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The 2018 Budget…Will Democrats Blink?…Open Thread for Jan.3, 2018

Within the next few weeks the American Federal Budget for 2018 will have to be worked out….

A failure to do so will force the US Government to stop its non-essential employee’s from coming to work….

While the Republicans passed their tax cut/give away on their own?

That won’t happen with the budget which needs Democratic votes in the Senate…

The BIG question IS?

Will the Democrats dig in against the House Conservative’s reluctance to approve ANYTHING the Democrats want?….What will the Republican Senator do?

And finally?

How far will Senate Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer go to get something for his party to sell in the upcoming Midterm elections?

Republican and Democratic leaders of the House and Senate will meet on Wednesday with White House officials to try to come to terms on a deal to raise strict limits on military and domestic spending before Jan. 19, when the current stopgap spending bill expires.

If negotiations break down, the government could run out of money — just as President Trump marks his first year in office.

Democratic demands are ambitious, topped by a legislative shield for the young undocumented immigrants whose Obama-era protection from deportation was ended by Mr. Trump. They are also pushing for broader intervention in the opioid epidemic, a boost for veterans’ care, disaster relief to hurricane-stricken areas, and financing for the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

“Nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to,” Representative Nancy Pelosi of California, the Democratic leader, said in an interview on Tuesday….

Shortly before Christmas, the House and Senate agreed on the stopgap spending bill that is keeping the government open through Jan. 19, punting other fights into the new year.

“It never seems to get any easier, right?” Representative Mario Diaz-Balart, Republican of Florida, said at the time. “January’s going to be a bear.”…..