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Senate to confirm US Amb to Mexico….

Mexico is a BIG trade partner with America…

There isn’t gonna be a wall built between the two countries who do a TON of business with West Coast State’s….

US Senator’s from those state’s are well aware of this ….

The United States is finally about to get an ambassador to Mexico.
Senate Republicans who have been negotiating a way to confirm Roberta Jacobson as the nation’s top diplomat to Mexico have reached the contours of an agreement that would allow Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla) — Jacobson’s chief obstacle — to secure renewed sanctions against Venezuela in exchange for lifting his objections.


image of U.S. ambassador to Mexico nominee, Roberta Jacobson…cnds.dodive.mil

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Hillary Clinton is to the left of Donald Trump on Foreign Affairs…

Contrary to an NY Time piece that branded Hillary Clinton , the former Sec of State as a Super-Hawk….

A look at her record compared to the Republicans running for President shows her to left of the guys and compared to even Bernie Sanders?

She’a about even….

And she WAS the Sec of State for FOUR years….

Late on Thursday, the New York Times magazine published a lengthy profile of Hillary Clinton under an illustration of her as a toy soldier and the headline “How Hillary Clinton Became a Hawk.”

The profile, by Mark Landler, traces her evolution on foreign policy, explores her legacy as secretary of state, and seeks to deduce a Clinton worldview. It’s fascinating, deeply reported, and well worth reading. It also reiterates what is perhaps the defining piece of conventional wisdom about Hillary Clinton and foreign policy: she is a super-hawk.

“For all their bluster about bombing the Islamic State into oblivion, neither Donald J. Trump nor Senator Ted Cruz of Texas have demonstrated anywhere near the appetite for military engagement abroad that Clinton has,” Landler writes.

“Unexpectedly, in the bombastic, testosterone-fueled presidential election of 2016, Hillary Clinton is the last true hawk left in the race,” he adds.

A few hours after the piece went online, something else was published comparing the presidential candidates on foreign policy. And the story it told could not have been more different.

It was a simple scorecard, assembled by a non-partisan nuclear nonproliferation group called Global Zero, comparing the five remaining candidates on a battery of eight foreign policy issues.

On every issue that Global Zero measured, Clinton is indicated as far less hawkish than all three of the Republican candidates, and as basically tied with Bernie Sanders. She supports the Iran nuclear deal; the Republicans all oppose it. She supports using diplomacy to solve the North Korean nuclear crisis; John Kasich is the only Republican to do so. She supports negotiating with Russia to reduce nuclear weapons; no Republican candidate does.

This measured only policies related to nuclear weapons, and so is far from comprehensive. But on these major geopolitical challenges — including the Iranian and North Korean nuclear programs, which seem among the few crises that could plausibly draw the US into war — Clinton is significantly more dovish than all three Republican candidates….



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Political Roundup for April 26, 2016…RRH Elections

Sorry for the belated roundup.  I must have done something wrong in my eagerness to vote #NeverTrump this morning.  Today Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island go to the polls.  In case you were wondering, I voted for Cruz and his endorsed slate in PA-6.

Here are the relevant previews: PA Presidential Delegate; PA-MD Primary Preview; PA Legislative Preview


Trump-Kaisch:  Donald Trump (Himself) is having a good ole time being a schoolyard bully with his new target being Governor John Kaisch (Weaverized R).  Along with mocking how Kaisch eats (welcome to the Rosie O’Donnell club John), Trump is now calling Kaisch a spoiled brat.  While plenty of us have choice words for Kaisch, spoiled brat and slob are not two that come to mind all the time.

Cruz-Kaisch:  While Trump is busy mocking how Kaisch eats, there appears to be cracks in the freshly poured foundation of the Cruz – Kaisch non-aggression pact.  Kaisch cannot seem to muster the words to tell his supporters to expressly vote for Senator Ted Cruz (R) in next Tuesday’s Republican primary.

Trump-Victim Conservatism:  The Washington Post looks at what I like to call Victim Conservatism, which seems to be driving the Trumpsanity and the general decline of the Republican Party as many Republican leaning voters are learning to behave like various portions of the Democratic Party and embrace identity and victim politics.

Identity Politics:  Michael Barone looks at how identity politics driven by ethnicity still matter very much in American politics.  We should all be kicking ourselves for not using the last couple decades to minimize ethnic and racial divisions in American society through the destruction of elements of the bureaucracy that encourage such divisions.

Cruz-Moderates:  National Review has a great article on why moderates should support Cruz over their other choices.  I frequently tell moderates that one thing about Cruz is that he has shown a streak to stand up to established interests and fight for clean government….


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Puerto Rico will default in May on some of the $470 million it owes…

Their economy is a mess...

They have been waiting for the US Congress to figure out something to help….

Congress has NOT done so…

The Commonwealth’s Bondholders are in a bad place right now….

The Commonwealth’s Civil Service workers may not be seeing paychecks for a while…

Make no mistake about it: Puerto Rico will default in May on some of the $470 million it owes, according to Moody’s Investors Service.

The cash-strapped commonwealth is expected to fall short of paying $422 million to holders of bonds from the Government Development Bank, the credit rater said Friday in a report. It may also default on debt from the Employees Retirement System, Industrial Development Co. and Highways and Transportation Authority because the GDB has just $562 million in liquidity as of April 1, Moody’s said.

“These impending defaults would follow the government’s efforts to emphasize its severe cash depletion during the past year,” Moody’s analysts led by Ted Hampton and Emily Raimes wrote. “Even if federal oversight legislation is passed by the end of next week, Puerto Rico will still default because the commonwealth treasury and the GDB, which has long been the government’s fiscal agent, have insufficient liquidity for upcoming debt payments.”



The money involved in this is MORE than was at issue in Greece….

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White House is working on rules to regulate Wall Street Bonus pay…

The Obama Administration is trying put in place rules on how and when large Financial companies can pay , or even take back bonuses from their employee’s….

The rules would have to be adopted by several agencies under the President’s control…

Previous efforts to put these regulations in place have been turned back…

With Senator’s Sanders and Warren (Neither have many large Financial companies in their states  pushing for the rules ,they would prove popular with progressives…

But the rules would affect a large amount Senator’s and House members OF BOTH parties whose financial employers do business in  their states or districts ….In addition, a large amount of financial companies have already cut bonuses due to the 2008 crisis….

One would think that this action will be tough to get put in place…

We’ll see…

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. is set to vote on the pay rules on Tuesday, and the Comptroller of the Currency — a member of the FDIC board — typically signals his agency’s approval at the FDIC’s meeting. The Fed and SEC haven’t said when they will act. The Federal Housing Finance Agency also has to release a proposal.

One of the difficulties the regulators faced in agreeing on a standard was the wide differences in pay practices in the industries they oversee. Bank compensation typically includes a salary, stock and a bonus awarded at the end of the year. In firms regulated by the SEC, asset managers are paid through fees based on the scale of their funds and the success of investments.

Regulators also have had to wrestle with the concept of applying rules meant to curtail risk to an industry that is based on taking risks.

Since the crisis, the biggest banks have shrunk businesses, cut staff and overhauled compensation plans in the face of stiffer capital rules, lackluster revenue growth and continued backlash over pay that rewarded bad behavior. Wall Street bonuses have been slashed, and executives now see a bigger share of pay from awards tied to performance. The money is often paid out over several years….


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The Counter to the $15 Min Wage…It’s gonna cost us….

Bernie Sanders glorifies it….

Hillary Clinton has chosen to follow along to $12…and in some cases $15

California has  gone to $15 and so has New York….

It should be a boon for poorly paid workers…..Right?


Who is gonna pay for it?

You, Me and that minimum wage earner….

That’s who…

I’m ALL for this …

But the fact is ?

Companies ARE gonna raise their prices to keep their margins the same as they are right now before the increase kicks in…

So how much will the poorly paid actually benefit is anyones guess…

Sen. Bernie Sanders wants a national $15-per-hour minimum wage and Hillary Clinton supports a $12 national minimum, but thinks $15 is right for some areas.

In last week’s Democratic debate, Sanders denounced Clinton for her insufficient ardor in racing to $15. Clinton took umbrage and the shouting match that ensued led CNN’s Wolf Blitzer to admonish them both: “If you’re both screaming at each other, the viewers won’t be able to hear either of you.”

With the exception of some very cynical labor unions that support a higher minimum wage because it amounts to an indirect subsidy of their members’ earnings and some politicians who know it is bad economics, the Fight for 15 movement is entirely well-intentioned. But good intentions do not automatically translate into good policy.

Last week, this newspaper reported that California’s recent decision to raise the minimum wage to $15 by 2022 is already having nasty consequences. “I used to pay $5 to get this sewn, and now it costs $6.50,” Felix Seo, the owner of L.A.-based Joompy told the Times, holding up a patterned dress. “But my customer doesn’t want to pay that, so I can’t sell it anymore.”

Simply put, a minimum wage is no different from a tax on firms that use low-wage and unskilled labor. And … if you tax something you get less of it…

“Economically, minimum wages may not make sense. But morally, socially and politically, they make every sense because it binds the community together to make sure parents can take care of their kids.”…


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Political Roundup for April 19th, 2016…3 GOPer’s till the Convention?…RRH Elections


Microtargeting: The MIT technology journal has published a piece looking at the emerging field of micro-targeting, and how campaigns are using it to not only reach their desired demographics, but also find the most efficient way of motivating them. Honestly, it feels weird that someone can not only deduce your political leanings from your online history, but also your “Personality type”. Expect “Data-Cruncher” to become a mainstay of political campaigns from now on.

National: In case you forgot, Trump is complete GE poison, Clinton and Cruz tie, Kasich is out ahead since no one actually cares about him, and Sanders is the strongest GE candidate for the Democrats right now. The latter is interesting, as Sanders has closed the national primary gap with Clinton to 2 points in this poll, which might have been enough 2 months ago but is probably too little too late now that most states have voted.

New Jersey: Trump is doing just as well in Jersey as he is in New York State, getting 53% of the New Jersey GOP primary vote. Since New Jersey is a WTA state, this means he will almost certainly win all of the state’s delegates in a blowout.

New York: 538 has a breakdown of all of New York’s Congressional districts and how they’d vote, as the few thousand Republicans in some of the overwhelmingly D ones are going to become important in determining how many delegates each candidate wins in the state.

Pennsylvania: A Morning Call/Muhlenberg College poll has Trump up big in the Keystone state, leading John Kasich and Ted Cruz 41-26-23.

Romney: The 2012 Republican nominee has said that either Ted Cruz or John Kasich should drop out of the race after New York in order to finally consolidate the #NeverTrump vote. There’s little chance of that however, as Kasich is clearly dead-set on continuing on to the convention while Ted Cruz has won all but 2 states that haven’t gone for Trump, and is the one with more delegates than a candidate who dropped out over a month ago. GOP Primary Wars Episode VII: The Farce Continues will keep rollin on regardless.

Trump: David Brock claims that the Hillary Clinton Campaign has mountains of opposition research on Trump, and are waiting for him to secure the nomination to drop it. On one hand, I’m sure they have loads of damning information, but on the other hand I’m unsure its actually going to matter, given the raw amount of negative information already out there. Short of proof that he’s currently funding ISIS I’m not sure what they could actually unveil that would make much of an impact.

Virgin Islands: Just in case you thought the delegate-awarding system wasn’t broken enough, there comes this story of an actual fight breaking out at the Virgin Islands GOP caucus. Expect primary reform to be at the top of everyone’s 2017 to-do-list, as it’s increasingly clear that the vague and slapdash rules for delegate selection are insufficient to actually address the process anymore….


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Supreme’s sharply question President Obama Immigration Enforcement action…

The court now has 4 right leaners and 4 left leaners…..

The questioning was on if the President has the authority to take certain actions without Congress codifying those actions into law….

The President has been sued by 26 states , which have complained that his action will ‘harm’ their state’s….

A tie from the court would leave in place a hold on the President’s actions….

Any decision will have political ramifications for the Novemeber general election….(The court should pass judgement by June)

A lawyer for the Obama administration on Monday faced sharp questions from several of the Supreme Court’s justices in the early part of an argument over a challenge to President Obama’s plan that would shield millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation and allow them to work in the country legally.

The case, brought by 26 states, may produce a significant ruling on presidential power and immigration policy in the midst of a presidential campaign in which both issues have been prominent.

Donald B. Verrilli Jr., the government’s top appellate lawyer, opened the arguments with a vigorous defense of Mr. Obama’s authority to set priorities for immigration enforcement, but within minutes he was sharply challenged by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and several of the court’s other members.

Justice Anthony M. Kennedy questioned whether the president can defer deportations for millions of people without specific congressional authorization, saying “that is a legislative task, not an executive task.”

“It’s as if the president is defining the policy and the Congress is executing it,” Justice Kennedy said. “That’s just upside down.”


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Republicans failure to do ‘anything’ as The Party of No….Has helped President Obama gain power…

The Republican parties worrying about moving ahead on many fronts because worries about it rightwing nuts has allowed President Obama move ahead in many area’s …

And for the President’s efforts to move the ball on things, the GOPer’s have been crying and complaining about Obama’s actions

Politico highlights how the GOP Civil War has actually helped the Democrats get things done that even they couldn’t do when they held the majority in Congress….

It’s like the Republican loss of 2010 actually HELPED Barack Obama and the Democrats, something this Dog has alluded to for a while…

Democrats now regularly vote in unison for legislation , while Republican bicker among themselves and have to  forge alliances WITH the Democrats to get mostly ANYTHING done in House….

Republicans over the past seven years have come to view Barack Obama not just as an ideological enemy but as a “dictator”—an accusation hurled most recently by both Chris Christie and Glenn Beck—a president who has unconstitutionally abused his executive power with an array of unilateral actions.

But Republicans are hardly passive victims of an overweening executive; they are, in fact, paying for their own unilateral surrender of power. The GOP-dominated Congress has sought to weaken and undermine Obama and instead has achieved the opposite. Unable to pass significant legislation after the Affordable Care Act, the Obama White House filled the vacuum by creative use of executive authority, setting a potentially risky precedent for the future balance between the branches but spurred, ironically, by the very opponents who were trying to contain him.

Out of anti-Obama pique, Congress has also relinquished much of its primary tool, the power of the purse. Congress and the White House have not agreed on a budget since 2009, and only at the end of 2015 was an actual budget passed by the House. So while it is technically true that even the most controversial military programs of the Obama years have had de facto congressional support, Congress has failed to use its constitutional control of the budget as a check on executive action.

Some critics also currently speculate that the refusal by most Republican senators to even consider the new nominee for the Supreme Court could lead to an attempt to simply place an appointee on the court. Obama could use the novel interpretation that nothing in the Constitution says the Senate must actually confirm a nominee by vote and that failing to vote could be construed as a tacit and passive approval of a nominee. Were that to happen, it would surely be condemned by Republicans as a naked power grab, but it could also set another precedent for the current imbalance of power between the executive and legislative branches.

Thus, the long-run effect of Obama enmity has been to enable this president to expand the power of the executive branch, perhaps permanently. Not only did Republicans fail to contain Obama, they have enabled him to become one of the most powerful presidents ever, and certainly the most powerful non-wartime president the country has ever known as well as the most active and consequential “lame duck” president in memory.

When it comes to the power game, whether or not Obama has been making good or bad decisions is beside the point. He has won, while the GOP has been scoring on its own goal for the past seven year



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What do the Bernie Sanders supporters do afterwards?

As soon as the end of this month could become undeniably clear that Bernie Sanders is gonna be going back home to Vermont as the Senator from that state…Not the 2016 Democratic nominee…And mabe a guy working to get Hillary Clinton elected  as Presidentr?

The question of where does the ‘Bern’  Movement for a ‘Revolution go comes into play….

Efforts by Sanders allies to plan for what comes next while the campaign focuses on winning states and delegates could lead to a mutually-beneficial division of labor. But if the campaign feels that forward-looking talk is turning into a distraction, or dislikes the ideas put forward, that could cause friction. (The campaign did not offer comment for this story). It could also open supporters up to criticism that they aren’t channeling every ounce of available energy into helping Sanders win the White House.

“I think there’s a really interesting tension that is completely natural that you can already see between the Sanders campaign and the independent support for Sanders,” Svart commented. “Bernie definitely supports a long-term movement, but when you’re a candidate or working for a candidate you basically have one real core goal and that’s to win.”

Then there’s the question of where Sanders fits into a long-term vision for the future. It’s not clear that Sanders would want to act as a leader of any kind of institutional movement. The idea of the senator as a political powerbroker could also clash with his populist anti-establishment image.

It’s hard to say how effective any political movement that emerges from the campaign would be without Sanders at the helm. Sanders insists that politics and elections should focus on the issues, and not on the personalities of the candidates….


image…LA Times

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Chicago Police Report points to Major Problems…

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has a major problem with his Police Department…

The report, issued on Wednesday, was blistering, blunt and backed up by devastating statistics. Coincidentally, it was released as city leaders were installing a new, permanent superintendent for the Chicago Police Department.

“C.P.D.’s own data gives validity to the widely held belief the police have no regard for the sanctity of life when it comes to people of color,” the task force wrote. “Stopped without justification, verbally and physically abused, and in some instances arrested, and then detained without counsel — that is what we heard about over and over again.”

The report reinforces complaints made for decades by African-American residents who have said they were unfairly singled out by officers without justification on a regular basis, then ignored when they raised complaints.

It comes at a pivotal moment for the nation’s second-largest municipal police force, which is being criticized by residents and is under scrutiny from the Justice Department. And, coming from Mr. Emanuel’s own appointees, the findings intensify pressure on him and other Chicago leaders to make substantive, swift changes.

The report makes more than 100 specific recommendations for change, and task force members called on the mayor and the City Council to take action. After formally receiving the report, Mr. Emanuel had no immediate public reaction.

The task force amassed data that shows the extent to which African-Americans appear to have been disproportionately focused on by the police. In a city where whites, blacks and Hispanics each make up about one-third of the population, 74 percent of the 404 people shot by the Chicago police between 2008 and 2015 were black, the report said. Black people were the subjects in 72 percent of the thousands of investigative street stops that did not lead to arrests during the summer of 2014.

Three out of every four people on whom Chicago police officers tried to use Taser guns between 2012 and 2015 were black. And black drivers made up 46 percent of police traffic stops in 2013.


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Hillary Clinton would work for an Office of Immigrant Affairs….

As President  Clinton would work to set up a Fedral agency to work on immigrant and refuge affairs in one place….

The idea is a extention of efforts by President Obama on the issue….and is 180 degrees opposte the leading Republican’s plan’s on dealing with those coming to this country….

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is set to announce on Wednesday that she would do something new as president: create a national office dedicated to immigrants and refugees.

A Clinton aide said the former secretary of state will unveil her plan for an Office of Immigrant Affairs while receiving an endorsement from immigrant rights group the New York State Immigrant Action fund.

Clinton and opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) are campaigning heavily in New York ahead of its primary next week. Immigration is a big issue there — New York City is home to more than 3 million immigrants — and both candidates have criticized each other’s bona fides on the issue.

Much of the conversation has focused on immigration reform. Clinton’s plan is notable in that it focuses on services for immigrants and refugees that the federal government can coordinate without Congress or sweeping changes using executive authority.

The Clinton campaign gave few details of the plan, other than to say her Office of Immigrant Affairs would largely build off President Barack Obama’s work to integrate immigrants and refugees into the country.

Obama established the White House Task Force on New Americans in 2014 to examine how to best coordinate efforts on the local, state and national level to help immigrants, from providing services to encouraging them to apply for citizenship….


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Sen. Elizabeth Warren goes off against the Republicans in Senate…

…from Salon…

In an editorial in the Boston Globe, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren tore into her Republican colleagues, arguing that since President Barack Obama was elected, GOP senators have “refused to try to make government better — opting instead to try to shut down government altogether rather than to accept a functioning government led by someone they didn’t like.”

They can complain about the choices they currently have for president, as Lindsey Graham did before pinching his nose and endorsing the “poisonous” Ted Cruz — as “maybe there is an antidote” — because “Republican senators laid the foundation for their presidential front-runners.”


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Political Roundup for April 7, 2016…Dissing NY comes back to haunt Cruz….RRH Elections


Trump-NY:  Donald  Trump (Himself) held a large rally on Long Island, which appears to be a heartland of his support in New York State.  He appears to be getting a lot of support from local officials, which highlights why a significant portion of the rest of America does not care for New York Values.

Cruz-New York:  Senator Ted Cruz made his infamous New York Values statement a few months ago.  Cruz is now trying to clarify the statement as New York will be voting soon.  He says the statement was directed at failed liberal policies and the politicians who advocate them while being enabled by the likes of Trump.

Trump-Lawsuits/Business:  His Trumpness has proudly bragged he does not settle lawsuits.  That is not the case always because like everything else he brags about, there is a fraction of it that is true.  The New York Times looks at one instance where Trump settled regarding a real estate deal gone bad and the shady, criminal actors involved.

Cruz-Bush:  Trump is now alleging that Cruz is being led by the “Bush People.”  I am waiting for the Trump team to allege Cruz is the puppet of the Babylonian Brotherhood….


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President Obama moves against Big Business….

Two things came about this week that point to the Obama White House listening to Senator’s Sanders and Warren….

First... the US Treasury has come down hard against Big US Companies dancing around opaying taxes by moving their Headquarters out of America…..

Tax lawyers at the Treasury Department have grappled in recent years with the many corporations finding ways to merge with overseas “inversion” partners and, as a result of the merger or acquisition, move their legal residence offshore to reduce tax payments.

The Treasury’s new administrative guidance that was released on Monday tackles a wide range of tax issues related to inversions, including new approaches to multistep acquisitions and earnings-stripping. The new guidance also revises and completes rules the Treasury had previously proposed in 2014 and 2015.

The proposed regulations are more aggressive and expansive than the Treasury’s earlier volleys, venturing into at least two areas where its legal authority seems likely to be challenged….


Second...the Government has frowned on the marriagae of two giant drug companies ….

The drug giant Pfizer wanted to cut its taxes through a $152 billion takeover of the Dublin-based maker of Botox. And Halliburton sought to buy a major rival in the business of selling equipment to oil drillers for nearly $35 billion.

But this week, the Obama administration took on both deals — and it has claimed at least one trophy so far.

Pfizer walked away from its proposed merger with Allergan on Wednesday, complaining that new tax rules from the Treasury Department sharply curtailed the benefits of that deal.

And the Justice Department sued Halliburton and Baker Hughes on Wednesday, arguing that putting the two together would cut competition in the oil field services industry to unacceptable levels. The two companies plan to fight the suit.

In both cases, the administration showed how it has been increasingly willing to challenge giant takeovers, reflecting a belief that the corporate world goes too far in its pursuit of megamergers….


.Congress writes the tax laws..Not the President…..(This Congress has a GOP Majority)

Neither of these Government moves are gonna stop big business from gaming the system to make the most money they can…

But it does get the media attention it was supposed to…..

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Political Roundup for April 5, 2016…The coming Trump loss in Wisconsin…RRH Elections


Sanders:  National Review looks at the options for Senator Bernie Sanders (Socialist) to wage an insurgency campaign against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination similar to Senator Ted Cruz (R) and his building insurgency against Donald Trump (Himself).  National Review dismisses the options Sanders has as too few and too late to stop the Clinton juggernaut.

More Sanders:  More on how Sanders failed to set the Bern fast enough to catch fire and stop the Clinton juggernaut.

Wisconsin-Trump: The Weekly Standard has a brief, but effective explanation, on why Trump is having a meltdown in Wisconsin beyond the state’s heavily German heritage:  Trump does not understand Republicans and is attacking Governor Scott Walker (R), whose very popular with Republican voters in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin – Cruz:  The Washington Post looks at how a victory in Wisconsin, especially a decisive victory, could reshape the race and accelerate the delegate issues that Trump is facing among his pledged delegates.

Trump-Government Legitimacy:  Here is an article looking at the collapse of legitimacy in American government and society and how it fuels the rise of egomaniac candidates like Trump.

Carson:  Proving the old adage that a broken close is right at least twice a day, Ben Carson (R / Direct Mail) has said that if the Republicans nominate someone other than Trump or Cruz, the Democrats would be dancing in the streets as it would delegitimize the process.  While I think a Trump nomination is unacceptable, Carson is right that the only feasible alternative is Cruz.

1976:  Politico looks at the last Republican National Convention to be contested, 1976.

Trump voters:  In case you did not know already, Trump voters feel under attack in American society.  While Americans in general are dissatisfied according to the Quinnipiac University survey, Trump supporters have even more amplified views on such subjects….


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