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Crime in the ‘Big Apple’ lowest in 50 years….

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The numbers disputes media perception that might be seen by the NY Post and NY Daily News front pages daily focus on New York City crime….

New York City

It would have seemed unbelievable in 1990, when there were 2,245 killings in New York City, but as of Wednesday there have been just 286 in the city this year — the lowest since reliable records have been kept.

In fact, crime has fallen in New York City in each of the major felony categories — murder and manslaughter, rape, assault, robbery, burglary, grand larceny, and car thefts — to a total of 94,806 as of Sunday, well below the previous record low of 101,716 set last year.

If the trend holds just a few more days, this year’s homicide total will be under the city’s previous low of 333 in 2014, and crime will have declined for 27 straight years, to levels that police officials have said are the lowest since the 1950s. The numbers, when taken together, portray a city of 8.5 million people growing safer even as the police, under Mayor Bill de Blasio, use less deadly force, make fewer arrests and scale back controversial practices like stopping and frisking thousands of people on the streets.

“There is no denying that the arc is truly exceptional in the unbroken streak of declining crime,” said William J. Bratton, who retired from his second stint as police commissioner last year….



The New York City Police Dept. is over 36,000 strong sworn and another 14,000 civilians ( a $4.8 Billion budget) and there are various other police departments in the cit , in addition, to state and federal law enforcement men and women.working there…

The city has also seen an increase in gentrification upscale efforts, which send the poor to other places….

NYC isn’t on the top ten most dangerous American cities and inn the crime by population category it down at 262 on that list…


New York City Police Head Bill Bratton will step down next month…

The most experienced Police Department head in the country is calling it quits….

William Bratton has headed the Boston, Los Angeles and New York City Police Department (twice)….

Working in a time when police and civilian tensions run high, and working for a mayor who never really clicked with cops on the street probably has just made the man tired and frustrated…He has signaled his intent to step down in last few weeks…

Things have changed…

Bratton , a ‘cops cop’ increasingly has watched as several situations in the streets have eroded support for the type of policing that he believes in…..

William J. Bratton, the commissioner of the New York Police Department and the most widely recognized face in American policing, will step down from his post next month to take a job in the private sector, ending the final chapter of a 45-year career in public life that spanned the country, from Boston to Los Angeles, and reshaped perceptions of crime, the effectiveness of police officers and the image of what a police commander could be.

Mr. Bratton’s departure was to be announced Tuesday afternoon by Mayor Bill de Blasio, according to a person with direct knowledge of the planned announcement. Mr. de Blasio brought Mr. Bratton back for a second stint at the helm of the nation’s largest police force in 2014 and has consistently turned to his top police commander during the rockiest moments of his tenure. Mr. Bratton would be replaced by the Police Department’s top uniformed officer, Chief James O’Neill, a veteran New York commander who became an officer in 1983.

The change came earlier than expected; last month Mr. Bratton, 68, said in an interview that he would not stay into a second term if Mr. de Blasio were re-elected next year. Mr. Bratton has said the choice of when to go was his alone…..



Braxton , who is taking a job in private industry, would probably be a natural for the Homeland Security head in a Clinton Administration…


The NYPD will expand the body camera program….

America’s largest police depertment is moving ahead with increasing the number of cops on patrol with camera’s…

The camera’s have proven to reduce compalints against police officers….

The NYPD plans to greatly expand its use of body cameras to thousands of police officers — up from the 60 currently part of the pilot program, officials said Thursday.

The city is seeking bids from contractors to provide 5,000 cameras and software for storing the recordings for a deal that expires in 2020, city records show.

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said the department was working with its federal monitor to determine “where we’ll go next in terms of actual implementation.”

“We’re very anxious to move forward with it because we think it’s going to be very beneficial to the men and women of the department in terms of showing that most of the actions they engage in the vast majority are appropriate,” Bratton said….



Asian-American’s protest Asian American NYPD Office conviction in shooting…

The former NYPD officer seems to be the victum of bad decisions ALL the way around….

A rookie Police Officer on patrol in a high crime housing project drew his gun in a stairwell and pulled thr trigger once when surprised by a couple walking in the dimly it are….(The NYPD no longer sends rookies to this places)

His shot hits a wall and bounces stricking the male of the couple, who are Black,  and mourtily wounding him…

The officer stunned, argues with his poartner for several minutes, then , dazed, gets told to leave scene by a supervisor and others who try to revive the shot male….

The officer is one of  the rare NYPD officers to be convicted of a crime in situation where someone dies….

On the vast lawn of the plaza near the courthouse in Brooklyn where Peter Liang, a former New York City police officer, was convicted in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man just over a week ago, a crowd of several thousand people gathered on Saturday.

They chanted, “No scapegoat! No scapegoat!” and carried signs bearing the same message. Some said they had never had a reason to protest before, while others said they had taken the day off from work or had come by train and bus from across the city — or as far as New Jersey and Connecticut — to take part in the demonstration at Cadman Plaza Park to show their support for Officer Liang.

Prosecutors had described Officer Liang’s behavior as reckless when he fired his gun inside a public housing complex, and argued that after the man, Akai Gurley, had been shot, the officer seemed more concerned about his career than in helping Mr. Gurley, who was 28.

Yet Officer Liang’s conviction has gripped many in the city’s Chinese-American community, who believe that he had been targeted for prosecution because of his race. They followed the case closely and have been denouncing the jury’s verdict, arguing that Officer Liang, 28, was a victim himself…..


But…things aren’t that simple….

Ex-cop Peter Liang was guilty of criminal negligent homicide in the fatal shooting of Akai Gurley in the stairwell of a high-crime Brooklyn housing project. But to this reporter, he did not seem guilty of the more serious crime of manslaughter, of which he was convicted by a Brooklyn jury.

Maybe, as the Daily News suggested, the jury’s verdict, following the fatal shootings of Eric Garner, Michael Brown and other police shootings around the country, was a message that “the public’s opinion on police killings has radically changed.” More likely, the verdict was due to inept lawyering on the part of Liang’s two attorneys….


The ‘Big Apple’ has a decline in overall crime…

While the media giants like the NY Post and NY Daily News may feature the crime of the day on it’s front pages…..

The truth is crime is DOWN in New York City….

The Police Department is reporting a 2 percent decline, as measured by seven major felonies that are tracked by the Federal Bureau of Investigation: murder, rape, robbery, serious assault, burglary, grand larceny and car theft. At the same time, arrests recorded by officers fell steeply, to 333,115 through Dec. 20, down 13 percent from 384,770 over the same period the year before. The number of criminal summonses dropped to 292,372 from 358,948.

There was a small rise in murders, to 339 as of Dec. 25, already more than last year’s historic low of 333. Still, the number is well below the 536 murders recorded five years ago.

And despite an early increase in gun violence, the final tally of shootings for the year is set to come in slightly lower than last year’s figure.

“As we end this year, the City of New York will record the safest year in its history, its modern history, as it relates to crime,” said Commissioner William J. Bratton, summing up 2015……


Retired tennis star James Blake arrested..Then Unarrested…Cop gets in trouble…

The retired tennis player, James Blake, was jumped, and then arrested, by an plainclothes NYPD officer outside a building in Manhattan while waiting for a cab two days ago.

Blake, who somewhat resembles someone New York City Cops was looking for credit card fraud, was shown on camera completely surprised by the actions of the cop, who never ID’d himself…..

It also appears that a witness also mis-ID’d the tennis player, who put up no resistance…

It was only when he was back at the station house about to be processed when another cop recognized who he was and he was allowed to show ID, that the cuffs came off and he was released….

The NYC Police Commissioner and NYC Mayor have offered their apologies for the incident , which has gone viral with the release of the video…

Both the suspect in the crimes was a light skinned black male as is Blake….

The Officer involved (Who is white) has had his gun and shield taken from him while he rides a desk…

The NYPD Internal investigations unit is on the case…

Maybe I’m naïve, but I just assumed it was someone I went to high school with or someone who was running at me to give me a big hug, so I smiled at the guy,” Blake said.

He was adamant that the officer never said a word: “No, just rushed me.”

The unidentified officer picked Blake up, threw the 6-foot-1 player down on the sidewalk and commanded him to roll over facedown.

“I’m going to do whatever you say,” Blake recalled telling the cop. “I’m going to cooperate. But do you mind if I ask what this is all about?”


New York Mayor gives up…Will hire 1,300 more cops…

In the new budget worked out between mayor Bill DeBlasio and his City Council he signs off on giving his Police Commmisiior what HE wanted….

More cops….

De Blasio, who got into office by favoring the line against ‘stop and frisk’ and actions by the cities police force has found himself backing the 34,000 plus New York City Department more and more…

The move will cvost the city budget more than $100 Million….

It doesn’t manner….

Mayor Bill de Blasio, in a sharp shift from his initial objections, is poised to hire nearly 1,300 additional officers for the New York Police Department, a surprising addition in a $78.5 billion budget deal announced by city leaders on Monday night.

Increasing the size of the force had been a top priority of the City Council speaker, Melissa Mark-Viverito, and the notion was endorsed by Mr. de Blasio’s police commissioner, William J. Bratton. But the move has been opposed by some advocates for criminal justice reform, and it is expected to add at least $100 million to the city’s budget.

The mayor, who has pledged to improve police-community relations, has long been hesitant to hire more officers, saying he felt comfortable with the city’s near-record-low level of crime. But his administration has come under intense pressure in recent weeks after a notable increase in homicides and shootings compared with the same period last year.

“There have been long conversations particularly over the last few weeks on what was the right thing to do,” Mr. de Blasio said on Monday night at City Hall, with Ms. Mark-Viverito at his side. “We came to a plan that allows us to strengthen our police force while encouraging a deepening of reform, while finding key reforms on the fiscal front.”


The Big Apple has an increase in shootings…

New York City has a Progressive Mayor….

His Police Commissioner Bill Bratton was arguing for 1,000 more cops….

Mayor Bill De Blasio has held against that…

Now we find out that the number of shootings and homicides are up….

Now the Mayor is finding himself in a bad place as a popular Police Chief tries aplease those who want LESS agressive police actions in a city that has rising violent crime….

The recent increase in violence has done little to alter the perception, and experience, of many New Yorkers and most visitors. To them, the city remains as safe as ever, even after several high-profile killings in Midtown Manhattan and even as shootings are up significantly in some neighborhoods, including those north of Central Park.

New York is not alone in seeing a rise in violence. In some cities, like Baltimore and Chicago, the increase has been far greater, a fact that New York officials are quick to highlight, albeit privately.

But at a news conference on Monday, James P. O’Neill, the New York Police Department’s highest-ranking chief, acknowledged the steep rise in gunplay and said it was what kept him and other chiefs up at night, even as overall crime was going down.

“We do not take this lightly,” said Chief O’Neill, who led the news conference while the commissioner, William J. Bratton, was on vacation in Italy. “This is our focus.”

Crime is a vulnerability for any mayor. It has been particularly so for Mr. de Blasio. He has at times found himself at odds with rank-and-file police officers as his administration has sought to win trust in minority communities often most ravaged by violence….



Overall though, Reported crime has and is still dropping…

The shooting ARE concentrated in a very few crime ridden area’s….

The NYPD is looking at ways to cut down low level arrests…

NYPD Police Commissioner William J. Bratton, under pressure from the City Council is trying to figure out how to switch certain low level criminal offense’s from being considered crimes, but NOT taking away New York City Police Officers abilities to request ID from people they stop…..

For Police Commissioner William J. Bratton, keeping crime low in New York City hinges on the power of officers to make arrests for low-level offenses. Not that they must actually do so.

Mr. Bratton, speaking to reporters on Thursday, said that he was exploring the possibility of officers’ giving warnings in lieu of arrests, or even criminal summonses, when confronting first-time offenders for minor violations of law.

His comments come against the backdrop of widespread debate and street protests in some areas over the policing of minority communities, and amid a fast-moving conversation in the city about altering some practices.

The debate in New York City represents a shift among police reform advocates, from a focus on unconstitutional police stops to an attack against misdemeanor arrests and criminal summonses, which they say disproportionately ensnare minority communities in the criminal justice system.

In recent days, the way the city handles the lowest-level offenses, such as riding a bike on the sidewalk, public urination and drinking in public, has been the subject of a back and forth between Mr. Bratton and the City Council, which has proposed civil penalties in place of the current criminal process.

“I am very intent on protecting the right of the officers to start the process, with the stop, with the identification,” Mr. Bratton said at the Police Academy after a speech on Thursday…..


The New York City Police Department to form seperate terrorist/protest unit….

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton will deal with a several issues in creating the unit…..

The Police Union has complained about not having the right equipment for situations like the Paris attacks….

The Paris attacks have renewed the efforts of the NYPD and other Departments acquiring heavy duty weapons….(Fergusn incidents will NOT stop this)

The Department wants more man power….

The Department IS worried about possible attacks on the city….

A new unit of 350 cops will handle both counterterrorism and protests, riding around vehicles equipped with long guns and riot gear under a new NYPD re-engineering plan to be rolled out over the coming months.

The department will do away with the current system that pulls cops from precincts citywide to provide a beefed-up presence at certain hotspots in “critical incident vehicles.”

“It strips the precincts of a couple of officers, day time, evening,” NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said Thursday of the existing strategy initiated under former Commissioner Ray Kelly.
“We’re going to try to create a system where instead of doing that, we’re going to leave them back in the precincts so they get an enhanced presence.”

The new unit, which will be operational by summer, will be assigned to the counterterrorism bureau.

“They will be specially trained for it,” Bratton said during a Police Foundation breakfast.. “Their vehicles will be specially equipped with long guns and all the various heavy tactical gear, riot gear, and the officers will have the dedicated mission of protecting locations, being able to assist us in dealing with demonstrations.”



The NYPD Head Bratton tells the Cops …Go back to work…The Daily News turns on PBA Head Lynch…

It has been two weeks since the shooting of two NYPD police officers…..

The Department’s officers where shell shocked at the death of the two officers who had no chance to defend themselves…..

For the last two weeks the cops in New York City have shown their displeasure with the guy who tells their boss what to do by turning their backs whenever he, the NYC Mayor shows up….

The story has gone national…..

Someone has even suggested that ex-President Bill Clinton be brought in to ‘settle things ‘…..

Bull Shit….

The cops union are in the process of negotiating a contract with the City of New York….

They have a rookie Mayor in Bill de Blasio who campaigned on the notion that he was more in tuned with his cities minority community than the cops who for a good part are white and live in the suburbs….

Now while that was good for the campaign…

It doesn’t sit good when you have to actually govern….

The person who has been critical in this whole thing is guy who made his ‘bones’ in policing in Boston….Not New York….

Bill Bratton, The New York City Police Commissioner,  started with the Boston Police Department…Got bounced …Then went to the Boston Transit Police before moving to New York to take over the then separate NYC Transit Police force , where they loved him….

He moved up to the NYC Police Department under Rudy Guilani, but that didn’t work when Bratton started to get bigger headlines than the Mayor….

Bratton then went West to become the head of the Los Angles Police Department…..

After 7 years there he got an invite to head the London metro police but locals shot THAT down….

Bill Bratton is now back in the “big Apple’….

And not too soon….

He has spend the last few months keeping his boos Mayor deBlasio from losing it with the cops…

HIS Cops….

Bratton after being a nice guy for the last two weeks has brought his bosses in and told them ENOUGH…

His ‘broken windows’ policy has come under attack because the cops have stopped writing tickets and locking people up and crime has not jumped….(Anyone mention the frigid weather?)

And the NY Daily News which strongly has the cops backs has turned face and knocked the Police Union boss Pat Lynch for the slow down , which is against the law, in contract negociations…

(The city has offered 1% over 2 years the Police Union wants 10%)

It’s still cold….

But the numbers are gonna be going back up …Or…..Some police bosses are gonna be trouble…

Oh, yea….

The city has a budget surplus….

But they could use the money from the cops productivity to pay for their raises sometime in the future…

image of NYPD Head Bill Bratton…Politico

Bill Clinton mentioned as a middle man in NYPD vs NYC Mayor talks..

This whole things gets crazier everyday….

Former President Bill Clinton could be drafted into trying do make peace between the New York City Cops and Mayor Bill de bBlasio?

This a contract negioation thing going on….

Not really much of more….

What is wrong with this picture?

NYPD union leaders think the rift between the rank and file and Mayor Bill de Blasio is so bad, it can only be healed by one man — ex-President Bill Clinton — and police brass are receptive to the idea, sources told The Post.

The startling proposal, made during a meeting between Police Commissioner Bill Bratton and the NYPD’s five union chiefs on Wednesday, came as a shot cop got a hero’s send-off upon being released from the hospital.

The Clinton solution was floated by detectives union head Michael Palladino.
“Palladino said the mayor needs someone like Bill Clinton to act as an intermediary,” one source said.

A source said Clinton was an ideal choice because “he’s a statesman; he’s well-respected; he’s a good mediator and he was a pro-law enforcement president.”

A spokesman for the nation’s 42nd president didn’t immediately return a request for comment.



Could you image this with any of the past few New York City Mayors?