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Political Roundup for October 7, 2016…Early Voting Clinton firewall against Trump ?…RRH Elections


Clinton Weather Channel ad buy: The Clinton campaign is requesting the Weather Channel delay its $63,000 ad buy until after Hurricane Matthew passes. The campaign had been criticized as being “insensitive” and “tone deaf” for buying time on the channel at a time when viewership is expected to be very high during coverage of the hurricane.

Early voting: The Clinton campaign is banking on early voting helping them in Florida, Nevada and North Carolina. They are encouraging their supporters to vote early and hoping to bank enough early votes to make an insurmountable lead on Election Day. The campaign expects as much as 40% of votes in those states to be made before Election Day.

Latino vote: A tracking poll analysis by a group called Latino Decisions predicts Hillary Clinton to get the highest percentage of Latino votes ever. They predict she will win somewhere between 76.5 and 87.5 percent of Latino votes. The highest on record is 72% by Bill Clinton in 1996.

McMullin running mate: Those waiting on the edge of your seats to find out who Evan McMullin will pick for his running mate now have your answer. He has chosen Mindy Finn, a 35-year old political strategist who most recently has worked for the RNC as a senior digital strategist. She says she has been part of the group opposing Trump from the beginning and as she has encouraged others to run for office, now she says she has an “opportunity to walk the walk.”

Nevada: Somebody from Donald Trump’s campaign apparently didn’t tell him the right way to pronounce the name of the Silver State. At a campaign event in the state on Wednesday night, he insisted that the name is pronounced Nuh-VAH-dah(with the middle syllable pronounced like “odd”). But locals prefer the “Nuh-VAA-dah” pronunciation (with the middle syllable pronounced like “dad”). In fact, locals say it’s almost become a litmus test of sorts for presidential candidates to see whether they know how to pronounce it correctly.

#Never Trump Republicans: 30 former Republican congressmen and senators have signed a letter stating they will not vote for Trump because he “makes a mockery” of their principles and say he is “manifestly unqualified to be president.” Some of the signatories such as Mickey Edwards of Oklahoma and Jim Leach of Iowa endorsed Obama in 2008 and/or 2012 and many others were prominent moderates. Others such as Gordon Humphrey of New Hampshire and Vin Weber of Minnesota were prominent Reagan era conservatives. The letter did not mention Hillary Clinton; some of the signatories say they will vote for her, others say they will vote for Gary Johnson while others will write in a candidate….


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Obama finds away to stall some deportations….(And move some up)

Cost Cutting moves by the Custom and Immigration Service and the Department of Justice has forced tens of thousands of deportation cases to be pushed back, allowing those effected to remain in the United States….

And some cases are being moved up faster as more judges are coming aboard to handle the case loads…

Does this sound kinda confused?

It IS….

The delays are being made as a cost-saving measure, according to federal officials, because of a lapse in enforcement that allowed immigrants who were supposed to be enrolled in an electronic monitoring program to go free. Some of those affected had failed to report to government offices to be fitted with G.P.S. ankle bracelets, according to a February memo from the chief immigration judge, Print Maggard, in Arlington, Va.

Now that the government will not have to pay the daily fee of $4 to $8 a person that it costs to monitor such bracelets, the immigrants’ cases have been pushed back for years, some until 2023, judges and federal officials said. The cases of those who met their reporting obligations are still being expedited, with some cases moving faster than lawyers and judges had expected.

“The whole thing is docket chaos,” said Paul Schmidt, who retired in June after a 30-year career working for federal immigration agencies, the last 13 years as an immigration judge.

It was not clear whether the immigrants’ failure to report was intentional or the result of unclear instructions. Deportations are carried out by two separate government agencies — the Department of Homeland Security, which arrests people charged with violating immigration laws, and the Executive Office for Immigration Review, a branch of the Justice Department that adjudicates deportations. It is common, lawyers and judges said, for immigrants who do not realize that the two agencies are distinct to betray their obligations out of confusion….

Along with the cases being postponed, other cases are being catapulted forward, sometimes by years, onto the dockets of judges who were recently hired to address the immigration system’s backlog of cases, which has reached record levels. And yet, lawyers say, even this attempt to speed things along could lead to more delays.

“In all of these cases, I’m going to go into the court date and say I was not given any chance to say whether or not I was available, so you have to adjourn this,” said Bryan S. Johnson, a private immigration lawyer in New York.

Many immigrants whose cases will now move faster and who would have sought pro bono counsel may also have to go to court unrepresented….


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Political Roundup for October 5th, 2016…Libertarian VP choice Weld to go after Trump…RRH Elections


Assange: In a move that no one at all saw coming, the promised Wikilikes “October Surprise” is going to be released gradually over the course of the next 10 weeks (which is a timeframe extending well past the actual election). Assange furiously declaring that people need to pay more attention to him is surprising only to those who’ve never dealt with attention trolls before. Next he’ll promise to tell you who actually killed JFK, if only you’ll tune in NEXT TIME, ON THE JULIAN ASSANGE SHOW!

CA-EV: In what is a tortured bit of legal reasoning even by “CA Dems are changing the rules in their favor” standards, CA SOS Alex Padilla has effectively removed Trump’s electors from the CA ballot. Basically, given that the American Independent Party (aka George Wallace’s old party) has also endorsed Trump and submitted their own list of electors before the Republican party did, CA SoS Alex Padilla has ruled that since the two lists are not identical, any Presidential votes for Trump will be over-votes and will simply not be counted. Granted, the odds of California voting for Trump are slim (and the odds that it would be the crucial state in the election are slimmer), but a state politician has effectively ejected a major party candidate from the Presidential ballot on one of the flimsiest excuses possible. Does anyone seriously think that Clinton would have had her electors removed from the ballot if the Peace and Freedom party had also nominated her for President?

Debate: In case you missed it, the VP debate was last night. If you did miss it, don’t bother catching up, as it was pretty boring all around (although most people are agreeing Pence won). The most notable parts of the whole thing were that Kaine is apparently unable to go two minutes without interrupting someone, and that the official GOP website accidentally (albeit accurately) jumped the gun in declaring that “everyone considered Pence the winner”.

Millennials: America’s most interesting age cohort has some wildly inconsistent political views. Depending on the phrasing, you can get millennial to support just about any side of an issue, apparently more so than older voters. This is a big part of why they’re not flocking behind Clinton—The reason they supported Obama so strongly was not because they were the next progressive foot soldiers, but rather because HOPE AND CHANGE!1! lined up with their quixotic views much better than Romney or McCain ever did. This further reinforces my idea that millennials are a very winnable demographic, just not with the GOP’s current set of policy positions–there’s a lot more malleability here than people think.

Trump: Snopes has debunked the claim that Trump said veterans with PTSD or who committed suicide were “weak”. As with most corrections to things the GOP Presidential candidate has or has not said, this will do exactly nothing to prevent the “Trump insults veterans” meme from continuing, as partisans at this point would probably believe Trump wants to re-impose slavery if he talked about a national effort program.

Weld: In a move that I’m surprised took this long, William Weld has said that he’s no longer going to be focused on actually trying to win voters, but rather to blast Trump at every opportunity. Considering how little traction the Libertarian ticket is getting and that Weld would probably have endorsed Clinton over even Generic R anyways, this is not unexpected, and is probably more of a CYA moment in the event that the Libertarian ticket winds up taking more from Clinton than Trump and giving the latter the presidency.


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Bill Clinton doesn’t believe in Obamacare….

Maybe his wife will let him help fix it next year?

The program DOES need fixing even President Obama and Hillary Clinton agree….

But it isn’t going away ….

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s attempts to get a Healthcare Law went down in flames in the 90’s….

But it isn’t going away ….

Former President Bill Clinton steamrolled President Obama’s signature healthcare law at a rally, calling it “the craziest thing in the world.”

Speaking Monday in Flint, Mich., Clinton blasted the core principles of ObamaCare as unworkable as he pitched a new system that would allow people to buy into Medicare or Medicaid.

“You’ve got this crazy system where all the sudden 25 million more people have healthcare and then the people are out there busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week, wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half,” Clinton said.

“It’s the craziest thing in the world,” he said.

Clinton’s blunt remarks while campaigning for his wife, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, run in direct contrast to her previous promises to build on ObamaCare.

While acknowledging problems like rising drug costs, Hillary Clinton has largely embraced the healthcare law and criticized her Republican opponent, Donald Trump, for his repeated promise to repeal the law.

Trump’s campaign seized on Bill Clinton’s comments, arguing that he is siding with Republicans opposed to the law….


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Political Roundup for October 4, 2016…Reagan would NOT have voted for Trump…RRH Elections…


Reagan:  Michael Reagan, the son of the late President Ronald Reagan and stepson of the late First Lady Nancy Reagan, states neither of his parents would be voting for Donald Trump if they were alive.  In particular, he says Ronnie would be supporting Republicans downballot while Nancy would be voting for Hillary at the top of the ticket.  Even the most conservative presidential child in a generation is against Trump.

Libertarians/Liberaltarians:  Governor Gary Johnson’s campaign might be flailing a bit, but even if it continues to lose support it will likely be the strongest showing of a Libertarian ever.  New York magazine looks at this feat, but also looks at some of the unique circumstances fueling it.

Trump Foundation:  The New York Attorney General has ordered the Trump Foundation to stop accepting and soliciting donations due to concerns of the charity essentially being a scam.

Early Voting:  Trump and Clinton are playing the consistent themes of their campaign so far when it comes to early voting.  Trump is running a very haphazard operation based on rallies and people being compelled to vote for him on their own while the Clinton team is being very aggressive in pushing early voting.

Pennsylvania:  Politico has a piece on how “hostile” pollwatchers can impact elections in Pennsylvania.  As someone whose worked at the polls numerous times in Pennsylvania, I am not sure what Politico is getting at here especially having pollwatchers being aggressive requires a lot of organizational effort, which the Trump campaign is lacking.

Palin:  President Obama states what I have been saying for a long time… the nomination of Sarah Palin as vice presidential nominee in 2008 was the beginning of the end for the Republican Party as an electoral force as it changed the mood of the party….


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Political Roundup for October 3, 2016…Christie to Help Trump on Debate prep…RRH Elections

Shanah Tovah to all those celebrating. If you haven’t checked out our Row Officer Ratings from this weekend, give them a look for full recaps of the 54 Statewide Row Officers up this year!  Also, please take a look at this diary and see if you can help me refine which legislative races to focus on for the legislative previews I’m planning for later this month.


Trump’s Taxes: The NYT has been leaked Trump’s tax return from 1995, which shows that he took a $916M write-down on his assets.

Debate Prep: Christie will be coaching Trump on how to prepare for this Sunday’s Town Hall debate.

Alicia Machado: Trump spent much of Friday defending a 4AM tweetstorm continuing his feud with the former beauty queen turned newest Dem cause celebree.

Johnson: Johnson has continued his impressive run with newspaper editorial boards, for what little they’re worth, by picking up the support of the Chicago Tribune.

Stein: While mocking Gary Johnson for not being able to name a world leader he admire, Jill Stein was also unable to name a world leader she looked up to….


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The Constitution might void the just passed 9/11 Bill on Suing Saudi Arabia….

The 9/11 victims families pushed hard to be able to sue The Saudi Government….

It’s an election year and Republican’s eager to present President Obama with his first veto.  and incoming US Senate leader Chuck Schumer of New York making sure that a New York advantaged Bill gets thru Congress, was voted over President Obama’s protests about the unintended consequences of the Law…

True Obama NEVER really tried hard to work a deal with the Congress before things got down to vote….

So his veto WAS roundly overridden….

The second the vote was over ?

Several Congressmen began to get ‘buyers remorse ‘ on their vote….

Well Bloomberg Magazine is out with what could be a way for Congress show a vote to support the 9/11 families and make the Saudi’s and President Obama happy also….

It seems that the US Constituion may nullify the 9/11 Vote and Veto override….

At the risk of oversimplifying some truly complex issues in the law of civil procedure, here’s the issue. In passing the bill, Congress was amending a law called the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act. That law says you can’t sue a foreign government in U.S. courts, except for a few specific exceptions, such as when the foreign government is engaged in U.S. commerce.

The terrorism bill added a new exception. It says that an American can sue a foreign government for damages “occurring in the United States and caused by an act of international terrorism in the United States; and a tortious act or acts of the foreign state … regardless where the tortious act or acts of the foreign state occurred.”

Translated into English, that means you can sue a foreign government when the act of terrorism occurred in the U.S., as the Sept. 11 attacks did, so long as the foreign government contributed to causing the attack. Under the act, it doesn’t matter where the foreign government contributed to causing the attack. In theory, if the Saudi government took actions within its own country to fund al-Qaeda and that contributed to the attacks, that would authorize the suit.

But the constitutional law that governs whom you can sue, and where, isn’t so simple — and because it’s based on the Constitution, Congress can’t legislate around it. According to the Supreme Court’s interpretation, a U.S. court must have what is called “personal jurisdiction” over any defendant for a lawsuit to go forward.

Personal jurisdiction comes in two flavors, general and specific. It would be almost impossible for the courts to have general jurisdiction over the government of Saudi Arabia, because a foreign entity must be “at home” to be sued under current precedent. It was on this ground that the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals recently rejected a lawsuit against the Palestinian Authority and Palestine Liberation Organization under the Anti-Terrorism Act. If the those groups are only “at home” in Ramallah, as the court held, the Saudi government is similarly only “at home” in Riyadh.

That leaves specific jurisdiction as the only way to haul the Saudi kingdom into court under the new bill. And the constitutional bar is probably higher than what Congress wrote into the law….


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The Affordable Healthcare Law has increased the number of American with Healthcare Insurance…

Obamacare IS doing what it was designed mostly to do….

Provide MORE Americans WITH Health Insurance….


It needs adjustments….

But  the Republican push to get RID of the program isn’t viable anymore….

When congressional candidates last hit the campaign trail in 2014, one word seemed to be at the top of the agenda for virtually every Republican: Obamacare. But that was before most of the law’s provisions took effect. Two years later, the health law seems to have faded as a campaign issue.

New data released this month might give a hint as to why: The uninsured rate — the share of the population without health insurance — dropped in every congressional district in the country between 2013 and 2015, according to the American Community Survey.

Obamacare’s troubles are far from over. Recent months have brought a spate of headlines about big insurers pulling out of the law’s health insurance marketplaces, and (somewhat misleadingly) about soaring insurance premiums. The law, formally known as the Affordable Care Act, remains as polarizing as ever: Two-thirds of Democrats say they have a favorable view of the law, and 76 percent of Republicans view it unfavorably, according to an August poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation, which researches health care policy.

But on one metric, at least, the law seems to be working: More people are getting coverage…..


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Michelle Obama hugging George W Bush…..

“As someone who doesn’t do a lot of politics, the first lady has a particularly powerful voice for undecided voters and she has a particular appeal with young people,” Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri said during a gaggle on Hillary’s plane between events. “But it’s not limited to young people. And we saw in the convention, she takes the argument for why Hillary’s the right person for our kids to a high moral ground that is very compelling.”


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American’s seem alright with the way the economy is now….

That’s the view from Five Thirty Eight….

They say that while the Media may be echoing Donald Trump’s negativity about things?

American’s on the whole…..Are NOT….

Bill Fox sells cars, including all-American Chevrolets and Ram trucks, in an upstate New York town whose congressman lost re-election in 2014 by 20 points — the kind of place where, according to the usual media narrative, voters are angry about the loss of blue-collar jobs and worried about the economy. But like other car dealers, Fox is seeing near-record sales: Somehow, he said, consumers don’t seem as worried about the economy as the pundits say they are.

“We’re not seeing [anger] at all,” said Fox, a partner in Auburn-based Fox Dealerships. “The way I account for it is, the public sees economic indicators that are OK, their job’s not threatened, and they may be afraid of the future, but the monthly [car] payment is good.”

That kind of optimism might be surprising in a year when Donald Trump, at least according to one dominant media narrative, rode a wave of economic anxiety to the Republican presidential nomination and when voters routinely cite the economy as a top concern. In a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, for example, 48 percent of voters said the country is “losing ground” on economic issues, compared with 45 percent who said it is “making progress.”1 In a recent YouGov poll, 40 percent of respondents said the economy was getting worse, versus 21 percent who said it was getting better. A weekly Gallup survey that asked the same question found that 37 percent think the economy is getting better and 58 percent think it is getting worse. (Gallup’s survey, unlike YouGov’s, didn’t offer “about the same” as an option.) Seventy-two percent of voters say the U.S. is on the wrong track, according to a separate poll from Gallup, which hasn’t found a majority satisfied with the “way things are going in the United States” since George W. Bush’s first term.

Yet even as Americans tell political pollsters that they are worried about the economy, they tell a different story in a separate set of surveys that are used by economists and investors to forecast consumer spending behavior…..


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Political Roundup for September 23, 2016…Will Cruz endorse Trump?…RRH Elections


Trump: It is less than 50 days until the election and Donald Trump’s television advertisements have all but vanished. It has been over a week since the Trump campaign has paid to run a TV ad in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania. This begs the question of what the heck is Donald Trump spending all the campaign cash he is raising on? We know that Trump’s campaign has spent at least $8.2 million on business owned by Trump and his family (see here). The eventual post-election FEC investigation into Trump’s campaign spending could be a major scandal and a major embarrassment to the GOP.

Hillary: It must be nice to have Russian oligarchs, Saudi princes and Wall Street investment banks shower millions of dollars on you for giving speeches. Bill and Hillary Clinton just shelled out $1.16 million to buy the house next door to their Chappaqua mansion to use as a guest house for staff and visitors (because who doesn’t have a $1.16 million guest house on their estate). I guess when you are running for President against Donald Trump you don’t even need to make a pretense of being an average American.

Cruz: Ted Cruz is apparently taking bids on his conscience. Politico is out with a story claiming Ted Cruz is considering endorsing the man who claimed his father murdered JFK. I have to believe these stories where planted by people trying to troll Cruz because there is no way he could be politically stupid enough to endorse Donald Trump now after the stunt he pulled at the Republican National Convention….


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Senator Ted Cruz Appreciates Trump show of support on internet bill….

The piece in The Hill makes it out that the two could be best buddies?

I wouldn’t count on THAT….

Image result for cruz/trump

Trump DID say some VERY unkind things about the Senator’s father…

Two months after snubbing Donald Trump at the Republican convention, Ted Cruz is now praising the GOP presidential nominee for inserting himself in Congress’ eleventh-hour negotiations over a government funding bill.

On Wednesday, Trump urged congressional negotiators to delay a U.S. handoff of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a private-sector, nonprofit organization that manages Internet domain names. And that was enough to prompt Cruz to laud Trump — whom he pointedly declined to back in July when he urged Republicans to “vote your conscience.”

“Appreciate @realDonaldTrump’s support of our efforts to keep the internet free,” Cruz tweeted on Wednesday afternoon.

“And we appreciate @tedcruz appreciating @realDonaldTrump. Over to you, @jeffroe,” responded Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, referring to Cruz’s former campaign manager.



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Donald Trump Brags about OPM…. ‘using other people’s money’…..

If he wasn’t Donakld Trump?

He’d probabaly be knee deep in trouble for doing so….

Donald Trump on Tuesday talked about the utility of using “other people’s money,” an ill-timed comment that came just hours after The Washington Post reported that he used more than a quarter-million dollars from his charitable foundation to settle business lawsuits.

Trump brought up “other people’s money” in the context of getting foreign nations to pay for Syrian safe zones so that the United States doesn’t have to accept Syrian refugees. He was not talking about his foundation or lawsuits. It was not the first time he had used the term “other people’s money.”

But the comments could come back to haunt him, particularly if Democrats decide to use them to fashion a television attack ad. The foundation has been funded in recent years almost entirely by other people’s money, records show.

“We’re going to get the Gulf states to pay for safe zones. We’ll lead the project like — it’s called OPM. I do that all the time in business. It’s called other people’s money. There’s nothing like doing things with other people’s money,” said Trump at a rally in Kenansville, N.C.

He repeated himself: “OPM: other people’s money.”


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Bill Clinton bids a Farewell to His Foundation….

With the annual UN General Assembly get together in New York City this week  and the Clinton Foundation Global Initiative  also running…..

Bill Clinton was up on the stage ….

But this year things are different….

With his wife seemingly about get the job he had for four years and all the media attention?

Things are about change …..

Founded in 2005, the annual gathering of government, philanthropic and corporate leaders has produced hundreds of millions of dollars in charitable contributions for a range of causes through leverage applied deftly by the master networker-in-chief Clinton.

“No one had ever had a meeting where you invited political leaders, business leaders, philanthropists, NGO leaders from developing countries and from developed countries and in some case just concerned citizens and said, ‘Come here talk about the problems, but you actually have to commit to do something,’ ” Clinton said.

The model of linking private and government commitments for development work “has helped change the face of philanthropy,” Clinton said.

From now on, however, things won’t be quite the same. Clinton announced earlier this year that CGI would end in its 12th year, months before the presidential election. And if Hillary Clinton becomes president, the overall Clinton Foundation is expected to change significantly.

The foundation will stop accepting foreign and corporate donations. Its largest project, the Clinton Health Access Initiative, will spin off into a separate entity, and Bill and Chelsea Clinton will leave the organization’s board.

The changes have come amid a firestorm over an appearance of conflicts of interest while Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state as major donors to the foundation appeared to have called on staff at the State Department for favors, although there is little evidence that they were granted…..



The shame of this story is the Clinton have worked in a ‘Robin Hood’ fashions to provide assistance to HUNDREDS of Millions of people around the world thru their efforts while Donald Trump and others have labeled the effort suspicious ……

image…Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

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Feds…Christie KNEW about the Bridge Closure….

Well I guess EVERYONE was right about this , eh?

Nobody believed that he didn’t know about when it happened no matter what he tried to sell us…..

Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey knew that three of his top officials were involved in a plan to shut down lanes leading to the George Washington Bridge as it was happening and that the closings were intended to punish a local mayor for declining to support him, federal prosecutors said on Monday.

The assertion was an unexpected and startling beginning to the trial of two former Christie administration officials charged with closing the lanes in 2013 and then covering it up. And it was a surprising claim because of the side of the courtroom it came from, as lawyers made opening statements.

Defense lawyers have long argued that Mr. Christie, a Republican, and his top advisers were well aware of the lane closings and that they directed the cover-up as they tried to protect the governor’s political aspirations — saying their clients were “thrown under the presidential bus,” as one lawyer argued on Monday.

But this was the first time a prosecutor had pointed a finger at Mr. Christie. And it directly contradicts the governor’s statements in the three years since the lanes were mysteriously closed, paralyzing the borough of Fort Lee, N.J.

Mr. Christie, a former top federal prosecutor in New Jersey, has consistently denied that he knew about the lane closings as they unfolded, and argued that the United States attorney’s office had “exonerated” him when it declined to indict him along with the defendants now standing trial.

The prosecutor, speaking for the United States attorney’s office, said that two of the alleged co-conspirators in the case, David Wildstein and Bill Baroni, had “bragged” to the governor about the lane closings at a memorial service for the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, on the third day of the closings, and that they had been done to “mess” with Mayor Mark Sokolich of Fort Lee, a Democrat, because he had declined entreaties to endorse the governor’s re-election….


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Clinton tells Senate Republicans take Garland or gamble…

Hillary Clinton has let it be known that if she wins?

She might not keep Merrick Garland as her Supreme Court choice…

That essentially means that the Republicans in the Senate will have a choice to make after election day and before January 20, 2017….

If the Democrats pull off a tie or thin majority in the Senate on election day ?…The Republicans would probably have to hold their noses and confirm Garland in fear for a Clinton more left leaning choice…

While Clinton didn’t specifically rule out the possibility of re-nominating Garland, her stance raises the stakes for Republicans in the Supreme Court fight. Senate Republicans have refused to consider the Garland nomination during Obama’s presidency, saying they won’t even take it up during a lame-duck session. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said this week that the seat “will not be filled this year.”

Should they maintain their opposition in the face of a Clinton victory over Donald Trump, Republicans could find themselves with a nominee they consider even more objectionable than Garland.

Clinton repeated past criticism of the Republicans’ strategy, calling it a “disgrace.” The court vacancy, created by Justice Antonin Scalia’s Feb. 13 death, is the longest since 1970….


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