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Congress and Donald Trump….Open Thread for July 3, 2017

Democrats are so messed up these days that Barack Obama is  now quietly try to put the party together ….

They are STILL fighting last years Presidential nomination….

The Republicans seem to have fallen  for their adopted leader……


There ARE signs that Congress is slowly attempting to go its own way …..

Image result for Ryan/mcconnell

The Senate OVERWHELMINGLY passed a bill continuing sanctions against Russia…

Trump is trying to get the House to water the bill down….

The problems in the Senate and Healthcare is an indication that some Senators are not going along with McConnell AND Trump…

The quiet push to have Trump backdown against Mueller also adds to the quiet push backs AGAINST Trump…

While he has support?

Things ARE slowly eroding….

Which IS normal

And will apply to Trump like other President’s…

partisanship is not a static phenomenon—its forms and patterns change over time. When presidents’ standing in the public sphere is low, they often have trouble getting cooperation even from members of their own party. Think of George W. Bush’s inability to reform Social Security or to get Harriet Miers confirmed to the Supreme Court, or even the trouble that Obama had moving certain nominees (Dawn Johnsen, Goodwin Liu and Debo Adegbile, for example) through Democratic Senates.

If Trump remains unpopular—and especially if his unpopularity drags down the reelection prospects of other Republicans, as this year’s special elections thus far suggest he might—then conditions will be especially ripe for Republican pushback. And, at the extreme, if Trump’s presidency at some point really does look like it’s going down in flames, Republicans might sense the chance to develop a bipartisan reputation for heroism by vigorously opposing him…..



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Comey’s side …Trump wanted his ‘loyalty.’…Open Thread for May 11, 2017…

It is indeed strange times for America….

A President under investigation along with his close associates ?

That same President invites the guy doing the investigation?….

The Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to a private dinner?

Then HE SAYS he asks the FBI Director if he’s being investigated ?

He also admits that asked the FBI Director THREE TIMES if he was being looked at?

But it gets worse…

We ALL KNOW Trump fires the guy for about 15 different stated reason that change everyday but amount to Trump being pissed that the FBI Director was spending SO MUCH time investigating Trump people and their possible Russian connections,  the fact that Comey was all over the media and that Trump REALLY didn’t like the guy?…..

Now we have James Comey out with his side of the story, since in dealing with Donald Trump the truth is often bent to fit Trump’s view of reality….

Comey now say he was pressed several time ‘s to give Donald Trump his ‘loyalty’…..



WTF did Trump mean?

In some eyes a President being across the table from his chief cop , who is probing contact HIS buddies had with Russians, who in the past have LENT Trump MILLIONS of dollars to keep his businesses afloat asking such question could interpreted as intimidating…..

THAT could launch ANOTHER investigation and if it had someone else like Hillary Clinton?…The Republicans would be SCREAMING  IMPEACHMENT….

Things aren’t going to that point right now because Republicans have hitched their wagon to Donald Trump and most seem to be willing to go down with a Trump ship if it comes to that….


Who do you believe?

A worried Donald Trump who BADLY wants to hook up with the Russians who have been ‘loyal’ to his bank account in the past?

Or an ex-FBI Director that has made some mistakes in the last year but should know better than to have told a possible subject of his troops probing that he was in the clear….THREE TIMES?


And BTW?

It just keeps Dripping and Dripping…..

And it will keep getting worst….

Overtime Trump opens his mouth…

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What did Trump KNOW and When Did he know it?…Open Thread for Feb. 14, 2017…

Why did the head of The National Security Council go on for three weeks  in office after making phone call’s with Russian’s BEFORE Donald Trump actually was sworn in?

Why didn’t the people in the White House?…..and The President?….Act after being told by the Department of Justice that Flynn did talk to the Russians  about a possible deal on sanctions?

Why was the Vice President deceived?

Was Mike Flynn acting on his own?

Or was he just the messenger for others in Trump & Co.?

There are things that ARE going on in the background that seems unsettling ….(And why do we have a President at odds with his Intelligence Community?)

And more than ANYTHING?


How long can Donald Trump last in office ?


David Petraeus CAN be given the job if Trump pardons him and is will to take the heat in the media over his past indescreations…

But there are other names in the mix….

Above ALL?

This is puts Defense Sec Mattis as the top National Sec guy in the room…..

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Open Thread for Feb, 3th, 2017…NO White House voter Fraud ‘Investigation’…The Clean Up after Trump continues…

I guess they talked Presiodent Trump out of it, eh?

(Another about face from Trump’s early rants…The Clean-Up continues)

The White House is backing away from President Donald Trump’s promise to launch an investigation into the voter fraud claims he made up.

One senior administration official told CNN that while such an investigation could happen in the future, it was no longer a priority. This explains why the executive order on the probe that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Trump would sign last month was never released.

On Jan. 25, Trump promised a “major investigation” into the 2016 presidential election, claiming that at least 3 million people had voted illegally, and all those votes had gone to his opponent, Hillary Clinton. It’s worth noting that Clinton beat Trump in the popular vote by around 3 million.

The president said that the investigation would target undocumented immigrants, dead people who were still registered and those registered to vote in more than one state….


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Open Thread for January 30, 2017…How long will President Trump last in Office?


Anyone out there think this guy is gonan make it in office for FOUR YEARS?

Image result for Donald Trump

Will he ba able to deal with Hillary Clinton beating him in the vote?

Will be able to deal with crises ..or just be be fixated on the latest slight thrown his way?

Will he be able to deal with the first time his ywitter account is hacked and he has to give THAT up?

Will he be able to deal with the move by the Media to commonly call hiom a liar when he does?

Will he want to stay if someone DOES get a hold of his taxes and spreads them across the front pages of America?

Will be want to stay if someone leaks those ‘secret’ bits and pieces that the Russian’s , MI5 and FBI have in the files about him?

Will be able to get over the fact that people NOW regualrly laugh AT HIM?

And that the media, which he plays?

Is helping Democrats (and Republicans) define him as a one dimentioanl egomatic , who lives in “alternate Universe”?

And finally?

Will he stick around if SOMEHOW he gets ordered to give up his BUSINESS enterprises?…ALL OF THEM?

Or will he say?

I’m out…I ain’t giving up my money and then pimp his White House job for even MORE MONEY????

Oh, I forgot….

Will he be able to want to stay if his efforts to get tight with Russian Leader Putin are dashed?

image …Politico

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Open Thread for October 22, 2016…Reince Preibus WAS Right….

After  the 2012 loss of Mitt Romney to Barack Obama the Republican party took it upon itself to find out why….

Reince Preibus , the Republican party boss proudly announced the results after the report came out….

That WAS then….

Ted Cruz started his campaign NOT following the studies suggestions…..

Donald Trump threw the book away….

These days Preibus is trying to keep HIS party in one piece while Trump   NOT follow  his advice puts Trump’s adopted party in conflict….

Preibus WAS Right…..

Image result for reince priebus/trump

And he’s suffering because his voters choose Trump with  the hate and fear Preibus’s party have used to hold on those people in their grip….

America is about to get a 3rd term of Democratic Presidency and could very well have a fourth….Which would mean 16 years of Democratic President’s….

The Republican’s still have a say in Congress…

But the White House continues to escape them….


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Open Thread for October 12, 2016….Donald Trump is in Deep Trouble….


Ezra Klein
Trump’s plan to beat Hillary Clinton:

– Attack Bill Clinton
– Attack Paul Ryan
– Sue the New York Times

See the problem?

David Boardman ‏@dlboardman 
David Boardman Retweeted Scott Bixby
Eight. https://www.google.com/amp/www.king5.com/amp/news/local/miss-washington-2013-says-donald-trump-groped-her/334981243?client=safari …

Scott Bixby @scottbix
SEVEN ALLEGATIONS against Trump today:
– Buzzfeed News
– New York Times
– Guardian…

The Boston Globe ‏@BostonGlobe

Donald Trump “just came strolling” into dressing rooms, pageant contestants allege http://bos.gl/81ACN3D

Christopher Hayes
Anyone feel like we’re in one of those free-fall rides? Or, like, a bad dream where you’re in an elevator that fails?

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Open Thread for Sept. 22, 2016… Donald Trump IS running out of Time….

Image result for Clinton/trump

Donald J. Trump  being Trump made a batch of bad moves in the last two weeks just as his poll numbers had started to look better….While Trump had some Democrats worried with his polling climb…..

Trump just HAS to BE Trump…..

That  has resulted in Trump’s jump up in the polls seemingly coming to an end as Clinton’s General Election numbers seem to be climbing….

That adage floated during the GOP primaries that Trump is NOT able to get support much past  40% of the voter’s is  probably correct….

The Democrats are  starting to bear down on their ‘Get Out the Vote’ push….

Trump has no such effort….

Trump is now hiding from the Media except for Fox News….(He has the Washington Post STEADILY on his case….)


While people are ALREADY voting.….

Clinton’s poll numbers are getting better….

The clock IS already running on the election vote ….


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Open Thread for July 7, 2016…..The GOPer’s last stand against Hillary Clinton…

I’m sitting here watching FBI Director James Comey taking on the wrath of frustrated Republican House members who didn’t have Comey , a Republican , help them stop Clinton from her second trip to the White House….

The Democrats take their turn covering Comey….

The Republicans savage him….

The case IS over….

The Politics is NOT….

But the Clinton’s have been here before and will go on….

Oh, by the way?

Petraeus and Powell have helped out Clinton…..

Props to Comey…..

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Open Thread for June 14, 2016…There will be NO Muslim Ban…

Donald Trump IS at it again….

Trying to sell something that is NOT gonna happen…..

We will NOT go back to McCarthyism…..

We will NOT go back to interment camps….

We will NOT have people limited from coming to American by their religion like things where during World War II

This country isn’t gonna build a wall between it and Mexico….

A MAJORITY of American KNOW this…..

Donald Trump needs to stop trying to sell this crazy assed stuff to them….

Who supports the ban? A national NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll conducted in December after Trump’s announcement indicated that 57 percent of Americans opposed it. But during the primary season, 68 percent of Republican voters said they were in favor of a temporary ban on Muslims who are not U.S. citizens, according to analysis of exit poll results from 18 states. In March, an online poll conducted by Morning Consult said that 50 percent of all American voters supported a temporary ban.

However, the ban has virtually no public support among GOP lawmakers, even from those who have enthusiastically endorsed Trump’s campaign. A few conservatives who are not currently in office — such as Pat Buchanan, Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin — have publicly applauded Trump’s approach, but Republicans like House Speaker Paul Ryan have outright condemned it. When the candidate first rolled out the proposal, Ryan declared, “This is not conservatism.”


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Open Thread for March 31, 2016…Who says we ain’t having fun?

Donald Trump messing up the abortion question….Going in MANY DIFFERENT directions…Not helping his status with women voters…

Trump NOT talking policy…But dissing Ted Cruz’s wife….

Oh, and losing a week of media time to President Obama’s Cuba trip…

John Kasich NOT taking the GOP hints to drop out….

Marco Rubio newly interested in his delegates AFTER dropping out of the race?

Ben Carson going around making excuses for Trump….

Ted Cruz going around stealing Trump delegates and Trump saying he’ll sue to get them back?

Bernie Sanders collecting over $40 M and still selling a call for a ‘Revolution’

Hillary Clinton turning to blast Trump while Sanders keeps nipping at her ankles….

And on top of ALL of THIS?

The GOPer’s are getting ready for a party in their Cleveland  “OPEN’ Convention

And who knows what gonna happen at the Democratic Convention with the Sanders people?


To ALL who come to this place?

Thank You for giving us the BEST February and March we’ve had here since the place was born!….

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South Carolina GOP Pres Primary and Nevada Democratic Caucus Open Thread….

Well folks we’re into another voting day here at PDog…..

Voters go to caucuses in Nevada to pick their choice who they want to rep their party this November….

While Hillary Clinton was the early favorite..

Polls have tigheten considerably coming down to wire….

Will Bernie Sanders be able to eck out a win , or will Clinton?

Over on the Republican side things are just as interesting….

Donald Trump has led in the polls from the jump…

But over the last week he has actually been dropping into a single digit lead…

Down the list we have Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio vying for Second place….

For Jeb Bush?

He’s finally entered double digits in South Carolina….

But unless he can capture at least 3rd place one gets the impression that he’s a goner …..

Hang on folks…

Gonna be intersting night!

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Open Thread for January 3, 2016…A armed antigovernment Group has seized Federal property…Nobody cares…

I did a post earlier about a group of people up in Oregon that have used guns and rifles to capture a Federal office in Oregon…..

The story is slowly being reported by the American media….

Nobody is getting ecited about it….

The reports are that group took the office and land around it because they though two guys who burned down (Twice)  over 100 acres of land aren’t getting a fair deal from the government….

Now this hasn’t been labeled terrorism, even though several media outlets call the people militia’s…..(Nobody is held hostage..Nobody has been hurt)

There is NO cry for the Wildlife Bureau to send in people to get the place back and there are NO pictures of the FBI ‘s haevily armed guys mounting up….

Lord knows if that was a Black group or some Muslims, the place would be crawling with heavly armed law enforcement types and rightwingnuts would be doing stand-up pieces ALL over the media….Never mind that the area is remote, cold and has snow on the ground….

Heck, Donald Trump hasn’t jumped on this at all…He’d might send the people money since they are complaining about the Fedearl Government, eh?

Who say’s America isn’t GREAT?

A batch of white people can just take over US Government properety (They say they ‘liberated it’) and there is NO rush to deal with that……Media types are free to walk around and do stand-ups….And America just looks the other way…..

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Open Thread for January 1, 2016…ISIS is NOT winning…..

While the media screams about the ISIS sympathizers attacks in Paris and California…..

And Republican Presidential candidates take turns to get up and say the US is losing the war against ISIS militants…..

The truth is more complicated…..

But the bottom line is the militants have lost ground and influence in Syria and Iraq….

President Obama may not be beating  his chest with the news ….But despite the increase in those who are committing acts of violence in the militants name….The ISIS forces ARE being pushed back by several different groups in Iraq and in Syria….

Those groups include the Kurds, Shia militia backed by American airpower and more american military advisors and Syria’s military backed by Russian air power….

The Middle East is being rearranged by all this fighting and the goal of  destroying ISIS probably isn’t going to be necessary …..

That because the local militants are gaining more power and will restore the natural push-pull that was going on prior to George W. Bush’s interference in the region that destabilized things….

We may not like authoritarian leaders there…

But that type of control maybe the ONLY way to bottle up the WIDESPREAD blood letting that has been the recent history of the region….

And should keep outside armies from sending their men and women in harms way….At least not as many anyways?

A war seen by the United States as primarily aimed at preventing future terrorist attacks in America is being prosecuted for very different reasons by the diverse assortment of Shiite, Kurdish and Sunni fighters battling in both Iraq and Syria, often in pursuit of competing agendas that work to subvert the goal of defeating the militants.

In northern Iraq and Syria, Kurds are busily carving out the borders to new Kurdish enclaves. Shiite militias, now the most powerful force in Iraq, are extending their reach deep into traditionally Sunni areas of northern Iraq. The Syrian government is focusing its energies on reclaiming land seized by its opponents during the five-year-old rebellion against it, while deeply divided Syrian rebels in turn are fighting a two-front war to hold their ground against both the government and the Islamic State.

In this fragmented landscape, the Islamic State is but one of a multitude of groups competing for territory and dominance over the collapsed nation states of Iraq and Syria — a symptom as much as a cause of the scramble for power unleashed by the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the 2011 revolt in Syria.

The Islamic State may or may not be vanquished soon — and a string of defeats inflicted in recent months in northeastern Syria, northern Iraq and most recently Ramadi have raised hopes that its demise may be closer than had been thought…..


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Open Thread for December 11, 2015…Could fed up Trump and Carson leave the GOP?

The Republican top people had a get together two nights ago….

Some people in the room brought up the idea of trying work the system against the pareties two interlopers Ben Carson and Donald Trump….


Both Trump and Carson have made noises about running on their own….

Go ahead fella’s….

The Republican’s bosses would get who they want….

And the Democrats would get the White House and probably the whoile Congress….

Go ahead fella’s…

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Open Thread for July 17, 2016….President Obama is right on Iran…

I support President Obama’s efforts to deal with the Iranian nuclear bomb efforts……

For those who think the Presiodent wasn’t able to stop Iran’s moves across the Midddle East and North Africa….

You’rer wishing on a pipe dream….

America is has NO stomach for sending it’s young men and woman into a war against Iran….

It’s THAT simple….

The Sunni countries of the Midlle East and Africa will have to fight their own battle’s….

This President is NOT about spreading Democracy across the region, I suspect because he has come to understand that it simply does NOT work there….

I have no illusions that sometime in the future Iran WILL produce a bomb….

But Barack Obama will be able to say it did NOT happen on his watch….

I have said this before and I will repeat it….

The Israeli Prime Minoster needs to stop compalining about America…And find some sort of accomidation with the Arabs on his border….They and Israel have a common worry about Iran….

How soon people forget about America fighting wars it can’t win thousands of miles from home….

I believe that inn the end President Obama will get his deal from Congress….It will be somewhat sloppily in the process…But it will prevail….

Scott Lehigh in today’s Boston Globe:

…The real choice here is a diplomatic deal or military action. Those who favor a military strike should say so.

And they should then specify why military action now is preferable to embracing an agreement that will extend Iran’s breakout time — the period needed to make enough fissile material for one bomb — from several months to a year, and keep it there for at least a decade.

Further, those who insist on the complete dismantling of Iran’s nuclear infrastructure and assert that that’s achievable if we simply screw sanctions down tighter need to acknowledge two realities.

First, the US can’t unite the rest of the world around the idea that Iran isn’t entitled to a civilian (that is, power-generating) nuclear program. Under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, Iran can claim a legal right to such a program.

What the major powers have been able to agree on is that Iran can’t have a nuclear bomb.

Further, as Obama and Kerry note, if Congress manages to scuttle this deal, we won’t get our negotiating partners to agree to tougher sanctions. Rather, they will abandon the sanctions regime. The net result would be less, not more, economic pressure on Iran…



Persia has been a regional power in what we now call the Midddle east for centuries….

There is no reason to think they would not want to do so again as America has done in the West…..

And this country too used arms to set up its creation…..

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