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About those GOP State Tax cuts……

They are coming back to bite those state’s on the butt….

“Energy prices are not the only factor that put these state budgets into disarray,” Carl Davis, the research director of the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP), told me. “There are conscious policy decisions being made here as well.” What’s happening across the country is that state legislatures have made decisions about taxation that don’t jive with the 21st-century economy. They’ve tried the supply-side model pushed by Reagan economist Arthur Laffer, who said cutting taxes could help spur job growth and spending to such a degree that revenue would not be significantly affected. They’ve found that this theory has not played out, and that although the recession is over, they’re still cash-flow negative.

Other states have cut taxes on the wealthy, creating their own budget deficits. Oklahoma slashed its top tax rate from 6.65 percent in 2003 to 5.5 percent in 2009 to 5 percent currently. Davis says this series of cuts reduced the state’s revenues by $1 billion. Kansas instituted massive income-tax cuts in 2013 that favored the wealthy, and the state has flailed since. North Dakota, buoyed by a booming economy and a seemingly endless (at the time) supply of oil and gas, cut both personal income taxes and corporate income taxes.

But it’s not just income taxes either. Motivated perhaps by Tea Party vigor, states have rolled back other forms of taxation as well….


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President Obama ‘s poll numbers are up to 50%….

Good feelings for Barack Obama as his time in office winds down….

Good numbers for Hillary Clinton, who has hitched her wagon to the guy who beat her eight years ago and still has a LOT of people wanting HIS policies to continue after he’s left office….

Will another Clinton in the White House ‘let the good times roll’?

More Americans now say President Obama is doing a good job than at any other point in almost three years.

Fifty percent approve of Obama’s performance as chief executive, according to Gallup’s most recent weekly survey, released Thursday.

Obama’s job approval rating ticked up 5 points since the beginning of the year. It’s also 3 points higher than the average of his weekly ratings for his seventh year in office, Gallup added.
Obama is now in the middle of the pack among other modern presidents during their final March in the Oval Office.

Obama outperforms former President George W. Bush, for example, who received a high of 32 percent in March 2008.

Former President Bill Clinton, meanwhile, earned 63 percent in March 2000,….



The President’s arroval ratings are up in the newest ABC and NBC polls also….


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Open Thread for March 9, 2016…..We go On…..

Another set of contests tonight in the books….

Wins for Trump, Clinton and Sanders along with Cruz….

Not much change in things….

Hillary Clinton keeps pulling away from Bernie Sanders while get squeeks out more wins that we thought….

Donald Trump maintains his lead while Ted Cruz gets another small win….

And Ted Cruz keeps showing he can get wins and remains the GOPer’s best hope to saty close to Trump….

But it does appears that RANTS and I WIN and Evereybody Likes me Trump looks like he’s gonna steal the nomination from the Grand Ole Party….

Next Tuesday we do this again…..

And the results then could show us Clinton and Trump locking up the Democartic and Republican nominations for President….

Stay tuned !


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NY City Police Reporter on why Mike Bloomberg should NOT run for President…

…from Leonard Levitt.….

Much of the media has been reporting in logorrheic detail that your rationale as a potential third-party middle-grounder no longer resonates because Hillary Clinton, who shares many of your views, seems headed for the Democratic nomination.

But that’s not why you shouldn’t run. It’s because Donald Trump will kill you on the stump. Not only will you lose. You’ll embarrass yourself — again.

Trump’s a gutter-fighter and you’re not. It’s unclear whether you can take a punch, much less counter-punch or throw a haymaker.

In short, you’re a decent, thoughtful guy who, many New Yorkers feel, did a commendable job as mayor. You never dirtied your hands. You used your billions to insulate yourself…..



Bloomberg will NOT run….

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Daily Kos Morning Digest 3/7/16… Chuck Grassley gets his most formidable Democratic opponent in decades

Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley

Leading Off:

IA-Sen: On Friday, former Lt. Gov. Patty Judge announced that she would challenge Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley. Even a few weeks ago, a campaign against the six-term senator would have looked beyond hopeless. While Iowa is a swing state that’s backed Democrats in six of the last seven presidential elections, Grassley has never won re-election with less than 60 percent of the vote.

But this contest got a bit more interesting when Senate Republicans joined hands to prevent Barack Obama from filling Antonin Scalia’s Supreme Court seat. As the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Grassley is no minor player in this fight. Judge specifically cited Grassley’s refusal to even grant the president’s eventual nominee a hearing, saying that Grassley has “waited 36 years to become the chairman of the Judiciary Committee and now he’s refusing to do his job. That is not the Chuck Grassley that I knew 10 or 15 years ago and it’s not the thing Iowans want to see from their senator.”

While swing state and national polls show that voters generally are unhappy with the GOP’s blockade, there’s no doubt that Judge has a very tough task ahead of her. Grassley has earned respect for maintaining close ties to his constituents: Grassley makes it a point to visit all 99 of Iowa’s counties every year, for example. The senator had $4.4 million in the bank at the end of 2015, while Judge will need to start from scratch. Judge also needs to deal with state Sen. Rob Hogg in the June primary first. While Hogg has been running for months with little fanfare, he still has the support of many of his colleagues (including the state Senate president and majority leader), and he’s given no indication that he plans to step out of the way for Judge.

A pair of polls were released shortly before Judge’s announcement looking at Grassley’s approval rating, and they send mixed signals.


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Political Bumper Stickers?

First known as ‘bumper signs’…..

A look at them….

Image result for political bumper stickers

The premise of bumper stickers, he says, is “actual physical contact and connection through that thing. In other words, I’m giving you this thing with my name on it, and I’m looking at you and you’re looking at me, we’re interacting.” It’s a more tangible declaration than a Facebook post: Postwar tourist stickers said, “I went somewhere”; political bumper stickers say, “I care about something.”

A nice idea, but bumper stickers and the people who sport them are now often seen in a negative light. Kim Kardashian, when asked by talk show host Wendy Williams if she had tattoos, famously offered this wisdom: “Honey, would you put a bumper sticker on a Bentley?” And a 2008 study by Colorado State University researchers found that people who put bumper stickers on their cars tend to be more aggressive, territorial drivers.

Even so, there’s a benefit to the bumper sticker: While we are cloistered in the tiny, antisocial world of our automobiles, these bumper stickers offer us an invitation to interact with the outside world…..


image…. stickerfart.com

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Oh Snap!…Bernie Sanders wants a $15 Trillon Tax INCREASE for ALL of America?

The man wants to increase TAXES on EVERYBODY ….

The Rich, Middle Class and yes…The Poor….

“Bernie Sanders is very open about raising taxes on everybody, with the argument that people at all income levels are going to be benefiting from the new spending programs that he’s proposing,” Burman said.

The group, which has issued a string of independent assessments of the presidential contenders’ tax plans, said yesterday that Clinton’s plan would raise taxes by $1 trillion. The Clinton campaign told the group she plans a tax cut for middle- and low-income families later in the campaign, though TPC said it didn’t have details.

Sanders wants tax hikes to pay for a raft of new government benefits, including health care for everyone, free college tuition, paid family and medical leave, and increased infrastructure spending…..



This is another reason Bernie Sanders is NEVER gonna be President….

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Political Roundup for March 4, 2016…At CPAC…Trump?… RRH Elections


Debate:  One result from last night’s debate… all of Donald Trump’s (Himself) rivals plan on backing Trump if he is the nominee after the convention.  This is the most significant event of the night behind the general level of potty mouth on display.

Trump-Triangulation:  During last night’s debate, Trump made the case for being flexible on issues.  Trump made a pretty good defense in my opinion on why he has changed some of his stances over the years if you are looking at this from a business perspective.

Trump-Supporters:  The Washington Post does a deep dive to determine who is actually supporting Trump and why.  There is not a lot of new information here, but it wraps the existing data into a nice package.

CPAC:  Donald Trump and CPAC are an odd mix apparently.  Despite being the frontrunner, Trump has been mentioned rarely at the conservative gathering.  Trump’s campaign was not the only one not mentioned.  There seemed to be a general avoidance of the presidential race period.  Not surprising seeing the conservative movement has entered a state of paralysis as it cannot unify behind anyone and some faux-conservative is running away with the race.  More signs that conservatism is not very healthy at the moment….


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President Obama’s Healthcare program has insured 20 Million Americans….

Yes…. Thank You….

To ALL the doubters and haters….

Live with it……

It’s NOT goning away….


While the nation is transfixed with the spectacle of whether the Republican Party will nominate a racist demagogue who wants to repeal Obamacare and cut taxes for the rich, or a traditional conservative who wants to repeal Obamacare and cut taxes for the rich, it’s worth pausing to take note that Obamacare continues to make things much better. In particular, in addition to surprisingly and historically low rates of health-care cost inflation, today the Department of Health & Human Services announces that a net 20 million people have now gained access to health insurance. The uninsured rate among non-elderly Americans has fallen nearly in half just two years into the Affordable Care Act….


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February 2016 Jobless Report…People getting Jobs….

There maybe people that do NOT feel that the US economy is good….

But the numbers ARE getting better….

Better than things have been for years…..

(Who’s YOUR President?)

The government reported on Friday that employers added 242,000 workers in February, a hefty increase that highlighted the labor market’s steady gains at a time when anxiety about the economy was registering on Wall Street and at campaign rallies around the country.

“We’ve got a real strong job market going,” said Carl Tannenbaum, chief economist at Northern Trust. “It does suggest that fears about a U.S. recession have been greatly overdone.”

Four years ago, at this point in the last presidential election cycle, the jobless rate was at 8.3 percent and the economic recovery was in a relatively early stage. Then, worries centered on rising gas prices, deep consumer debt and government layoffs.

Now, the recovery is in its seventh year, the unemployment rate has dropped sharply to 4.9 percent and the private sector has chalked up 72 months of uninterrupted job gains, the longest streak on record. Oil prices may still be causing ulcers, but this time it is producers who are feeling the pain, because the prices have plunged.

Wages fell by 0.1 percent in February, a disappointing showing after the 0.5 percent increase in January, resulting in a 2.2 percent bump in the yearly rise….


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Trump and the Media…My Way or the Highway….

Donald Trump has been VERY successful in making sure that gets GOOD media coverage…

One way is his constant phone calls to SELECT media types…

The other way is in punishing media reporters who aren’t ‘nice’ to him….

Failure to write good press on him could and does lead to reporters getting banned from access to the candidate, which puts THAT reporter in trouble with his/her editiors who want a story at ALL costs….So THEIR boss can make more ad dollars….

Trump has benefited this election cycle from the most media attention by far, with every outrageous comment or bigoted proposal — like temporarily banning Muslims from entering the country — obsessively covered. Trump has been more accessible to prominent TV journalists than a typical front-runner and his ability to drive ratings has led networks to accommodate him for interviews.

In more than 35 years covering presidential politics, journalist Walter Shapiro wrote Thursday, he “can think of nothing as unfair as the disproportionate media attention that has been lavished on Trump from the beginning.”

Still, the Trump campaign has been particularly heavy-handed in dealing with reporters this campaign cycle, including refusing entry to journalists from BuzzFeed, Fusion, The Des Moines Register and The Huffington Post, which had earlier relegated much of the candidate’s coverage to the entertainment section.

On Friday, Trump staffers and local Iowa police ejected a New York Times reporter from a Pizza Ranch restaurant, claiming the campaign stop was private despite roughly 20 other journalists also covering it. In an article on the ejection, Times reporter Trip Gabriel noted that he had written a piece two days earlier questioning Trump’s field operation in the state…..


Then there is THIS….

Les Moonves: Trump’s run is ‘damn good for CBS’

Donald Trump’s candidacy might not be making America great, CBS Chairman Les Moonves said Monday, but it’s great for his company.
“It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS,” Moonves said at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference in San Francisco, according to The Hollywood Reporter — perfectly distilling what media critics have long suspected was motivating the round-the-clock coverage of Trump’s presidential bid…..


“Man, who would have expected the ride we’re all having right now? … The money’s rolling in and this is fun,” Moonves went on. “I’ve never seen anything like this, and this going to be a very good year for us. Sorry. It’s a terrible thing to say. But, bring it on, Donald. Keep going.”



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Super Tuesday March 1, 2016 Presidential Primary Open Thread….


Voters from both US Political parties go to the polls in 13 states to select who they think should be their parties choice to run for the job of President of this country for four years this November…

The Democrat ‘s will be just about settled in who is amassing the number of delegates needed to clinch the nomination….Bernie Sanders looks like he could only walk away with Vermont as his only win this time …..

For the Republicans it could be the same…But  COULD be still up in the air for the rest of March, if not a bit longer…

Donald Trump looks like he will walk away with all of the contested states except for Texas, which looks like it will give Ted Cruz a second win…Marco Rubio is behind in Florida and is STILL searching for his first win…John Kasich and Ben Carson are also winless and despite promises to stay in the race, could be out by Wednesday morning March 2nd…

The object of the vote is to accumulate party delegate votes…

For the Democrats   4,763 inTotal….2,382 to win the nomination

For the Republicans  2,472 in Total….1, 237 to win the nomination

Here’s the state’s that are up for the voters and their number of delegates up for grabs….

Alaska — Republican Party Caucus : Number of Delegates: 28 GOP Delegates March 1, 2016

Alabama — Presidential Preference Primary and Statewide Primary Election March 1, 2016: 53 Dem  and 50 GOP Delegates

Arkansas — Preferential Primary Election and Nonpartisan Election March 1, 2016: 32 Dem and 42 GOP Delegates

Colorado — Republican Party and Democratic Party Precinct Caucus Day. 66 Dem and 34 GOP Delegates
Notes: (In each even-numbered year, political parties hold their precinct caucus on the 1st Tuesday in March) March 1, 2016

Georgia — Presidential Preference Primary and Special Election March 1, 2016. Dem 102 and 76 GOP Delegates

Massachusetts — Presidential Primary March 1, 2016: 91 Dem and 42 GOP Delegates

Minnesota — Republican/Democratic caucus March 1, 2016: 77 Dem and 38 GOP Delegates

Oklahoma — Presidential Preferential Primary March 1, 2016: 38 Dem and 43 GOP Delegates

Tennessee — ELECTION DAY (Presidential Preference Primary and County Primary) March 1, 2016: 67 Dem and 58 GOP Delegates

Texas — March 1 Presidential Primary and State Primary Elections March 1, 2016: 222 Dem and 155 GOP Delegates

Virginia — Presidential Primary Election Day March 1, 2016: 96 Dem and 49 GOP Delegates

Vermont — PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY March 1, 2016: 16 Dem and 16 GOP Delegates

Wyoming — March 1, 2016 – Republican Presidential caucus March 1, 2016: 25 GOP Delegates



State’s Voting closing times….

7:00 pm ET: Georgia, Vermont, Virginia

8:00 pm ET: Alabama, Massachusetts, Minnesota (caucus), Oklahoma, Tennessee,

8:30 pm ET: Arkansas

9:00 pm ET: Texas, Colorado (Democrats caucus)

12:00 a.m. ET: Alaska

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Political Roundup for February 29, 2016…Happy Leap Day…RRH Elections…

Happy Leap Day (and as a personal aside, today is also my seventh half-birthday). We will have our massive preview of all the downballot primary action taking place tomorrow across Alabama, Arkansas, and Texas coming Today at 2p ET, so be sure to check back!

A site policy reminder:  Outside of threads dedicated specifically to presidential contests, any comment discussing the presidential race without adding genuinely novel insight or information will be deleted. Users that chronically post such comments may be suspended.


South Carolina: Hillary notched a crushing win in SC Saturday, strongly suggesting this is just about the end of the line for Sanders. Four states to watch tomorrow for Dems are CO, MA, MN, and OK. If Sanders can’t win at least one of them (he is more-or-less guaranteed a win in VT) it’s hard to see his rationale for sticking it out even a few more weeks.

Christie: He endorsed Trump on Friday, becoming the most prominent mainstream GOP figure yet to back Trump. Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions (R) also became Trump’s first sitting Senate endorsement this weekend.

Kasich: He says he will drop out if he loses Ohio in two weeks.

Carson: He looks likely to drop out tomorrow, as he is going home after Super Tuesday. Though of course this could just be to do his laundry again.

Rubio: He gave Trump a bit of a taste of his own medicine on Friday, turning around and delivering the kind of juvenile mocking that is the former’s core schtick….


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Rouhani And Reformers Win Iran’s Post-Nuclear Deal Election…

In a plus for Iran’s President’s efforts to gain over the countries anti-Westerners and bring Iran back into world’s economic sphere….

Voters in that country have voted gains for moderates and reformists….

This IS ALSO a victory for President Obama, Sec of State Kerry and the West….

Their efforts to stop Iran from getting a nuclear bomb seems to have earned EVERYONE a leg up on Iran’s hardliners….

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani won a strong vote of confidence and reformist partners secured surprise gains in parliament in early results from elections that could speed up the Islamic Republic’s emergence from years of isolation.

While gains by moderates and reformists in Friday’s polls were most evident in the capital, where they won all Tehran’s 30 seats according to early results, the sheer scale of the advances there suggests a legislature more friendly to the pragmatist Rouhani has emerged as a distinct possibility.

A loosening of control by the anti-Western hardliners who currently dominate the 290-seat parliament could strengthen his hand to open Iran further to foreign trade and investment following last year’s breakthrough nuclear deal.

A reformist-backed list of candidates aligned with Rouhani was on course to win all 30 parliamentary seats in Tehran, initial results released on Sunday showed. Top conservative candidate Gholamali Haddad Adel was set to lose his seat.

“The people showed their power once again and gave more credibility and strength to their elected government,” Rouhani said, adding he would work with anyone who won election to build a future for the industrialised, oil-exporting country.

“The competition is over and the phase of unity and cooperation has arrived,” state news agency IRNA quoted his key ally, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, as saying. “The time after elections is the time for hard work to build the country”.

There was silence from the conservative camp.

The polls were seen by analysts as a potential turning point for Iran, where nearly 60 percent of its 80 million population is under 30 and eager to engage with the world following the lifting of most sanctions….


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US Dollar rises on Good US Economy News…

People may NOT FEEL the increase in wages and some Republicans are gonna knock it,….

But the Price of Gas/Oil is down low….

The jobless rate is down low….

And interest rates are below 5% for a LOT things….

The dollar strengthened after a report showed the U.S. economy grew faster than forecast in the fourth quarter.

The greenback rose for a third day versus the yen, it’s longest winning streak in almost a month, as a second reading of gross domestic product for the three months through December showed the economy grew at a 1 percent annualized rate, compared with an initial estimate of 0.7 percent.

The report helped offset a rising clamor of concern that U.S. growth risks being dragged down by China’s slowdown and stagnant inflation in the euro area and Japan. Traders have pushed out expectations for interest-rate increases from the Federal Reserve as a result, and a Bloomberg gauge of the dollar remains poised for its biggest monthly loss since April 2015. Better-than-forecast economic data may change the tide.


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Marco Rubio jumps ALL OVER Donald Trump in Texas GOP Debate…

Rubio had a Good Debate…

Don’t know if it matters…


And Mitt Romney’s go at Trump on releasing his taxes isn’t go0nna go away….

It was good to have a Latina asking questions….

Foreign Policy, Immigration and Obamacare lead the topics discussed…

The audiance was loud and unruly and Wolf Blitzer of CNN lost control of the debate several times…

Sen. Marco Rubio finally went after Donald Trump hard in a debate. He attacked relentlessly and landed some solid punches — particularly by exposing the fact that Trump really doesn’t have a plan to replace Obamacare. (Of course, Rubio doesn’t have a health care plan either.) Rubio also slammed Trump for comparing Middle East peace to a real estate deal. Rubio had Trump against the ropes for most of the night and clearly got under his skin.

As soon as Ted Cruz smelled blood, he also turned his attacks on Trump. He was especially effective raising questions about the audit of Trump’s tax returns and the fraud charges surrounding Trump University. If Trump wins the GOP nomination, expect Democrats to use both issues quite effectively against him in the general election.

The interesting thing about Rubio and Cruz attacking Trump is that it wasn’t as much about convincing Trump voters to switch allegiance as it was about being seen the Trump alternative. Rubio clearly won that argument. He was much more effective than Cruz.

But for someone who was attacked literally from both sides for more than two hours, Trump actually did fairly well. After months of practice, Trump is much better at these debates. I’m not sure he would have held up to these attacks a few months ago. But neither Rubio or Cruz came close to landing a knockout punch. They drew blood, but Trump was still standing.

Trump is not good when talking about actual issues but he’s great when talking about winning. He repeatedly referred to his huge lead in the polls and his big victories in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. It’s effective for two reasons: 1. It suggests the attacks by Rubio and Cruz are from desperate candidates and 2. the media loves to cover the horserace.

John Kasich was a non-factor in the debate. But after Rubio established himself as the leading Trump-alternative, expect the calls for him to leave the race to get louder. The longer he stays in the race, the more he helps Trump. He’s now playing the role of spoiler.

Ben Carson talked about fruit salad.

The runaway winner of this debate was the Democratic party. If there are many more nights like this one, the Democratic nominee will have a much easier time in November. It was a truly pathetic mess…..

Taegan Goddard @ Politicalwire….


People want to know HOW hardup the media  is to give Trump airtime to the exclusion of the other GOPer’s running???

Trump gets extra airtime right after the debate

Something odd happened right after CNN’s Republican presidential debate on Thursday: Donald Trump got an almost immediate post-game interview with CNN’s Andrew Cuomo.
The interview went for about 10 minutes and Trump ticked off most of the points he tried to get across during the debate. He dinged Sen. Marco Rubio as a “meltdown guy,” attacked Mitt Romney for pushing Trump to release his tax returns (“Mitt is just trying to remain relevant.”), and said Dr. Ben Carson and Ohio Gov. John Kasich should have gotten more time during the debate.


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