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Political Roundup for November 8th, 2017…Remember, remember, the 7th of November…RRH Elections


Populist/Nationalist Uprising…or not: The Economist posits that despite conventional wisdom purporting the opposite, political power follows economic power. The magazine explains that the global upper class has been successfully flexing its muscle. As proof, it notes that Brexit has resulted in a wage squeeze due to the Pound’s decline and that the Donald’s “revolution” has resulted in… a tax cut bill that benefits the wealthy.

Hudson Valley Hasids: Mutual contempt between the Hasidic residents of the Hudson Valley and their neighbors is at an all-time high. The Village of Kiryas Joel’s Haredi residents and their longer-tenured neighbors in the Town of Monroe have, for years, experienced severe tensions. These tensions and KJ’s rapid growth catalyzed a vote yesterday on the question of KJ secession from Monroe.

The Irrational Electorate: Harvard economist Edward Glaeser has published groundbreaking work on “the attribution error, or voters’ tendency to believe that politicians have more control than they really do. Of course, we the people would never elect anyone of importance thinking that they could snap their fingers and quickly enact massive, structural changes…

The Year of the Womyn: According to lyin’ NBC News, there were a record number of female candidates on the ballot in Virginia’s elections yesterday.

Redistricting: While no surprise to RRH readers, the elections yesterday mark the beginning of a three-year course of elections that will determine control of 2020’s decennial redistricting process.

Big City Mayors and Millenials: Big city mayors are finding that pocketbook and infrastructure issues, such as affordable housing and good public transit, top the list of millennials’ concerns. While condescending conventional wisdom says that millennials are attracted by “cultural districts” and the like, this new information flips that narrative on its head….


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Election Projection will go to 5 days a week…

What an AWESOME and EXCITING News to report for Readers at the PoliticalDog101.com!

Election * Projection which is featured regularly here at the PDog during the Election Seasons will now be Full Time from Monday September 21st. This is serious competition now for 538 predicting Gurus Nate Silver & Harry Enten. While EP might not have a sophisticated Model like 538 this Guy Scott Elliott has done very well over the years. Who will get it right? Enjoy the ride on both Sides….

Daniel ….

It is with great excitement, and perhaps some trepidation, that I announce today my quest to make Election Projection and related endeavors my full-time vocation. This morning, after nearly seventeen years, I said good-bye to Lenovo, a great place to work, by the way, and now my former full-time vocation.

If you’ve been with Election Projection for long, you may know that this website has been, since its inception in 2003, a part-time after-hours proposition for me. But no more. Today, I embark on fulfilling a dream that was born shortly after I first created a spreadsheet to track the 2004 presidential election, the dream of making a living on the internet.

So you may be wondering what this decision means for Election Projection. I’m glad you asked. As you might imagine, since I no longer have a 9-5 style career to consume much of my days and evenings, I’ll be free to spend much more time on EP. That extra time will be invaluable in realizing the many new features and facets I’ve wanted to implement for a long time now. Here are some of those new things you can look forward to in the coming days, weeks and months.

Extensive primary election coverage – Starting Monday, I will unveil EP’s Primary Election Central with many resources to help you follow the crazy phenomenon we call the primary season.

Broader election coverage – There are several statewide elections going on this year. Look for expanded coverage here at EP starting soon.

Configurable election coverage – Early next year, I’ll be redesigning the website to allow you to track the elections, polls and election news that most interest you.

Election Pick’em – Do you want to try your hand at prognosticating? Some time in the summer next year, EP will give you that chance. I’m very excited about this new feature. It’ll be unlike any pick’em game I’ve seen. Stayed tuned – you might even win a prize or two.
Expanded blogging – Of course…..

More from Scott Elliot….

FiveThrirtyEight has had a rough year…

Well…. aA least in the end Nate Silver got close to 100% on the final outcomes in the 2014 MidTerms after wiggling thru most of the march to election day….

As for the move from the New York Times to ESPN/Disney?

Well….THAT wasn’t so good….

After emerging from the 2012 election a bona fide star in the world of politics, Silver parted with the New York Times, FiveThirtyEight’s online home since 2010, and moved to ESPN to take on a “multifaceted role that will include coverage of sports, economics, culture, science and technology” on the sports media empire’s website.

The move was largely applauded. Some of Silver’s longtime fans were eager to see the stats whiz make a return to sports analysis, while others took glee in his decision to spurn the Times, where his style apparently rubbed some the wrong way.

But ever since its launch in March, the “new” FiveThirtyEight has drawn largely negative reviews — including from some unlikely sources. New York Times columnist Paul Krugman was relentless in his criticism pretty much from the moment the site went live.

Although he called himself a “Nate fan,” the Nobel Prize-winning economist said he “expected more thoughtfulness” from FiveThirtyEight. A war of words ensued between the two wonks, with Silver chalking up the criticism to his penchant for taking shots at pundits, including those on the Times editorial page.

But Krugman wasn’t alone. Writing for Salon about a month after FiveThirtyEight’s launch, Elon Green offered up an observation that’s been echoed by many. As he surveyed the site’s not-so-newsy front page, Green struggled to find many stories that demanded to be clicked on.

“The world is a very bleak place, and a publication launched amid these realties would, one would hope, at least attempt a nod in their direction,” Green wrote. “Of what value is it, otherwise?”

The dearth of compelling editorial content has translated to a compartively small audience, putting Silver in an unfamiliar place. While Silver’s forecasts were devoured by political junkies in 2012, FiveThirtyEight’s traffic numbers have been somewhat modest, despite occupying prime online real estate on ESPN.com’s homepage.

Vox.com, the explainer site launched by former Washington Post journalist Ezra Klein a month after FiveThirtyEight, had more than double the number of visitors last month….


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On Nate Silver….

The Polling Jedi Master has come front and center……

Randy Stewart, blog.stewtopia.com

“FiveThirtyEight is drawing huge traffic,” New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson told me yesterday. She added, “What’s interesting is a lot of the traffic is coming just for Nate.”

There has been plenty ofcontroversy over Nate Silver’s presidential forecast, which currently reports a roughly nine-in-ten chance of a Barack Obama victory, down slightly from this morning. But supporters and detractors have at least one thing in common: they all visit his site. And so have many, many others over the past weeks and months. During the highest-profile period for the New York Times’ political coverage—and perhaps the newspaper as a whole—Silver’s blog, FiveThirtyEight, which the Times licensed for three years and began hosting in the summer of 2010, plays an astoundingly outsize role in the paper’s online political coverage, at least measured by page views. It suggests that even though Silver is a long-term contractor rather than a staff writer, the Times is closely associated with his forecasts, and therefore could itself come in for much of the criticism Silver has…..