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Third and 4th Party Candidates aren’t on the ballot in all 50 States…

…from 270toWin….

For third party candidates, ballot access is crucial if polling support is to translate into votes on Election Day. As of now, Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson is on the ballot in 43 states + DC, with efforts underway to get access in the remaining seven states. Green Party nominee Jill Stein is on the ballot in 35 states + DC.

Johnson’s ballot access represents 487 of 538 electoral votes, while Stein is at 425. Although clearly less desirable, it is worth noting that some states allow limited access via write-in for names not printed on the ballot…..

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Trump wants ‘Tough Cops’ going after Crime….

A guy who has NO IDEA WTF Crime is like is advocating what?

Check Trump’s comments to Bill O’Reilly….(Mostly about Cops in Chicago where there IS a serious crime problem)

In the end he wants them to ‘counterattack’ to raise their ‘spirits?

“You have unbelievable—how? By being very much tougher than they are right now,” Trump said. “They are right now not tough. I mean, I could tell you this very long and quite boring story but when I was in Chicago, I got to meet a couple of very top police. I said, ‘How do you stop this? How do you stop this? If you were put in charge,’ to a specific person, ‘Do you think you could stop it?’ He said, ‘Mr. Trump, I would be able to stop it in one week.’ And I believed him 100 percent.”

Further efforts to clarify what exactly this “specific person” would do and what “tough police tactics” are did not get far.

“You have to have a warrant to arrest people,” O’Reilly said. “You can’t beat them up.”

Trump replied that he didn’t ask for an exact plan because he’s “not the mayor of Chicago.”…



Beautiful. Remember Donald Trump’s claim that he’d talked to an unnamed but “very top” and “rough, tough” Chicago police official, and said rough, tough man had assured Trump that he could put a stop to violence in a week if were just allowed to use the right “tough police tactics”? The Chicago police department could have swatted that story down in a couple different ways. They could have said “our people did not say that,” for instance. But they went another direction—a direction Trump-watchers will find familiar:

“We’ve discredited this claim months ago,” CPD spokesperson Frank Giancamilli said in a statement. “No one in the senior command at CPD has ever met with Donald Trump or a member of his campaign.”

More @ Daily Kos….

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President Obama in Louisiana

….from Daily Kos….

President Obama speaks on Louisiana flooding from Baton Rouge

President Obama is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he’ll make a statement on the deadly and damaging floods that have hit the area. Noted disaster expert Donald Trump has assailed the president for not going to Louisiana sooner, but Gov. John Bel Edwards had specifically asked Obama not to visit until the situation was well enough controlled for presidential staffing and security needs not to detract from the disaster response.

The federal government has been actively involved in monitoring and assistance:

  • More than 979 housing inspectors are on the ground in Louisiana verifying damages reported by survivors who have registered for assistance. The number of inspectors is expected to increase rapidly over the next several days.
  • FEMA established an Incident Support Base in Camp Beauregard in Pineville, Louisiana to distribute supplies such as water, meals, cots and blankets to the state of Louisiana. These include over 800,000 liters of water, over 800,000 meals, over 20,000 cots, and 42,000 blankets.
  • FEMA Mobile Emergency Response Support (MERS) personnel and equipment are deployed to the Incident Support Base in Pineville to support the state with secure and non-secure voice, video and information services to support emergency response communications needs.
  • After the state requested a Federal Urban Search & Rescue task force, FEMA has deployed Texas Task Force 1 to Louisiana.
  • Six FEMA Incident Management Assistance Teams are deployed to Louisiana to support response activities and ensure there are no unmet needs.


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Political Roundup For Tuesday, August 23, 2016…Trump Sick?…RRH Elections

Presidential News:

Clinton/Trump: On Monday, Trump did a fair job hitting Hillary on her email scandal, using the FBI’s discovery of 15,000 new emails that were never produced and the fact that Colin Powell won’t take a bullet for Clinton against her.

Judicial Watch: Conservative organization Judicial Watch released a treasure trove of over 700 emails yesterday, many of which show cozy relationships between Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State and Clinton Foundation donors. Busted!

Huma: It also appears that Clinton aide Huma Abedin left classified materials in the front seat of her vehicle in India. Whoops!

Trump sick?: Trump has cancelled events in Colorado, Nevada, and … Oregon for this week. It’s a little strange, the speculation is that Trump must be sick. Hopefully his health is ok.

Johnson: Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson isn’t much of a libertarian. He’s now endorsed a carbon tax as a means of stopping carbon emissions and tackling global warming. While there is disagreement as to whether taxes are a legitimate part of a libertarian utopia, there aren’t many who suggest that new taxes are a good way of paternalistically changing social and commercial behavior. Frankly, Johnson is just a moderate, not a libertarian.

McMullin: Surprisingly, independent candidate Evan McMullin failed to turn in the required 275 signatures necessary to get onto the Tennessee ballot. This seems like a low threshold to miss…..


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Post Sanders campaign group effort has internal staff problems…


Troble in paradise as Bernie sending HIS guy Jeff Weaver in to lead the efforts results in  a lot of the staff leaving….

At least five people have left Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) new political group after Sanders brought in his campaign manager to lead it, Politico reported Tuesday.

Weaver, who ran Sanders’s presidential campaign that ended last month, was made president of the group Our Revolution, causing the exodus before the group officially launches.

Digital director Kenneth Pennington and four other team members departed over Weaver’s addition, Politico said.

“A majority of the staff quit as a result of Jeff joining,” one person told the news outlet, adding they had joined the group with a promise from Sanders that Weaver would not be involved.

“Over the last few days, almost the entire staff resigned from the organization because they would not work for Jeff Weaver or help to enact Jeff’s vision for the organization in any way,” one of the former staffers added Monday…..


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Political Roundup for August 22, 2016…Early Voting coming up Soon…RRH Elections…


Early Voting:  The election starts on September 8 when voters who request a ballot in North Carolina can receive one by mail.  That is approximately 60 days from election day!

Students for Trump: Trump’s college student following appears to be completely organic in existence as the candidate and campaign refuse to acknowledge its existence.  Maybe Trump associates anything involving college students as not fitting his working class white identity politics mania.

Stein:  Green Party candidate Jill Stein is campaigning on being a moral compass for America.  Was her desire to be a moral compass before or after she decided to embrace the vaccine truthers?

Clinton-Fundraising:  Hillary Clinton is half way to her $1 billion fundraising goal.

Trump-Immigration:  Apparently Trump is considering a flipflop on amnesty. Cue Nelson Muntz…


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Some adjustments are needed for the Affordabale Healthcare Law….

The Washington Post is out with a piece that offers sensible adjustment that should be taken to improve a program that has helped up to 20M American’s improve their healthcare coverage….

Even with those numbers?

Some people on both sides of the political aisle want scrap the new Healthcare program and try to re-invent the wheel….

THAT is NOT needed….

Tinkering with the current program is both easier and less radical therefore more PRACTICAL….

Aetna’s withdrawal from Affordable Care Act markets has sparked the latest round of dire predictions about the law’s survival. Yet time and time again the ACA has proved durable, insuring 20 million Americans with improvements each year. This time will be no different.

Contrary to popular perception, the “risk pool” — the balance of healthy and sick enrollees — has been stable. Indeed, it was broadened as total enrollment increased by 66 percent in 2015, and per enrollee costs declined 0.1 percent between 2014 and 2015. While data is not yet available for 2016, and results vary by state, this indicates that the Affordable Care Act is not facing a crisis.

So why are insurers substantially increasing premiums or withdrawing from markets? They are making a one-time correction to bring premiums in line with costs. Setting a price is difficult when entering new markets — when the ACA was implemented in 2014, many insurers did not initially price their products accurately, and some may have even underpriced their plans deliberately in an attempt to establish market share.

While this correction is significant, the subsidy structure of the Affordable Care Act holds harmless the vast majority of enrollees. According to a recent analysis, premiums will remain lower than they would have been without the ACA even after the correction — and they are already 20 percent lower than the Congressional Budget Office projected in 2009. Insurer’s financial losses must also be seen in context: Even Aetna’s losses are well below what it would have normally cost the company to expand its business.

That said, there are actions the next administration should take to ensure the exchanges remain stable and expand…..


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President Obama will go to Louisiana next week….

Baton Rouge , Louisiana  is still digging out from the flooding there….

Over 70,000 people have been dispel;aced….

The Governor of the state has asked for Federal help and a local paper asked why the President didn’t come and review the situation…President Obama being on vacation gives him the ability to do everything he would be able to do from his office in the White House…

Donald Trump has been there for a visit today….

But there isn’t anything he can do except get a photo op….

The Governor has told the President that a visit next week won’t take away from operation on the ground…So he’s going….

Oh, yea…

The Republicans ARE trying to beat up the President because he isn’t in a hurry to run down there and make promises like George W. Bush and get blamed for anything that they can find….

President Obama will visit the site of intense flooding in Baton Rouge, La., next week as part of the ongoing federal response to the natural disaster.

Obama directed aides to coordinate with Louisiana officials on an “appropriate time for him to visit” and they chose next Tuesday, the White House announced.

Obama has faced heavy criticism for not visiting the site this week. He received a briefing by phone from the Federal Emergency Management Agency on Wednesday while on a two-week vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.

Baton Rouge newspaper The Advocate earlier this week called on Obama to cut short his summer vacation to come to the state. And former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee criticized his decision keep golfing and not visit the area this week…..


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Neither Congress or Hillary Clinton will honor the Sanders push for a Universal Healthcare Program…

Wouldn’t think so folks….

President Obama is STILl dealing with getting the Affordable Healthcare program to work for more people….

Trying to introduce a whole NEW Healthcare Program for EVERYBODY doesn’t have a prayer from either party  in Congress and the upcoming White House….

“Aetna’s announcement proves the larger point that private insurance companies are willing to deny care to make a few extra dollars,” Kait Sweeney, press secretary for the PCCC, wrote in a statement Tuesday, describing what she called “new urgency” for Clinton.

But a sustained push from Clinton for the public option would be fraught with risk, reopening old wounds in the Democratic Party.

The public option barely made it into the House’s initial versions of the healthcare law. It was later scrapped in the Senate over concerns from moderate Democrats.

After the law passed in March 2010 without a public option, Democratic leaders were accused of caving into corporate interests, while Obama was accused of “selling out.”

Six years after its passage, few of the Democrats who had opposed the public option remain in office. But that doesn’t mean that passing legislation has gotten any easier.

Given that Republicans are likely to control the House in 2017, any legislation tied to ObamaCare — let alone to the public option — appears to have little chance of passing.

“I think Republicans are still pretty hell-bent about destroying the Affordable Care Act, which makes it difficult to envision a scenario where you can get support for a public option in the house, even if Democrats take back the Senate,” added Murphy, who supported the public option while he was serving in the House in 2009.

Democrats also appear wary of another politically taxing battle over healthcare….


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How President Obama came to change his mind about going around Congress…

Most of us know about the fact that Barack Obama spent time as a constitutional law professor ….

During that time he taught students that President’s advance policy….But that Congress must approve policy and pay for it…..

President Obama still believed his old law school lecturing during his first years as President….

But after the 2010 Congressional elections dust cleared ?

The Republican OWED BOTH houses of Congress and they REALLY where happy to say ‘NO’ to ANYTHING the President wanted….

Faced with the reality that his hands where being tied , and American’s where suffering because of it?

Barack Obama changed his mind…

He set about going around Congress when ever he could with Executive Orders setting policy….

He HAS been successful overall….

In nearly eight years in office, President Obama has sought to reshape the nation with a sweeping assertion of executive authority and a canon of regulations that have inserted the United States government more deeply into American life.

Once a presidential candidate with deep misgivings about executive power, Mr. Obama will leave the White House as one of the most prolific authors of major regulations in presidential history.

Blocked for most of his presidency by Congress, Mr. Obama has sought to act however he could. In the process he created the kind of government neither he nor the Republicans wanted — one that depended on bureaucratic bulldozing rather than legislative transparency. But once Mr. Obama got the taste for it, he pursued his executive power without apology, and in ways that will shape the presidency for decades to come.

The Obama administration in its first seven years finalized 560 major regulations — those classified by the Congressional Budget Office as having particularly significant economic or social impacts. That was nearly 50 percent more than the George W. Bush administration during the comparable period, according to data kept by the regulatory studies center at George Washington University.

An army of lawyers working under Mr. Obama’s authority has sought to restructure the nation’s health care and financial industries, limit pollution, bolster workplace protections and extend equal rights to minorities. Under Mr. Obama, the government has literally placed a higher value on human life.

And it has imposed billions of dollars in new costs on businesses and consumers.

Many of the new rules are little known, even as they affect the way Americans eat, love and die. People can dine on genetically engineered salmon. Women can buy emergency contraceptive pills without prescriptions. Military veterans can design their own headstones.

In its final year, the administration is enacting some of its most ambitious rules, including limits on airborne silica at job sites, an overhaul of food labels to clarify nutritional information, and a measure making millions of workers eligible for overtime pay.

The administration’s regulatory legacy has become an issue in the campaign to replace Mr. Obama, as Donald J. Trump has sharply criticized regulatory overreach and promised to undo many of the new rules. But executive power has expanded steadily under both Republican and Democratic presidents in recent decades, and both Mr. Trump and Hillary Clinton have promised to act in the service of their own goals.

The new rules built on the legislative victories Mr. Obama won during his first two years in office. Those laws — the Affordable Care Act, the Dodd-Frank Act and the $800 billion economic stimulus package — transformed the nation’s health care system, curbed the ambitions of the big banks and injected financial support into a creaky economy. But as Republicans increased their control of Capitol Hill, Mr. Obama’s deep frustration with congressional opposition led to a new approach: He gradually embraced a president’s power to act unilaterally.

History may now judge the regulations to be one of Mr. Obama’s most enduring legacies. At the least, his exercise of administrative power expanded and cemented a domestic legacy that now rivals Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society in reach and scope….

…the scope of federal regulation has continued to grow, and the trend is likely to continue. Presidents, both Democratic and Republican, have asserted greater power in recent decades to dictate the shape of regulations, while Congress has become less specific in its instructions.

“We live in an era of presidential administration,” Elena Kagan, a Harvard law professor since appointed by Mr. Obama to the Supreme Court, wrote in a 2001 paper that reviewed the expansion of the regulatory state.

Both Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump would most likely face significant congressional opposition to their major campaign promises. To sidestep Congress, they now have the legacy of Mr. Obama. Mr. Podesta, now Mrs. Clinton’s campaign chairman, said the appeal of taking action without Congress is hard to resist.

“You come in with a strategy of going to the Hill, certainly where you can find some cooperation,” Mr. Podesta said. But when that fails, writing regulations “is a way to get much more substantial throw-weight behind solving the problem.”



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U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration on Thursday denied requests to stop classifying marijuana as a dangerous drug


What about those state’s making moiney off letting compnaies raise the drug and sell it?

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration on Thursday denied requests to stop classifying marijuana as a dangerous drug with no medical use, leaving users and businesses in limbo after many states have legalized it for medical or recreational purposes.

The DEA though did relax certain restrictions on growing marijuana for research purposes.

For decades, marijuana has been listed as a “Schedule I” drug, placing it on par with heroin. The government has repeatedly rejected appeals for reclassification.

“Marijuana shouldn’t be listed as Schedule I,” U.S. Representative Earl Blumenauer, a Democrat from Oregon, said in a statement. He said the decision left “patients and marijuana businesses trapped between state and federal laws.”

Thursday’s DEA decision was a response to a 2011 petition by two former state governors who had urged federal agencies to re-classify marijuana as a drug with accepted medical uses.

In a letter to the petitioners, the DEA said it had asked the Department of Health and Human Services for a scientific and medical evaluation.

“HHS concluded that marijuana has a high potential for abuse, has no accepted medical use in the United States, and lacks an acceptable level of safety for use even under medical supervision,” the letter said.

That assessment comes amid statistics showing zero overdose deaths due to marijuana each year at a time of an alarming rise of heroin-related deaths in the United States as politicians debate remedies for exploding opioid abuse.

Twenty-five states have sanctioned some forms of marijuana use for medical purposes…..



As long as the DEA classifies Marijuana in the class as heron?

The Federal Government could LEGALLY arrest ANY one or charge any company dispensing Marijuana under Federal law regardless  of state law or permission….

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Iran wants the rest of the money the US owes it….

While some people are a bit bent out of shap that the US shipped $400M to the Russians after the Nuclear deal was signed off……(and 4 American’s wher released from captivity )

The FACT is the US STILL owes Iran over a Billion dollars more….

And it’s legal….

Obama spent much of his pre-summer vacation press conference last week working to debunk the notion that the $400 million January cash payment to Iran was improper in any way. He said the timing of the payment, sent to settle a debt that predated Iran’s Islamic revolution over military equipment, was purely coincidental. Face-to-face meetings between U.S. and Iranian leaders over a nuclear agreement offered an opportunity “to clear accounts on a number of issues at the same time,” the president said, which led to the release of hostages and the cash payment.

The president went on to say that outcry from Republicans over the payment in the midst of a contentious presidential election amounted to little more than “the manufacturing of outrage.”


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Jobs and Wages increase for July 2016….Jobless rate stays @ 4.9%…

While most of us don’t feel it…..

The bean counters are saying things ARE getting better for Americans and their Economy….

Employment jumped in July for a second month and wages climbed, pointing to renewed vigor in the U.S. labor market that will sustain consumer spending into the second half of the year.

Payrolls climbed by 255,000 last month, exceeding all forecasts in a Bloomberg survey of 89 economists, following a 292,000 gain in June that was a bit larger than previously estimated, a Labor Department report showed Friday. The jobless rate held at 4.9 percent as many of the people streaming into the labor force found jobs.

The rate of hiring is more than enough to whittle away at the jobless rate over time and gradually eliminate labor-market slack, a goal of Federal Reserve officials who’ve kept interest rates low to spur growth. The strong employment readings also come as the U.S. heads toward the presidential election, which could give Democrat Hillary Clinton a positive talking point.

“Labor demand is holding up pretty well,” said Jesse Edgerton, an economist at JPMorgan Chase & Co. in New York. “The labor market is firming up. Wages are starting to pick up. It’s a positive for consumer spending. This will reinforce the Fed’s view that improvement in the labor market is likely to continue….”



A Good Economy helps Hillary Clinton and EVERYBODY….

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Political Roundup for August 4, 2016…CNN had a Libertarian Town Hall last night….RRH Elections….


Trump: As the dumpster fire that is the Donald Trump presidential campaign descends into its all too predictable free fall the question becomes how can the GOP replace him as their presidential candidate. If Trump can be persuaded to voluntarily withdraw (because he is obviously too good for us) the Republican Party Rule 9 on Filling Vacancies in Nominations would take over. The GOP could convene another national convention (which would be highly unlikely) or the Republican National Committee could select a replacement candidate with members of the RNC casting the same number of votes as their state was entitled to cast at the national convention. Each state would then have different ballot access rules in regards to replacing a candidate on the ballot. Depending when this was done some states would allow Trump’s name to be removed from the ballot while in others his name could still be there with the understanding that a vote for him is really a vote for his replacement.

Trump: Mark Halperin demonstrates how not to conduct an interview with Donald Trump.

Trump: Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial in connection with Trump University will proceed but videotaped footage of the billionaire presidential candidate being deposed in late 2015 and early 2016 will not be released. If you told me a year ago that the GOP presidential nominee would be on trial heading into the November election and Hillary Clinton would not I never would have believed you. I hate 2016.

Johnson: CNN had a primetime Libertarian Town Hall featuring Gov. Gary Johnson and Gov. Bill Weld.

Hillary: I tried really hard to find a story to post about Hillary Clinton but her campaign has wisely stashed her in a secure undisclosed location until Donald Trump is finished blowing himself up. So since we got nothing to report on her I linked to a photo montage of Socks the Cat at the White House because 2016 sucks…..


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Political Roundup for August 2nd, 2016…Trump’s lack of a Ground game…RRH Elections…

Reminder that we have primaries in Missouri, Michigan, Kansas, and Washington tonight. Come back for our liveblog at 8p ET, and reread our previews of all the races right here.


Trump: The Republican nominee’s fundraising struggles are bad enough that we could see real consequences on the results.

Some scenarios that experienced Republican hands are starting to consider: States where Hillary Clinton has dozens of extra campaign offices versus Trump — or an extra 100 staffers. Or where teams do not have enough warm bodies to keep pace during early voting. Or where field organizers have to deputize volunteers to handle what is traditionally done by paid professionals. Or where aides have to effectively ignore media markets beyond the major cities since the bank account dipped so low.

The field aspect is particularly interesting. Normally field efforts from rival campaigns kind of neutralize each other and are drowned out by the noise of other ground efforts in the field. However, in some places the lack of a Trump presence at all and diminished size of the RNC Victory program mean us nerds can see the real true impact of field without much outside interference. Nice for political science, bad for Republicans.

Cruz: In the wake of his call for Republicans to vote their conscience. it has now become clear that Sen. Ted Cruz’s donor problems extend much further than the generous Mercer family.

Stein / Turner: Former Ohio State Sen. and Bernie Sanders surrogate Nina Turner (D -> G?) has been offered a spot on the Green Party ticket and is considering taking the nomination. Stein and the Greens have been desperate to get some of the Bernie Bros’ enthusiasm to rub off on their long-declining minor party, degraded by years of infighting with supporters of Ralph Nader and some inept national campaigns…..


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President Obama says…Mr. Trump is “unfit to serve as president”

Barack Obama gets down against Donald Trump…..

In his strongest denouncement of Donald J. Trump so far, President Obama on Tuesday said Mr. Trump was “unfit to serve as president” and urged the leaders of the Republican Party to withdraw their backing for his candidacy.

Mr. Obama said the Republican criticisms of Mr. Trump “ring hollow” if the party’s leaders continue to support his bid for the presidency this fall, particularly in light of Republican criticisms of Mr. Trump for his attacks on the Muslim parents of an American soldier, Humayun Khan, who died in Iraq.

“The question they have to ask themselves is: If you are repeatedly having to say in very strong terms that what he has said is unacceptable, why are you still endorsing him?” Mr. Obama said at a news conference at the White House.

Mr. Obama said that in addition to Mr. Trump’s comments about the Khan family, the Republican nominee had demonstrated that he was “woefully unprepared to do this job.” The president said Mr. Trump lacked knowledge about Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

“This isn’t a situation where you have an episodic gaffe. This is daily,” Mr. Obama added. “There has to be a point at which you say, this is not somebody I can support for president of the United States, even if he purports to be a member of my party. The fact that that has not yet happened makes some of these denunciations ring hollow.”….


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