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White House: Trump is the one ‘keeping the world from chaos’…Open Thread for Oct. 6, 2017

Folling a well established routine ….

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has made sure everyone, but mostly her boss Donald Trump KNOWS that HE is the man in charge of the American Government….

Not Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and chief of staff John Kelly whom Sen. Bob Corker named as the guys who “help separate our country from chaos.”…..

Asked about the comments from Corker, Sanders on Friday reminded the White House press corps at the daily briefing who’s in charge.

“Look, I think that the president is the one that’s keeping the world from chaos,” she said. “He has an incredible team around him that’s helping him lead that effort, and he’s had tremendous accomplishments on the international stage by working with allies and confronting enemies.”

“We’re gonna continue doing that,” she added. “We’re gonna continue doing that as a team with the president leading that effort.”….


Trump didn’t Really understand the ‘Dreamers’ Program move he made…Open Thread for Sept. 5, 2017…

Donald J. Trump promised that he would take care of the ‘Dreamers’….

Then he decided to throw the decesion to Congress and didn’t even make the announcement…The call to give the call to Congress wasn’t his idea..It was hius Cheif of Staff guy John Kelly’s…..

A few hours ago Trump updated his first condition , by saying that he would ‘revisit’ his threat of cancelling the program in 6 months ….

Presumerily indicatingb that he was afraid that Congress would get bogged down in trying make side deals on extending the protections he ACTUALLY want s extended to those involved and let the prgram run out and have Sessions going after the 800, 000 people an d their families involved….

Now we found out that Trump ACTUALLY DID NOT UNDERSTASND WHAT HE DOING when he went ahead with the call to shut down the program….

Image result for trump worried

Why is this man the President of the United States?

….The announcement was an effort by Mr. Trump to honor the law-and-order message of his campaign, which included a repeated pledge to end Mr. Obama’s immigration policy, while seeking to avoid the emotionally charged and politically perilous consequences of targeting a sympathetic group of immigrants.

Mr. Trump’s decision came less than two weeks after he pardoned Joe Arpaio, the former Arizona sheriff who drew intense criticism for his aggressive pursuit of unauthorized immigrants, which earned him a criminal contempt conviction.

The blame-averse president told a confidante over the past few days that he realized that he had gotten himself into a politically untenable position. As late as one hour before the decision was to be announced, administration officials privately expressed concern that Mr. Trump might not fully grasp the details of the steps he was about to take, and when he discovered their full impact, would change his mind, according to a person familiar with their thinking who was not authorized to comment on it and spoke on condition of anonymity.

But ultimately, the president followed through on his campaign pledge at the urging of Mr. Sessions and other hard-line members inside his White House, including Stephen Miller, his top domestic policy adviser…



Barack Obama said in response to the Trump’s reverasl action….. it was soley ‘Political’…NOT legal and’ Cruel and Self Sefeating ‘….

He was right…..

Now Trump seems stuck….


Ya Gets’ what ya vote for?…Donald Trump…Open Thread for May 22, 2017….

It’s been 122 days since Donald Trump moved into America’s White House….

I have written President Trump about 3 times here at the PDog in those 122 days….

I have written a LOT about Donald Trump’s bumbling in these past months….

I wrote a LOT about how Trump wasn’t qualified to be President and I think I got THAT Right….

But millions of people out there in America voted FOR Donald J. Trump ….Less than voted for Hillary Clinton by about THREE MILLON….

That’s the  way things work in America…. You CAN win the election if you get votes in certain places even if you get less overall….Trump surprised MOST of us and won the Presidency by less than 100,000 votes out of 140 MILLION or so ….

Turns out the people who voted FOR Trump believed him when he said the whole US Government was ‘rigged’….

Now that Trump IS the Government?

Things haven’t changed from the campaign….

He say’s crazy things that often make NO sense…

Even his party members in the House and Senate decided that THEY would draft an 2017 budget that had few of Trump campaign things in it….

Trump said he’s make sure NO one lost their Healthcare coverage….But that’s isn’t what is coming out of the GOP House with Trump’s Budget wishes….DEEP cuts is what he’s looking for…

Trump ranted about how Hillary Clinton couldn’t be trusted?

But Trump is out there GIVING the countries secrets away to the Russians IN THE White House….

It has got so bad with him countermining his staff in public  (Trump continues to be Trump) that we now wait for the next morning to get Trump’s REAL feelings on anything…

No Wall…

No Muslim Ban….

But we STILL can count on Trump to keep trying to stop HIS government people from investigating his buddies getting cozy with the Russians…Its gotten to Trump telling the Russians he’s trying to bury the probe HIS government is making against His  former and present campaign staff buddies….

For Now?

Trump STILL has a LOT of people happy that he’s in the White House even if he’s hard on offering up cuts for their benefits and hasn’t followed thru on getting them jobs…

Around 40% of Americans, according to polls, actually think Donald Trump is doing a Good Job….But…..

The other 60% of us didn’t vote for the guy ….

We’re NOT Happy….

We didn’t vote for this…..

We’re living with what the ‘other guys’ voted for….

It’s a Democracy , Right?

Open Thread for Oct. 1, 2016….Clinton turns to her base in the home stretch….

It’s Get out the Vote Time people….

Coming off her attacks in the first debate and before….

Hillary Clinton is working HARD to rimnd people WHO Donald Trump IS…

And what he IS and IS NOT capable of doing….

Image result for clinton and sanders campaign

While Trump’s supporters don’t care what he says, or has said in the past….

The Clinton campaign isn’t letting those things go…..

And Donald Trump is NOT happy about that…

Gone are Clinton’s regular references to winning over moderate conservatives and her sly allusions to GOP leaders meant to give defecting Republicans a framework for abandoning their nominee. With 39 days to go, Brooklyn headquarters and battleground state operatives are activating the massive surrogate machinery, a heavy early voting push, and a large-scale registration offensive they think they need to secure a win in November.

Never mind, they insist, that Donald Trump lacks anything close to an equivalent turnout infrastructure.

“The thing about this election is — as unconventional as it is — what’s remarkable is how conventional it is,” said Steve Schale, a Florida Democratic strategist who ran Obama’s state teams. “You go back to 1976, there have been a billion votes cast for president, and there’s less than five million votes separating the Republican and Democratic candidates. Why would this be different?”

Clinton’s targets almost universally echo Obama’s from four years ago in the individual states where the election will be won and lost.



Open Thread for August 15, 2016…Desperate time for Republicans…

Must be….

Some Republicans are STILL begging the Fed’s to charge Hillary Clinton with SOMETHING…

She’s been  thru the Benghazi hearings….

She’s been thru the email examination….

She’s past the foundation questions….

She’s been thru the email server examination….

Now the Republicans are asking to subject her to a perjury  charge for dealing with the GOP House fishing expedition …..

Donald Trump on the other hand ?

He’s in court on SEVERAL Civil cases…

For one he’s gone after the judge with racial and heritage disses…

(That one got him in hot water)

He just settled one for $10 M…..

Nobody cares, Right?

Most of those Republicans KNOW their nominee is working for a loss come November….

So these people are trying to save the day for their party by keeping at something that is NOT gonna happen….

Their voters have put them in this mess….

The Department of Justice isn’t gonna get them out of it, no matter how despoerate they are with a guy repping them from an Alternate Universe….

Open Thread for June 7th, 2016…Carrying Trump…

Poor Republicans?


For the last week we have seen the Grand Ole Party twisting in the wind with Donald Trump siingularly focused of trying get at the  Federal Judge presiding over one of his several Trump University civil lawsuits….In doing so ?…Trump has labeled the Judge a “Mexican’ as a slur, even though the judge was born in Chicago….

Almost EVERY prominate Republican has been disovoving Trump’s comments….Paul Ryan while endorsing Trumpo seems to be advancing THE PARTY’s policies instead of Donald Trump’s…

Oh, and Donald Trump has DOUBLED DOWN on going after the Judge….

And THAT is it….

While Hillary Clinton clinches the Democartic Presidential Nomination?… and has begun her November election campaign…..

Donald Trump has scheduled a trip to Scotland to promo a Gulf Course that he has money involved in….

The final straw ?

Lindsey Graham is asking Republican’s who endorsed Trump to UN-Endorse the guy….

We now have Republicans spending their time explaining THEIR view ‘s VS Donald Trump’s….

Open Thread for April 12, 2016…Bernie should keep running…After he loses his supporters need to support Clinton…

I KNOW that MOST Democratic primary voters regardless of WHO they check off KNOW that Hillary Clinton will be the parties nominee ….

All this Sanders talk about a contested convention and Sanders winning the nomination is just talk….

I ALSO know that Sanders supporters are strongly in his corner and that’s fine….

But the numbers and calendar has always pointed to Hillary Clinton getting win for 2016….

I have had several conversations on line and in person with Sanders supporters who are passionate….

I respect their choice of who they want to vote for, but I almost always end up going to the long game question….

IF and When Hillary Clinton gets to the point where you KNOW she’s gonna be the nominee?

Will you support her?

I always add….

It’s your choice ….

But a failure to support her by voting FOR Her means that you are helping the GOPer’s undo EVERYTHING that President Obama has accomplished …..

So far I haven’t had anyone say they’d throw away the current President’s efforts by NOT voting the Democrat on the top of the ticket this November….Even it ain’t their first choice…



March 15 Presidential Primaries Open Thread….

Voters go the polls in the below five states…..


North Carolina




For the Democrats…..Hillary Clinton is ahead ….But the narrative will be about how many MidWest States Bernie Sanders can steal from the Clinton efforts….The workers in MidWest are suffering in the US economy….They are NOT happy with Clinton and Obama’s trade policy….If Clinton wins the MidWest states ?….It’s over for Sanders…..If not…Sanders lives to fight on….

For the Republicans.…It’s about trying to stop Donald Trump….He’s ahead…But NOT by much he’s got Ted Cruz behind him…The plan for Anti-Trump forces is have John Kasich win Ohio, which he’s ahead in the polls….Marco Rubio is on his last legs and is expected to lose Florida, which would show him the door….Last weeks violence has kept the focus on Trump thru the weekend….Which is what he wants…

Join us tonight as we report out the twists and turns and results in the 2016 quest for the White House….

And remember …..

It’s about the delegates gained.….

Not the states won…..

And polls can be wrong….

Open Thread for March 9, 2016…..We go On…..

Another set of contests tonight in the books….

Wins for Trump, Clinton and Sanders along with Cruz….

Not much change in things….

Hillary Clinton keeps pulling away from Bernie Sanders while get squeeks out more wins that we thought….

Donald Trump maintains his lead while Ted Cruz gets another small win….

And Ted Cruz keeps showing he can get wins and remains the GOPer’s best hope to saty close to Trump….

But it does appears that RANTS and I WIN and Evereybody Likes me Trump looks like he’s gonna steal the nomination from the Grand Ole Party….

Next Tuesday we do this again…..

And the results then could show us Clinton and Trump locking up the Democartic and Republican nominations for President….

Stay tuned !


March 8, 2016, GOP & Democratic Primaries Open Thread….

Former GOP frontrunner and millionaire real-estate developer Donald “Puny Fingers” Trump suffered major setbacks this past Saturday when he lost Kansas and Maine to Texas Senator Ted Cruz by blow-out margins and ultimately won Kentucky and Louisiana, two states in which he was supposed to post wipe-out margins, by around 3-4% over Senator Cruz.

To make matters worse, a recent poll out of Michigan showed Trump trailing, of all people, Ohio Governor John Kasich by a slim margin. Cruz’s numbers have also been on the ascendancy of late, which is entirely understandable given his Primary wins this weekend. Given Trump’s signature under-performance of his poll numbers, one has every reason to think that he’s not doing at all well there.

Same goes for down in the state of Mississippi. Polls have showed Trump with decent enough leads in the Magnolia State, but recent Primary history tells us Trump is in for a much narrower-than-expected win, as Trump spectacularly under-performed his poll numbers in such Southern states as Arkansas, Kentucky, and Louisiana in the past week. Additionally, Trump is not expected to do well in the voting in Mormon Idaho(Romney’s #NeverTrump speech should make a big difference here) and in minority-majority Hawaii(a mirror-image, in some respects, of the American Samoan Primaries this past Sunday, where Florida Senator Marco Rubio triumphed with 3/4 of the vote). In sum, the state of Trump’s campaign is NOT looking good as they head into tomorrow’s voting.

Predictions for the Republican Primaries:

Hawaii–Rubio wins with 68%, to Trump’s 19% and Cruz’s 11%.

Idaho–Rubio wins with 51%, to Trump’s 36% and Cruz’s 10%.

Michigan–Kasich wins 35-29-27 over Cruz and Trump, with Rubio pulling in 9%.

Mississippi–Trump wins 34-33 over Cruz, with Rubio pulling in 20% and Kasich bringing up the rear with 13%.

The Democratic Primary has endured its own variety of shake-ups of late, with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders scoring impressive wins in Colorado, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Vermont. Last night, the candidates debated in Flint, MI, and both came out swinging against the other.
One, the other, or both got in sturdy digs in at each other. Former First Lady Hillary Clinton’s major dig in at Sanders involved his vote against the automotive bailout(the same issue, BTW, that sunk 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s chances in this state), which he justified as being a vote against the Wall Street interests involved in the crafting and implementation of the aforementioned legislation.
Sanders, for his part, hit Clinton on her seeming advocation for closing down all gun manufacturers in America, essentially ending the manufacturing, distribution, and trade of guns in America.

Where he thought he was going with this issue is beyond me, since he was seeming to attack a mainstream position within the Democratic Party and electorate.

While it may not hurt him amongst the economically-centred voters of Michigan, whatever strategy he has long-term has to be at least somewhat hampered by this. Polls of late have shown Clinton with a strong lead over Sanders, and, like so in most of the other states, the state party’s establishment is solidly behind her.

Liberal, grass-smoking activists have coalesced behind Comrade Sanders, and his message should resonate with average voters tired of the divisive rhetoric of the Donald Trumps and the Hillary Clintons of the political world and who are seeking out a refreshing change of some sort. It probably won’t be enough to save Sanders, though.

Also of ‘note’: The Mississippi Primary, which is more of an afterthought, as Clinton will almost certainly register yet another shattering win in the states of the Deep South.

Predictions for the Democratic Primaries:

Michigan–Clinton over Sanders 53-46.

Mississippi–Clinton over Sanders 76-21.


top image…bbc.com

Bottom image…altoday.com

Open Thread for March 2, 2016…Republican Choices…

It’s the morning after Super Tuesday 2016…..

For the Grand Ole Party establishment and elites?

Things are WORST than it was yesterday morning…..

Donald Trump, the guy who isn’t a Registered Republican  won 7 more contests last night….

He leads the field in delegates and is 1/4 of the way to nomination….

The guy who the E’s thought could be THEIR guy, Marco Rubio,  is behind Trump 3 to 1…..He pulled off his ONLY win…

But that’s not the issue….

The guy who the E’s HATE the most?

Image result for Trump/cruz

Ted Cruz went home with 4 wins…..

He’s only a 100 delegates behind Trump….

The GOP’s head guy had a survey done after the party lost in 2012….

That report pointed to the conclusion that the party could NOT win the Presidency WITHOUT making inroads into the minority vote and some more upper class American’s….

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz do NOT carry most of either of those two groups…..

The E’s thought Marco Rubio COULD….

From where this Dog sits it looks like the E’s are in trouble….

Trump IS ahead…

3/4 more of the GOP delegates are up for grabs….

Rubio could do better in two weeks….

But it sure seems like the Republican Civil War battle is pitting a circus performer that promised the world , but NOT how ……Against a Cuban-American Senator hated by his party regulars but unabashedly a rightwing nut with a following….NOT the guy from Florida….

By the way?

‘You reap what you sow’ could be applied to the E’s, eh?


Kasich and carson don’t count anymore….


Open Thread for August 17, 2015..The Dog days of a Trump Summer….

Why NOT Trump?

That’s what a LOT of Republicans are telling pollsters….

The Republican 2016 Presidential feild is split RIGHT NOW mostly between three people….

Donald Trump…..Ben Carson and Ted Cruz…..

Two of these guys are NOT certified politicians with being elected to public office….

The last one just got there a bit more than a year ago….

None of them get much more than 20% of the polling numbers….

But Trump gets about 10% more than the other guys….

The establishment Republicans wake up every morning and have to be shaking their heads at how their party is being overun by people who haven’t gone along with THEIR program and paiid their dues….

All this after Republicans tranced the Democrats last year in mid-terme elections and thought they could pat themselves on the back….


With Ted Cruz pushing the party to get MORE to the Right….

And Donald Trump attacking EVERYONE ……

And Ben Carson doing well by saying little if nothing…..

The Republican’s are stuck watching American’s BIGGEST entertainment show go op and On and ON at the the parties exspense…