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The 2018 American Congress Polarized….

The American Federal legislature was designed centuries ago to operate on compromise ….

It was set up to NOT let one party, or group completely over run the entire countries other group’s….

The election of 2016 (and 2010 and 2012) has set in motion something the system was supposed to NOT let happen…..One party setting upon ITSELF to lock out the opposing party and by poll results the majority of American views…

While the 2010 elections began this walk to the current problems….Having a different party President, though stymied ….presented some sort of balance…

THAT is gone…

We have a congress that is deaf and blind to what seems are middle and lower class Americans and an uninformed and seemingly irrational President, that behaves like a traditional Republicans at times, an egomaniac child likes others, and displays flashbacks to the days he was a Democrat, while being nursemaided by his staff, who have no idea what he will say from minute to minute….

This is NOT way to run a 300 Million + country…

And so we have what seems to be a kinda rational US Senate creating solutions and deals that a dug-in Republican majority House couldn’t care less about, led by a President who changes his mind form one minute to the next….


Could this country be a recurring ‘Government Shutdown’ ride?


“We have a chaos presidency and a chaos Congress, and to oppose it, we need a politics that restores people’s faith in public things, including Congress itself,” Mr. Raskin, a Maryland Democrat, said.

Republicans have their own high stakes in November. Losing control of Congress, they say, could mean a highly politicized impeachment of their president. Worse still, a rising tide for Democrats in 2018 and 2020 could put the party in control of the redrawing of House district lines after the next census.

Congress has long been polarized. Republicans complained bitterly of being frozen out of the big legislative pushes of the early Obama administration, not only the Affordable Care Act, but also the Dodd-Frank financial services law and other measures. It was Senator Harry Reid, the Democratic leader at the time, who first used the so-called nuclear option to end filibusters for administration nominees and most judicial ones.

But Ross Baker, a political scientist at Rutgers University, sees something new in the level of vitriol and hyperbole.

“It’s something that I think has only become more intense, more conspicuous, because of the outsize personality and idiosyncrasies of President Trump,” Mr. Baker said. “It has made Democrats feel that they are under a very heavy obligation to defend the norms and the institution. Republicans feel that Congress was elected with a mandate to bring about change, so what had been a kind of pre-existing edgy relationship has simply gone viral.”…


Yea..With Trump and the Republicans running Congress things turn hard right….

Anybody expecting anything different from this doesn’t know America….

The rich New York Real Estate entertained , acting as President and his pimped Grand Ole party are working hard to drop America BACKWARDS, while erasing all things with Barack Obama’s fingerprints on it and closing the doors on people that ain’t white from coming to this country….

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Oh, and they just did something they’ve be trying to do for decades….

Legislate a way to TAKE from the poor and middle class to GIVE to the rich and corporations…..They camlfauged this with a few years of goodies….Of course the Blue states get screwed while the Red states get over….In the end?…This is a movement of wealth ‘to those who know how to spend it’….While running up the nations debt past a TRILLION Dollars….

It’s like cashing out you home with monoply money, eh?

Gonna take the next Democratic Congress and President to undo all this like President Obama had to in 2009…

“Hope springs eternal, but they’d have to be a real reversal from the way they’ve operated now,” said Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader.

Mr. McConnell declared 2017 a year of “extraordinary accomplishment,” a boast that only weeks ago seemed impossible. But a year marred by public spats between the president and Republican leaders in Congress was capped off with a rewrite of the tax code that cut corporate tax rates, favored business owners and reduced income tax rates, at least temporarily, for most families. The same law opened Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil exploration, a goal sought by Republicans for decades.

It also eliminated tax penalties in the Affordable Care Act intended to force most Americans to have health care. Ending the so-called individual mandate was Republicans’ most direct blow to President Barack Obama’s signature domestic achievement after a year of misses and ineffectual attacks.

At least for now, the tax bill remains highly unpopular, according to opinion polls. Nevertheless, Mr. Trump trumpeted those achievements on Sunday.

Those achievements came after the quiet confirmation of 12 federal appeals court judges — the most in a single year since the appeals courts were established in 1891. The confirmations will remake the federal judiciary, stocking it with young and very conservative judges who will serve for decades to come. And those came along with the confirmation of Neil M. Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

..after a bruising year, Democrats are leery. Republicans and Democrats had detailed plans to lure corporate profits parked overseas back home, and use some of that revenue to finance an infrastructure push. The new tax law ignored those proposals.

“They used it all to reduce taxes on the wealthiest corporations,” Mr. Schumer said.

As for House plans to cut poverty programs, Senator Richard J. Durbin of Illinois, the No. 2 Democrat, scoffed: “It is just perfect, isn’t it? Tax breaks for the wealthiest people who haven’t punched a time clock in their lives so that we could cut back food stamps for single moms trying to feed hungry kids. Perfect.” 

Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader….CreditZach Gibson for The New York Times

The truth is, even Mr. McConnell acknowledged that 2017 was “pretty partisan.”…


top image…dailykos.com

Looking at the ‘wave’ forming…Some Republicans see a return to working with the Democrats…

The 2018 Midterms are only 10 months away….

The 2018 Budget Bill HAS TO BE voted on sometime next month….

The tax bill has attachments that WILL NEED Democratic votes …..

The Democrats maybe down…But they aren’t out….

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In the last few days Donald Trump and Senate leader McConnell have said out loud what they know to be the case….

They HAVE TO get Democratic votes for legislation to go forward and help the Republicans survive next years elections…

A growing number of Republicans say a course correction is needed to prevent their party from losing the House, Senate or both given strong political headwinds that one veteran lawmaker likened to a “hurricane.”

GOP calls to work more with Democrats next year are becoming more common as Republicans look for ways to win over swing voters.

“One thing you can say about this year is that it was pretty partisan,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) told reporters on Friday at a year-end press conference.

“We’re going to be looking for areas of bipartisan agreement because that’s the way the Senate is.”

Republicans spent much of 2017 plowing ahead with a mostly futile effort to repeal ObamaCare before turning to tax cuts in the fall.

The successful tax-cut bill, beyond lowering the corporate rate from 35 percent to 21 percent, also repeals the ObamaCare mandate that most individuals have health insurance, an important victory for President Trump.

Yet polls show weak public support for the tax bill, and Democrats are working hard to cast it as a handout to the wealthy. The ObamaCare repeal effort also was decidedly unpopular in polls, and was seen as playing a role in decisive defeats for Republicans in Virginia’s off-year elections in November.

Public support for the health-care bill dropped as low as 17 percent, and a recent NBC News–Wall Street Journal poll showed that only 24 percent of Americans though the Republican tax plan was a good idea.

Recent polls show that Democrats have their biggest lead over Republicans on the generic ballot question since 2006, when Democrats captured control of the Senate and House.

McConnell has expressed concern to allies that the GOP could lose both chambers of Congress in the midterm elections,…..



This spells trouble for McConnell who will have to deal with pushback from within his own parties right leaners…And the House which has a 20+ GOP majority and wants to keep dismantling anything that has Barack Obama’s fingerprints on it…


The selling of the new Republican tax bill begins….

One I’ve noticed already?

The media sell that poor and middle class people are gonna take a hit from the new tax law?

THAT has changed in the last 24 hours….

The new story is EVERYBODY WILL get a tax  cut this coming year….

My accountant has said the same thing to me….

I and you wn’t know if this is the story until early next year….

I also know that any tax cut I might get is due to expire in a few years…..

I also know that any cut I get is gonna be times more for the rich guys who pay less taxes than I do….

And I live in New York….

So I’m gonna have the amount ofcredit I aget against the  taxes I pay cut back on my 1040 tax form….

So I’m part of that majority of American’s that will remember how I’m getting screwed in less than  a year form now when the midterm elections come….I’m a ‘No’ sale right now….

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Democrats and progressive groups have scoffed at that claim, releasing a torrent of data that they said showed middle- and lower-income people would be the least likely to benefit from the tax cuts while the major benefits flow to the rich and corporate titans.

Public polling indicates the Democrats’ message may be getting through, with few Americans believing they will benefit.

But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Republicans are confident those perceptions will turn around once the legislation starts taking effect and puts more money in peoples’ pockets.

“If we can’t sell this to the American people we ought to go into another line of work,” he said after the Senate passed the bill. “We believe that this is something the American people will respond to positively.”

He and Ryan expect the tax cuts to pay political dividends for Republicans heading into the midterm elections next year – and damage recalcitrant Democrats who voted against the legislation.

“The progressive left has gripped their party…,” Ryyan said on Fox. “I do think this is not in their interest, not just politically, but just economically speaking.”

The fight is also likely to continue in Congress, with Democrats taking a page out of Republicans’ Obamacare playbook.

Democrats plan to push targeted bills aimed at undoing certain parts of the legislation rather than blanket repeal approaches, which House Republicans did more than 50 times with Obamacare repeal votes.

“I think the notion that there will just be technical changes is wrong,” said Rep. Sander Levin, a veteran member of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee. “We’re going to be in a major battle over this bill.”….



Former Speaker John Boehner watches his party go upside down….

Politico does a piece on the former Speaker of the House who left because the rightwingnuts where NOT happy with his leadership….

The guy had to have been laughing after he left and Paul Ryan got dumped on….

But things have turned upside down with Donald Trump in the White House and Ryan and McConnell using the same ‘push thru’ tactics he used times TEN and Conservatism has lost what it was for him back in the day….

To outsiders, Boehner might just be the happiest man alive, a liberated retiree who spends his days swirling merlot and cackling at Speaker Paul Ryan’s misfortune. The truth is more complicated. At 67, Boehner is liberated—to say what he spent many years trying not to say; to smoke his two packs a day without undue stress; to chuckle at the latest crisis in Washington and whisper to himself those three magic words: “Not my problem.” And yet he is struggling—with the lingering perception that he was run out of Congress; with his alarm about the country’s future; and with the question of what he’s supposed to do next. After leaving office, Boehner says a longtime family friend approached him. “You’ve always had a purpose—your business, your family, politics,” the friend said. “What’s your purpose now?” Boehner says the question gnaws at him every day.

“He came to Congress wanting to burn it to the ground,” says Sommers, his former chief of staff. “And by the time he left, he was the ultimate institutionalist.”

Yet that assessment will be overshadowed by posterity’s more existential observations: that Boehner’s 25 years in Washington saw the dissolution of a party, the vandalizing of a government and the splintering of a nation. That Boehner watched as the GOP transformed from the party of George H.W. Bush into the party of Donald Trump



“Fuck Jordan. Fuck Chaffetz. They’re both assholes… Jordan was a terrorist as a legislator going back to his days in the Ohio House and Senate. A terrorist. A legislative terrorist.”

— Former Speaker John Boehner, quoted by Politico, about Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and former Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT).

People to watch for reactions from the Mueller Grand Jury charges….

The Key Players – Legal And Political – Whose Reactions To The Indictment You Should Watch

Obviously we’ll be closely watching special counsel Robert Mueller and President Donald Trump. But as this drama unfolds, Perry Bacon says we should also be paying close attention to the reactions of these other players:

  • Rob Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general who appointed Mueller
  • Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan
  • North Carolina Republican Sen. Richard Burr
  • The leading Republican men on Trump and Russia: Mike Conaway, Bob Goodlatte, Trey Gowdy, Chuck Grassley, Devin Nunes and Thomas Rooney
  • The anti-Trump wing of the GOP — both inside and outside the Senate
  • Pro-Mueller GOP senators
  • Other Republicans in Congress
  • Democrats



I will add Donald J. Trump….

His lawyers are going to HAVE TO sit on their client to keep him quiet…Pardon’s at this time would probably be tricky as some lawyers have pointed out that if a pardon is given?…That person loses their 5th admendment rights to NOT answer questions about what they have done and could be counter filed….Manafort is also under investigation by the NY State Atty general’s office whose actions cannot be pardoned…

Trump dumps on Ryan again…This time on the failed Obamacare effort…

Donald Trump just KEEPS on kicking his adopted Republican party that he happens to lead….OUTSIDE Congress…

Trump seems to have NO idea HOW Congress works, not trying to help his party leaders in getting things done…Perferrefing to act like he did as  a NY Real Estate guy and just standing on the side and barking orders….THAT has NOT worked…

He DOES like appearing on center stage though….With a WIN….And he just got a few...WITHOUT Ryan and McConnell….

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President Trump reportedly regrets putting repealing and replacing ObamaCare at the top of his legislative agenda and blames House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) for assuring him that a health-care overhaul was sure to pass in the GOP-controlled Congress

Trump has privately fumed that Republican congressional leaders, including Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.), misled him on health care, among other issues, the Associated Press reported Friday.

The House rejected an initial proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act before finally passing a revised measure earlier this year.

But the effort later floundered in the Senate, and was ultimately upended in July when the chamber narrowly voted down a slimmed-down ObamaCare repeal bill. Trump has voiced particular frustration with McConnell for that failure.

Still, the president’s relationship with Ryan has grown frosty recently, according to the AP. The two men talk less frequently than they used to, and Trump very publicly broke with the speaker this week when he agreed to a deal with House and Senate Democratic leaders on a short-term debt ceiling increase.

Both Ryan and McConnell made clear after that deal was announced that it was not their doing, but that they would nonetheless support it….



Donald Trump just screwed his adopted party….

I never gave Donald J. Trump much of a thought as a REAL Republican….

He’s been a Democrat a few times, a Reform party guy also…..

Now he’s Republican….

Well not really…

Donald Trump ran AGAINST the Republican party he adopted…

It shows…

He has got little from the party in terms of major legislation…

He has been beating on them and that has NOT worked…

So Trump being who he is ?

With NO REAL party love except HIMSELF?

Has made two deals with the Democrats today….

It REALLY hasn’t started today…

It’s be bleeding for a while…

The Muslim Banned people have been given a go to reapply to get into the country…

The Transgender Ban was half assed ….Leaving Defense Sec Mattis to do whatever he wanted , knowing he wasn’t for it at all…

Trump stated out promising he’d take care of the ‘Dreamers’…..only to go along with the idea from John Kelly and AG Sessions to drop the whole thing back in Congresses lap….

But THAT didn’t sit well with him…..

So he announced a few hours later he told everyone he’d make things right if Congress didn’t after 6 months….


Image result for Trump/ryan/mcconnell

Grand Ole Party leaders Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and whole LOT of other Republicans  are pissed and stuck with a guy there NEVER wanted and has been hitting them over the head steadily…..

President Trump waged a hostile takeover of the Republican Party’s presidential nomination last year. Now he’s holding the entire party hostage.

Early Wednesday afternoon, Trump inexplicably cut a deal on a short-term debt-ceiling increase with Democratic leaders, despite House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) and GOP leaders having denounced the idea. Then he took off for an event in North Dakota, where he effectively stuck their nose in it: “We walked out of there — Mitch [McConnell] and Paul and everybody, Kevin [McCarthy] — and we walked out and everybody was happy,” Trump insisted. Then, to top it all off, he invited Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (N.D.) — a top GOP target in 2018 — on stage and praised her as a “good woman.”

This is all hugely counterproductive for the Republican Party and has to have GOP leaders privately fuming. And it comes on the heels of Trump directly attacking Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and tangling with the two most vulnerable GOP senators up for reelection in 2018, Sens. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) and Dean Heller (R-Nev.).

It’s no secret that Trump has never really had the interests of the Republican Party at heart. His party affiliation has always been subject to change, and he has never played ball with the GOP powers that be. He has instead forced them to bend to his will in the name of keeping the peace and not inflaming his passionate base of support. Those GOP leaders have also wagered that, whatever headaches came with embracing Trump, they would at least have a Republican president to enact conservative policies.

But it’s beginning to get ridiculous for GOP leaders. That bargain they struck with Trump was always a tenuous and uneasy one, and he’s now openly violating it…..




Do NOT forget that Donald Trump is STILL towing the line with some of the Republican talking points….

Democrats in Congress get a deal with Trump for Harvey month and No Shutdown…

Did the head of the Republican party just cut a deal to bypass his own  parties rightwingnuts and make House Speaker Ryana and Senate Majority Leader McConnell happy?

People gotta stop fighting this dog’s call that Donald Trump has NO IDEOLOGY…..Schumer and Pelosi made the announcement folks….


(Most of us knew thgere wouldn’t be…Now the media can stop trying to front it….)

Democratic leaders say President Donald Trump has agreed to a plan to fund the government and increase the nation’s debt limit for three months as part of a deal to rush disaster aid to Hurricane Harvey victims.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer announced the agreement Wednesday after meeting with Trump at the White House.

The deal promises to speed a $7.9 billion Harvey aid bill, which passed the House Wednesday, to Trump’s desk before disaster accounts run out later this week.

The move buys almost three months for Washington to try to solve myriad issues, including more funding for defense, immigration, health care, and a longer-term increase in the government’s borrowing authority….


Oh, there’s More…..

Did Donald Trump just switch parties?


+ on “Chuck and Nancy would like to see something happen and so do I. I think they’re going to make a deal.”

Trump to cut back Federal civilan employee pay raises….

Anybody who is working FOR the government and voted for this guy?

He just paid ya back in your paycheck…..

President Trump sent a letter to Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Thursday announcing his intention to cut pay raises for civilian government workers.

In the letter, Trump cited his authority in times of “national emergency or serious economic conditions affecting the general welfare” to make adjustments to the 2018 pay schedule for federal employees.

Under the previous plan, workers were scheduled for a 1.9 percent bump. Trump will use his authority to lower that to 1.4 percent.

“We must maintain efforts to put our Nation on a sustainable fiscal course,” Trump wrote.

“A pay increase of this magnitude is not warranted, and Federal agency budgets could not accommodate such an increase while still maintaining support for key Federal priorities such as those that advance the safety and security of the American people.”

Pay raises for government workers outside of Washington, D.C., will average only 0.5 percent and will be specified in a coming executive order, Trump said.

The White House did not respond to a question about how much the government would save from the action or whether it had discussed the matter with offices on Capitol Hill.

Trump will maintain the 2.1 percent pay increase for members of the military…..


Most Republicans want Trump to stop fighting and listen to his party lawmakers…Poll…

Maybe those Republican’s out there that EVERYONE thinks LIKES their party leader slugging it out with lawmakers aren’t so dumb after all?…..

This Pew poll has warning signs all over it….

It joins other polling in pointing to even Trump supporters getting tired of his combative and chaotic term in office so far although new Chief of Staff John Kelly is trying to calm things down…But Trump still speakers for himself on twitter and at ‘campaign like pep rallies’….

These polls cast  cold cool water on the argument that Republicans lawmakers should blindly follow Trump’s wishes , eh?

Image result for trump ryan/mcconnell

(Are these guys  happy these days carrying their parties leader?)

The fall is coming and if Trump wants anything?

He’s gonna need his adopted parties lawmakers help….

President Donald Trump seems to be relishing his public fights with establishment Republicans, but most of the party’s voters want him to listen more to Republicans who have experience in government.

A survey from Pew Research released Tuesday found that 58 percent of Republican and Republican-leaning Americans think Trump should be listening more to the more experienced members of his party, while just 34 percent say he should listen less.

That finding contrasts with Trump’s public attacks on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other GOP senators like Jeff Flake of Arizona.

The poll, conducted from Aug. 15-21, also found that Republicans have mixed feelings about how the president has conducted himself in office. About one-third, 34 percent, say they like his behavior (compared with just 16 percent of Americans overall), but a plurality, 46 percent, say they have mixed feelings on Trump’s conduct in office.

Nineteen percent of Republicans said they dislike how he’s acted. Meanwhile, 58 percent of respondents overall said they dislike Trump’s conduct in office, and an overwhelming 89 percent of Democrats said the same.

A second survey, conducted Aug. 8-21, pegged Trump’s job approval rating at 36 percent, with 63 percent of respondents disapproving. That’s a drop-off from prior months — the president’s approval rating was at 39 percent during an April 4-18 poll, and at 44 percent during a Feb. 28-March 12 poll…..



Ryan….We’ll try Tax Reform Next….

A try to Repeal the Healthcare Law appear’s gone for now….

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Friday signaled a pivot to tax reform, one day after the Republican effort to repeal ObamaCare collapsed in the Senate.

Ryan urged Republicans not to give up on repealing and replacing the healthcare law, but his statement — coupled with comments from President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) — suggest a shift for the GOP.

“I am disappointed and frustrated, but we should not give up. I encourage the Senate to continue working toward a real solution that keeps our promise,” Ryan said in a statement….