to some extent, as it may have hurt Mitt Romney’s bounce in 2012. And second, Clinton is expected to announce her vice presidential selection on Friday or Saturday, a very obvious attempt to eat into Trump and the GOP’s news cycle….


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President Obama pivots to supporting the Cops….

It’s been a rough one for nation’s first mixed race President…

His instincts and color naturally move him back to days when he didn’t have people driving him around in SUV’s with gun’s…

The days when he was just another black guy in New York going to school…

He spoke out about black males being shot by cops ….

But as the media spotlighted those shootings by cops….over…and Over and OVER?

Some guys out there trained by the US military in far away wars have decided to go cop hunting….Something that has the media changing directions and putting the President back in the place where he HAS to put his color aside….

President Barack Obama wrote an open letter to law enforcement on Monday in the wake of deadly attacks on cops in Dallas and Baton Rouge.

In a letter addressed to the “brave members of our law enforcement community” posted on the Fraternal Order of Police’s Facebook page, Obama once again offered unequivocal support for police, acknowledging the danger they face and pledging to provide more resources.

“Some are trying to use this moment to divide police and communities you serve,” Obama wrote. “I reject those efforts, for they do not reflect the reality of our nation.”

Even as Obama has worked to calm tensions between police and minority communities who have faced disparities in the criminal justice system, law enforcement groups have bristled whenever Obama simultaneously acknowledges both sets of challenges. Some have felt the president is not on their side, or even fueled the anger that led them to be targets of violence. In recent days, especially since officers were targeted in Baton Rouge over the weekend, Obama has taken pains to keep his remarks about honoring police and fixing bias separate…..


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Donald Trump wants the Republicans to Break Up the Big Banks?


Republicans don’t want anyone inn the Government telling rich people what to do with their money…

Bernie Sanders had campaigned on getting the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, which prohibited the banks from anything more than banking, reinstated….

Now Trump’s mouthpiece hints that his boss will ask for the Act to be brought back?

Here is a fine example of how Trump Bull Shits his way ….

He KNOWS the party won’t vote for the move….


He’s safe to say he’s for it….

On Monday, Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort told reporters that the GOP platform would include a call for reinstating Glass-Steagall, a Depression-era law that was repealed under President Clinton in the late ’90s. A 21st-century Glass-Steagall Act was a centerpiece of Bernie Sanders’s insurgent campaign, and became one of the key dividing lines in the Democratic primary. While the Democratic Party’s platform backs the act’s reinstatement, Hillary Clinton has yet to embrace it — a point Manafort was eager to highlight.

“We believe that the Obama-Clinton years have passed legislation that has been favorable to the big banks, which is one of the reason why you see all of the Wall Street money going to her,” Manafort told Bloomberg. “We are supporting the small banks and Main Street. We talk about legislation that affects, you know, some of the mistakes made in repealing Glass-Steagall and some of the mistakes made in imposing Dodd-Frank. The platform reflects those things.”

It’s hard not to see the Trump campaign’s latest gesture to Sandersism as anything but a wholly cynical political ploy….


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Nice, Paris and Brussel’s type attacks WILL continue…

The world gets to see another horrific attack in Nice, France…

This after mass incidents of violence around the planet including Dallas Texas…

They will continue…

We ALL want our leaders to make these things go away….

They won’t…

No amount of intelligence…

No amount of checkpoints…

No amount of much of anything will stop someone intent upon harming others….

It actually ALWAYS been that way….

But now with the communications we have ?

Everyone KNOWSabout these things instantly….

This does NOT mean we should NOT try our best to prevent these things…

This does NOT mean they make us feel like they make sense….

They are aimed to hurt….

They do…

But we MUST keep steady in what we BELIEVE in to be right…

We must NOT let these things bring a reaction that would lock all of us away from each other…

We must in the end continue to be the Great nation we are…..

And help one another get past the hate others want us to have…

The Brussels terrorist attack, just as the related attack in Paris, shows many things, some more important than others.

First and foremost, it shows that terrorism is the new normal for Western Europe, at least for now. Citizens and politicians should acknowledge, rather than simply accept, this. To be clear, this is not the first time this is the case — think of the extreme left terrorism of the 1970s or the decades-long terrorist campaigns of separatist organizations like ETA in Spain and the IRA in the United Kingdom. The main difference is that terrorism is now affecting more countries and more people.

Second, the attacks prove that even the strongest emergency and security measures cannot make a (democratic) society 100 percent safe! Both Brussels and Paris are cities on the highest state of alert, fully aware they are prime targets of Jihadist terrorists, and were nevertheless hit.

Third, although some terrorist attacks have caused massive destruction of lives and property, most show at best a modest level of organization – hence the almost exclusive use of soft targets. While this makes the terrorists generally less lethal, it also makes them even harder to detect….


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Truck driven into Bastille Day crowds in Nice, France…Over 70 People Killed


A Bastille Day fireworks celebration was shattered by death and mayhem Thursday night in France’s southern city of Nice when a large truck barreled through an enormous crowd of spectators, crushing and maiming dozens — eight months after the Paris attacks that traumatized the nation and all of Europe.

Officials and witnesses in Nice said at least 77 people were killed by the driver of the rampaging truck, who was shot to death by the police as officers scrambled to respond on what is France’s most important annual holiday. Graphic television and video images showed the truck accelerating and tearing through the crowd, and the bullet-riddled windshield of the vehicle, which the mayor described as full of weapons and grenades.

Officials did not immediately classify the Nice killings as terrorism, but members of the Paris Prosecutor’s antiterrorism office quickly took over the investigation of what happened, and they warned residents to stay indoors….

More …..

It appears that Hillary Clinton is trying to co-opt any Media narrative that she is soft on terorism and let Trump and GOPer’s get ahead of her on the Nice truck incident….


Jim Sciutto ‏@jimsciutto
“They would love to draw the US into a ground war in #Syria so we have to be smart about this” @HillaryClinton on #CNN

Chris Cillizza ‏@TheFix
Clinton calling around to cable nets tonight to make clear she is not ceding national security ground to Trump

Chris Cillizza ‏@TheFix
Hillary Clinton calling into CNN live right now to talk about Nice.

Jim Sciutto ‏@jimsciutto
.@HillaryClinton on phone with @AC360 right now #NiceAttack

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House GOP Freedom Caucus pushes Ryan for IRS boss impeachment vote…

The House Rightwingnuts are at it again….

They want their legislative body to go after(and punish) the IRS AGAIN for singling out their non-profits a few years ago….

They are forcing House Republican leadership to do something they do NOT want to do….


Somewhere John Boehner is smiling….

The House Freedom Caucus Thursday morning filed a resolution to force a vote on the impeachment of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, making a vote on the contentious matter all but inevitable after the coming recess.

Reps. John Fleming (R-La.) and Tim Huelskamp (R-Kans.) filed the privileged document just hours before lawmakers were set to jet away for a nearly two-month summer break. The privileged nature of the procedure allows the group of conservatives to circumvent GOP leaders, who have never been fans of the idea and fear it will lower the standard for such drastic measures like impeachment in the future….



The Republicans have ALREADY cut millions out of the IRS budget….And are looking for more ways to cut the agency that collets money to run the government…

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Open Thread for July 12, 2016…Props to Loretta Lynch….

US Atty Gen Loretta Lynch went befoe the House Judiciary Committee this morning…..

She and everyone in the room KNEW she was there for one reason….

THAT WAS to extend the  Republican Committe memebers attempts to discredit Hillary Clinton….

Lynch had a rough one on this….

The ball had been held by James Comey, The FBI Director, who was trying to do as inclusive an investigation as his and Justice Dept people could….

From the start most lawyer knew there was no crimianl case involved ….But as in Benghazi…Republican’s , aided by the media HAD picked apart the case , hinting that contrary to opinions there MIGHT be a case against the former Sec of State….

Bill Chliton made thinbgs worst for Lynch by making a unannouced social visit to the AG and her husband aboard her plane in Phoenix …

That cause Lynch to first say she’s let Comey make the final call, but then later reverse that and say she’s STILL have the last word….

Comey made his call quickly after Hillary Clinton got the last interview in the case…

His presser advised that there was no recopmndation by his agents and the DOJ lawyer’s handling the case….

Comey was then calle dbefore the House committee and grilled ….

He held his own….

Today Lynch made her appearance befoe the commmittee and declined to go into the Clinton case….

It’s over…..

Good for her…..


For those who thought Comey and Lynch where NOT aware of HOW the case was going?

….At one point, the attorney general suggested she simply didn’t have the same detailed knowledge of the probe as did Comey, who said repeatedly in recent months that he was closely monitoring the inquiry….

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Atty Gen Lynch goes before the House on Clinton emails call…

FBI Director was called up before a US House committee to get questioned himself on his call that Hillary Clinton’s action did NOT meet the level to considered criminal…..

His boss, AG Loretta Lynch ,had tried to defer to Comey after a Bill Clinton social call that GOPer’s went batship crazy over…..


Lynch in the end reversed herself and confirmed she would have the last say on the case and that she probably would back Comey and her staff’s call, which she has done….

GOPer’s on the House committe will try to get their pound of political blood from the Attorney Gnereal and will try to get her to go after Clinton AGAIN for ‘lying’ to Congress….

The recent Dallas police officer shootings will cut into the GOPer’s efforts to keep the spotlight on Clinton….

Attorney General Loretta Lynch likely faces questions about policing and race, as well as her department’s decision not to bring charges against Hillary Clinton over her use of private email while secretary of state, in a House hearing.

The House Judiciary Committee is likely to ask Tuesday about police interactions with minorities following a violent week that brought that issue to the forefront…..


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Europe STILL see’s America as a Strong Country….

Donald Trump maybe trying to sell the story that America isn’t “Great’ anymore…

But with the end f his trip to the European continent (His last NATO meeting) he spotlights and strong America that has the same issues that the rest the planet has….

As a Politico piece points out?

Under President George Bush ….The strutting ‘in your face’ America posturing caused a strong Anti-America feeling outside the American borders…

That same posture is something Donald Trump is trying to sell to those who support him….

Barack Obama maybe called the ‘apologist’….But he HAS turned around the proception of America with others nations with HIS leadership during the last almost eight years…

One always streps back from Trump’s proclamation that America is “weak’ and wonders how that can be with SO MANY people finding so many ways to come to THIS country by boat, train  airplane and even walking?

How could that be Donald?

The Brexit vote and the rise of populist parties — stoked by a combination of economic woes, skepticism of multiculturalism, and frustration with a distant Brussels bureaucracy — have frightened elites. But even as they question the European project and the political status quo, average citizens in Europe still largely embrace one key pillar of the post-World War II order: the transatlantic relationship with the United States. Rising public anger, it seems, has not led to a return of anti-Americanism.

As a new Pew Research Center survey highlights, solid majorities in nine of 10 European Union nations polled express a favorable opinion of the U.S. (Greece is the exception). Across these 10 countries a median of 77 percent say they have confidence in Obama to do the right thing in world affairs.

Rising public anger, it seems, has not led to a return of anti-Americanism.

This is a very different picture from a decade ago. As Obama nears the end of his second term in office, it’s easy to forget the dramatic impact his election had on America’s image in Europe. The anti-Americanism of the George W. Bush era was intense — he was unpopular, his foreign policy was criticized, and overall attitudes toward the U.S. turned sharply negative during his presidency. Obama’s 2008 election led to a sea of change. Only 14 percent of Germans had confidence in Bush in 2008, while an astounding 93 percent voiced confidence in Obama a year later.

And the shift in European attitudes wasn’t merely about superficial popularity. It also translated into greater support for U.S. policies….


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Republican’s attack Obama for mentioning Gun Control and Dallas police shootings…

Anyone surprised at THIS?

Republicans laced into President Barack Obama’s comments in the wake of the Dallas shootings of 12 police officers and two bystanders that killed five in which he made reference to “powerful weapons” as an aggravating factor to the situation.

Speaking to reporters earlier in Warsaw, Poland, the president called the shooting a “wrenching reminder of the sacrifices” law enforcement makes for the American people, but also remarked “that when people are armed with powerful weapons, unfortunately it makes it more deadly and more tragic, and in the days ahead we are going to have to consider those realities as well.”

Ben Carson lit into Obama within the first hour of his remarks.

“Now is definitely not the time to get political,” the former Republican presidential candidate and Donald Trump surrogate told “Fox & Friends” when asked about Obama’s comments. “Now is the time to use logic and ask ourselves, why do we have a Constitution? Why do we have a Second Amendment? They’re always saying you don’t need a high powered weapon to hunt deer. The Constitution is not about deer hunting. It’s about people being able to defend themselves from an overly aggressive government or an external invasion.”


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Open Thread for July 7, 2016…..The GOPer’s last stand against Hillary Clinton…

I’m sitting here watching FBI Director James Comey taking on the wrath of frustrated Republican House members who didn’t have Comey , a Republican , help them stop Clinton from her second trip to the White House….

The Democrats take their turn covering Comey….

The Republicans savage him….

The case IS over….

The Politics is NOT….

But the Clinton’s have been here before and will go on….

Oh, by the way?

Petraeus and Powell have helped out Clinton…..

Props to Comey…..

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British Iraq War review is not nice to Tony Blair…

The Report portrays the British ex-Prime Minister as NOT strong enough to stop US President Bush from going war in Iraq….

Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain went to war alongside the United States in Iraq in 2003 on the basis of flawed intelligence that went unchallenged, a shaky legal rationale, inadequate preparation and exaggerated public statements, an independent inquiry into the war concluded in a report published on Wednesday.

The long-awaited report by the Iraq Inquiry Committee, led by a retired civil servant, John Chilcot, takes up 12 volumes covering 2.6 million words, four times longer than “War and Peace,” and took seven years to complete, longer than Britain’s combat operations in Iraq. It concluded that Mr. Blair and the British government underestimated the difficulties and consequences of the war and overestimated the influence he would have over President George W. Bush.

The result amounts to a broad indictment of Britain’s involvement in the Iraq war that overthrew Saddam Hussein and its aftermath, and it portrays Mr. Blair as trying without success to restrain Mr. Bush, to push him to obtain full United Nations Security Council authorization and to warn about the difficulties of the war — and deciding to go to war alongside Washington nonetheless.

Judging that Britain should stand by the United States, Mr. Blair told Mr. Bush in a private note as early as July 28, 2002, “I will be with you, whatever.” Mr. Blair knew by January 2003 that Washington had decided to go to war to overthrow Mr. Hussein and accepted the American timetable for the military action by mid-March, pushing only for a second Security Council resolution that never came, “undermining the Security Council’s authority,” the report concludes.

The report is likely to underline in Britain the sense that Mr. Blair was “Washington’s poodle,”…



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Immigration Reform try in the Senate again next year?

If Hillary Clinton is the President come next January and the Democrats gain a majority in the Senate?

Several Senator’s have quietly said they could try again in an effort to get a Immigration reform bill put together…

Lindsey Graham doesn’t sugarcoat his prediction: Republicans are going to get thrashed in the November election, especially among Latinos. And it’s going to trigger another run at immigration reform in Congress next year, the South Carolina senator says.

“I’ll tell you what I’m going to do in 2017,” the plainspoken GOP deal maker said in a recent interview. “I’m going to take the Gang of Eight bill out, dust it off and ask anybody and everybody who wants to work with me to make it better to do so.”

Graham isn’t the only one eyeing a revival of the Gang of Eight, the bipartisan group of senators that shepherded a sweeping immigration bill through the Senate three years ago only to watch it stall in the House a year later. Propelled by a Republican establishment eager to make inroads with minority voters after losing them by steep margins in the 2012 election, it was the closest Congress came in a generation to overhauling the nation’s immigration laws,

Several influential lawmakers see another opening for immigration reform in 2017, especially if Hillary Clinton wins and the GOP takes another hit among Latinos. Mitt Romney was hammered for his “self-deportation” rhetoric four years ago. But that pales in comparison to Donald Trump’s vow to remove 11 million immigrants here illegally and calling Mexicans who cross the border illegally “rapists” and “murderers.”

Gang of Eight leader Chuck Schumer is poised to become majority leader if Democrats take the Senate this year. And the New York senator already said immigration reform would be a top priority…


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Breaking…FBI will NOT suggest Charges against Clinton….

The FBI Director James Comey has announced that the FBI will NOT recommend to the Dept. of Justice that Hillary Clinton, or Staff members  be charged in the Email Server  case….

The Director DID use the words that Hillary Clinton was ‘extremely careless’ in her handling of emails…..

This was a NOT really a surprise outcome….

Almost EVERY Lawyer has predicted this ….

The Dept. of Justice was involved  in this….

The President and others would NOT have gone out so strongly in their support for Clinton if they had ANYTHING to really worry about…

Comely  has got this out within 48 hours of his agencies interview of Clinton at FBI Headquarters…

Hillary Clinton has cleared the last legal hurdle anyone in the GOP or some  Sanders supporters where hoping for that might stop her efforts to gain the Presidential nomination….

Comely also said.….”No reasonable prosecutor would bring a case.” Determination hinged on definition “intentional” & “gross negligence”

The F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, on Tuesday said “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring a case against Hillary Clinton for her handling of classified information as secretary of state. The F.B.I.’s recommendation will have an enormous impact on the presidential election.

Mr. Comey said the F.B.I. is not recommending charges against Mrs. Clinton to the Justice Department. But he said Mrs. Clinton and her staff were “extremely careless” in their use of email.

The statements by Mr. Comey concluded an investigation that began a year ago when the inspector general for the intelligence agencies told the Justice Department that he had found classified information among a small sampling of emails Mrs. Clinton had sent and received….


image… (Yuri Gripas/AFP/Getty Images)

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