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Political Roundup for December 3rd, 2013…Red Racing Horses

by: Daniel Surman

Texas: Incredibly wealthy Dallas dentist David Alameel (D) is running against John Cornyn. Alameel was last seen blowing through $4.5 million of his own money in TX-33 to claim 10% of the vote in the Democratic primary. Alameel is trying to talk up his conservative streak (he has donated to a number of leading Republicans in the state and gave thousands to Cornyn years ago), but let’s be real: his attraction as a candidate for the Democrats is that he can spend a lot of his own money and is planning to do so. It still doesn’t change the dynamics in a state like Texas, and I would expect Davis to outperform Alameel next November.

Louisiana: State Senator Elbert Guillory, who very publicly switched to the GOP last spring, is not running for US Senate and instead is backing Rep. Bill Cassidy (R). The move is a boon to Cassidy, who has cleared the GOP field of all candidates except Rob Maness, a retired Air Force officer who is supported by national conservative groups.


NY-01: That’s one way to get attention to yourself. George Demos (R) has thrown a picture of Rob Ford, the crack-smoking Toronto Mayor, into an ad, highlighting him as a career politician alongside President Obama. Demos faces a primary with state Senator Lee Zeldin to take on Rep. Tim Bishop.

CA-25: He is explicitly saying he will only run if Rep. McKeon retires, but former state Senator Tony Strickland (R) has filed to run in this seat rather than in CA-26, where he ran and lost a nail-biter in 2012….


Political Roundup for January 23, 2013…Red Racing Horses

by: BostonPatriot

MN-Sen: Al Franken isn’t nearly as popular as Amy Klobuchar, but he looks OK for re-election, sitting at 50% against a host of Republicans. This looks like a third-tier target, but then again, this seat is famous for producing entertaining elections.

NJ-Sen: Sen. Frank Lautenberg continues to gently attack Cory Booker, but the octogenarian incumbent has yet to say whether he’ll run for another term. It’s sounding more like Lautenberg is softening up Booker for his preferred successor. (Frank Pallone?)

NM-Sen: Sen. Tom Udall (D) is being vetted for Interior Secretary, a welcome development for Republicans who would love to see Gov. Susana Martinez appoint a replacement. Would Obama really cost his party a Senate seat for a middling Cabinet gig, though? Unlikely.

WV-Sen: Shelley Moore Capito (R) is crushing all comers in a poll from newcomer Harper (R). She leads longtime Rep. Nick Rahall, previously seen as the likely Democratic nominee, 50-32 and lesser Dems by wider margins. That ought to raise questions about whether Rahall even runs, although he does lead the Democratic primary. Capito crushes in the GOP primary and has better overall favorables than Joe Manchin.

Hagel: A neocon group called Americans for a Strong Defense is running anti-Hagel ads in Louisiana, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, and North Carolina. If you read RRH, you already know what those states have in common (Colorado is the interesting one).