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People to watch for reactions from the Mueller Grand Jury charges….

The Key Players – Legal And Political – Whose Reactions To The Indictment You Should Watch

Obviously we’ll be closely watching special counsel Robert Mueller and President Donald Trump. But as this drama unfolds, Perry Bacon says we should also be paying close attention to the reactions of these other players:

  • Rob Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general who appointed Mueller
  • Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan
  • North Carolina Republican Sen. Richard Burr
  • The leading Republican men on Trump and Russia: Mike Conaway, Bob Goodlatte, Trey Gowdy, Chuck Grassley, Devin Nunes and Thomas Rooney
  • The anti-Trump wing of the GOP — both inside and outside the Senate
  • Pro-Mueller GOP senators
  • Other Republicans in Congress
  • Democrats



I will add Donald J. Trump….

His lawyers are going to HAVE TO sit on their client to keep him quiet…Pardon’s at this time would probably be tricky as some lawyers have pointed out that if a pardon is given?…That person loses their 5th admendment rights to NOT answer questions about what they have done and could be counter filed….Manafort is also under investigation by the NY State Atty general’s office whose actions cannot be pardoned…

Robert Mueller update Sept. 27, 2017….The IRS on the case….

We have noted that Robert Mueller’s Special Council probe of Donald Trump, his campaign, staff memebers , family and finances had brought on board some serious IRS investigators and lawyers….

CNN now reports that those investigators are tracking possible financial irregularities of Mike Flynn and paul Manafort….

Speculation is that Trump could also in their sights since before getting elected he had IRS issues….

In addition to this ?

The media is quiet about concurrent probes by the New York State Attorney General of Manafort….It is inknown if the NY AG is looking at Trump’s New York financial affairs….Remember Presidential pardons don’t apply to state charges….

The IRS is now sharing information on Trump campaign associates with Robert Mueller’s special counsel office, including former campaign manager Paul Manafort and former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

CNN reported on Tuesday that the agency is providing documents to Mueller’s prosecutors as the team goes back through 11 years of files to investigate possible financial crimes.

The documents provided include tax return-related documents, such as real estate and banking records. Previous tax-related documents were seized by FBI agents when they raided Manafort’s home in July.

The information the IRS can share is restricted under Title 26 US Code and usually needs a grand jury subpoena to share tax returns with another agency.

It wasn’t clear, according to the report, whether the information provided by the IRS included President Trump’s tax returns.



Mueller has three separate grand juries on this….

And people have been called before them….

Mueller can obtain supoenea’s …..

The NY Atty Gen could impanel his own….


Republican and Democratic senators said Tuesday they would remain vigilant to protect special counsel Robert Mueller from being fired, even as President Donald Trump has slightly lowered the temperature about his discontent over the Russia probe.

Two bills introduced in August are designed to safeguard the independent prosecutor, whose investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election has roused Trump’s public and private frustration. Sens. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) and Chris Coons (D-Del.) have proposed allowing a special counsel to contest any termination after the fact, while another bill from Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Cory Booker (D-N.J.) would require the Justice Department to seek judicial approval before any firing….


State Judge orders online ‘Fantasy’ sports betting Operation’s stopped in New York State…

You HAD to know this was coming…..

DraftKings Inc. in particular has been agressive in challanging the order from New York State AG Eric Schneiderman to cease and desist from running their online betting services in his state….

DraftKings and FanDuel at the traget of the New York Attorney General effort’s to classify their actions as gambling , which comes under the reglation of the state…

The shut downs will cost the two outfits TONS of money….

Judge Manuel Mendez’s order came at the request of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who contends that daily fantasy sports contests for cash are a form of gambling outlawed by state law and should be shut down.

DraftKings’ attorney David Boies said the company would immediately appeal the shutdown order.

“We are disappointed with the Court’s decision, and will immediately file an emergency notice of appeal in order to preserve the status quo,” Boies said in a statement. “Daily Fantasy Sports contests have been played legally by New Yorkers for the past seven years and we believe this status quo should be maintained while the litigation plays out.”

In his ruling granting Schneiderman’s request, Mendez said the balance of interests favored Schneiderman and the state “due to their interest in protecting the public, particularly those with gambling addictions.”

“The protection of the general public outweighs any potential loss of business,” Mendez wrote…..


DraftKings has raised more than $600 million since launching its fantasy games in 2012. Its investors include Fox Sports, Major League Baseball, the NHL, and the owners of the New York Knicks, New York Rangers, Boston financial giant Wellington Management, and the owners of the New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys….



An Appellate Division judge late Friday allowed Boston-based DraftKings to continue running its controversial daily fantasy sports contests in New York, temporarily freezing a shutdown order from a lower court judge earlier in the day…..

The emergency reprieve — in effect until at least Jan. 4 — could, for the moment, help DraftKings soothe growing jitters among the financial firms that handle money for the company and provide the lifeblood of its business. But it did little to ease the fears of avid daily fantasy players, who sense that momentum in the legal battle over the games has turned against them and the industry….


NY AG sues The ‘Donald’ who calls him a ‘Political Hack’

Trump is being sued for $40 Mil on his Trump University, who the Attorney General says is a fraud….

Ah, it’s better….

It seems that  New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, a Democrat, has been soliciting political funds from the Trump says the multi-millionaire…


The billionaire businessman lashed out at his critics, particularly New York’s attorney general, who is accusing Trump of defrauding more than 5,000 students who have enrolled in his “Trump University.”

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman slapped Trump with a $40 million lawsuit over the weekend, alleging  the real estate mogul made bogus claims about the school, including that students would become rich and that he was personally involved in crafting the curriculum and selecting instructors.

Schneiderman also alleged instructors used the three-day classes, convincing students to pay anywhere from $10,000 to $35,000, to join the pricy “Trump Elite” membership programs.

Trump made the morning show rounds and a Twitter rant on Monday to rip the claims, in which he repeatedly called Schneiderman a “lightweight.”

“Amazing! AG Schneiderman sues a school w/a 98% approval rating but doesn’t go after billion $ fraudsters all over Wall Street,” he tweeted. “Why isn’t AG Schneiderman going after Democrat Jon Corzine and that $1.4 billion that is ‘missing?’ he added.

Trump is also accusing the Democratic attorney general of spearheading the investigation with the goal of trying to extort campaign contributions from him.

“This is just a political hack who wants to get publicity,” The Apprentice host told MSNBC onMorning Joe. “Who interestingly…has  been asking us for campaign contributions during the investigation. He wants something, he needs something. How could he get publicity better than suing Donald trump?”


New York cracks down on price-gouging in Sandy’s aftermath

Prices during the outages rose from the $3.87 range up to the $4.50+ range around my way….

There WHERE widespread insitances of Gas Stations taking down posted gas prices  and turning off digital siganage listing of gas prices…..

Incidently the only Gas Stations trhat KEPT their prices below $4.00 where Hess stations…..

The Gas prices locally have come back down to the pre-Storm range of $3.83 to $3.99 a gallon after 3 weeks…..

It is STILL starnge to pass gas stations with just a few or no cars in them…..

…….from the LA Times…..

New York Atty. Gen. Eric Schneiderman has put 13 gas station operators on notice that the state is investigating them for allegedly taking advantage of needy customers and inflating prices in the days after Superstorm Sandy.

The notices, sent out Thursday, alert the business owners that the state is beginning to enforce its price-gouging laws, a New York statute that can carry steep fines.

“Our office has zero tolerance for price-gouging and we are taking action to send a message that ripping off New Yorkers is against the law,” Schneiderman said. “We will do everything we can to stop unscrupulous individuals from taking advantage of New Yorkers trying to rebuild their lives.”

PHOTOS: Superstorm Sandy

A week after Sandy made landfall off the New Jersey coast, both New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Schneiderman separately warned their state’s business owners not to dramatically increase prices simply because millions were going to be in need. New Jersey has launched a similar enforcement effort there.

In the weeks after Sandy, Schneiderman’s office received hundreds of complaints from customers about price gouging for essentials like electric generators, food, and cab rides.

A shortage in fuel and shut-down transportation left New Yorkers with few options than to pay….