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What if Nothing Happens after Mueller can prove Trump and Co. committed crimes?…Open Thread for 11/3/17

Vox is out with a piece that asks a question that SHOULD be asked….

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What happens if the Republican majority in the House are MORE afraid of losing their jobs by voting to impeach a guy who 60% of America doesn’t approve, of and 49% are all right if they do bring him up on charges…… BUT….60% of Republicans do approve of the guy, not caring about his politics , or that he can remember what he said ten minutes ago …(Most American actually don’t seem to care about these doings because they do NOT affect them directly)

What happens if 60% of the Grand Ole party voters/supporters/party members poll that they do NOT care if Donald Trump starts a war with North Korea that could get tens of thousands of Korea’s killed and thousands of American soldiers also?

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What happen’s if Donald Trump keeps coaxing his adopted party to KEEP TRYING to ‘steal from the poor and give to rich?’…..

All these things ARE FUCKING SCARY…..

But so far?

It seems that almost NOTHING is more important to most Republican lawmakers than  KEEPING their jobs….

Some of those who don’t like what going on have stood up and been greeted with applause….But most who question Trump out loud are subjected to abuse from some of their local vocal party members …..

They get to add that to Trump berating them in public…..

In reaction to THIS?

Some have announced they’re giving up and not running for re-election…

But most?

Most keep their heads down, swallow hard and vote to support Trump’s all over the place requests and proclaim their allegiance to Trump’s  wishes….

The specter of Donald Trump winning the GOP nomination and Presidency still haunts these party members….Heck, it still spooks the media which has always ignored the rightwingnuts…But now tries to front some of their crazy stuff….

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If you get the time to read the Vox piece by David Roberts…..It IS good to understand NOT the law and legal part of Trump’s story for the last year…It sis also important to understand the political dynamic he is running on the American government…..And things unimaginable  COULD occur next year that could change the American way of governance and way of life if one parties lawmakers do NOT grow the ball’s to stand up be counted if  Robert Mueller and his investigators and prosecutors lay down a story of a cover-up’s , lie’s ,  money, laundering, conspiracy , obstruction and maybe even treason….

What if facts and persuasion just don’t matter anymore?

As long as conservatives can do something — steal an election, gerrymander crazy districts to maximize GOP advantage, use the filibuster as a routine tool of opposition, launch congressional investigations as political attacks, hold the debt ceiling hostage, repress voting among minorities, withhold a confirmation vote on a Supreme Court nominee, defend a known fraud and sexual predator who has likely colluded with a foreign government to gain the presidency — they will do it, knowing they’ll be backed by a relentlessly on-message media apparatus.

And if that’s true, if the very preconditions of science and journalism as commonly understood have been eroded, then all that’s left is a raw contest of power.

Donald Trump has the power to hold on to the presidency, as long as elected Republicans, cowed by the conservative base, support him. That is true almost regardless of what he’s done or what’s proven by Mueller. As long as he has that power, he will exercise it. That’s what recent history seems to show.

Democrats do not currently have the numbers to stop him. They can’t do it without some help from Republicans. And Republicans seem incapable, not only of acting on what Mueller knows, but of even coming to know it.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe US institutions have more life in them than I think. But at this point, it’s just very difficult to imagine anything that could bridge the epistemic gulf between America’s tribes. We are split in two, living in different worlds, with different stories and facts shaping our lives. We no longer learn or know things together, as a country, so we can no longer act together, as a country.

So we may just have to live with a president indicted for collusion with a foreign power….


Top image…marketwatch.com

Middle image….bailtmoresun.com

Bottom image…latimes.com

Our best wishes for the people of Texas…Open Thread for 8/27/17

As the rain continues and the flooding gets worst?

We hope the best for their safety down there…

We hope that the politicians can come together and proved those assets needle for search and rescue and support service for those made homeless and stuck on roof tops of houses and cars….



“This is the worst because it’s not stopping”: the extraordinary Houston floods

Donald Trump is at it AGAIN…Open Thread for August 11, 2017…

This time it’s the North Korea’s…

If ya haven’t noticed by now?

This is TYPICAL Trump….

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With the Media breathlessly reporting EVERY utterance…..(which scares most people, but gets eaten up by his base)

Donald Trump is on center stage throwing haymakers at SOMEBODY….

During the campaign last year it was his adopted parties other candidates…and few judges…

Then it was Hillary Clinton…

Then it was the FBI Director which he fired….

Recently it ‘s been his own Republicans…

Briefed that the North Korea’s won’t actually fire anything AT America and now say they’ll think about Guam?

Trump has the green light to beat his chest and be that guy that gets in your face knowing that he’s got his posse standing behind him and there isn’t gonna be a fight….


Turns out that the US and North Korea HAVE BEEN talking for months…

Beyond the bluster, the Trump administration has been quietly engaged in back channel diplomacy with North Korea for several months, addressing Americans imprisoned in the communist country and deteriorating relations between the long-time foes, The Associated Press has learned.

It had been known the two sides had discussions to secure the June release of an American university student. But it wasn’t known until now that the contacts have continued, or that they have broached matters other than U.S. detainees.

People familiar with the contacts say the interactions have done nothing thus far to quell tensions over North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missile advances, which are now fueling fears of military confrontation. But they say the behind-the-scenes discussions could still be a foundation for more serious negotiation…


In addition?

The US and Allies will hold annual military drills with the South Korea military that the North Korea’s have always been uncomfortable with….


A Healthcare Repeal is not gonna happen this year…Open Thread for June 2, 2017

The above conclusion is from Richard Burr , a Republican Senator from North Carolina……

Those of us who look under the covers at stuff like this KNEW that the blowback from across America to deprive ten’s of millions of American ‘s of their healthcare insurance coverage by House Republicans to make Donald Trump happy was not a smart political move….

One would doubt a strong effort would be mounted next year by Republicans either with Midterm elections  coming up.and people made enough to crash Republican lawmakers town hall get together’s…

The Republicans now own Barack Obama ‘s healthcare hot potato ….

And after all these years?

They find themselves unable to deal with getting rid of it…

This is an issue that Democrats SHOULD be making sure to run on from now on….

Reminding America who is Actually fighting for those who are in need of their government looking out for them….



3 Republican Senators expressing doubt in past week on getting health care done anytime soon: BURR / JOHNSON / SASSE

Open Thread for May 4, 2017….Republicans will vote for a Healthcare Bill that could cost them the House…

Donald Trump desperately needs to for fill a major campaign promise….

Real the Obama Healthcare Bill!

The Republican Majority House has been unable to get the votes to do so about 22 times…

The Affordable Healthcare law under the assistance of the Republicans efforts to get rid of it has become MORE popular…

Republican House members going home are greeting with protests across the country against repealing the law…

Republican Governors across the country are using the law to increase healthcare for their states and balance their budgets…

The Congresses OWN bean counters have revealed that repealing the law would knock at least 24 Million American out of healthcare coverage….

The vote to day is on a revised bill that the Republicans have made sure there is NO review of how bad it might be…

The numbers are close…

One media out fit has 19 sure NO’s and up to 35 maybe’s from Republican House members…

If there are 22 or more GOP holdout’s  against the bill come later today there will be not vote taken….

We’ll see if making a guy who campaigned against their party, while adopting it will preserver over the worries of lawmakers losing their jobs come next year due to back lash from those losing their health insurance?

It IS a KNOWN that whatever the House votes on today won’t make it thru the Senate…

So why would ANY Republican House member want to risk pissing their district’s voters off for supporting Donald Trump?

“With the American Medical Association and the AARP lobbying for no’s, plus Jimmy Kimmel’s breaking through with a searing personal story, nothing has changed about the basic politics, even as the bill itself has changed. (One thing that hasn’t changed in recent drafts, despite promises to the contrary: special treatment for members of Congress and their staffs.)”

“Call it walking the plank, or ‘doo-doo stuck to their shoe’ (to quote House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi), but this is a vote and a move than can’t be taken back. Seven years of GOP promises haven’t changed the fact that Republicans have never really wanted to do what they said they wanted to do. They’re now led by a president who has said plenty of other things, and is more than willing to change where he stands anyway. Republicans are placing trust in their teamwork, on a bill where the impact will be determined in individual states and with unpredictable consequences.”….


Trump helping Democrats say ‘NO’ and bond…Open Thread for March 27, 2017…

While everyone went around holding their head in dispair after Hillary Clinton won the popular vote , but lost the election?

Subsequent sloppy , egomaniac and plain dumb moves by Trump & Co. have resulted in rising support for President Obama’s Healthcare program and less harsh Immigration action’s….

The Resistance protests and demo’s have embolden Democrats to follow in the Grand Ole Parties footsteps and dig in TOGETHER …say NO...and standby while the Republicans fight their OWN internal battles and spend their days cleaning up behind a guy whose true wanting abilities to get things done isn’t anything like he’s sold to the public…

But Democrats will not be lending a hand anytime soon.

Invigorated by the Republican dysfunction that led to a stunningly swift collapse of the effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and relieved that President Barack Obama’s signature domestic accomplishment remains intact, Democrats are in their best position since their embarrassing loss in the November election.

While it is far too soon to suggest that the House Republican majority may be imperiled, Democrats are newly optimistic about picking up seats in 2018, hoping to ride a backlash against Mr. Trump. Seeing an opportunity, they say they will not throw Mr. Trump a political life preserver at what they sense could be the first turns of a downward spiral.

The president’s approval rating was already mired below 40 percent in some surveys, and is likely to remain low after the health bill’s failure. He has no prospects for legislative victories on the immediate horizon, given how complicated and time-consuming his next priority, an overhaul of the tax code, would be even for a more unified party.

And while his electoral success in states represented by Democrats in Congress had been thought to put such lawmakers in a vise between their party and their president, Mr. Trump demonstrated no ability to pick off centrist Democrats in his first significant legislative push. Democrats — red-state moderates and blue-state liberals alike — formed an unbroken front of opposition to the repeal-and-replace campaign.

“We’re not going to sacrifice our values for the sake of compromise,” said Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader. “You think people from red states are going to be for tax reform with 98 percent of tax breaks going to the top 1 percent?”

For Democrats, the task of remaining unified was made easier when Republicans decided to go it alone and hastily draft a bill that turned out to be deeply unpopular. But the health care skirmish was also more broadly instructive for a party still finding its footing now that it has lost both the White House and Congress: Being the “party of no,” it turns out, can pay dividends…..


Open Thread for Mar. 11, 2017…Democrats see a Midterm opening with Trump/Ryancare Repeal push…

Why NOT?

While House  Republicans come under siege by the Trump White House and Speaker Ryan to vote for a Repeal and somewhat Replacement of Obama’s signature Affordable Healthcare program?

Democrats watch the support for the program climb and protests go on around the country….

The program that the Grand Ole Party ran AGAINST Barack Obama and the Democrats  has become a rallying cry  for those millions who would lose their coverage, while the rich who can afford  coverage  are in-line to receive more tax breaks….(Trump said NOBODY would lose coverage…He doesn’t say THAT anymore)

The 2018 Midterms are less than 2 years away….

And Democrats see a chance to leverage the potential loss of coverage into  gains in the House and even the Senate that where unthinkable a little while ago….

The Democrats’ confidence comes from two main sources. The first is the AHCA itself, which offers nothing that appeals either to the party’s base or to interest groups that backed the ACA, such as AARP. The second is Trump, who Democrats do not see as a force even in some states that he won. In the states that voted for Barack Obama twice then for Trump — Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — the president’s favorable rating on Election Day was below 40 percent. In Iowa, the only one of those states polled recently, the Des Moines Register poll that accurately predicted a large Trump victory in 2016 found him last month with a wan 42 percent approval rating.

While it’s early in the cycle, Democrats have so far watched credible-seeming challengers in these states pass on 2018 bids. Rep. Tom Marino (R-Penn.), who had been approached by Republicans to challenge Casey, said last month that he would not. Rep. Sean P. Duffy (R-Wis.), who some Republicans wanted to run for Senate in 2018, also demurred, giving first-term Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) a bit more room to vote against the president.

“Donald Trump promised health care for all Americans — coverage for all Americans,” said Baldwin. “And this will threaten coverage for a lot of people.”….


Democrats need to NOT split themselves apart….Open Thread for Feb. 19, 2017

The Democratic National Committee vote is coming up a week from now…..

It’s really between Rep. Ellison and Tom Perez….

Ellison is a Bernie sanders rep.

Perez is a Obama/Clinton Establishment rep.

Therein lies the problem….

The Democratic party is running in TWO different directions….

The main VOTING part or the party IS establishment …..

The main voice of the party these days is anti-establishment focused on stopping Trump in anyway possible….

The next chance for Democrats to actually gain elective power is next year….

Historically during off year midterm elections the party out of power does well…


The Democrats have a LOT of Senate seats to defend, and good many of them are states that Donald Trump wrestled votes from previous Obama voters…

While ON a WHOLE Trump’s approval numbers are dropping….

In some of those places he won last November he, and therefore Republicans are holding their own….

That’s not all….

While the Democratic base IS energized RIGHT NOW?

Will they be a year and a-half from now when the midterm votes are cast?

Will Democrats beat history and actually come out and VOTE?

How many of those protesting in the streets vote?

How many of these energized Democrats will be pissed at their OWN party elders who KNOW that they will HAVE TO make deals with Republicans for somethings NO MATTER how much their based doesn’t want them to?

Senate Minority Leader is the defacto leader of the Democrats right now….

The New York Democrat started off telling people he WOULD deal…

But THAT did NOT play well with the base, so he changed things up and has fought Trump on his cabinet picks….

It has held up the process…

But it has NOT stopped the most controversial picks from getting confirmed and by NOT making deals Schumer gets NOTHING in return , while the GOPer’s get what they want…

Barack Obama, who is actually responsible for some of this mess because he didn’t get hands dirty in wheeling and dealing with Congress to give cover to his party, is free on the daily grind….

Hillary Clinton, is healing after winning the vote and losing the election that she thought he she had…..Some people think she might even try another run if the party can’t find a young strong candidate ….

So we have the basic’s of the 2016 Democratic primary STILL out there for Democrats…

Who just lost, and have been losing since Obama got into office….

And could lose even BIGGER if they don’t get their shit together SOMEHOW and figure out how to bring some of those Obama voters….

And Bernie Sanders ain’t evn a Democrat….

Go figure?

Open Thread for December 10, 2016…The Democratic Patry Future…

It’s been more than a month since election day 2016…..

There are people I talk to even now that tell me they are ‘afraid and scared’ about America’s future….

There are those who I speak to who are happy with the election results…

The ones scared cannot understand what happened and are concerned about what Donald Trump had been feeding to the voters who voted for him….

The voters who DID vote for him WHERE scared…But NOT any longer….

Trump supporters voted partly for him because Donald Trump said to the them?

“I will make America Great again’…….

Of course we ALL know that America IS the most powerful country on the planet…..

But those Trump voters?

They keep telling people that ask if THEY thought things where OK….

They didn’t…..

There are a million reasons why Trump is going to the White House and Hillary Clinton is retired from politics….

But lets get something straight…..

Hillary Clinton BEAT Donald Trump…..

In any sense of the contest she WON….

She has OVER 2.5 MILLION MORE votes than Trump….

But the way things go in choosing a President in America you have to win numbers generated by state’s…..

That she lost….

Even there though?

NOT by much…..

The number of votes is thought to be around 100,000 now….

But that number could drop to around 70,000 voters….

That is from a total of more than  127 million votes….


Hillary Clinton actually didn’t do so bad OVERALL….


The problem for Democrats is Clinton lost states that Barack Obama carried….Some by less than 10,000 votes…..

All this brings us to Democrats on the whole…


Since barack Obama assumed the Presidency Democrats have been losing ground across the country….

And in two years in the 2018 election things cold get even worst….

Democrats have a larger numbers of House and Senate seats to defend than Republicans…..

Right now the left wing of the party wants the party people in Congress to NOT work with incoming President Trump….

But THAT isn’t the problem one might think….

Democrats have been LOSING because they have stopped listening to the people America is leaving behind in the 21st Century....

In the Rust Belt states that Hillary Clinton lost?

Donald Trump dropped in to talk MORE than Clinton…..

Trump isn’t gonna keep most of the promises he made to these people….

But he listened to them….

Democrats come across as NOT interested in some of America’s workers…Be they predominately white, or hispanic or even black….

The party , and the next Presidential candidate must seek votes in the Rust Belt Midwest ANDa a Southwest which most people do NOT  know came is stronger for Clinton  in some places than some of Obama states Clinton lost…..

The key to Democrats is to start reaching out to those who voted for Obama but left Clinton….

Granted that Hillary Clinton did NOT appeal to a good many Obama voters because she was NOT a good campaigner and the Republicans HAD been running against Obama for six years and she embraced him…..

But Democrats have been losing in state and local races also….

They will NOT get ahead by turning MORE the left which helps them in the coastal states only….

They must find a way to engage the others in the Middle of the country North and South who feel like they are being shuttered out of the American Dream for new comers……

I know this simplistic and there are other factors like race and fear of changing social norms…..

But dealing with even THOSE topics need to be addressed…..

A failure to reach back will only continue the governing of America by a minority supported voter group that IS growing smaller everyday ….

Open Thread for October 9, 2016…Trump supporters ARE Trump supporters…

While more and  elected Republican Politicians jump ship on the Trump campaign?…

(They NEVER liked him anyways )

Politico has released a ‘snap-poll’ that reports that 74% of Republican voters think that their party should CONTINUE to support Trump….39% think Trump should drop out of the race for President a month out from election day….

Image result for trump

This is a continuation of the quandary Donald Trump has put his adopted party in this year….

While the elected officials will have to deal with all sorts of things AFTER Trump loses….

Republican voters are continuing to show their distaste for President Obama and Hillary Clinton so much that ANYTHING Trump does or says will NOT stop them from supporting him….

The problem for Trump is this isn’t the GOP Primaries anymore….

A wave of Republican officials abandoned Donald Trump on Saturday, but, at least for now, rank-and-file Republicans are standing by the party’s presidential candidate, according to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll conducted immediately after audio was unearthed Friday that had the GOP nominee crudely bragging about groping women and trying to lure a married woman into an affair.
Overall, fewer than four-in-10 voters — 39 percent — think Trump should end his presidential campaign, while only slightly more voters, 45 percent, think he should not drop out.
Story Continued Below

But voters are largely viewing Trump’s comments through their own partisan lens: 70 percent of Democrats say Trump should end his campaign, but just 12 percent of Republicans — and 13 percent of female Republicans — agree.

As of now, GOP voters largely want the party to stand behind Trump. Nearly three-quarters of Republican voters, 74 percent, surveyed on Saturday said party officials should continue to support Trump. Only 13 percent think the party shouldn’t back him.



Open Thread for August 21, 2016…Trust Donald Trump?

Just a little reminder…..

Do NOT Trust a guy who says who continues to say he’s gonna change ….

And doesn’t….

Donald Trump is gonna be Donald Trump….

Just about Donald Trump….

Still saying he’s gonna build a wall…

Still talking about setting up a ‘Deportion Force’

Still talking about how President Obama and then Sec Clinton gave ‘birth’ to ISIS….

Still saying he doesn’t want immigration from ANY country that has had a terrorist act in it…

Still calling Obama and Clinton names

Still saying he’s running a campaign , when he has NO ONE that has ever run a campaign running things….

Still NOT listening much to anyone but himself….

Still not gonna tell you about where he owes money and how much he’s on the hook for ….

And the list can go on…..

Donald Trump ain’t gonna change….

And people TRUST him a whole LOT less than Hillary Clinton….

Can you image THAT?


Open Thread for August 7th, 2016…Trump is doing Hillary’s work in defining himself in the Negative….

Hillary Clinton ‘s campaign organiztion maybe spending money on ads against Donald Trump….

But Trump HIMSELF is hard at work making sure More and MORE American’s are scared of HIM…NOT Hillary Clinton….

Priceless !


Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn

Maybe the most telling, to me: just 28 percent are “comfortable” with the idea of Trump as president. 50% say it makes them “very anxious.”

Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn

Clinton+8 in new ABC/Post poll, 50-42. Kind of interesting: voters prefer experience over an outsider, 58-39 http://www.langerresearch.com/wp-content/uploads/1180a1The2016Election.pdf …

Nate Silver ‏@NateSilver538
Trump probably won’t “pivot” and even if he tried, the public isn’t amnesiac and won’t forget everything he’s done and said for a year+. 2/

Open Tread for July 31, 2016…Trump showboats…Clinton campaigns…

This weekend Hillary Clinton is one a bus tour…..

Campaigning with her husband and VP pick Senator Tim Kaine IN PENNSYLVANIA ….(Clinton leads in Pa. by 4.4% pts in the RCP average and leads in Ohio by .8% up from being tied there and Trump has never led in the average in Ohio )

Donald Trump i hera has taken the weekend off…

Hillary Clinton will be in Ohio tomorrow….

Winding westward through Pennsylvania, with plans to cross into Ohio late Saturday, Mrs. Clinton has emerged from the party’s four-day showcase to pitch herself, at least in part, to voters with a history of antipathy toward Democrats.

Her first stop on Saturday was here in Cambria County, where Mitt Romney won 58 percent of the vote in 2012. It is the type of heavily white region where Mr. Trump must run up significant margins of victory if he hopes to win the state, which is seen as central to his electoral success.

And later on Saturday, Mrs. Clinton received a boost in Pittsburgh from Mark Cuban, the billionaire businessman and the owner of the Dallas Mavericks — and the type of independent-minded, extrapolitical figure the campaign hopes will appeal to even Mrs. Clinton’s skeptics.

Mr. Cuban, who was born in Pittsburgh, took immediate glee in ridiculing Mr. Trump: He began by saying hello to him in Russian, a nod to the recent hacking of Democratic computer systems, which federal officials have attributed to Russia’s intelligence services.

He compared Mr. Trump’s show “The Apprentice” unfavorably to his own (“Shark Tank”) and observed that Mr. Trump was not an entirely self-made success.

“You don’t ask daddy for a small loan of $1 million,” he said.

For Mrs. Clinton, who recently received another prominent billionaire’s imprimatur with the endorsement Michael R. Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York, Mr. Cuban provides another wealthy foil to Mr. Trump.

She described Mr. Cuban as someone who treated his workers well, suggesting that wealth alone should not be demonized.

“He shared,” she said. “He shared the benefits with everybody who helped him be a success.”

Mr. Cuban had put it more succinctly: “If I party, everybody parties.”

Earlier in the day, Mrs. Clinton said, as she often does, that Mr. Obama does not get the credit he deserves for managing the financial turmoil he inherited. She has highlighted success stories at some of the sites she has visited — like a toy factory in Hatfield, Pa., that has created jobs — while reminding crowds that she is not satisfied.

“We are visiting places that prove what Americans can do,” Mrs. Clinton said in Johnstown, reminding the crowd of her father’s roots in Scranton, Pa.

She went on to tease Mr. Trump for manufacturing Trump-branded products outside the United States, pointing out that her husband, seated behind her, was wearing a shirt made in Reading, Pa.



OpenThread for July 21, 2016…The Last Night of the GOP/Trump Show…..

The world gets to hear Donald Trump accept the 2016 Republican Grand Ole Party nomination to run for President….

He may say things are alright?

But they hardly are…..

He’s still in a cat fight with some of ‘his’ party…..

A LOT of the parties elite ain’t gonna be around to hear him….

His poor wife ran into a buzz saw…..

And he’s STILL out there with NO idea how to be a President, but will sell HIMSELF  as the Great White Hope….

People outb there SHOULD know better….

But for a LOT of them?

They’ll hold their noses and vote for Donald Trump because they HATE thinking of a Hillary Clinton as the President following Barack Obama….

Trump will do his stage act….

He HAS been here  before…..

Promising things he can’t deliver….

Hopefully it won’t work THIS TIME?

As for tonight?

Let’s see how it plays…..

Oh, yea?

Glad to see that those mass rallies and protests have NOT showed up and won’t be a problem for the cops in Cleveland….

Political Roundup for May 26, 2016…Still No Trump Tax returns…RRH Elections


Hillary: A devastating report by the State Department Inspector General has concluded that as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton violated government record keeping protocols, that her personal server was attacked by hackers on multiple occasions and that no State Department attorney ever reviewed her email setup. The report also reveals that Clinton and her top aides at State (Cheryl Mills, Jake Sullivan, Huma Abedin, and possibly others) refused to cooperate with the IG’s investigation despite the IG’s requests that they submit to interviews.

Trump: In an effort to foster GOP unity Donald Trump attacked Republican New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez during a 65 minute speech in Albuquerque, NM. Gov Martinez is a popular two term conservative Latina governor of a swing state and is apparently the kind of person Trump wants to drive out of the GOP.

Trump: In an effort to troll Trump, Democrat Sen Ron Wyden introduced a bill in the Senate that would require major party presidential candidates to release their tax returns for the prior three years. While Sen Wyden’s bill has zero chance of passing it does raise an interesting question as to why Republicans oppose to Trump didn’t try to pass a rule to require a candidate to release 3 years of tax returns in order to have their name submitted for nomination to the GOP convention.

Johnson: FiveThirtyEight says pay attention to Gary Johnson now that he’s polling 10% in national polls and that he might be on the verge of becoming a household name….


Open Thread for May 18th, 2016…Clinton and Trump close in on nomination delegate finish lines

I just updated the delegates count here @ the PDog…..



Clinton 1,765 (2,289) …524 Super Del
Sanders 1,486 (1,526)…. 40 Super Del

(includes Super Delegates)

2.383 Needed for Nomination
950 Still Outstanding


Donald Trump: 1,160
Ted Cruz: 566 Dropped Out
John Kasich: 159 Dropped Out
Marco Rubio: 116 Dropped Out
Ben Carson: 4 Dropped Out

1,237 Need for Nomination
405 Still Outstanding

From AP….(5/18/16 12:04 AM)

By the count ?

Clinton is 94 delegates short of having the Democratic nomination….

Trump is 77 delegates short of the Republican nomination….

No wonder Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump are ALREADY campoaigning against EACH other…