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Polling continues to point to Trump’s minority support status….

Public Policy Polling is out joining the others in showing a President coming up on 100 days in offoce that has Most America distrustful of a lot of his domestic and foreign policies….(They want him to play less Golf)

The April 2017 poll isn’t good news for other Republican lawmakers in leadership spots either…

PPP’s newest national poll finds that the Democratic enthusiasm that led to strong finishes in special elections in Georgia and Kansas over the last week is a national phenomenon.

Democrats lead the generic Congressional ballot 47-41. But what’s more notable is the enthusiasm imbalance. 63% of Democrats say they’re ‘very excited’ about voting in the 2018 election, compared to only 52% of Republicans who express that sentiment. When you look at the 2018 House picture just among the voters most excited about turning out next year, the lead for Democrats grows to 19 points at 57-38. Republican leaning voters are comparatively disengaged, with the GOP holding advantages only among voters who are ‘somewhat excited’ (48-40) and ‘not that excited’ (46-31).

One reason for the comparative lack of Republican excitement may be the continued unpopularity of Donald Trump. Only 43% of voters approve of the job he’s doing to 50% who disapprove. The core promise of Trump’s campaign was to ‘Make America Great Again,’ but only 35% of voters actually think he’s accomplished that goal to 55% who think he hasn’t.

Foreign policy has taken on a larger role in the national discussion in recent weeks and Trump’s leadership on that front isn’t inspiring a ton of confidence. 39% of voters think he will get the United States into World War III during his Presidency, to just 40% of voters who don’t think he’s going to have that effect. Trump has continued to attack the Obama administration’s approach to foreign policy lately, but by a 51/39 spread voters think Obama had a better handle on foreign policy than Trump. And by a 51/43 split, voters would rather still have Obama than Trump as President overall….


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President Trump has NO Feel for Legislating…

Politico points out that while Trump has gone it alone with a few executive orders?

Things are are TRUE governance?


Are in LIMBO…..

Image result for trump/ryan/mcConnell

The Republicans in Congress are now standing around getting beat-up for things Donald Trump says he’ll do and does or does not….

I wonder when these people are gonna get tired of the Trump induced beatdowns?

Midterm elections are less than 2 years way and the Democarst ARE gonna be gunning for them….

An article in Slate in November expressed this expectation under the headline, “Welcome to the Paul Ryan Presidency.”

The view of Trump as little more than a presidential auto-pen has turned out to be wholly mistaken. First, it underestimated Trump’s ability to establish air, sea and land dominance in the nation’s political conversation to the exclusion of all other Republican voices. Two, it failed to appreciate how necessary presidential leadership is to getting anything done on Capitol Hill.

At this rate, congressional Republicans won’t send the president anything significant to sign, let alone set the agenda.

Trump has totally eclipsed congressional Republicans with a flurry of executive orders, Twitter outrages, White House meetings and all-around melodrama that drive the political debate hour by hour. Watching cable news, you could be forgiven for occasionally forgetting that there is a co-equal branch of government called Congress, except insofar as its members are forced to react to whatever Trump is saying or doing…..


image…Daily Kos

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Top Republicans try to cover for Trump….

This morning has been interesting…..

Last night the intelliegence community leaked out that in fact the Trump people was in constant contact with Russian officals ALL thru the 2016 Presidential campaign….




While the Republicans and Trump where beating Hillary Clinton down as a ‘bad person’ and knocking her email and server usage?

They where talking to the Russians….

This morning Donald Trump tweets that the whole story, which is sourced by several is ‘fake news’…..

Over in the Congress?

Lowr level Republican Congressmen have begun to move for a ‘bipartisan’ Congressional investigation of the Trump/Russian contacts…..


The leadership of the Congress…Republicans  Paul Ryan in the House and Mitch McConnell in the Senate want NOTHING to do with tackling this issue which is getting bigger and Bigger and BIGGER by the moment….

They have been talking about leaks….


It seems that the Intelligence  community is the ONLY people  that have the balls to STAND UP AN DELIEVER against what seems to be underhandedness in the top of the American Government….

By the Way?

Now that we KNOW that President Obama KNEW about the Russian/Trump contact’s WTF didn’t HE do something ?

Did he think so strongly that Hillary Clinton would win that he didn’t thinik he had to speak up?

NOT A GOOD LOOK in hindsight….

In a series of tweets Wednesday morning, President Donald Trump blasted reporting on his campaign’s ties with Russian intelligence officials as “conspiracy theories and blind hatred.”

“The fake news media is going crazy with their conspiracy theories and blind hatred. @MSNBC & @CNN are unwatchable. @foxandfriends is great!” Trump tweeted.

Both MSNBC and CNN led Wednesday morning shows with a New York Times report published Tuesday night that said members of Trump’s campaign had multiple communications with senior Russian intelligence officials before the US election, as CNN White House video producer Elizabeth Landers observed.

Landers also said Fox News had not reported on the Times article Wednesday morning.

In a follow-up tweet, Trump dismissed the “Russian connection non-sense” as a media attempt to cover up the mistakes in his presidential rival Hillary Clinton’s campaign.
“This Russian connection non-sense is merely an attempt to cover-up the many mistakes made in Hillary Clinton’s losing campaign,” Trump tweeted….


A number of Republicans from both chambers displayed skepticism about the need for a deeper investigation of the Trump administration’s actions on Russia — a stunning reversal for a party that for decades has preached a hawkish approach to dealing with Russia.

But other Republicans joined the call for an investigation into Flynn.

Senator John Cornyn of Texas, the second-ranking Republican, said the standing committees with intelligence oversight should launch an investigation, but he demurred when asked if Flynn should testify before Congress. “I think it’s symbolic of somebody with a distinguished military career making a bad mistake,” he told CNN.

Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri, a Republican member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said the latest revelations about Flynn should be added to the existing investigation into Russia. Both chambers of Congress launched probes last month into Russia’s role in the hacking during the 2016 election…..



McConnell makes some wiggle room for himself….

…..’I mean, under the Constitution, all of our actions are subject to judicial review,” McConnell (R-Ky.) told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” in an interview taped on Tuesday that aired Wednesday morning.
“All of the president’s actions?” host Joe Scarborough followed up?

“Yes, all of us, both Congress and president and that’s, of course, happening,”


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The Trump White House moves back to Barack Obama’s Foreign Policy template…

Donald Trump campaigned against several President Obama’s Foreign Policy views….

In  China, Russia, Israel, Mexico and NATO…..

That was THEN….

That was the campaign….

Now that he’s President ?

President Trump has had to change direction on just about each….

New administrations often fail to change the foreign policies of their predecessors as radically as they promised, in large part because statecraft is so different from campaigning. And of course, today’s positions could shift over time. There is no doubt the Trump administration has staked out new ground on trade and immigration, upending relations with Mexico and large parts of the Muslim world in the process.

But the administration’s reversals were particularly stark because they came after days of tempestuous phone calls between Mr. Trump and foreign leaders, in which he gleefully challenged diplomatic orthodoxy and appeared to jeopardize one relationship after another.

Mr. Trump made warmer relations with Russia the centerpiece of his foreign policy during the campaign, and European leaders had been steeling for him to lift sanctions they and Mr. Obama imposed on President Vladimir V. Putin after he annexed Crimea. But on Thursday, Mr. Trump’s United Nations ambassador, Ms. Haley, sounded a lot like her predecessor, Samantha Power.

“We do want to better our relations with Russia,” she said in her first remarks to an open session of the United Nations Security Council. “However, the dire situation in eastern Ukraine is one that demands clear and strong condemnation of Russian actions.”

Similarly, Mr. Trump presented himself during the campaign as a stalwart supporter of Israel and criticized the Obama administration for allowing the passage of a Security Council resolution in December that condemned Israel for its expansion of settlements.

“While we don’t believe the existence of settlements is an impediment to peace,” his press secretary, Sean Spicer, said in a statement, “the construction of new settlements or the expansion of existing settlements beyond their current borders may not be helpful in achieving that goal.”…



Defense Sec Mattis, Sec of State Tillerson, Senators and House members have ALL had spent time in the last two weeks cleaning up/walk back after Trump’s rants and miscues in the Foreign Policy sector  ….

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Add Medicare to the things that ain’t gonna be changed anytime soon by Republicans…

As it begins to dawn on Republicans that THEY are going to be RESPONSIBLE for stuff?

Theye are getting COLD feet on things they and Trump & Co. promised they would do….

First it has been Obamacare….

Now it’s Medicare….

(Sure seems like the Republicans ain’t for ALL that change they SAID they where, eh?)

Folks?….2018 Elections are LESS than 2 years away….

The GOP’s dream of privatizing parts of Medicare is running up against resistance among Senate Republicans.

Interviews with more than a dozen GOP lawmakers reveal they’re not planning to pursue big changes to the popular health care program for seniors — at least not in the first year of the Trump administration.

That hesitation starts with the chairman who would lead any overhaul in the Senate.

“We’ll have to see,” said Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), head of the Senate Finance Committee, which oversees Medicare. “We’re going to have a whole new look at a lot of things. … It depends on what it is. It depends on how it is written. It depends on what it would do.”

Republican control of the White House and Congress next year sets up an unusual opportunity for the party to pursue its health care agenda, similar to the one the Democrats had when Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi pushed through the Affordable Care Act. Indeed, House Budget Chairman Tom Price — a major proponent of the GOP Medicare plan who was tapped this week to be President-elect Donald Trump’s health secretary — recently boasted that the GOP would get it done next year.

But Republican plans may be even more fraught with political problems than the Democratic one. Polls show seniors are deeply skeptical about privatizing either Medicare or Social Security. And Democratic lawmakers looking to reclaim the populist mantle are already salivating over how they might exploit Republican efforts to privatize Medicare. But at least for now, they may be disappointed.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell dodged two questions about Medicare premium support at a press conference this week. “I am not going to speculate on what the agenda may be on a variety of issues,” he said….


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The Republican Establishment will work to corral Trump…

Already there is talk of Reince Priebus for Donald Trumps ‘ Chief of Staff….

Paul Ryan is looking to keep his job as Speaker of the House…

Mitch McConnell will remain Senate Majority Leader….

Image result for Ryan /Mcconnell/trump


One might come to think that despite the ranting against the Congress that Trump made?

He’s gonna have to find a way to work WITH those he spent the last year  calling ‘crooked ‘, eh?

Oh, yea?

Democrats  are gonna be needed to get stuff done wether Trump and Company like it or not…..

So look for a Donald Trump changed by the people  by the people and office….

One must remember 

Donald Trump has been in 3 different political parties along the way…He is above all?….. about the ‘Deal’….

Will THAT be an issue for the Greand Ole Party types in Congress?

image..The Hill

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Senator’s Sander’s and Warren want Hillary Clinton to embrace the Left….

Image result for hillary clinton/sanders/warren

She won’t…..

Like Barack Obama, she will TRY to do things she has ALWAYS wanted to do….

But NO Democratic President can cater to the left/Progressive wing of their party…..

First of all the House will probably remain in Republican Paul Ryan’s hands….

With Trump gone?

The Rightwingnuts will be out for political blood as they have been since their numbers increased in 2010…..

It is true that in recent years the political middle has diminished in Congress….But the Right has gained a stronger foothold in the States and THAT has had an effective block on some of the efforts by President Obama….

Those same politic’s will come to President Clinton….

But she will be in a weaker place than Obama who had majorities in both houses of Congress in his first two years….

There are House and US Senate election coming in 2018…..

Democrats will have MORE seat to defend….

The way I see things is Hillary Clinton will have just a year to move on somethings before she will be handicapped by her party members in Congress worried about defending their seats….

I further see Paul Ryan as being the leader of the Republican party….

Despite all the noise about Donald trump after the election?

Ryan is gonna be the guy….

Trump doesn’t do policy……

Ryan will be the leader , having to deal with an ANOTHER Democratic President and Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer who was Senator Hillary Clinton’s mentor in the Senate….


I’m sure that Hillary Clinton after defeating Bernie Sanders in the primaries and having Elizabeth Warren not run against her at all isn’t gonna let either of them tell her how to run things….

Not with the political chess game she will have play keeping the US Senate after 2018 and not losing her 2016 gains in the House 2 years later….

Nothing I present here will stop Clinton from following up on Obama’s efforts for Immigration reform, Abortion rights and other things…..

But she is gonna have to walk a tightrope…..

After Obama won in 2008 Democrats where strutting around saying the Republican party was done for….

2 Years later the Democrats lost their majorities in the House and Senate….

Hillary Clinton will be well aware  of that….

image…The Hill

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Hillary Clinton holds back against attacking House GOPer’s

The Hill does a piece that points to the Clinton campaign NOT going after down ballot US members ….

This is NOT the way Obama ran his campaign….

Could Clinton be thinking about her need to work with House Republican’s to get anything done in Congress?

It’s a different strategy from the one President Obama used in 2012, when the party seized on Mitt Romney’s selection of Ryan as his running mate to rip the Wisconsin Republican’s controversial budgets. That year, Democrats picked up eight House seats and retained control of the Senate.

Clinton certainly has no problem calling out Republicans.

Asked at a debate last year which enemy she’d made that she was most proud of, Clinton said “probably the Republicans” after also mentioning Iran, the National Rifle Association, health insurance companies and the prescription drug industry. Vice President Biden subsequently criticized her for the remark.

If elected, Clinton will need to work with Ryan, McConnell and other Republicans to govern. And there are some signs that this post-election environment is already on her mind.

The Washington Post last month ran an above-the-fold front-page story titled “With comfortable lead, Clinton starts refining an agenda.”

The article highlighted that Clinton tapped the Roosevelt Institute in New York to compile a list of hundreds of possible appointees for her administration. It also spelled out how she would push for campaign finance reform, an immigration overhaul and more infrastructure spending.

Unlike Obama in his first year as commander in chief, Clinton — if she wins — will not have supermajorities in the House and Senate. Republicans are expected to retain the lower chamber, while the Senate is up for grabs.

“Hillary Clinton is the type of person who wants to get things done and has shown an ability to work with Republicans in Congress towards a greater aim,”….


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President Clinton vs Speaker Ryan…How would it work?

Someone out there pointed to a Clinton mandate is Hillary Clinton can garner the Obama Electoral College numbers…

Mandate ?

I SERIOUSLY doubt That …..

Image result for hillary clinton/Paul Ryan

The same intransigence shown to President Obama will probably be future for Clinton and US House under Rep. Paul Ryan’s leqadership…

The last six years in Washington are on track to look like a golden age of cooperation compared to what’s coming if Hillary Clinton wins the White House and Paul Ryan keeps his GOP majority in the House.

The 2016 races are far from over, but the trends, if polls are right, might be irreversible. And for the Clinton and Paul insiders now drafting their bosses’ 2017 agenda, a realization is dawning that the dynamic between these two could determine whether any actual lawmaking happens.

For Clinton, who seems poised to win the presidency with her position on major Democratic policy priorities squishy at best and unknown at worst, progressives are pre-programmed for disappointment. And on Ryan’s side, while handicappers still show him retaining a Republican majority, the 2016 season will have delivered a different kind of conference after Democrats pick off many of the moderates who gave him the leeway to keep the Freedom Caucus in check, even as he says privately and publicly that he believes rebuilding his party is about passing bills again.

They’re interested in making moves and have all the political reasons to do so. But while sources close to both camps say Clinton and Ryan would probably get along and might even agree on a handful of priority issues, they would be coming into their shared mission with a relationship that so far has been nothing more than handshakes and pleasantries and a few conversations about State Department funding while she was secretary and he was running the Budget Committee.

Add in Ryan’s expected run for president in 2020 and the thought that either the first-term president or her likely future challenger would share credit with the person who might soon be starring in the other’s campaign commercials leads to rapid onset depression for some of the aides closest to these two principals.

“The next four years are going to totally suck,” said a person close to Ryan….


image slate.com

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Donald Trump nominated to be the 2016 Republican Presidential choice…

The recorded delegate count was 1,725  ….

452 over the needed 1, 273  threshold….

Mike Pence gets the nod for Vice President….

The Anti-Trump Movement is OVER….

Donald Trump is presumptive nominee no more.

The Republican Party officially nominated the real estate mogul during a relatively smooth roll call vote on Tuesday, quashing the hopes of the Never Trump movement that had threatened to mount a last-minute challenge.

Instead, Trump sailed to the 1,237-delegate threshold, with his home state of New York putting him over the top. Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., announced the 89 delegates that formally clinched the nomination for his dad, as his siblings proudly looked on.

“It is my honor to be able to throw Donald Trump over the top in the delegate count tonight with 89 delegates,” Trump Jr. said from the floor of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

“Congratulations, Dad. We love you.”

Trump himself tweeted that it was a “great honor” and vowed not to let the country down.

“Such a great honor to be the Republican Nominee for President of the United States,” he said. “I will work hard and never let you down!”

Trump’s official nomination is a new apex in the political outsider’s campaign to shake up Washington. His White House bid began last June with a widely panned, rambling speech in which he blasted Mexicans as “rapists” and pledged to build a wall on the southern border that Mexico will pay for.

Trump’s campaign has seemingly endured strife almost daily since its inception. GOP leaders were slow to back his campaign and have continued to condemn his controversial rhetoric and actions. But his message has resonated with an overwhelming number of voters who have propelled him atop the Republican Party…..



It seemed that Hillary Clinton was mentioned MORE than Trump by Republican speakers….

Some also often avoided mentions of Trump himself. House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (Wis.) spoke at length about his own vision for the country — but rarely mentioned the nominee, who opposes some of Ryan’s signature ideas about reform of spending programs.

Christie, a former federal prosecutor, ticked off examples of what he said were Clinton’s bad judgments on foreign affairs, and her use of a private email server to handle government business. After each example, Christie turned the audience into an ad hoc jury: “Guilty or not guilty?”

“Guilty!” the audience roared. They repeatedly broke into chants of “Lock her up!”…


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The post Trump Grand Ole party efforts are hard at work….

As we move into day two of the 2016 GOP Presidential Nomination Convention, it seems even more important to a good many Republicans that the organizing for an expected Trump loss in November SHOULD be worked up….

In interviews with more than 40 of the Republican Party’s leading strategists, lawmakers, fundraisers and donors, a common thread has emerged heading into the general election: Win or lose in November (and more expect to lose than not), they fear that Trump’s overheated and racialized rhetoric could irreparably poison the GOP brand among the fastest-growing demographic groups in America.

And so, to an almost unprecedented extent, as the 50,000 Republican activists, officials and media pour into Cleveland this week, there is something of a convention within the convention. Many of these GOP titans—the intellectual and financial pillars of the party and its possible future elected leaders—are plotting a parallel course.

In delegation breakfasts, private hotel suites and steakhouses across Cleveland—and farther afield for those, like Jeb Bush and his family, who are skipping the festivities—they are laying the foundations for the next political battles they believe can actually be won: first, to preserve the GOP majorities in the House and Senate this fall, then to save the Republican Party itself.

“There’s a school of thought that Trump, who’s gonna get crushed, will somehow teach the party a lesson and they’ll get it out of their system,” said Stuart Stevens, who was Mitt Romney’s chief strategist in 2012. “I don’t have confidence in that.”

Indeed, many are already at work to rearrange the fractured pieces to their liking—and advantage.


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FBI Director Comey takes the Hit….

Federal Bureau of Investigation boss James Comey  is in the middle of a shit storm…’s

Comey, a Republican who served in the Jstice Department under Bush II made a legal decsion that has HUGE political significance….

His boss seems to have ducked a storm by having Bill Clinton enable her to duck …..

Yesterday the nation’s FBI Director stood before camera’s and announced that possibly the countries next President let something happen that she ‘should have know better’ to let happen….

His legal call was forcasted by virtually EVERY lawyer in the country…

But the POLITICAL side to the call is what we have left…..

The Republicans stuck with what looks like a loser nominee where hoping that MAYBE Comey would help them out by recommending Clinton be charged with a crime….

Didn’t happen ….


In the spirt of the Benghazi debacle?

They are gonna try to keep the email  Clinton issue alive until election day….

That means working for media coverage and calling Comey before Congress to try grab some MORE media cycles and beat down Clinton on her major problem in the polls……TRUST….

James Comey went from the political frying pan to the fire Tuesday when the FBI chief announced that he would not recommend pressing charges against Hillary Clinton over her use of a private email server while secretary of State.

Comey’s address to the media will long be remembered as one of the most significant news events of the 2016 presidential cycle. An indictment of Clinton would have upended the race, leaving Democrats scrambling to either defend her or seek a new nominee such as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) or Vice President Biden.

Comey and the bureau had been buffered by turbulent political currents while the yearlong probe ran its course. There was no doubt that roughly half the country would take umbrage at whatever decision was arrived at, especially now that Clinton is the presumptive Democratic nominee for president.
Not surprisingly, Comey’s decision not to indict was met with trenchant criticism from Republicans and conservatives….



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House Democrats stage a ‘Sit-In’ for a ‘No Fly-No Buy’ Vote

House Democrats are currently staging a ‘sit-in’ on the floor of the House….

They are demanding that the House Leadership bring up for a vote a regulation that denies the ability of anyone on the current ‘no’fly’ list  to purchase a weapon….

The current background check rule has a provision that if the background check takes longer than 3 days?

The purchase can go thru….

The House in its entirety will NOT go against the National Rifle Assoc. which is STRONGLY against anything that has to do with the list which they feel is unreliable ….

The politics of this is actually against what House Minority Leader Pelosi wanted a few days ago….She wanted Dem’s to NOT go as public with anti-gun politics….

But the Republicans have been using the Orlando shooting as a spring board for a fear push against Democrats…

The Orlando shooting had little to do with terrorism and was more of a hate crime….The shooter bought his guns legally….

Democrats will use this protest for their memebers in safe districts that campaign with these votes…

Democrats in strong gun districts won’t touch this with a ten foot pole….

Democrats indicated that they will continue the sit-in until GOP leaders allow a vote on gun legislation.

“Members are intending to stay until some action is taken,” Lewis spokeswoman Brenda Jones said.

Just a week ago, Democrats took over the Senate floor to call attention to gun control….


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GOP Unity?

WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 17: House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), listens to questions from the media after meetinng with House Republicans on Capitol Hill, on May 17, 2016 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

House Speaker Paul Ryan continues walking that tightrope. He has to support Donald Trump, because party unity and all. But he can’t be too enthusiastic or he jeopardizes his own ability to be taken seriously in a few months, when Trump has crashed and burned. He has to signal that, you know, he’s for Trump because he has to be, but you other Republicans? Wink wink.

“The last thing I would do is tell anybody to do something that’s contrary to their conscience. Of course, I wouldn’t do that,” Ryan told NBC News’ Chuck Todd in an interview for “Meet the Press,” a portion of which aired Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” […]

“But I feel as a responsibility, institutionally, as the speaker of the House, that I should not be leading some chasm in the middle of our party,” Ryan said. “Because you know what I know that will do?. That will definitely knock us out of the White House.”

He shouldn’t be leading a chasm, and hey, if a chasm happens to open up in the party, he’ll have had one foot planted firmly on each side of it, ready to make the case that he was on the winning side all along. Problem being, sometimes when a chasm opens under your feet, you fall into it rather than jumping to one side in time.

And remember, Ryan would like us to believe he’s above Trumpism, but the real reason for his angst over Trump is about packaging, not policy. Ryan has been leading the starve-the-poors charge for years now—he’s just been trying to make it look sympathetic and caring, and Trump is blowing up that carefully constructed image……

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GOPer’s getting ready for 2020…Life AFTER Donald Trump….

Most high level Republicans these days believe that Donald Trump will NOT be elected President….

They now have to figure out HOW they will salvage their party for 2020….

That AFTER some have to carry Trump on their backs….

It’s June 2016. Time to think about the 2020 election.
The 2016 GOP convention is still weeks away, but would-be contenders — from Ted Cruz to Tom Cotton — are already laying groundwork for the next Republican presidential primary. While some are lining up blue-chip staff, scheduling trips to early primary states and setting up political action committees, others are huddling with the party’s biggest financiers.

But they’re all struggling with the same conundrum: how to get around Donald Trump.

It’s a complex calculation. Whether they choose to support Trump or to oppose him — or something in between — future Republican candidates could find themselves explaining their decision for years to come.

The pitfalls are obvious: Throw your support to Trump, and be tied to him. Buck him, and risk turning off his supporters.

“Trump will have a very negative impact on our brand, and what potential candidates do regarding Trump could impact them in the 2020 general election,” said Jason Roe, a veteran Republican strategist who advised Marco Rubio during this year’s primary. “On the other hand, not getting behind Trump will hurt them in the 2020 primary. It’s a tough spot for our party and those candidates.”



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Ted Cruz begins the battle for Conservative’s in 2020 by trying to generate IOU’s…

The Texas GOP US Senator came in second to Donald trump in the 2016 Nomination race….

One of his biggest problems was he HATED by his fellow Senators….Both Democratic and Republican….

While he thought he could harness the rightwingnut vote for the nomination?…It just isn’t enough….


It appears that Cruz is embarking on the first campaign swing for the 2020 GOP Presidential nomination now….

Cruz probably will be competing with US House Speaker Paul Ryan for the hearts and minds of GOP Conservatives ….Both are laying the groundwork to be in position for a Trump loss come November….

There’s still time for Cruz to build bridges with Republican senators, even after repeatedly dismissing them as part of the “Washington cartel” and calling Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a liar. Several senators said they’re willing to let bygones be bygones.

But it’s not going to happen overnight.

Cruz’s allies bristle at the suggestion that he’s entirely to blame for the bad blood between him and other senators — it’s a two-way street, they insist. Still, Cruz will be re-evaluating how he approaches his colleagues, a source close to him said. That person said the outright hostility Cruz faced from his colleagues hampered his ability to gain momentum against Donald Trump at a critical time in the presidential race.

“Would he have a different approach? You don’t necessarily have to have all the negativity that emerged,” the source said. “To some extent, he was able to use it as a source of pride, but at the same time, it caused some grief in terms of ultimately getting support, endorsements, getting the party people behind you.”

Another source familiar with Cruz’s thinking said, “I think he’ll certainly try to get to be more friendly with his colleagues.” At the same time, the person added, “you saw the endorsements Rubio had, (and) it didn’t do him much good, either.”

At a minimum, Cruz is poised to help conservatives up for reelection in deep-red states — though those aren’t the battlegrounds where the Senate will be won or lost.



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