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It was Bill Clinton’s Fault…Not AG Lynch’s….

Before all this?

No Attorrney Gnereal, who knew an ex-President ,whould think about NOT meeting with the guy…

Nor would their Security people stop the ex-president from doing so….

But Bill Clinton?

Well, he’s Bill Clinton…..

HE made a political mistake that has caused Loretta Lynch a headache….

It WAS HIS fault….


Bill Clinton regrets his “tarmac summit” with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, it was reported Saturday.

An aide to the former president gave a statement on condition of anonymity to both CNN and the Associated Press, describing the meeting as “entirely social in nature.”

“The president’s conversation with the attorney general was unplanned and was entirely social in nature. But recognizing how others could take another view of it, he agrees with the attorney general that he would not do it again,” the aide said.

Lynch on Friday said that she regretted the meeting, acknowledging that it has cast a “shadow” over the investigation in to Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while serving as secretary of state…..



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FBI does final interview with Hillary Clinton…

It has been reported that the Clinton interview, which lasted for several hours, should the last before the FBI hands up it call to the lawyers of the Justice Dept. on the Clinton emails/server case….

The final outcome will probably be sometime in the next few weeks…

The State Dept. Inspector General has also run his separate investigation which concluded that the Sec of State SHOULD have not used the private server, but her actions where not against the law….

There are several civil Freedom of Information suits ongoing seeking access to more Clinton emails that could last well into next year….

The F.B.I. interviewed Hillary Clinton on Saturday morning for its investigation into whether she or her aides broke the law by setting up a private email server for her use as secretary of state, her campaign said.

“Secretary Clinton gave a voluntary interview this morning about her email arrangements while she was secretary,” Nick Merrill, a campaign spokesman, said in a statement. “She is pleased to have had the opportunity to assist the Department of Justice in bringing this review to a conclusion.”

The campaign declined to elaborate on the substance of the interview, which lasted about three and a half hours at F.B.I. Headquarters in Washington. Shortly afterward, two black S.U.V.s were seen returning to Mrs. Clinton’s house in the capital.

The investigation has loomed over Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaign, as Republicans have seized on the issue to question the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee’s judgment.

On Friday, the campaign of Donald J. Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, blasted out an email titled “The Facts on Clinton’s Secret Server” that included articles about the emails marked classified that had been sent or stored on Mrs. Clinton’s private server.

The central question in the Justice Department effort is whether the actions met the legal standard for the crime of mishandling classified information.

Mrs. Clinton’s sit-down with the F.B.I. came amid controversy over a meeting between her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who ran into each other on Monday at the Phoenix airport while Mr. Clinton was fund-raising for his wife’s presidential campaign.


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New Florida abortion law stopped by Federal Judge’s ruling…

Planned Parenthodd wins another one…

A federal judge is blocking a new law that places restrictions on abortion clinics in Florida.

U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle late Thursday stopped key portions of the law hours before it was scheduled to take effect.

Planned Parenthood challenged the measure Gov. Rick Scott signed into law earlier this year. The law prevents any state funds from going to an organization that also provides abortions. It also added new inspection requirements on clinics.

Hinkle in his ruling stated that previous federal rulings have made it clear that the government cannot indirectly try to stop an activity that is legally allowed…..


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Political Roundup for July 1, 2016…RRH Elections


GOP Convention: NRO has a profile of Enid Greene-Mickelsen (formerly Greene-Waldholtz), who you may remember from her single scandal-plagued term representing UT-2 in the mid 90s. After being forced to retire from the House amid a campaign finance scandal surrounding her then-husband, Greene-Mickelsen has reinvented herself as a major force inside the RNC. She now chairs the convention rules committee, and both pro-Trump and anti-Trump forces are

Veepstakes (D): VA Sen. Tim Kaine (D) has been getting a lot of Veepstakes buzz, but there may be a significant downside to picking him: thanks to Virginia’s lax ethics standards, Kaine was able to accept $160K in gifts from various donors while he served as Governor from 2005-2009. There’s no allegation that Kaine did anything illegal, but picking him might reinforce the pay-to-play theme that has dogged Hillary.

Veepstakes (R): There is a general consensus forming in the CW that Newt and Christie are at the top of the Veepstakes race for The Donald. The post also has some other names to watch.

Mike Lee: The Utah Senator and movement-conservative favorite has no plans to endorse Trump, to put it mildly….


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Attorney General Lynch will let staff have the final say on Clinton email server case…

Bill Clinton went to see the Attorney General at the Phoenix airport…

Both describe the meeting as causal and social…..

But Bill Clinton SHOULD have known better…..

His impulsiveness has forced Lynch to come out and announce that she will accept the recommendation of the career Justice Dept. lawyers and FBI in the Hillary Clinton email investigation….(She is STILL their boss and one would assume she is being briefed regualrly on the case)

UpDate...Bloomberg is reporting that Lynch , as the head of the Dept. of Justice , will NOT give up her ability to overrule a final call by her staff, if she feels it is necessary …Link….

Up to now the word has been that the FBI  and DOJ where NOT going after the former Sec of State…They have been talking to Clinton State Dept. staff members….The State Dept Inspector General has released his own report on the matter indicating that Clinton should have not used a private server for her mail, but that her actions wher not of a criminal nature ….

The whole issue of her server usage has become a last ditch Republican political effort to stop her efforts to get elected to the Presidency….

It had been rumored that the Justice Department was wrapping up the investigation within weeks…..

Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch plans to announce on Friday that she will accept whatever recommendation career prosecutors and the F.B.I. director make about whether to bring charges related to Hillary Clinton’s personal email server, a Justice Department official said. Her decision removes the possibility that a political appointee will overrule investigators in the case.

The Justice Department had been moving toward such an arrangement for months — officials said in April that it was being considered — but a private meeting between Ms. Lynch and former President Bill Clinton this week set off a political furor and made the decision all but inevitable.

Republicans said the meeting, which took place at the Phoenix airport, had compromised the independence of the investigation as the F.B.I. was winding it down. Some called for Ms. Lynch to recuse herself, but she did not take herself off the case — one that could influence a presidential election.

Ms. Lynch has said she wants to handle the Clinton investigation like any other case. Since the attorney general often follows the recommendations of career prosecutors, Ms. Lynch is keeping the regular process largely intact….


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Trump wonders why is he the Underdog?

REALLY Donald?

The show is OVER.

People SEE behind the curtain….

The crowds ain’t enough….(Ya gotta do your homework)

This ain’t the primaries….

Trump has trailed Hillary Clinton in most every national poll since he effectively clinched the Republican nomination, though Gallagher noted two recent polls that show Trump gaining ground or even leading, despite most other polls showing Clinton with more significant leads. A Fox News poll released Wednesday evening showed Clinton with a 6-point advantage nationwide, widening her advantage from earlier in June.

“The tide is going to turn and people are going to wake up,” Gallagher nonetheless predicted.

“Well, you know, I really feel it, Mike. I go to Ohio, we were there two days ago, and Pennsylvania and near Pittsburgh and we — I was in West Virginia, the crowds are massive. And you know, I walked out of one, and I said, ‘I don’t see how I’m not leading,'” Trump said, invoking the size of his crowds.


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There WILL be More Opposition piece’s about Trump coming out….

While the Media has been dropping weekly investigative pieces on Donald Trump and business history…..The Clinton campaign has a opposition research group American Bridge working for them…..

And there seems to be a LOT of data they will be able expose about Trump ….and other Republicans running for office……

Of course, Donald Trump has been very helpful  himself….

It is maintaining an archive of digital video footage, with 6,500 clips of Mr. Trump speaking or being mentioned, going back to the 1980s, and 17,000 hours of footage over all. It has also compiled more than 5,000 pages of research on the presumptive Republican nominee and has 25 trackers monitoring him.

American Bridge is playing a more significant role in 2016 than it did in 2012, when the Obama campaign was leery of the group, which was founded by a close ally of Hillary Clinton’s. This cycle, Democrats have relied on it openly for research.

There are special systems that allow it to search by specific strings of words to identify issue targets. It is trying to expedite their ability to quickly frame a case against Mr. Trump. And it is monitoring roughly 600 candidates up and down the ballot, in addition to Mr. Trump….


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Congress sends Obama A Puerto Debt Bill to sign…They will Default anyways…

The people running the Commonwealth will pay their workers before paying their bondholder’s no matter what the guys in Washington finally send to the President to sign….

Two days before a potential historical default, Puerto Rico Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla made it clear that the commonwealth won’t pay bondholders even as Congress votes on a bill allowing the island to restructure its $70 billion in debt.

“On July 1, 2016, Puerto Rico will default on more than $1 billion in general obligation bonds, the island’s senior credits protected by a constitutional lien on revenues,” Garcia Padilla wrote in a editorial posted on a CNBC website.

The lapse will mark the first time the U.S. territory has failed to pay what it owes on general-obligation debt, a $13 billion swath that its constitution says has the top claim to the government’s funds. Garcia Padilla previously said the commonwealth couldn’t raise enough to cover what’s owed to bondholders even if he shut down the government. The island has about $2 billion in principal and interest payments due Friday.

“All the efforts up until now have already damaged relations with investors,” said Daniel Solender, who oversees $19 billion, including Puerto Rico securities, as head of municipals at Lord Abbett & Co. in Jersey City, New Jersey. “By taking a step to break the constitution, it makes it more definitive.”

The default signals the depths of the crisis on the island, which had been tapping whatever funds it could to avoid missing payments on securities backed by the strongest legal pledge. The escalating strain prompted Congress to create a bill that would give Puerto Rico the ability to cut its debt and put a hold on bondholder lawsuits that could jeopardized its ability to pay for schools, police officers and health care. The Senate voted 68-32 Wednesday morning on the measure, setting up a final-passage vote as soon as this evening…..

Puerto Rico, which became a territory in 1898 following the Spanish-American War, stopped paying bondholders so it can maintain essential services for its 3.5 million residents, nearly half of whom live in poverty. With more debt than any state but California and New York and a shrinking economy, Garcia Padilla said a year ago that the commonwealth couldn’t repay all that it has borrowed and he has unsuccessfully sought to persuade investors to accept less than they’re owed.


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Amb Steven’s Sister…Her brother took the risk…Hillary Clinton was NOT at fault…

The sister of Amb Chris Stevens ,who was lost during the Benghazi attacks with other, s has come out not blaming Hillary Clinton and CIA Director at the time Leon Panetta countering the Republican political efforts ……In fact , Dr. Anne Stevens, points at Congress for not providing the State Department with enough money for it’s security needs….

Anne Stevens speaks at a memorial for her brother, Ambassador Chris Stevens, who was killed in the attack on the U.S. Mission in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012.

 Said Stevens: “I do not blame Hillary Clinton or Leon Panetta. They were balancing security efforts at embassies and missions around the world. And their staffs were doing their best to provide what they could with the resources they had. The Benghazi Mission was understaffed. We know that now. But, again, Chris knew that. It wasn’t a secret to him. He decided to take the risk to go there. It is not something they did to him. It is something he took on himself.”

She added that it is “inappropriate” she to make Benghazi an election issue….


image…Dr. Anne Stevens (c.)… Eric Risberg / AP

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American Sec of State questions if Brits will leave the EU…

American Sec of State John Kerry expressed doubt on the outcome the recent vote by a majority of Brit’s to sever ties with the Europen Union…

Of course he’s just a bystander….

Secretary of State John Kerry says he’s not certain Britain will follow through on its decision to exit the European Union (EU).

“I think there are a number of ways,” he said Tuesday when asked if the move could be “walked back,” according to The Guardian.

“I don’t, as secretary of State, want to throw them out today. I think that would be a mistake. But there are a number of ways.”

Kerry said outgoing British Prime Minister David Cameron is not enthusiastic about invoking Article 50, Britain’s EU exit procedure.

Cameron feels helpless to “start negotiating a thing he doesn’t believe in,” Kerry said, noting the U.K. leader “has no idea how he would do it.”

“And by the way, nor do most of the people who voted to do it,” he added….


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House Republicans are out with the final Benghazi report…

The report gives more details on the timeline during the attack that took the life American Amb Stevens and others….

The report has turned into a political football that Republicans have seeked to hurt Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Sec of State…..

Democrats leaked parts of the report over the last day or so because the final report does NOT have their imput even though they sat on the committee ….

Information about who did what, and when has been misquoted all along…..

The final judment is that NOTHING could have been done to change the military reponse to the calls for help ….That in fact decisions on possible help was made level’s below Clinton and by the military itself…..

“Senior officials have uniformly testified that they were doing everything possible to provide emergency assistance to those under the attack,” Democratic committee member Adam Schiff (Calif.) told me. “The most Republicans can do is try to critique the secretary’s actions on that day because they have nothing else left to go after.”

Schiff also rejected another supposed revelation that Republicans on the committee will focus on this week. The Republican report purports to reveal that no military assets were sent toward Libya until the attacks had ended. Although Panetta ordered the deployment of a Marine Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team, or FAST, those assets were sent to Tripoli and no military assets were sent to Benghazi, the report alleges.

“Nothing in the Republican spin changes the underlying facts,” said Schiff. “Nothing has disturbed the conclusions of the bipartisan House Armed Services Committee investigation that no military assets could have gotten there in time.”

The Republican committee report will also seek to reaffirm long-standing accusations that Clinton lied about there being protests in Benghazi.

Though the Benghazi committee did find some new details, it failed to unearth anything so damning as to change many minds about the events of that tragic night, or who is to blame for them….


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US Supreme Court Throws out Texas Abortion Restrictions ….

The ruling was 5 to 3 against the Texas Law which made reulations so strict for abortions that few places could perform them…

Other states had followed Texas in trying find a was to ban abortions in a suppossedly ‘legal’ way….

The Supreme Court on Monday struck down Texas abortion restrictions that had caused more than half of the state’s abortion clinics to close.

The decision was a win for abortion rights advocates, who say that state legislatures around the country have passed more than 200 restrictions on abortion in the last five years.

The challenged Texas provisions required doctors who perform abortions at clinics to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital and said that clinics must meet hospital-like standards of surgical centers.

Similar restrictions have been passed in other states, and officials say they protect patients. But abortion providers and medical associations say the rules are unnecessary and so expensive or hard to satisfy that they force clinics to close.

The opinion was written by Justice Stephen G. Breyer and joined by Justices Anthony M. Kennedy, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel A. Alito Jr. dissented…..


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The Supreme’s dance to the left in their recent rulings…

The NY Times is out with a piece a piece that points at the US Supreme Court leaning to the left with Justice Scalia gone…

If the Senate confirms Merrick Garland?

They assume it will move further to the left…

The court’s decisions continued a
leftward trend, one that would have
probably been amplified by the
addition of Judge Garland to the court.

The court issued liberal decisions in 56 percent of cases so far this term, according to a widely accepted standard developed by political scientists that considers signed decisions in argued cases. The share is only slightly lower than in the 2014-15 term, which had the highest share of liberal decisions since the court led by Chief Justice Earl Warren in the 1950s and 1960s.

Judge Garland would probably fit squarely among the liberal bloc of the court, according to an analysis of his appeals court record. (A low-end estimate would put him slightly more conservative than Justice Stephen G. Breyer, and a high-end estimate more liberal than Justice Sonia Sotomayor.)

With eight justices, some major
decisions were deadlocked.

The eight-member court issued a handful of 4-4 opinions, decisions that were directly affected by the death of Justice Scalia in February and the absence of a Justice Garland. The last time the court had a vacancy longer than this one was in 1987-88, when Justice Anthony M. Kennedy filled the seat of Lewis F. Powell Jr. eight months after Justice Powell’s retirement.

On Thursday, the court was evenly split in a case considering whether the Obama administration could shield as many as five million unauthorized immigrants from deportation and to allow them to work. The tie resulted in a major loss for the administration, affirming the lower court decision and upholding a nationwide injunction blocking the program….


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Daily Kos on Brexit…Trump and Barack Obama…

Brexit is not a warning about an advent of Trump, and the reason is Barack Obama

By Laurence Lewis  @ Daily Kos

You’re going to be reading a lot of stories about the Brexit vote being a warning that Donald Trump can win. Those stories will be wrong.

Brexit apparently has won, and the primary reason is the economic turmoil wrought by the greed and at times open cruelty of British austerity, as imposed by David Cameron and George Osborne. Labour didn’t run against austerity in the last British election, and was punished for it. The British people were punished with more austerity. A brutal economy always feeds extremism, and that is how Britain got Brexit. The irony was that Cameron and Osborne had to fight desperately against the consequences of their own policies. And if you think I’m ignoring Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, that’s because he was almost invisible during the Remain campaign, and his support was tepid if not feigned. Britain has austerity and no credible national leaders. Hence Brexit.

While much of Europe was electing right wing governments that imposed austerity, the United States was electing Barack Obama. The Obama stimulus was a starkly different approach from European austerity. A larger stimulus would have done more to fuel a robust recovery, but the stimulus that was enacted stopped the economic free fall, and got the United States back on the right track. More needs to be done, and will be done, but the difference with Europe and particularly Britain is obvious. The extremism fueling the Trump campaign is neither as broad or deep as the extremism fueling Brexit. Because President Obama and Congressional Democrats ensured that the United States did not end up with the sort of brutal economic program the Republicans would have imposed, and that Cameron and Osborne in Britain did impose.

Simply put, the extremism fueling Brexit does not have the same resonance in the United States. Because our economy is not suffering the way Britain’s economy is suffering. And the economic agenda of Hillary Clinton is very deliberately designed to build on the success of the Obama economic agenda. The United States has alternatives that Britain did not have. And the United States will not follow Britain’s path into extremism because it hasn’t been on a parallel economic path….


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The Brit’s go to the Polls on The European Union…

The Vote to either stay or leave the European Union looks close by the last polling…..

American trading markets are holding their breaths…..

So are a LOT of other people….

Britons were voting on Thursday on whether to stay in the European Union in a referendum that has split the nation and is being nervously watched by financial markets and politicians across the world.

An Ipsos MORI poll for the Evening Standard newspaper, conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday, suggested support for “Remain” stood at 52 percent while “Leave” was on 48 percent.

Two other polls published late on Wednesday also suggested a modest late swing towards “Remain,” but the overall picture was of a vote that was too close to forecast.

Much will depend on turnout, with younger Britons seen as more supportive of the EU than their elders but less likely to vote….

It is only the third referendum in British history. The first, also about membership of what was then called the European Economic Community, was in 1975.

The four-month campaign, which has exposed bitter divisions in the ruling Conservative Party, was dominated by immigration and the economy, and shaken by the murder of pro-EU Labour lawmaker Jo Cox last week…..


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Dem’s will try hold their ‘sit-in’ for 24 hours….

The Republican leadership has closed shop and gone home….

The Democrats will continue their protest for a few more hours….

The Democrats KNOW that there will be NO passage of the either of the two amendments  they want….

This plays to Urban area Democrats….

It brings back feelings of the 1960s protests and fits into the campaign to get a vote on the President’s appointment of Merrick Garland to the US Supreme Court…..

It should help them in bringing out voters in November….

The Democrats ARE fundraising off it….

And the Democrats ARE trying to express their anger at the Republicans political power gained in 2010….


This event could be used by Republicans if the Democrats gain a majority  also in the future….

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