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Republicans want this country closed off and back to the 1950’s…Open Thread for Dec 8, 2017….

No more immigrants….

Hunt down those who came here illegally , cuff them and ship them out

No more abortions…

Black and poor people denied the right to vote….

Guns for everyone….

Give your money BACK to your boss…

Gays are denied their civil rights….

War….Not Peace….

More guns and tanks….

Get rid of social safety net programs…

Tell OTHER countries…They are on their own…

Tell American exporters….You can only sell in this country….

Threaten to take away a healthcare program that has enrolled almost 10% of Americans who had NO healthcare except the emergency room…

Added to all this is the idea that it’s all right to put people (guys) into office that lie, cheat and steal from those less fortunate…..

All that excitement about Barack Obama being the first black/mixed race President and a Democrat has made the Republicans hard pressed to ‘take back’ a country that IS  into second decade of the 21st Century….

In order for the above to be stopped?

Democrats and some Republicans are gonna have to NOT accept resignation and rise up and VOTE….In local , state and Congressional election next November and in 2020….

Image result for trump and republicans

They could get some help from the Robert Mueller final throw-down which will show a New York Real Estate guy who fell into the Presidency of the United State ill equipped to handle it and has tried to get in bed with a foreign power’s people that have done a masterful job of penetrating a start-up American Presidential admin and  tried to get even with American winning the ‘Cold War’…..

In addition ?

At what point does the fear of replacing an American President over come the fear of leaving the guy in to wreck just about everything he touches as he has with past business dealings?…

Donald J. Trump IS the Grand Ole Party these days…He stole it in broad daylight last year and continues make it follow his outlandish and ill conceived action’s…..

Those actions listed above, and more?

Done by guys who MOST America’s do NOT approve of or Support…

Point to a country looking to go BACKWARDS….

Not to contiune being ‘Great’….



Open Thread for Oct. 2, 2017…Las Vegas is the deadliest mass shooting in US history….

The sad , tragic and senseless part to these violent things is they CONTINUE to occur…..

Hurting innocent people……

While the Americans continue to buy and defend their rights to have the type of weapons that make these things possible…. 

The Sunday night mass shooting in Las Vegas is officially the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

At least 50 were killed and 400 injured when a gunman opened fire on the audience at a country music festival from the 32nd floor of a nearby hotel. The suspected gunman, who was found dead, was identified as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock.

A former Las Vegas police officer told CBS News that the length and scope of the shooting were planned “immaculately,” and made it difficult to get first responders to the scene of the attack.

Before Las Vegas, the deadliest shooting had been the attack at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, where 49 people were killed in June 2016.

Prior to Orlando, the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting was the deadliest mass shooting in the country. A student at the university killed 32 people before killing himself.

The Sandy Hook shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., is now the fourth-deadliest mass shooting, where a gunman fatally shot 20 children and six adults in the school.

The death toll also makes the Las Vegas shooting the third-deadliest in the world….



The number of dead has risen to 59…Wounded to 527…..

Donald Trump stands Defiant…And increasingly Alone…Open Thread for 8/16/17…

In a pattern that got him last years GOP Presidential nomination and the Presidency itself?

Donald J. Trump has pushed back against what is expected of person who is supposed to be leading the nation and LOUDLY proclaimed HIS version of the truth….

Pushed into walking away from the rightwingnuts that supported him and are against Minorities and Jews…

Trump doubled back to blaming the racial and religious  violence in Charlottesville on EVERYBODY except the White Power types that have been shown on TV being the aggressors…

We’ve always said here the Trump operates in an Alternate Universe and his actions recently seem to be proof…

A mixture of listening to rightwingnuts and anger at being led to do the ‘right thing’ seems to have made the man VERY angry and defiant…

(He STILL has his base people..But even that number is dropping in new polling…They seem to be ALL he has?)

And seems to be pushing him away from what ever support he has had from establishment GOPer’s…Not many are up front in chastising his action in the last 48 hours…But those same establishment GOP lawmakers that he needs to get any legislation passed ?….(Congress voted AGAINST him on Russian sanctions…There is NOT Obamacare Repeal and the Congress is getting ready to take away Trump’s ability to withhold Healthcare Insurance subsidies)

They have to be wondering WTF they would be going out on a limb to do what a New York Real Estate guy, who could give a shit about anybody but him wants….

“After Trump won the election he had the whole party behind him, except for some malcontents in Washington, but that’s shrinking now,” said one GOP strategist who requested anonymity to talk candidly about the president’s standing with his party.

“Even when all we heard about was the dysfunction and staff infighting and leaks, most Republicans were in lockstep behind the president,” the strategist said. “It feels like that is starting to break. It feels like this is getting away from him.”….



Trump is sure to point to his being down though in the nomination race and the general election…And how he came back against the odds …BOTH TIMES….

Trump under attack…Goes back to campaign mode…Open Thread for July 26, 2017…

Donald Trump is in a hot mess all around…



Transgender Military moves…

Russian probes…

An  Atty. General that won’t cover his back or quit…

And pile of more stuff ….

So what does the guy do?

He goes on the road for Campaign style rallies to inject some energy…

And make more promises he can’t keep…


But after ya leave the room?

The mess is STILL there….

President Donald Trump returned to this longtime Democratic stronghold on Tuesday night, sounding almost unchanged from the candidate who campaigned here last year, as he confidently doubled down on promises he has yet to keep.

In the Covelli Centre filled with still-believing fans, Trump promised a trillion-dollar infrastructure bill, which so far is stalled in a long pipeline of legislation that must come before it. He vowed he was still going to build that wall, which currently has no source of funding. He said manufacturing jobs would come roaring back to Mahoning County, advising the Ohio crowd, “Don’t sell your house. We’re going to get those values up.” Ohio’s unemployment rate increased to 5 percent in June, from 4.9 percent the previous month.

And even as he is actively splitting his own party and his own movement by publicly denigrating his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, Trump made a rousing call that “America must be united.”….


Govt Shutdown on the line …Trump backs away from the ‘Wall’…Open Thread for April 24, 2017…

Coming up being stuck between an rock and hard place?

Donald Trump appears to have blinked….

No ONE want’s his monstrasity of a wall build between Mexico and the American border states…

There is no apitite for it from Democrats or Republicans….

Image result for ryan /schumer

There is no need for it with border aprehesions dropped by 60% since Trump started lowering the hammer on illegals at the border and around the country…

And there is NO money for this campiagn dream project either…

So it appears that Trump has signalled that he will withdrawn his demand that a ‘new beautiful 30 foot wall be constructed and settle for some drone’s and smart technology to add to the border effort ….Thus helping his adopted party solve one of the two major obstacles in the way of getting a budget….The other is the idea of Repealing Obamacare…THAT isn’t gonna happen the way he wants either…


The Mexicans where NEVER gonna  pay for the thinbg and smart lawmakers aren’t gonna have Americans anti up the money either….

(Of course Trump is still bullshitting outloud about the wall..But lawmakers aren’t paying much attention to his tweets )…

….Republicans were working to define Trump’s campaign promise down, arguing that any form of border security would fulfill it.

“There will never be a 2,200-mile wall built, period,” said Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.), a supporter of immigration reform who challenged Trump in the 2016 primaries. “I think it’s become symbolic of better border security. It’s a code word for better border security. If you make it about actually building a 2,200-mile wall, that’s a bridge too far — but I’m mixing my metaphors.”

Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), a key appropriator and member of Senate leadership, said that “there could be a wall in some places and technology in other places,” implying that there would not be funding for the wall sketched out in campaign rhetoric. “I think you’re going to get a down payment on border security generally,” he said….

Among other guarantees, Democrats want assurances that insurance subsidies through the Affordable Care Act will continue to be funded. There have been discussions among Republicans that Democrats could agree to provide money for the construction of the wall in exchange for those health funds, but Democrats have refused.

Sunday morning, congressional Democrats submitted to Republicans a compromise spending plan, which included some new money for border security but only if it did not go toward a wall. Democrats also asked for assurances that the health insurance subsidies would continue to be funded, language that would shore up benefits for coal miners and a change that would expand Medicaid benefits to people in Puerto Rico, according to a senior Democratic congressional aide.

image of ….House Speaker Ryan, Trump and Senate Minority leader Schumer…nymag.com


We’ll get thru this….Open Thread for January 16, 2017

We’ve been here before….

George Bush and ‘hanging chads’ in Florida….

Efforts to return to the ‘good ole days’ that wasn’t so good if you wasn’t a white male…

America IS IN the 21st Century…

It IS a changing place….

It IS a place where some American’s have been able to secure more ‘Rights’ to live their lives as equals….

It IS a place where some American’s are embracing diversity…

It IS a place where some practice tolerance for the new mix of those who help this place be great like American experienced a century ago….

America IS a great place…

THAT is why millions are betting their lives to get here…

By plane, boat and thru the dangers of coming on foot….

And as these ‘different’ people’s integrate themselves into America?

We become stronger….

We’ll get thru this…

Just as we have in the past….

Donald Trump may NOT know what he ‘s doing…

But America does….

‘We the People’ will keep us there…

With Trump in the White House won’t stop us…..

Open Thread for January 9, 2017…Run Hillary….Run….’Third time’s the Charm’….

I wouldn’t be able to vote for her…I don’t live in NYC….

But I’d join the rest of America in being happy…

And like the NY Times piece below?

Image result for Hillary Clinton

Boy could she have fun messing with President Trump’s program….

Hillary Clinton as New York City Mayor?

Imagine the fun:

City building inspectors start to show up daily at Trump Tower, where they find a wobbly beam here, a missing smoke detector there, outdated wiring all over the place. City health inspectors fan out through Trump’s hotels, writing citations for clogged drains in the kitchens and expired milk in the minibars.

The potholes near his properties go unfilled. Those neighborhoods are the last to be plowed. There’s a problem with the flow of water to his Bronx golf course, whose greens are suddenly brown. And the Russian Consulate keeps experiencing power failures. It’s the darnedest thing. Clinton vows to look into it, just as soon as she returns from the Hamptons.

She makes Alec Baldwin her cultural affairs commissioner, Alicia Machado the head of the city’s office of food policy. She invites the Rockettes to perform at every official city event. Without any hand-wringing, all of them accept.

And she’s the belle of the international ball. When foreign dignitaries cycle through the United Nations, they make sure to drop by City Hall, especially because she was once the country’s secretary of state. She winds up meeting with some of them more often than Trump does. He handles this as any grown-up in a position of extraordinary responsibility would, with crack-of-dawn tweets about what a lumpy loser Angela Merkel is and where he places her on a scale of 1 to Melania.

“Sad!” he fumes, but Clinton couldn’t be happier. His hometown is her fief. She’s the boss of him whenever he’s in the Big Apple, and he’s in the Big Apple a whole lot…..



The word is she won’t and if she lost….Whew????

But a WIN would be a hell of a rebound….

And would get rid the idea that she doesn’t take any risk…


Open Thread for December 27, 2016….The EXPANDED list of Democrats for the 2020 Presidential Sweepstakes…

The Hill is out with a list of 15 possible 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination candidates…..

Please give us your comments….

Democrats grappling with the shock of Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump are also beginning to turn their attention to 2020, and pondering who could defeat Trump as he vies for reelection.

Here are The Hill’s initial rankings of where the potential candidates stand.

1. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.)

How would the 2016 election have panned out had Warren challenged Clinton in the primary? That’s one of the great unknowables of Democratic politics. But now, there is little doubt that the Massachusetts senator is the leading contender for the 2020 nomination.

Warren, a former Harvard Law School professor, has been beloved by the left throughout her late-blooming political career, largely because of her no-punches-pulled attacks on banks and the financial industry. She got under Trump’s skin via Twitter during the 2016 campaign too.

The recent news that Warren will join the Senate Armed Services Committee in January has stoked speculation that she is looking to bolster her foreign policy and national security credentials in advance of a presidential run. Warren would be 71 by the time of the next election, but she is three years younger than Trump.

2. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)

Sanders came from semi-obscurity in the Senate to give Clinton a serious run for her money in the battle for the Democratic nomination this year.

He won 23 contests and amassed more than 13 million votes. He also fired the enthusiasm of young voters and progressives, two pillars of the Democratic base that Clinton struggled to charm.

The Vermonter’s focus on income inequality and his broader point that the system is rigged against working Americans resonated. Sanders’s main problem when it comes to a 2020 run could be his age. He will be 79 next Election Day. Still, Sanders might well be tempted to try one more time — especially if Warren stood aside.

3. Sen. Cory Booker (N.J.)

Booker raised eyebrows earlier this month when it emerged that he would join the Senate Foreign Relations Committee when the new Congress convenes. As with Warren and the Armed Services panel, his decision was interpreted as an effort to burnish his resume for a potential presidential run.

Booker is just 47, and he is one of only two African-Americans in the Senate for now. (That number will rise to three in January when California’s Kamala Harris will be sworn in.)

He is also one of the most media-savvy members in the upper chamber — a trait that has been apparent since the start of his career, when his first, failed bid to become mayor of Newark was captured in a sympathetic documentary, “Street Fight.”

Booker is far from the most liberal member of the caucus. During the 2012 presidential campaign, he criticized an Obama campaign ad that hit Mitt Romney’s business record, insisting on NBC’s “Meet the Press”, “I’m not about to sit here and indict private equity.”

An optimistic view is that he could bridge the gap between the progressive and center-left strands of the party. Skeptics will question whether he is a little too corporate-friendly for the tastes of Democratic primary voters.

4. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (Minn.)

Klobuchar has already appeared on several shortlists of likely contenders for the nomination, and it’s not hard to see why.

The New Yorker called her, “popular, practical, appealing [and] progressive.” She is from a state where the currents of labor and progressivism run strong. But the no-nonsense, affable Klobuchar could also plausibly appeal to Rust Belt voters whom her party needs to win over.

One issue for Klobuchar right now is that she does not have a high profile outside of her native state and the Beltway. There is plenty of time to change that if she wants to run and win in 2020. But she could be eclipsed by higher-wattage candidates….

Nine More names…..

Open Thread for November 1, 2016…Early Democratic Turn Out…..

I have been saying this FOREVER….

Bracak Obama was viewed MORE favorable than Hillary Clinton who has a history and is admittly qualified to BE President….

But that same history works against her also….

Democrats need to make sure that people actually come out and VOTE….Not just answer pollsters questions…..Early voting numbers are mixed and…..

Democrats can ill afford to let up on getting their voters to COME TO THE POLLS and VOTE….

…from Daily Kos…..

With one week to go until Election Day, the statistics from Monday’s early vote were, on balance, a disappointment for Democrats. It consisted of the best day of the in-person early vote period thus far for the Republicans in Nevada and also showed a (narrow) bounceback for Republicans in Florida as they continued to offset narrow in-person gains for the Democrats with larger leads among returned mail-in ballots.

Much of the online discussion of early voting this week, however, seems to be revolving around the demographic makeup of those that have participated in the process thus far. A couple of studies released over the past couple of days indicate a potentially worrisome (for Democrats, at least) dive in the participation of African-American voters in early voting. So, the questions now appear to be twofold: 1) Are the studies indicating flagging black turnout accurate? and 2) Does this necessarily portend trouble for the Democratic ticket?


One of the places where the turnout performance (or lack thereof) is a big issue is Florida, where an explosive report was published on Monday by University of Florida Prof. Daniel Smith. Smith argued that African-American proportion of the early in-person vote (with eight days left in the election) has plummeted from 25 percent of the total early vote down to 15 percent of the early vote. A rising proportion of Latino votes relative to 2012 has offset that somewhat, but the white share of the in-person early vote has risen from 60 to 64 percent, according to Smith….



On the other hand, the racial voting patterns in North Carolina are growing a little more difficult to explain. Last week, it was clear that white voters were overperforming their 2012 numbers in early voting, and African-American voters were underperforming their 2012 numbers. But the early lag in African-American in-person early voting had at least one simple potential explanation: the huge decrease in availability of early voting centers, particularly in areas with a high proportion of African-American voters.

However, with nearly 1.9 million votes tallied (according to the VoteTracker project of the conservative Civitas Insitute), there are some very troubling signs. Despite a number of “Souls to the Polls” events over the past weekend, the African-American share of the early vote in North Carolina has barely moved. As of this morning, black voters have made up 22.5 percent of the early vote. By contrast, in 2012, black voters comprised just over 27 percent of the early vote….


Here the evidence is a little more mixed, but still disconcerting. Earlier today, the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections estimated that their turnout for this election (an estimate based, in part, on early voter participation) will amount to 62 percent of registered voters. That is considerably lower than 2012, when turnout was 70 percent of registered voters. Given that (a) this is a 30 percent African-American county in a state that is only 12 percent African American, and (b) this is a county that went Democratic by a 69-30 margin in 2012, this would seem to be very bad news.

The offsetting good news, as we relayed in yesterday’s update, is that the two large Democratic vote sinks in the state (Cuyahoga and Columbus’ Franklin County) had both seen a distinct uptick in early voting performance over the weekend, putting them closer to their 2012 early vote shares, though still lagging….


Some of these numbers definitely should raise a healthy level of concern, but there is an important data point that might mitigate some potential trouble spots we’re seeing. A weekend review of polling data by Ipsos/Reuters suggests that Hillary Clinton is doing quite well among early voters in Texas, Arizona, and Ohio, and leading the overall national early vote by 15 points. We can readily explain Clinton doing well in Texas and Arizona (hint: Latino vote!), but Ohio’s story, demographically, has been that the early vote seemed to play right into Trump’s hands….


Open Thread for October 27, 2016…Fighting the Democrats…

Donald J. Trump is NOT gonna be the next President….

Even Trump KNOWS this….

All the talk from the Media that the Republican Party is gonna fall apart in a political street fight is simply noise…

They will survive …

The thing that is messed up is the comments from the Republican US House Representative from Utah , who like his loser Presidential candidate, is threatening to continue  trying to beat down the winner of the 2016 Presidential election….

To win that election ?

Millions of American’s will mnake a choice…

In my mind it’s all right to NOT be happy with the election results…

But this thing of DELIBERATELY try to derail the wishes of the MAJORITY of American voters is wrong and UN-American…

Representative Jason Chafffetz needs to find other things to do besides trying to run his own crusade to nullify the wishes of the Majority of Americans’s wishes who will be electing the first Woman President…

The last Republican House that did this is fighting for his political life in California…

Open Thread for October 15, 2016…Now Trump blames the the polls?

Except for the LA Tines/USC Tracking  poll?

Donald Trump is DOWN in ALL the National Polls…

They do NOT fit HIS idea of reality….

In the state polling?

He’s close in several states a Republican should own…

Because they aren’t ‘nice ‘ to him he’s of course attacking them….

First on the LATimes Tracking poll and the rest of the field…

Julie Mason on POTUS Radio  had Anna Greenberg, a woman pollster who has won awards for her work on her show talking about the state of the Presidential race polling right now….She points out something that SHOULD be mentioned…

Real Clear Politics, a place WE feature here

(And is quoted by EVERYONE in politics right now as gospel in numbers)
Leans RIGHT….
Part the reason they INCLUDE the LATIMES/USC Tracking
Poll which is plainly and outlier…

She advises that the higher margins in 538 and the Upshot are because they factor out polls like the LATIMES/USC Tracking poll which pull down Clinton’s average….

Now on Trump’s efforts to deny the reality of the rest of the polling BESIDE’S the LATimes Tracking poll…

With Hillary Clinton extending her lead nationwide and in key battleground states, the Trump campaign is toying with what might be called “poll denialism,” giving his supporters license to dismiss the discouraging data.

At the same time, Trump is continuing to tout unscientific online surveys that say he prevailed at last Sunday’s town hall debate.
On Friday afternoon he said he “absolutely destroyed” Clinton, citing “every online poll, even Time magazine,” a news outlet that is “not exactly in love with me.”

A Time magazine spokeswoman confirmed that Time’s web site did not conduct a “who won?” survey after the debate. (Its most recent scientific poll was conducted in late September.)

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign and its allies are latching onto one of the few scientific polls that show him with almost as much as support as Clinton. “IT’S THISCLOSE,” The Drudge Report claimed Friday, linking to a USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times tracking poll.
By the Times’ own admission, “the poll often is out of sync with other voter surveys because it uses different methodology.”
On “Fox & Friends” Friday morning, Pence claimed that “these polls have been all over the map.”

Political analysts dispute that…..